tagIncest/TabooHow Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 05

How Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 05


I'm living in a dreamland. My daughter, Sadie, and I are very much in love, and we're taking every opportunity to fuck each other silly.

She's finished her exams now, and is taking a few weeks off before looking for a job.

I've finally got a webcam up and running for her site. It's been difficult - the first couple of times she tried to broadcast, the demand crashed the system! I think we've got it sorted now though, and tonight we're going live.

To celebrate, and to give the members a special treat, Sadie's gone out to get another guy to fuck while I film it. It will be the first time that I've actually seen her fuck someone else, and the butterflies in my tummy are part jealousy, part excitement.

I dropped her off at a dodgy biker bar, and I've only been home five minutes, but I can hear the sound of a big bike approaching.

No, hold on, that's two bikes. I rush to the window.

Two bikes pull into my driveway, one with my daughter sat on the back. She's pulled two guys!

Sadie climbs off the bike, her tiny black leather skirt has ridden so far up her thighs that her glistening cunt is bare for all to see. A tight leather jacket open to her pierced navel reveals that she isn't wearing anything underneath it, and her black spike-heeled knee-length boots make her legs seems impossibly long. She wasn't wearing a helmet, and her now-windswept hair and dark eye make-up complete the biker-slut look..

She rubs her pussy and shares a joke with the first biker before pulling her skirt back down, wiggling her arse as she does so.

The first biker removes his helmet and steps from the bike. He's huge, and despite the fact the Sadie tops 6 foot in her heals, he still towers over her. And he's heavy - I don't just mean strong, he seems to have a bit of a gut on him. I'm a little surprised at her choice, with her looks she could have got someone far better looking than him.

He pulls her to him and they share a sloppy French kiss, my daughter sucking the tongue of this brut.

I look over to the other guy, and am slightly surprised again as I see that he's black. Sadie and I had talked before, and she'd admitted that she wanted to fuck a black man to see if the rumours are true, so I guess that's what she's doing.

The black guy walks up behind my daughter and sticks his fingers under her short skirt. She wiggles and thrusts back on to his hand a couple of times, before he moves his fingers to her face, and she devours them hungrily.

They walk towards the front door, and I do the same to welcome them.

I open the door to find the white guy sucking on Sadie's left tit, and the black guy with his fingers up her tight twat. She looks at me with lust in her eyes.

"Hi honey. We'd better get started quick, I don't know how much longer I can hold them back."

She walks past me into the living room, the black guy keeping his fingers in her cunt the whole time. The white guy follows.

"Fucking incredible girlfriend you got there, mate."

"I know."

The three sit down on the couch and I get the camera lined up. Sadie's still getting finger-fucked.

"God, I had the most fantastic orgasm on the back of that bike. The vibrations went right through me, it was so hot. I've got to get me a bike"

Sadie removes the guys' hands from her body.

"Okay you two, behave yourselves for just a second. I've just got to do an intro, and then you can both fuck me all you like."

She turns to me.

"Okay, we're ready."

I count down with my fingers from three to one, and we're live.

Sadie lusts at the camera, and I defy anyone not to get a hard dick at that look.

"Hi guys. For my first webcast, I decided to do something a little special - my first threesome! This is...actually, I don't know their names, and I don't care."

With that, she launches herself on top of the white guy and attempts to suck the tongue out of his mouth.

The black guy pulls up the back of her skirt so that it bunches around her waist, and removes her jacket, so she's now all but naked.

Sadie stands up in front of both guys.

"First one of you to get your clothes off and your dick hard gets to fuck me first."

Both guys scramble to strip as quickly as they can, and Sadie giggles.

"The other guy will have to make do with a blowjob."

The white guy is first to pull his pants down, and his cock is huge! Now I know why she picked him - it must be 9 inches, at least, and unbelievably thick.

Sadie gets down on all fours, side on to the camera, and I watch as the white guy moves behind her. Sadie's eyes are still locked on the black guy, who has kept his underwear on and is walking to face Sadie.

"Girl, you gonna like this."

He pulls off his trunks and unleashes a black rod of ten inches or more. It's not as thick as the other guy's, but longer.

Sadie's eyes have lit up like it was Christmas morning.

"I want to see how much of that beauty you can fuck my throat with, big boy."

She licks her lips and opens her mouth wide, closing her eyes submissively.

The white guy is rubbing his cock up and down her crack, teasing her as the black guy eases his cock into her mouth.

The black cock just keeps disappearing down her throat. I can't believe how far it's going. I know she's brilliant at deepthroating me, but this is different class. That must be eight, nine, ten inches, and finally her nose nestles into his pubic hair.

The guy behind her loses patience and moves his cock into her cunt.

"My God, it's so tight."

He has to take a few goes, and really shove hard, to get his cock to move into her cunt. Sadie moans as he moves it in slowly.

"Oh wow, that's so big! Come on, further. OH!"

He thrusts hard and seems to have finally stretched her far enough for him to fit. She now has what must be 20 inches of cock in her, and she's moaning like a whore.

They both pull back out and start thrusting into her, the pace quickening at quite a rate. Now they're fucking her hard, and she's loving it.

