tagErotic PoetryHow Do I Like To Be Fucked?

How Do I Like To Be Fucked?


How do I like to be fucked?
By you?
Any way.

It's yours for the taking
Not mine to give,
Any way.

My mouth enjoys sucking
That's just one way
Of fucking.

My cunt flows with desire.
Legs spread,
I'm on fire.

Tie me down, take me rough!
I can never
Get enough!

Punishment is fine.
It's a favorite
Way of mine.

On hands and knees?
Deep penetration,

My asshole is a little tight
Your cock in it
Feels oh, so right!

It doesn't matter
How you fuck me,
I just want it done!

Easy, slow,
Hard, fast,
Top or bottom,
Front or back,

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