tagFirst TimeHow Hannah and I Got Together

How Hannah and I Got Together


All persons in this story are at least 18 years of age.


Hannah was two years older and way out of my league, if it hadn't been for the set of circumstances involving this story. My mom and her mom had been best friends in college, until they lost touch. About a year ago they had run into each other and found that they had a lot in common; both mother of an only child and both divorced, they rekindled their friendship and started getting together on a regular basis. Because we had a car and they didn't, we visited them more often than vice versa.

On an average day, Hannah looked like an angel; she had the most lovely and endearing smile, her eyes were big and brown and she had luxuriously long brown hair with blonde highlights. Although she wasn't a health freak, she had a gorgeous body with all the right curves and perfectly built legs.

While our moms talked and played Scrabble or Gin Rummy together, we were left to entertain ourselves, mostly either reading or watching TV... in recent weeks/months Hannah was becoming less inclined to stay in the same room as our parents, often going to her room for a large portion of the night. The first time that she asked me if I wanted to come up, I couldn't believe my ears... me, in a girl's room. Imagine my surprise when my mom didn't object and simply said:"Have fun."

Basically, we did the same things in Hannah's room as we'd do downstairs in the living room, but without supervision everything was different and more pleasant... Hannah and I talked about college, about our moms and life in general. I was in junior college at the time and had been solitarily sexually active for several months; Hannah had off course been the object of my fantasies more than once. I'd be lying if I said I didn't glance at her ass or her boobs whenever I could, and on the rare occasion she wore a skirt, her legs. On most nights I dreamt of making some sort of a pass at her, but never did. I was convinced that any move on my part would result in certain rejection or worse, ridicule... Whenever the conversation turned to boys and girls, she always came out as the more experienced and more desirable one... typically such conversation would end with Hannah making a naughty comment, often hinting at masturbation, blowjobs etc, and me not having the guts/experience to reply in kind.

One particular day however, things were about to change; in retrospect all the circumstances were there! It was a Friday and both Hannah and I had gotten good report cards that same day, putting everyone in a good mood. With Saturday being a day of leisure in both households, there was plenty of time and the atmosphere was even more relaxed than usual. Because I hadn't had the time or privacy to masturbate before or during college, I had hoped to have a good wank before leaving for Hannah and her mother, but because of my good report card, mom hovered around me like a happy and proud little bee. Eventually I gave up and decided to stick it out (pun intended)...

Of all days, Hannah had picked that day to wear pantyhose and a black skirt - 15 centimeters above the knee - which complimented her well-formed ass and legs beautifully; my dick was hard non-stop and pushing against my jeans all through dinner. Being a frequent masturbator - like most teenage boys - I had very rarely gone this long without relief. I trembled with lust as nearly every sight and every touch of Hannah added to my arousal. To top things off, Hannah's mom had chosen that particular week to have their bathroom redone, which meant no running water or plumbing; the old outhouse in the backyard seemed to be the only option left.

After dinner our moms opened up a bottle of wine and started their first game of Scrabble. Before going up to Hannah's room, I needed relief... so I excused myself and headed for the outhouse. Unfortunately by now, it had started to rain and since the door to the outhouse didn't completely close, it would be very cold in there, not to mention muddy and wet; as I was used to masturbating on my knees, I didn't see how I was going to get off in the outhouse without either freezing to death or coming out looking like a mud wrestler. Out of options, I followed Hannah up to her room, hoping I could somehow compose myself. As she walked into her room and got on her bed in a kind of casual Lotus position, I realized I was kidding myself; there was no way I was going to keep this up for more than ten minutes.

I quickly weighed my options and gathered every ounce of courage, before saying:"Please don't be angry, but can I just use your bathroom for a few minutes?"

Hannah looked at me and said:"There's no water in there."

"I know." I replied.

"And no electricity either." she added.

"I don't need much, just a little privacy."

When her eyes glanced over my crotch, she must have noticed the bulge and realized what was going on.

And yet, she kept a straight face and asked:"Why, what's the problem?"

"I'm hard okay... and if I don't take care of it soon, I think I am going to pass out."

"You want to masturbate, in our bathroom?" she asked, fighting a smile.

