tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 04

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 04


Thank you to all those people who have taken the time and trouble to send me feedback, most of which has been positive. I have received some negative feedback and to those people I ask why do you read these stories if you don’t like the topic?

Please see chapters 1 & 2

Brief summary: Marie had been to the party met Michael and spent the night with him submitting to his advances. She had allowed him to take her ‘shopping' for clothes, where she ended up having an oral sex session with the shop assistant, Sandra. Michael had bought her several outfits, all of which were short and skimpy.

We reached the car. Michael said “Don’t worry about what those old hags said, I think you look really good, you have a good body and it should be shown off” I was still a bit shocked that they had made comments about me not being fussy as to who I slept with.

I settled into the seat, not bothering to try and hide my modesty, as the skirt rode up again, my stocking tops clearly on view. My heels making it hard to stretch my legs out in front of me.

“That’s it girl, glad to see you aren’t being shy anymore, you will soon get used to wearing those skirts and you wont feel comfortable in anything that doesn’t show off those legs. Oh and by the way I expect you to wear stockings all the time now and I don’t want to see you in trousers, OK?

“What no trousers or jeans? I have several smart pairs that I think are sexy.”

“I said I don’t want to see you in them, if you wear them just don’t let me catch you.” He made that comment with a glare on his face. I realised I didn’t want to make him angry, I didn’t know what he might do. And for some reason I knew I wanted to wear them to please him, something I had never done with any one else.

We drove to my home, a 3 bedroom modern house with a garden front and rear. It was positioned on an estate of about 150 similar style houses. I saw a few of my neighbours walking towards the shops, the looks on their faces a picture as they saw me in a car with a black man for company. My next door neighbour Ann was in her garden hanging washing out when we pulled up on the drive. Her mouth just dropped open and she stared as I got out, flashing my stockings and almost falling over on those new high heels. Michael came round and took my arm and guided me to the door. I called out to Ann “How are you today? Nice day for drying.”
She was still open mouthed, staring a look of disbelief on her face.

I unlocked the door and went in. Michael stroking my ass, as I stepped over the threshold. Just that touch made me feel excited. What was it that this man was doing to me? I had to remind myself that until the day before I had been a faithful wife. I looked around inside the house and felt a bit like a stranger seeing things for the first time. The things in the house, although I knew all of them, somehow had changed and belonged to someone else.

“Nice house, your old man must be doing well?”

“He’s not doing to badly, he just works too much and is away a lot.”

“Where is your bedroom then, my little slut?” I hadn’t planned on Michael staying long and when he wanted to know where the bedroom was I didn’t know what to think.

“It’s upstairs on the left” “Ok lead the way”

I walked up the stairs carefully, wobbling as I went up each step, my footing unsure on 5 inch heels. We reached the main bedroom and I opened the door.

“MMMM very cute, like something from Laura Ashley” he said wandering around the room looking at everything. He walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. “Not much room for hubbies stuff in here is there” and laughed.

“No I keep meaning to sort it all out and throw things I don’t wear away. Just haven’t got round to
It yet.”

“Oh I will help you do that right now, we can get rid of a lot of it by the looks of things in there.”

“What? Some of it is new and I haven’t worn it yet.”

“If it’s not sexy and short it has to go, you don’t want to wear things that aren’t sexy anymore do you?

He walked over and pulled me in front of a full length mirror. The woman staring back at me was a stranger, tiny skirt, top and more makeup than I would normally wear in a week. I had to admit I almost liked what I saw.

“This is sexy”, pointing to my skirt. “This is sexy too”, pointing to my top.

I stood and stared as he took clothes from the wardrobe and threw them on the bed. When the wardrobe had been emptied of my clothes he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Ok let’s sort this lot out now shall we?”

He went through all my clothes and put most of them in a pile. “Ok that lot’s not suitable anymore, Ok?”

“None of it? I can’t wear them anymore?”

“Not if you want to be with me, you look great as you are and I want you to wear things like you have on, that’s why I bought them for you.” He said as he stroked my leg.

“I like these skirts here; they will look good on you. Sue says your hubby will love the new you too, I hear he’s a bit lacking in the sex department.”

I blushed and said “She shouldn’t have told you that”

“Admit it I am far better than any man you have been with, I know you can’t deny it”

I looked at him and knew he was right. Jon was a lovely guy but not anywhere near the lover Michael was and I nodded my head in agreement. He smiled, stood and started looking through drawers. I saw underwear being thrown to the floor, by the time he had finished the drawers were almost empty and there was a large pile of nylon and silk on the floor.

“There we are all sorted, I like that you have several suspender belts(garter belts) and so many pairs of stockings, you must secretly want men to look at you, I can always tell a slut in stockings. Now put those new things away and then you can change into this little blue skirt I found and wear that white top there.”

I did as he said. I then picked up the pile of clothes and underwear and took them in to the spare room placing them on the bed.

I went back and found him naked on the bed, his cock erect and looking menacing. “Come and give me a blow job, if you are good I will fuck you.”

