tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 05

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 05


Hi to everyone. Thank you for the votes, and the positive feedback. I am pleased that the majority want to hear more of Marie.

Marie was continuing being taken deeper into submission by Michael. He had brought out this side of her since meeting at a party. Her wardrobe was being changed, gone the more conservative clothing, instead she was being dressed in, what previously; she would have considered ‘SLUTTY CLOTHES.’ Giving in she allowed herself to be changed, to be used, photographed and to admit she wanted more! How far would Michael go in changing her? Would Marie continue her submission and what would her Husband say when he discovered the truth?

As I lay on the bed, in just stockings and suspender belt, my pussy shaved, red and swollen. I wondered what Michael was going to do with the photographs? I hoped he would keep them for us to look at, together. Something at the back of my mind told me that this wouldn’t be the case. I thought about the pictures of Sue and Marcus and of some of the magazines I had seen in my adult life. Would others see me like this?

“What are you thinking about?” Michael asked, as if reading my mind.

“I was just wondering about the photo’s you took and who will see them”

“Don’t you worry your pretty head about that, they are mine to do with what I like, and maybe I will show your white wimp what you do when he’s away. I have them now and that’s that.”

“Would you really show others, Jon included?” I asked, dreading the answer but knowing what it would be.

“You bet your ass I would! You had better be nice to me and be my slut, hadn’t you?”

“Oh please Michael, tell me you won’t, please?”

“Continue the way you are going and everything will be fine.”

I knew I had no choice and just mumbled my answer” Yes”

“That’s right slut you know you have no choice, just like sue has no choice either.”

I wanted to continue with Michael but I was being made to, given no choice. I would have preferred the decision to be mine, but realised that it was all part of my submission to him. Allowing him the ultimate power, he controlled me and my life.

He threw the black mini skirt and top at me “Put these back on now”

I looked at them, thinking ‘A few days ago I would have been so embarrassed to wear anything like this and now look at me.’

I slipped the top over my head, the material rubbing my nipples as it slid down, making them hard.

I pulled the skirt up over my thighs and hips again noticing it clinging like a 2nd skin. My nylon clad legs looking longer than ever due to the skirt length.

While I was dressing Michael walked into the spare room. I wondered what he was doing and went to find out. He had found a black bin bag from somewhere and was busily filling it with the clothes on the bed. I had secretly hoped he would leave them and that I’d be able wear them when Jon returned.

“There we won’t need them anymore, will we? I know a charity shop that will be very grateful for these. I doubt if some of this has been worn more that a few times.”

“Some of them are new; I haven’t worn them at all!”

“And you won’t ever wear them now will you? Don’t think of these as ‘yours’ now, they belong to someone who no longer exists as a person!”

I knew he meant what he said and that I would have to come to accept it. Jon would back soon and he would get a real shock, I hoped he liked the new me. He had, after all wanted me to dress in a similar way for along time and it was him that had the fantasy about other guys. I just didn’t know what reaction I would get when he realised I was a black mans slut.

“Right, Marie, get me some food and a beer there’s a good girl.” I just nodded and went down stairs into the kitchen.

I walked past the telephone and saw the message indicator flashing red. Pressing the button I heard Jon’s voice.

‘Hi darling, I have finished the job here well ahead of time and will be home in a few hours.” The machine told me the message was timed 10 am that morning. I looked at the clock on the wall, almost 2pm.

“I guess he will see the new you a lot sooner than you thought” Michael said from behind me.

“I suppose he will.” I replied.

“Well, at least you won’t have to long to wait, will you?” Michael grinned “I have your old clothes here in this bag, so you can’t change back, it’s either this or nude, your decision.”

“I hoped I’d have longer to get used to the new me but he has to see me like it sooner or later, the sooner he does the sooner I will know what he thinks.”

“You do like the new you, don’t you, Marie?”

“I think so” I replied unsure what to say.

“You told me earlier that you loved it! You look so good, so slutty; you want to obey and please me, don’t you?”

“Yes you know I do Michael, I have done everything you have asked.”

I looked in the full length mirror in the hallway and again saw a stranger looking back at me. Even my face looked different. Heavy, dark eye makeup and bright lip gloss. Definitely a stranger!

Entering the kitchen, I heard my platform shoes on the tiled floor ‘clack clack’ I was still finding them a little awkward to walk in.

Michael asked for a sandwich to go with his beer. I took it to him, at the breakfast bar and as I placed it down his hand was under my skirt. His fingers finding my exposed pussy, making me moan. I knew I would let this man do anything he wanted. I didn’t move and stood there next to him, my legs parting to allow access.

Looking out of the patio doors, I saw Ann again, she was trimming a shrub and at the same time looking in my direction. I think Michael saw her and said “Lets give nosey a show, shall we?” He then hiked my skirt up so I was fully exposed, pussy, ass and stocking tops.