Feeling pretty embarrassed by now, I said:"I'm sorry, just forget about it!"

Hannah got up and said:"There's nothing to be sorry about, but I just don't think the bathroom is going to work." as she walked into the hall and opened the bathroom door... when I followed her and took a look inside, I saw what she meant. There was water and rubble everywhere, not to mention tools and pipes... judging from the state the bathroom was in, I'd have a better chance in the outhouse.

I leaned back and gently banged my head against the wall in frustration, whispering:"Damn!"

"Look, why don't you use my room?" Hannah said, closing the door.

I looked at her, bewildered.

"Aside from the bathroom, there are only two rooms left: unless you wanna use my mom's room..." Hannah continued.

I looked at her and said:"Are you sure?"

She smiled, looked down at the bulge in my pants and said:"You obviously need to relieve yourself and there's only one place left."

After a pause of about four seconds, she added with a naughty grin:"Just not all over my bed, okay?"

"I'll do it on the floor and I'll clean it up, I promise." I said, feeling pretty embarrassed.

"Ok then, so... how long do you need?"

"I don't know; ten, fifteen minutes?"

Hannah smiled and said:"Just open the door when you're ready so that I'll know it's safe..."

I nodded and as she walked down the stairs, she whispered:"Have fun!"

I closed the door and took out my dick, grabbing the hard, throbbing shaft... After rubbing it up and down for about twenty seconds, I took off all my clothes and got on my knees in the middle of her bedroom. As soon as I started masturbating again, I realized that I'd never get to fifteen minutes, or ten for that matter. With my eyes closed, I pictured Hannah in every conceivable position and came more intensely than ever before!

Big ropes of thick, gooey cum blasted out of my dick onto the floor, as my body violently convulsed over and over again. Barely two minutes had passed and I had already finished. Using my hanky, I cleaned up the enormous amount of cum I had deposited on the floor and got dressed. I opened the bedroom door and nervously waited for Hannah to return.

Carefully she peeked in, before entering and said:"I needed an excuse to go downstairs, so I brought you a soda."

"Thanks, and not just for the soda..."

"Anytime! Whenever you feel the need, just tell me... no need in being uncomfortable all night, right?"

Was she actually offering her room for me to use whenever I wanted to?

I decided not to push the matter and said:" Okay."

"So, was it... good?"

I smiled, feeling slightly embarrassed but answered truthfully:" Very, I had about thirteen minutes to spare!"

We laughed and started talking about the usual things...

A few minutes later, she got a phone call from one of her girlfriends; I knew it would take a while so I sat down on the bed and started reading my book. Once in a while, as I turned the page, I would glance at her and admire from across the room, just for a second or two. About ten minutes later, I noticed that her skirt had ridden up from her constant moving around on her chair and that her entire upper leg was now exposed. Pretty soon I was looking more at her pantyhose than at my book... I was hard as a bone again.

I waited patiently for the phone call to end, then asked:"Would you mind getting me another soda?"

"Sure, which one?" Hannah sneered.

I closed my book and shifted towards the edge of the bed:"Doesn't matter, I am not really thirsty!"

"Have fun." Hannah smiled as she got up and headed out the door.

I got off the bed and got down on my knees; keeping my clothes on this time, I just whipped out my hard dick and started jerking off. I closed my eyes and pictured Hannah in just her underwear and tights, doing all sorts of naughty things while talking to her friend on the phone. It was another winner; I blew a huge load on the floor and used my hanky to clean up every drop. After rearranging my clothes, I opened the door and continued reading my book. Several minutes later Hannah walked back in, closing the door behind her and putting two soda's on her desk. She turned to me and said:"If you keep this up, I'll have to open up a lemonade stand!"

We laughed.

Hannah, sitting down:"Can I ask you something really personal?"


"Do you ever think of me when you... masturbate?"

I worked up the courage and answered:"Almost every time!"

Surprised, she didn't quite know what to say or do next; so I asked:"How often do you masturbate?"

"I don't know, a few times a week... you?" she returned the question.

"About two or three times a day; every morning before breakfast and usually once or twice at night."

