tagSci-Fi & FantasyHow Christmas Was Almost Lost

How Christmas Was Almost Lost


Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted

It is that time of the year again. A few weeks and Christmas is upon us; with all the sharing, joy, and good will that is such an important part of the Christmas spirit. What very few people realize is how close we came; last year; to having Christmas destroyed for ever. Not only was the spirit of Christmas in danger of being lost, but millions of children all over the world would have been traumatized; causing unforeseen problems for generations to come. This is the story of the Christmas that almost was not; as told to me by Santa Clause himself.

The many convivial celebrations; of jobs well done; were part of the reason the elves enjoyed working for Santa and Suzy Clause. Working conditions were pleasant, the food was delicious and there were lots of celebrations. Sex was not forgotten. Loving, kind, considerate, sharing sex was encouraged by Santa and Suzy Clause; as long as the fun did not interfere with getting the job done on time.

The important attitude toward sex; was that one received happiness by giving pleasure; just as they received joy by giving to the children of the world; expecting nothing in return. This attitude; I will call it the Christmas Spirit; permeated the whole complex; reinforcing itself like a feed back loop. As the elves, Santa, and Suzy Clause practiced the Christmas spirit; they caused more potential spirit to be created; making more spirit to be partaken of.

This attitude to life was the reason that Santa Clause located his complex at the north pole. In this location Santa, Suzy, and all the workers had been isolated from the evil in the world. Modern technology however; was breaking down the isolation that had protected Santa in the past. Computers, the internet, and satellite television were chipping away at the seclusion Santa had enjoyed; allowing ideas alien to the Christmas Spirit to encroach.

It was twelve hours before Santa Clause had to start his Christmas deliveries. Mr and Mrs Clause were gathered together with the chief elves; celebrating the completion of another year spent preparing gifts for the children of the world. Santa was seated on his red, green, and gold leather throne like easy chair. Between Santa's chair, and Suzy's similar chair; was a tall, beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Bouncing on Santa's lap was a nubile, long haired, blonde elf, named Candy Cane. Candy wore a green halter top with a matching mini skirt. The halter and skirt were made of triangular red trimmed pieces of material sown together; with tiny gold bells hanging from the points; barely covering her firm buns and 35 C cup breasts. Her legs were encased in green crotch less tights; with soft, green, pointy, bell adorned slippers on her feet. Since this was the standard female elf outfit; you can see why sex was never far from the minds of the elves.

Candy was in charge of Santa's mail and public relations. Right now; she was taking care of the more intimate relations part of her job. Candy was impaled on Santa's massive manhood; bouncing up and down on it; as Santa nuzzled the firm pink nipple on one of her globes. Blonde hair was flying every which way; as she made soft mewling sounds in her throat. Santa and Candy Cane were not the only ones enjoying themselves.

Suzy Clause was leaning back in her smaller throne like chair; shaking and jiggling about; causing her abundant 39 triple D breast to almost jump out of her red satin, white fur trimmed halter top. The halter top was cut low; revealing her nipples. It only covered the lower half of her titanic tits; giving them some support. The cause of Suzy's agitated state; was the tongue licking and swirling around her exposed hairless crotch. Her red satin, fur trimmed crotch less tap pants gave nog unrestricted access to her treats.

Nog was one of the male elves that worked for Santa and Suzy. He was a black elf. Like all the other male elves he wore a green red trimmed tunic, with bells on the points at the bottom, green hose, and soft green slippers. The tunic covered his butt, but it did not hide the 9 inch dick that stuck out from his crotch.

"Stand up! Put that big 9 inch dong in me!" Suzy exclaimed. "Grab hold of my big hooters and give them a squeeze." She laughed; causing her jugs to jiggle; like a bowl full of jello.

When Nog had stood; Suzy slid forward; spreading her legs wide; giving Nog a clear shot at her treasure box. Grabbing his huge hard on; Suzy brought it to her cleft; sliding the head up and down the slit. When the head glistened with her love cream; Suzy nestled the head between the parted lips; thrusting her hips forward; impaling herself with the rigid tool. When he was firmly planted in Suzy's love tunnel; Nog grabbed her tits; beginning to knead them. Glancing around; one could see some of the other head elves enjoying the party atmosphere.