Ann was staring hard; I don’t think she could believe what she was seeing. The previously moderate neighbour, Marie being treated in such a way by a strange black man. She stood there watching. Michael positioning me, in such a way she could see his fingers working my pussy. I couldn’t believe what was happening; her watching was getting me so excited.

“My, my, aren’t we getting wet, you like being watched slut?

“Mmmmm yes”

“Thrust your hips forward”

I did as he asked. Hips moving, forward, on to his fingers. I arched my back, exposing even more.

“Feel your tits now, show her how hot you are.”

I did that to, my eyes half closed but seeing her watching. The black fingers, still, doing their magic. I felt my self climbing, about to cum and gripped the breakfast bar. Michael moved his fingers faster and I came.

“Oh god” was all I could say over and over.

“I think the bitch enjoyed that as much as you did.”

I looked again and saw Ann had her hand on her crotch and appeared to be rubbing herself. When she saw us looking she flushed and ran back inside her house.

“There you are slut another public show, you are really getting into this.”

I had to admit I had really been excited, by being exposed and watched as I gave my pussy to him.

“Tell me how you feel”

“Horny, never felt so excited.” I said breathing hard.

“Good, you are going to be just what I need.”

He ate his sandwich and told me to go and sit on the settee in the lounge. I did as he said.

As I sat, my instinct was to cross my legs. “Nice view from here. I love seeing a slut in a tight skirt her legs crossed showing herself.”

Sat in this position, my skirt had ridden up and not only were my stockings and suspenders clearly visible, so was my pussy. I knew this was how it was to be from then on. The material of the top kept rubbing against my nipples and I could feel a breeze against my bare skin at the top of the skirt.

“You look every inch, the slut now, Marie. How do you feel?”

“I feel fine actually.”

“What do you feel like, Marie?” he asked again.

“I feel like a slut” I answered, knowing it was what he wanted to hear.

“You are, Marie. You are.”

Just then the phone rang, I answered, and it was Sue. “How’s it going Ho?” she said, laughing. “He sorted that wardrobe out yet?”

“Yes he has, how did you know?”

“Same sort of thing happened to me when I met Marcus.”

“I don’t know if I would have gone to that party if you had told me everything!” I said.

“Yes you would, you were wet when you looked at those photos of him and I and its no good denying it.”

“Yes Ok, I was. But I didn’t know then what was going to happen as a result.”

“Are you unhappy with it? I doubt you are. You seemed very willing and eager this morning.”

“It’s just that…”

“Just what? You only wanted a bit of fun? You said yourself that Jon was lacking in the cock department and that he didn’t get you hot any more.”

“I know, I know. I just didn’t expect things to go this far so quickly.”

“Tell me you don’t like it then?”

“No I do. Just like you said I would. It’s just happened so fast.”

“No time to think then. You have done it now and I know you won’t look back.”

“I hope you are right.”

“Yes, you know I am. I wouldn’t have taken you if I didn’t think it would be good for you. How has he got you dressed?”

I described what I was wearing and also the other things Michael had bought.

“Hot, we will have to get together soon and have a fashion parade. Anyway Jon isn’t due home for a while so you can get used to it.”

I explained the message on the answer phone. “Oh well, better sooner than later. I think he will like the new you.”

“You are probably right; he was always saying he wanted me to show more”

“Well then, just enjoy. I know you love black cock, I heard you begging for it a few times.” She laughed said good bye and hung up.

Michael said “I am going now slut” He came over Kissed me full on the mouth and rubbed my tits. He took the bag of clothes, opened the door and was gone.

‘He didn’t say when I’d see him again’ I thought about what he had done to me and hoped it wouldn’t be too long. I knew I wanted to continue this.

Around 4.30 I heard a car in the drive. I went to the window, half expecting it to be Michael. It was Jon, what would I say or do?

He walked in and dropped his bag, He saw me sat in the lounge and came in. He stopped, his mouth hanging open. Staring at me, my clothes, and my legs.

“God what have you done?”

“Don’t you like it? You wanted a new me, well now you’ve got one.”

“It’s just a surprise that’s all. Stand up and do a twirl and let me see.”

I stood, twirled and stood, waiting for his reaction.

“Wow, looks good, skirt maybe a bit short but its good.”

“I’m glad you like it because this is what I am wearing from now on.”

“What? All the time?”

“Yes, all the time”

“Why, you didn’t look bad before?”

“You wanted me dressed like this and I decided I like the look.”

Ok a joke is a joke, now go and change, I’m too tired for sex anyway.”

“Who said anything about a joke? I have only got clothes like these upstairs now. I have given all my other things to charity.” I said, telling almost the truth, well they had gone to charity hadn’t they?

“I don’t believe you”

“Go look for yourself if you don’t!”

He ran up the stairs and I heard “Oh god, what have you done?”