Hannah didn't seem surprised at the quantity, instead she looked like she was about to ask another question, but we got interrupted by her cell phone: it was another one of her girlfriends wanting to yap about trivial things... This call lasted considerably longer than the last one and I finished reading nearly two chapters by the time she hung up. By then, the moment had passed and we started talking about other things. Two more hours passed as we played some video games, listened to some music and did pretty much anything except continue the conversation we had started; as Hannah was getting tired, I decided to go and check on my mom, see if she was about ready to leave. As it turned out, they were still in the middle of a game, so after taking a leak, I went back upstairs and found Hannah laying on the bed, half asleep; while I informed her of the situation downstairs, my eyes wandered over her legs and her skirt. Although aesthetically very pleasing, it didn't cause much more than a stir in my cock, but because I didn't want her to fall asleep in my presence, I said: "You know, I could use another soda."

She looked at me surprised and asked:"Again?"

I nodded.

"Okay, but you just came up... I can't very well go downstairs now, it will arouse suspicion!"

Realizing she had a good point, I nodded and said:"You're right, I'll wait a little while longer."

"Why don't you use my mom's room this time?" she said.

I looked at her, trying to assess if she was kidding or not, eventually asked:"Seriously?"

"And... maybe this time you don't clean up." she nodded affirmatively.

My cock became fully erect as soon as she spoke those words.

I smiled, encouraged by her proposal and said:"Well, if you're sure..." as I walked towards the door.

"Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go, right?"

"Cool, I'll be back in a few minutes!" I said and closed the door behind me.

I opened Hannah's mom's bedroom door, flicked on the light switch and walked in, dick in hand. When I noticed the little white carpet next to her bed, I smiled at how perfect of a target it presented and I kneeled down on it. As I replayed Hannah's last words over and over again in my mind, I started wanking my hard throbbing dick for all I was worth. Just like the previous two times, I quickly came and shot a moderate load all over the carpet. When I was done, I got dressed and headed back.

Hannah was waiting for me, clearly wide awake again.

"Relieved?" was all she asked.

"Suffices to say: you don't wanna step on the little white carpet with your bare feet!" I grinned.

Hannah laughed, took her pillow and as she pushed her face into it, she yelled:"Eeeewwwwwww!"

When she lowered her pillow about five seconds later, she was still smiling and whispered:"You're little perv!"

I wanted to say something, but what... something sexy and provocative, but not too much! By the time I had thought of something, the moment had passed and we just started talking again about unimportant things. Not much later, mom called me down and said that we were leaving as it was getting really late. As Hannah gave me a goodbye peck on the cheek, she whispered:"This was fun!"

We smiled at each other and parted ways.

I literally counted the days until we got together again; I thought of no one or nothing else. The anticipation of seeing her again, after what we had done, fueled my days; even more than before, she became the object of my fantasies. I refrained from masturbating the night before as well as all throughout the day itself. When we arrived, Hannah and I got comfortable in front of the tv, while our moms had a glass of wine in the kitchen. After a few minutes of small talk, Hannah briefly glanced at my crotch and remarked:"Looks like you might need a few soda's tonight... our bathroom is still being redone, so we'll need to find another venue for you to blow your load."

It was the first time that she had used the specific and exact words, the first time she had used any kind of dirty language with me. My dick twitched in my jeans, I couldn't wait to get to her room and from the looks of things, she was eager as well... not really horny, just impatient!

We had dinner and as Hannah and I cleared the table, she whispered:"You still... hard?"

I nodded affirmatively and winked at her.

A few minutes later we headed upstairs, acting as casual as we could; my heart was racing and my palms were sweating in anticipation of what would/could happen... in her room, she closed the drapes, put on a cd and said:"Seeing how I can't go downstairs again so quickly, my mom's room is the logical choice, right?"

I hesitated for a second, but then nodded and walked towards the door as slowly as I could, unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. When I glanced at her just before walking out of the room, she looked as nervous as I felt and suddenly blurted out:"Her bed, do it on her bed..."

She had obviously been thinking about this!

Emboldened by this, I smirked and said:"You'll have to be more specific."

"What do you mean?"

"The bedspread, sheets, mattress... her pillow?"

The last option made her gasp for breath and swallow, it was the first sign of actual arousal on her part.