A red headed, male elf lay on a padded coffee table; an 8 inch hard on sprouting from his crotch. A brunette elf named Ginger Bread was making the cock disappear and reappear; as she slid up and down the shaft. Standing astride his pelvis; feet planted on the floor; Ginger rotated her hips; grinding her crotch against Tinker's pelvis on each down stroke. With the fingers of one hand; Tinker pinched the nipple of her 36 C cup breast. The fingers of the other hand caressed Ginger's clit; causing her juices to soak the green dyed triangle of hair at the apex of her cleft; bathing both crotches in nectar.

Another elf named Sugar Plum; with long red hair; straddled Tinker's face; grinding and thrusting her shaved pussy against his face. The juices flowing from Sugar were soaking Tinker's face and the little red heart at the top of her slit. Ginger was tweaking the nipples of Sugar's 35 D breasts, between thumb and fore finger; causing her to arch her back, throw back her head; whipping the hair around her face. Another group of elves were busy on the leather love seat.

A black elf named Cinnamon Twist; was kneeling on the love seat; elbows resting on the arm. A black haired elf named Buck; was kneeling between Cinnamon's legs slamming his 7 inch cock in and out of her wet pussy. He was having a difficult time maintaining his position; as Cinnamon's ass was thrusting back and forth meeting each of his strokes. The fingers of her one hand were busy playing with her clit; stroking his shaft; while his belly slapped against her ass; making a smack sound every time he drove forward. Her sticky juices had coated his pole, her fingers, and the little gold diamond of hair at the apex of her crotch.

As Buck pounded Cinnamon from behind; another elf named Randy; fed her his dick. Thrusting his hips forward; Randy drove his 7 inch piece of meat down her throat. Cinnamon had no problem swallowing his entire length. She had learned how to deep throat a cock and was able to massage it with her throat by working those muscles. When the cock slid from her red lipped mouth; it was coated with Cinnamon's spit. To heighten Cinnamon's pleasure; Randy was using the fingers of both hands to caress and pinch the nipples on her 36 D cup breasts. Each time he squeezed it brought a little whimper from her filled mouth.

The way Cinnamon was thrusting her hips; grinding her fist against her crotch; you could tell she was getting close to having her orgasm. The men were not far behind. Their hips had picked up the driving rhythm. Faster and faster they thrust. Suddenly Cinnamon's body stiffened; jerked, beginning to wildly thrash. At the same time the male elves grabbed hold of Cinnamon's head and ass; threw back their heads; franticly pumping their hips. Both males let out growls, but whimpers were all that came from Cinnamon's stuffed mouth.

Cinnamon was unable to swallow all of Randy's load. It began to escape from the corners of her mouth; even as she gulped. After the first two discharges; Buck had pulled his manhood from Cinnamon's quivering cleft; resting the shaft on her ass crease; pumping white spunk all over her back, and butt cheeks.

Spent, Cinnamon collapsed onto the sticky leather of the love seat. Randy's knees buckled; letting him slide to the floor; sperm still dribbling from the head of his shaft. Buck pulled his wilting cock from Cinnamon's tight sheath with a pop; falling backwards; sinking into the soft leather of the love seat.

While Cinnamon, Buck, and Randy recovered on the couch; Santa and Candy were bringing their passion play to its final climax. Santa's hands gripped the globes of Candy's ass; fingers buried in the crease separating her firm buns. Candy gripped Santa's shoulders with her hands; steadying herself; as she flexed her legs; driving her hot, wet sheath up and down his pole. Santa's clutching hands helped to increase the force of her down ward strokes; increasing the pressure as they ground their crotch together. Sounds could not escape from their mouths; as they were locked in a wet, lusty kiss. All that could be heard were growls coming from deep in their throats.

Just as their bodies stiffened; Santa slammed Candy's crotch down; holding her tightly in place; as he pumped load after load of semen into her quivering quim. Twisting and turning; Candy ground her pussy against Santa's rigid shaft. Santa's seed and Candy's nectar seeped around the seal made by their locked organs; soaking their crotch, thighs, and legs. Breaking their kiss; they through back their heads, letting out cries of pure delight.

By the time Candy's body ceased its shaking; Santa had squirted his final drop of juice. Raising up; Candy drew her snug sheath off Santa's deflating manhood; making a squishing sound; as his cock was released. When his shaft was free of Candy's hole; sperm and love cream trickled out; bathing each crotch in the mixture.

"That was great, Candy. I see why I put you in charge of public relations." Santa chuckled. Looking over at the love seat; where the three elves recuperated; Santa asked, "Buck and Randy could you check on the reindeer? They have a hard twenty four hours ahead of them. I want to be sure they get a good rest and lots to eat. I need them to keep up there strength." With a glint in his eye; Santa laughed, "The three of you look like you enjoyed yourselves. I hope you did not wear yourselves out. We are going to be busy tomorrow."