I went up and found him staring at the bed. I could see why he had made that exclamation. There, on the bed was the new blue skirt and some stockings, both covered inn cum. Obviously Michael had left them on the bed. Deliberately or not I didn’t know. He did know that Michael was coming home but not when.

Jon picked the offending items up and thrust them at me. “What have you been up to?”

“I went to that party with Sue”


“I’m sorry I met someone there.”

“I guessed that, from the stains, I know what they are!”

“You wanted me to fuck someone, god knows you have said it often enough!”

“Yes but it was a fantasy wasn’t it?”

“You kept on and on about it, I thought you were serious”

He threw the clothes at me and stormed out.

I heard his car door slam and then he was gone.

I sat there not know what to do, he had told me so many times he wanted to see me dress more sexy and that he wanted me to ‘go’ with another guy. At least he hadn’t asked who!

The phone rang again. “Jon is that you?”

“No. Hello slut. Why did you think it would be that white wimp?”

I explained what had happened and said “I don’t know what to do”

“Get your as over here now, that’s what you need to do.”

“I can’t what if he comes home?”

“Ok I will come over to you and no arguments.”

I tried to say ‘no’ but he had rung off.

“Oh god what do I do if he comes over and Jon comes home”

I called Sue and told her what had happened and asked her for help.

“Let Michael come over, after all you did say you wanted to be with him and he will help you out, I’m sure.”

I sat there on the bed. The tears started to roll down my face. I knew I couldn’t do anything then. I had to wait and see what would happen and hope I could talk to Jon. He had wanted to see me ‘fucking’ another guy. He had said it so many times.

Michael arrived after 10 minutes and just walked in. He came over put his arms around me and held me.

“It’s ok. You might be my slut now but I will take care of you to.”

“Thanks” I said tearfully.

He started to stroke my hair and then to kiss my neck. I looked up at him and he was smiling at me. He lent forward and we were kissing. The kissing being more intense and we were soon on the settee. He was soon tugging at my clothing, my top coming off and my skirt was pulled up over my hips. He was still moving around and then I felt his cock at my pussy and he was in me. I had told my hubby I had seen another guy and he’d stormed off and what did I do? Fuck the guy again.

He fucked me hard and long until we both came. He told me “There that’s what you needed wasn’t it? It’s all you need and you know that.”

“Yes it was wonderful, thank you. Please stay with me, don’t go please.” I begged.

“Ok I will stay, I know what you need.”

“Oh Michael” was all I could say.

I lay there, almost naked in his arms. He gently stroked my skin, making my nipples tingle. His hand slipped between my legs and stroked, the cum, inside me still leaking out. I loved his touch and didn’t stop him when he inserted his finger in my ass. I moaned and opened my legs wider. He soon had me open and inserted a 2nd finger.

Before I knew it, I was astride him lowering myself on to him as he guided his cock into my ass. “Yes whore fuck my cock with your ass, let me stretch you wide, beg me for it go on.”

Please, Please, Please.” I begged as I took him deeper. His hands, on my hips pulling me. Forcing his cock deeper.

I rode him, bouncing up and down as if riding a horse. He stretched me wide and I loved it. I was in heaven.

Just then I heard a noise and looking round saw Jon standing there. He was crying but not moving. Michael grabbed me, flipped me and was in me again. In my pussy again.

“Look she’s getting what she needs, what she craves. She loves black cock, ask her and she’ll tell you.”

He stood there; I saw the tears rolling down his cheeks. I tried to stop Michael but he was so strong I couldn’t.

“Watch the slut go on Jon watch her take me. Watch her she loves it.”

As I looked at Jon, Michael continued to fuck me, my body starting to respond to his thrusts.

I tried so hard not to but I found I was moaning and started to push back at him as he drove his cock in to my pussy

“Oh, god, yes, yes.” I heard myself say. I looked over at Jon and he hadn’t moved he was watching. Watching me, take a black cock.

“What does it do for you Jon, does it turn you on? Tell me go on?”

Michael continued to fuck me and ask Jon what he thought, how he felt. I felt him grab my hips and bury himself in me as he came.

I looked at Jon and he was smiling now, the tears drying on his cheeks. But he was there smiling. Watching me being fucked by another guy. He was actually smiling.

“Yes Jon look at her, I’ve just filled her with cum and she wants more don’t you, Marie?”

“Oh yes” was all I managed to say I was still so horny, Jon watching me had got me so turned on, especially when I saw him smiling.

“Tell me, Jon what do you want?

I heard a tiny voice saying “Fuck her again”

“What Jon?”

“Fuck her again”

“What do you think of her Jon, tell me?” Michael continued badgering him, trying to humiliate him.

“She looks good. She looks like a slut. I want to see her used like one.”

I could hardly believe my ears; he was saying those things about me, wanting me to be used, treated like a slut.

“Yes, Jon she is a slut, my slut and you remember that.” He said as he got his cock back into me again.

To be continued:

Positive feed back welcome, as always. Thanks.

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