"Pillow?" I asked, as I gently slid my hand down my pants.

Embarrassed that I had read her preference, she asked:"Won't she know?"

"I was planning on cleaning it up, you know."

She smiled back and glanced at my hand down my pants:"But won't it leave stains?"

"Probably, but no more than on the bedspread or the sheets..."

Hannah was weighing her options.

"Maybe I should cum on something else first, so you can see exactly how it stains?" I quickly said.

We looked at each other, both realizing, that this was the first time either of us had said the word 'cum'.

"What did you have in mind?"

As I looked at her bed, I said:"Well, the closest thing to a pillow... is another pillow!"

Hannah's eyes grew big as she realized what I was talking about; she smiled widely and asked, with a feigned outrage:"You wanna cum on MY pillow?"

Now that we had both used the word, it was common language... it had been accepted. Trying to take the focus off of the act of cumming on her pillow, I said:"I don't have to do it here, I could take it with me to your mom's room... and bring it back when I am done." She looked at me and hesitated, fighting a wide grin on her face.

I added:"Just for scientific reasons... to study the staining process before I do it anywhere else."

She reached for her pillow and handed it to me, unable to contain her smile or her arousal.

"Be kind to it!" she whispered and then crossed her arms, putting one hand in front of her mouth, trying to hide her amusement. Her pillow was dark red with little pink hearts; it would make for a nice contrast with my cum. I took a few steps backwards and whispered:"I'll be right back." walking out of the room.

Needless to say I was thrilled: events had taken a turn I couldn't have dreamed up! As I kneeled down in her mom's room with her pillow positioned directly in front of me, I had to control myself and keep myself from cumming right then; after all I didn't want to go back to Hannah's room with just a few drops on her pillow!

I concentrated and really took my time, working myself up towards a nice, big orgasm. When I came, I made sure to cover as much of the pillow as I could. I shot six big, gooey strands of cum across the pillow, followed by several smaller - but equally gooey - volleys; finally, I squeezed out the last few drops and wiped off my cock on one of the last clean areas on the pillow. It had to be one of the biggest loads I had ever blown! Proud as a peacock I got dressed and walked back into Hannah's room, holding the pillow with the stained side facing up...

She was browsing through her cds, no doubt keeping herself busy while she waited for the result of our 'science experiment'. When she saw the pillow, her mouth fell open and her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she gasped:"Oh my god, that's just one load?!"

I nodded and said:"Uhuh." as she reached out and took the pillow with both hands.

Not taking her eyes off it, she gasped for air again and said:"You... you completely drenched it!"

As her face had returned to normal, I couldn't tell if this was good thing or not, so I asked:"I'm sorry, do you want me to clean it up?"

Speaking without thinking, she blurted out:"With what, a bath towel?!"

We both started laughing. Then she said:"My god, it's so much..."

After a few seconds, she seemed to realize what she had just avoided, slapped my arm playfully and said:"And you wanted to do this on my mom's pillow... how could she possibly not have noticed??!"

I reached in my pocket, took out my clean hanky and said:"I would have cleaned it up... like this."

As I scooped up all the cum and rubbed the resulting stains as dry as I could, Hannah said:"You're suspiciously adept at this!"

Again we laughed. I folded my hanky and carefully put it back in my pants pocket, as I said:"Give it a few hours to dry up: it will be hardly noticeable."

As she looked at her pillow some more, I asked:"What are you thinking?"

Blushing she said:"I am thinking that I could use a nice soda myself right about now!"

I could literally feel my heartbeat all throughout my body as she said that.

Reacting as quickly and cool as possible, I said:"Say no more, I'll make myself scarce..."

As I turned and took one step towards the door, she threw the pillow on the bed and stopped me, touching my arm. "Don't be silly, I was just kidding around..." she lied.

Before I could react, she added, with a clear sarcastic undertone:"Besides, good girls don't do such things!"

"I am pretty sure good girls don't have cum all over their pillows either."

Slightly embarrassed, she giggled:"Still..."

I could see she wasn't 100% up for it, so I didn't want to press the matter and quickly put an end to the conversation. "Maybe some other time... so, how about I beat you at some video games."

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