"Ok Santa. We'll check on the reindeer. We're not that tired. It gave us more energy." Randy and Buck replied.

"Cinnamon, I do not want you to be lonely. Do you want to come over and join Candy, and Santa?" Santa inquired; eyes twinkling.

Standing up; Buck and Randy headed for the hall that would take them to the vestibule; where the boots and coats were kept. Cinnamon was the last to get up; responding to Santa's request. Sauntering across the room; she came to stand beside Santa's large chair.

" Stand in front of Santa. Lean back." Santa instructed. "I will pick you up under the arms; so I can lower you onto Santa's candy cane. Spread your legs." He directed; lifting Cinnamon's brown body into the air; gently lowering it onto his hardening wood.

Glancing toward the coffee table; Santa, Candy, and Cinnamon watched as the three elves shook in orgasmic delight. Sugar Plum clutched Tinker's red hair; forcing his face into her grinding crotch. Her copious honey drenched Tinkers hair and face; running into his mouth and nose. Tinkers tongue was busy; trying to lap up all the nectar he could. Adding to Sugar's excitement were the nipple tweaking and breast caressing ; being carried on by Ginger's fingers.

At his other end; Tinker's crotch was being pummeled by Ginger Bread's thrashing pelvis. His fingers pinched her nipples; as Ginger slammed down on his crotch. Again and again she smashed her pussy down onto his pubic bone; driving their combined juices out with each bang.

This show was an inspiration to Santa, Cinnamon and Candy. By now Santa had settled Cinnamon into a gentle rocking motion on his fully erect staff. As an added treat for Cinnamon; Candy was kneeling in front of Cinnamon's pussy; licking her clit and Santa's sliding, slick shaft. Candy's long blonde hair, fair complexion, and pink tongue made an erotic contrast against the dark skin of Cinnamon's hairless crotch, thighs, and belly.. Already Cinnamon was leaking love juice all over her bald beaver, and Candy's face.

Having recovered; Sugar Plum and Ginger Bread asked, "Santa, do you think it would be alright if we went to bed? We are a little tired. We have to be up for the first shift of loading presents in about five hours."

"Yes. The two of you are so considerate about your work. I know how you want everything to go smoothly tomorrow. Thank you for all the good work." Santa enthusiastically replied.

As The two elves left for their room; Suzy Clause queried, "Are you going to bed Tinker? If not; would you care to join Nog and I? There is always room for one more. This old pussy and butt have never turned down a good fuck. Do you think you are up to it, Tinker?" Suzy laughed.

"I'm ready to give those old bones a good rattle." Tinker laughed in response.

"Well get over here. Lets see if you have any sap left in your tree." Suzy rejoined; chortling.

Outside, Buck grumbled, as he trudged through the snow, "That old guy is a tyrant and slave driver. I'm barely done with that piece of ass and he wants me to feed the fucking reindeer. He didn't even give me time to relax."

Trying to defend Santa; Randy replied, "He doesn't work us that hard. We get lots of time off, there are parties, and all the elf pussy you want. I can even feel like I'm doing good by helping to give away toys."

Buck retorted, "We have no choice. If you don't do what he wants, when he wants; he tries to shame you in front of the other elves; by saying you don't have the Christmas Spirit. Why should I want to give all my time away making toys for some rotten brats. They appreciate nothing. They just want more next year. I want to get paid for my work. I want all those things we see on television and on the internet. I'm wasting my time. As to all the pussy I want; I have to fuck with the Christmas Spirit in mind. I don't care if my partner enjoys it or not. Some times I want to fuck hard and rough and not give a dam about her. It is me that counts."

Wow Buck; you are pissed off. I can see why. We can't choose what we want to do. Not even how we want to have sex. There are things I've seen on the net and the tube that I'd like to do. I see what you mean about him being a tyrant. What can we do?" Randy blurted out.

"We could try and over throw mister high and mighty. If we could get the brats of the world and their spineless parents to hate boss man; then the elves would not be as ready to follow him. Some of this Christmas Spirit crap would disappear; weakening that old goat; leaving the more clear headed of us in a position to take over; freeing everyone. The problem is how do we get the brats and their parents to hate the old fool." Buck spewed; giving forth his fanatical tirade.

"Don't give them any gifts. Give out presents that parents would not want their children to have." Randy suggested.