I climbed on the bed and straddled him, hiking my skirt up as I climbed over his legs. I bent forward and started to lick the shaft and head, slowly as I knew he liked it that way. I sucked the head, using my tongue. Tasting pre-cum, I sucked more and more in to my mouth and then felt his hands reach around. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head down, making me take more and more. I wanted to please him; I wanted to have him in my mouth.

“That’s it whore, go on suck me deeper, take me in. swallow my cock. You will soon get used to having a black cock in your mouth and you will crave it.”

I was falling and I knew it. I knew my life would never be the same again, I knew he was right and I would crave more. Sue had said as much to me before the party and I dismissed it as a fallacy. She had told me she thought the same way as I had about black men. Him calling me names gave me a thrill and made me horny. If Jon had said those things to me I would probably have slapped his face.

I bobbed up and down on his meat, sucking and stopping and sucking and stopping. He was almost fucking my mouth and I loved it.

As I thought he was about to cum he stopped and pulled my head away. “Here sit on my cock now slut.” I climbed on to his cock and lowered myself, feeling that head stretching my opening again. Feelings starting, wanting more and more. Looking down seeing the black against my pale skin, seeing my lips stretched around his shaft. Not caring that he was bare inside me. Just wanting him to fuck me. I wanted him to do it again and again, not wanting to lose the thrill of having it up inside me.

I came, shuddering and screaming. “That’s my little slut cumming for her new master”

That was the first time I had heard that word from him and it made me tingle. I didn’t know why after all it meant he had control. I had always been in command of my life but that had changed when I met Michael. He knew it too.

He then pushed me on to my back and lifted my legs, thrusting that cock back in to me. Bringing me to another climax. I came and came with him riding me. He suddenly thrust in hard and filled my pussy with his thick cum. “Take it all slut, take my cum in that married pussy, that hubby of yours wont know you when he returns, your pussy all bald and stretched. I doubt he will feel you or you him, isn’t that good. It means you will want more black and the more you have the more you will want”

“Now suck it again, clean of all our juices and make it really hard again.” I knew that meant he hadn’t finished. I had fucked a black man in my marriage bed and I didn’t feel that guilty, the feelings Michael aroused were to over powering.

I sucked and lick and licked and sucked until he told me to stop. “Right now get on all fours and give me your ass, you want me to have that don’t you?”

“Yes” was all I could say, I wanted him in me, in my ass, I wanted to be used by him. I can’t explain why I had these feelings, I just knew I had them and that Michael was the answer to them.

He gently pushed the head into me brown hole, feeling it being stretched bigger and bigger, feeling it almost tearing me and then it was in and the feelings overwhelmed me again and I came with a scream. Screaming “MICHAEL DON’T STOP I’M YOURS TAKE ME ALL”

“Oh yes, whore, give me that ass, tell me what you want what you need, tell me you need black cock and only black cock, tell me what you are now. Tell me you are my slut.”

“I need cock, I need black cock and only black cock, I am a slut now, your slut to use” I hardly recognised the voice saying those things, things I had never dreamt of saying in a million years, but here I was being ass fucked and screaming them out loud. But I meant them and I knew I was his. I was Michaels, I was his Slut. I know knew what Sue had meant when she had said she had never felt the way she did when she was with Marcus.

“Take that cum in your ass now” He thrust in harder as he said it and I felt jet after jet filling my hole and I came again harder than ever.

“You are going to be a good slut” he said grinning “you will learn to be dress, look and act like a slut and not just when you are with me, but all the time and you will love doing it.”

“Yes Michael I will, I already love what you are doing to me, and I want to please you so much.”

“Go and clean yourself up and bring me a cloth so I can wipe my cock off, I will let you off cleaning me this once.” I knew he meant that sometime I would clean him with my mouth after anal sex and I shivered, thinking about it, but I knew I would do it to please him. I knew I would do something so revolting just to show him I was his.

I went and showered, dried and powdered myself and went back to find him. Laid out on the bed were a black mini skirt and a black top, a fresh pair of stockings and suspender belt and on the floor were the red platforms. I went to the drawer and took out a thong, one of three and the only knickers left there.

“No underwear for you, you have to earn the right to wear that, ok?”

I put the thong back, went to the bed and started to dress in the clothes laid out; as I did I heard a click and saw a bright flash, a Camera! Oh no he’s got me on film now.

“Hey look at me, smile and show the camera your body.” All I had on was the suspender belt and one stocking. My tits and pussy clearly visible, the latter swollen and red from the fucking earlier.

“Put the other one on and then get on the bed and pose for me” I did as he said and got on the bed.
Jon had tried to get me to pose form him a few years before and we ended up laughing so much that we never got any photos taken. But this time I knew it was different. I posed, open legged, open mouth, pussy lips spread, bent over with my ass in the air and even sucking a vibrator Michael had found in a bedside drawer.

“Now you are completely mine, I have the pictures to prove it, what would little Jonny say about his slut wife now, and what about mummy and daddy? But you don’t care do you slut?”

I looked at him and shook my head “No I don’t”

To be continued in chapter 5. Thanks for reading this; I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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