The black guy pulls out of her throat.

"Hey man, can I get some of that pussy?"

Sadie looks so dirty.

"Hell yeah. No black man's ever stuffed his meat in there, fill me up baby."

The guys swap, the black guy forcing his long prick all the way into her in one straight movement.

"Oh, no-one's been that deep before. Fuck it. Pound my insides so hard that I scream."

They pick up at the pace they were at before, pounding into her.

Sadie waves at the white guy, and he pulls out of her throat.

"I want you up my arse."

The white guy looks surprised, and the black guy starts to pull out.

"No, no. I want him in my arse while you're in my pussy."

"Are you sure, little girl? We might just split you in half."

"Do it. Fuck me. Give me and everyone watching a night to remember."

She smiles and winks at the camera. I can imagine the number of loads being shot prematurely at that moment.

The black guy moves below her and she climbs on top of him, facing him, moving herself down his pole in one swift movement. She can't resist a few quick bounces.

The white guy moves behind her, and stops as he sees something. Sadie remembers why he must have stopped.

"Ooh, wait, you'll have to remove something first."

I zoom in to her arsehole to see a small piece of string and a ring attached to the end of it.

"Pull on that baby."

The white guy pulls the ring, and a small bead pops out of her arse. He continues, and another pops out, slightly larger than the first.

Three, now four, beads and Sadie's moaning with each one.

"Okay, baby, there should be another four or five. I want you to pull them out quickly, really yank it hard."

He grabs hold of the string and Sadie starts fucking herself again on the black guy's cock. Suddenly, the white guy rips the remaining beads out of her arse and Sadie orgasms big style, convulsing on the cock in her pussy.

The black guy looks like he's close.

"Where do you want my cum, darling?"

"Hold it two seconds." she turns to the white guy. "Get that cock in my arse now!" then back to the black guy. "I want your baby making seed deep inside my young cunt. Give it to me"

The white guy slams his cock up her arse in one vicious movement, and she screams. The black guy starts cumming, and that sets Sadie off again, which then triggers the white guy after only two pumps in her arse.

All three of them are twitching and slowing down.

"I hope you two can get it up again quickly, 'cos I want you two to swap."

The black guy speaks first.

"No problem, baby, I'm ready to go."

They separate from each other and the black guy moves to her arse.

"Do you want my tight little arse?" She wiggles it teasingly.

"Hell yeah baby."

"Then take it. Hard as you like."

The white guy moves away to the side, but Sadie hasn't finished with him yet.

"You, bring your cock to my mouth, I bet I can get you hard again in two minutes flat."

He looks surprised.

"It's just been up your arse, are you sure?"

"Stop being a pussy. I'm a dirty fucking slut and I want your filthy arse-fucking cock down my throat NOW!"

He doesn't need a second invite, and he feeds his cock to her. I can almost see it swelling again immediately, Sadie's mouth and throat struggling to hold it all in.

"You're one hell of a cock-sucker darling."

She spits his cock out, drool spilling onto the floor.

"Tell your friends. Okay, I want to ride the cock up my arse, change round."

She's completely in control.

The black guy lies on the ground, and Sadie stares into the camera as she sits on his stomach. She holds his cock up against her waist and it reaches up just past her belly button ring.

"Look how far he goes up inside me. I fucking love it."

With that, she sits on his cock and takes it all the way up to the hilt in her arse in one movement, still staring into the camera, grunting with pleasure.

The black guy looks like he's died and gone to heaven. "Oh god girl, your arse is fucking amazing. Oh yeah!"

"Okay, white boy, stuff my cunt."

He does, and starts fucking her hard. Sadie is bouncing up and down, lost in the sensations, chanting: "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

I zoom right in on her holes and the large poles moving in and out, stretching her. I'm so hard. I'm also feeling a weird sense of pride - this is my daughter doing this, and doing it spectacularly. This is hotter than any porn I've seen.

Her cries are getting higher in pitch, a sure sign that she's nearing another orgasm.

"Lover, I want your cock down my throat. I wanna be airtight."

She's talking to me.

I waste no time in moving round to her mouth, but struggle in undoing my belt with my free hand. Sadie helps, my cock bursts free, and she pulls me towards her, slamming my cock down her throat.

She holds it there for what seems like ages, before removing it and taking a deep breath.

"Okay, guy up my arse, I want your cum to coat my dirty insides. You, I want your cum on my tits. And lover, I want you to cum all over my face. Cover me in it. Cum for me, babies."

She returns to slurping my cock, and I know I'm getting close.

The two bikers both speak up that they're about to cum at the same time.

"Change of plan then. Cum in me. Both fill me with your hot cum."

They both groan, and as I assume that they're filling her up, she cums massively.

I pump my dick with my free hand, and take aim at my daughter's face. She's shaking and writhing so much that my first burst misses and hits her swollen right tit. I move closer, holding my dick against her cheek as I empty myself over her face.

We all slow down, and eventually stop, Sadie looking completely worn out. Ever the professional though, she still has the wherewithal to remember to speak to the camera.

"Ok guys, that was my first, well, I suppose it was a foursome. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you soon."

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