"Good idea, Randy. So I take it you are with me in this." Buck demanded; fixing Randy with a fanatical stare.

"I sure am, Buck." Randy stuttered.

"Now all we have to do is figure a way to switch presents. O shit! I just remembered the fucking reindeer. I have a good mind to fuck the shit out of those reindeer. They won't tell anyone; so I can do anything I want to them. A little revenge on the ass hole inside." Buck wickedly chuckled. "If you're with me; lets give it to the reindeer. We can come up with a plan to switch gifts later."

"I don't know about the reindeer part." Randy stammered; trepidation in his voice. The old goat told us never to harm the animals. He said doing that to the animals is against the good in nature. He said it was a very old taboo; not just taboo but evil."

"Are you trying to back out?" Buck demanded. That ass hole doesn't know what he is talking about. The only reason he told us not to is because it would be fun. He probably does it himself. Now are you with me or against me?"

"All right! Lets get them!" Randy exclaimed; as they strode into the barn.

In the common room; Santa, Suzy, and the four elves were lost in their pleasure; oblivious of the sinister plot being hatched by Randy and Buck. Suzy was kneeling on the floor, cushions under knees; with Nog and Tinker's cocks buried up to the balls inside her. Nog was standing in front of Suzy; thrusting his manhood in and out of her shaved pussy. His hands squeezed her mammoth melons; while tongue and teeth worried the eraser like pink nipples. Tinker stood behind Suzy; driving his stiff pole between the generous globes of her ass; deep into her bowels. His arms encircled Suzy's waist; fingers alternately tweaking and caressing her fully aroused clit.

Mean while Santa was still bouncing Cinnamon on his lap; sliding his shaft in and out of her palpating pussy. It was difficult for Candy to keep her tongue on Cinnamon's quivering clit, but she was doing her best. Suddenly Santa let out a gasp; letting Cinnamon come to a rest on his lap. Santa's hands fell limply, to his side; as he gasped for breath. Immediately his once rigid staff began to wilt.

"What's wrong Santa?" Cinnamon demanded; concern making her voice rise. "I didn't feel you come. Are you going to have a heart attack?" Cinnamon blurted; voice quivering.

Climbing off Santa's lap; Cinnamon and Candy stood on either side of his chair. They opened his red smoking jacket; starting to fan him. Slowly the color began to return to Santa's cheeks.

"I'm all right. It is not a heart attack. I'm only 134 years old. It is going to take more then hot sex; with two gorgeous elves to give me a heart attack, but I'm not sure what came over me. A little faint spell. It just came on; no warning. It was like something punched a hole in my spirit; giving me a cold chill. Maybe I should go and lay down for awhile." Santa ruminated; shaking his head in bewilderment.

"Do you need us to nurse you?" The two elves chorused.

"Maybe one of you. I would like the other one to take a look around the work, storage, and shipping areas. I just feel that something is wrong and the feeling will not go away." Santa replied; a far away look in his eyes.

"I'll go." Volunteered Cinnamon. "I'm more familiar with those areas then Candy is."

Getting up from his chair; Santa and Candy headed for the bedroom. Cinnamon left in the other direction; heading for the work areas. The entire scenario had been missed by Suzy, Nog, and Tinker. They were at the far side of the common room, about thirty feet away; making a lot of loud sexy noises.

Chapter 2: The Plot Is Hatched

The moment Santa felt a pain in his heart; causing him to become weak; was the exact time Buck consummated his unholy, unnatural act with the reindeer. Just as Buck thrust forward; plunging into the innocent animal; the air around him shimmered. There was a blinding flash of light; tearing the fabric of existence. Through the rent in the fiber of the Christmas Spirit, surrounding everything at the North Pole; Buck could feel a black, hard spark that gave no heat; enter him; settling in his heart. Buck could feel the darkness filling him; energizing every cell in his body. The sensation was a thousand times greater than anything he had felt during sex. He felt like an invincible giant; amongst insignificant pigmies.

Instantaneously the power surged from his body; consuming everything near him. At that moment Randy committed the same transgression; widening the rip in the material of reality.

As the sparks of light, left by the intense, personal blinding flash, ceased; Buck could see that a transformation had taken place in the reindeer before him. It was no longer just Vixen the reindeer, but a woman reindeer. It had the shape of a well proportioned woman; about 5 feet 6 inches tall, bust 37 D cup, waist 25, hips 37, with fine tan fur all over the body, long tan hair and antlers on the head, and hooves on the feet.

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