tagLoving WivesHow I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 07

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 07


**Warning** This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities. If any of these topics are offensive you to, I recommend not reading.

Thank you all for the feedback on previous chapters. Unfortunately, the time I have to write is not what it once was so further chapters will take additional time. Stay tuned for more folks.

As I slowly opened drowsy eyes, my dilated pupils were assaulted by the light that crept through the tightly closed bedroom window blinds. I felt my scrotum being pulled slightly and as my eyes adjusted to the streaks of sunlight being cast across the room, I saw my still nude wife placing the clear plastic ring into its now familiar location. A sudden pelvic jerk announced my awakening and did not go unnoticed by Jana.

"Good morning baby," she said as she pushed the ring firmly against my groin, "I wanted to make sure we got an early start on your next period of celibacy. You better calm down. I need to get this cage locked on you before pee-wee gets hard."

Her new humiliating obsession of commenting on the inadequate size of my white penis was a strange turn-on and my unconfined member wanted desperately to achieve erection. My naughty wife worked quickly as I closed my eyes and attempted to concentrate on anything other than her naked flesh looming over me and locking away my manhood for an unknown length of time. I felt the locking pin being inserted through the back of the scrotal ring and the hard plastic case scraping over the sensitive head of my cock. As she met resistance, she inserted her finger into the bottom of the cage and helping my semi-flaccid member seat properly into the devilish device. I opened my eyes in time to see the open hasp of the lock being passed through the eye of the pin.

"Beg me to close the lock," she demanded forcefully. "Ask me to make sure this little white cock doesn't get anywhere near my sweet pussy so I have no choice but to go out and find a huge black cock to fill me up."

I looked directly into her hazel eyes, "Please let me hear the unforgiving click of the lock as you take away my ability to cum. There is no way I can keep myself from masturbating without the chastity belt so I need you to control when I get to have an orgasm. I will obey every command you give me. I know that my little dick is not able to pleasure you properly so it is only logical that you lock me up and treat me as your slave. As your cuckold, fucking you is another man's job now, a better man with a bigger cock to make you scream with ecstasy."

The audible "CLICK" of the lock informed me that she accepted my request and she hopped off the bed, her gorgeous tits bouncing from the landing and leaving me lay there to ponder my situation. I felt the smooth plastic snuggly against my wrinkled limp penis, the tight embrace feeling familiar to me after spending much of the last eight months in my self-imposed condition. I am sure most people would call me a freak but if you are reading this and the thought of chastity excites you, be sure you know what you are asking for. I wouldn't change a thing but don't expect many orgasms once your wife realizes the power that a single key holds.

When I finally joined my wife in the kitchen, she was in her flimsy and transparent white silk robe, talking on the phone and sipping her coffee. The sexy garment did nothing to hide her features but I am sure the feel of the soft material against her perfect skin was a pleasure in and of itself. Breaking my attention away from the distraction of flesh, my ears pinged on the last words of her conversation.

"You know I want to Jerome. How about you pick me up at my house tonight? No, my husband won't be any problem. As a matter of fact, he is standing here listening to me talk to you. Oh you are sooooo bad. Of course I will. Ok, see you tonight at seven," she said as she hung up the phone.

I gave her a knowing grin as I grabbed my own cup of coffee, "Going out tonight baby?"

"Of course I am, Cucky," she chided without the slightest bit of shame. "Do you have a problem with that slave?"

"No Mistress," I meekly replied, hanging my head low.

"Good, because I have been waiting to get the shit fucked out of me by Jerome again for weeks," she stated with a lustful glint in her eye. "He said he is going to fuck me like a slut and I can't wait. By the way, Jerome wants you to go out and buy some sexy lingerie for me to wear tonight. He said it is the least you could do to thank him for taking care of my sexual needs. Why don't you go to Mistress Sara's shop and find me a nice matching lace thong and push-up bra. Make sure you tell her why you are buying sexy underwear for me. She will get a kick out of it."

"Yes Mistress," I replied respectfully as I left the room to get dressed.

Who the fuck does he think he is making me thank him. Isn't it enough that I am letting him fuck my beautiful wife? What a cocky son of a bitch. Well I can't fault the guy. Tonight he will be balls deep inside my wife's tight cunt and mine will just be locked away. Well cuckold, you created this situation so you might as well do a good job with it. I will make sure I get a really sexy set of undergarments for her to wear for him and with any luck, he won't tear them to shreds as he strips her naked. It is going to be interesting having him pick her up at the house. Can you imagine what the neighbors will think, watching her all dolled up and getting into a car with a black man? Oh well, who the fuck cares. It would just add to my humiliation which will probably excite me anyway.

After a short drive I entered Mistress Sara's store of delicious decadence to find her sitting in her usual leather recliner but today she had a guest, a sexy vixen with silky red hair flowing down her back and milky white skin sharply contrasted against the dark paneled walls of the store. Both long legged ladies acknowledged my presence immediately.

"Your timing couldn't be any better little one," Mistress Sara said to me. "I was just in the process of telling Lady Alicia here how effective chastity belts are at controlling submissive husbands. I want you to show her how it works. I take it you are here to shop in your usual attire?"

"Yes Mistress Sara, if it pleases you," I replied, my face already turning two shades of red.

"Go ahead and disrobe while I lock the door," she demanded.

Lady Alicia's eyes were glued to me as I removed my shoes and socks before pulling my shirt over my head and unbuckling my belt, allowing my shorts to fall to my ankles. As I pulled my maroon boxer briefs south to join my shorts, the plastic cage sprung free, causing the lock to jingle against the hard shell. After stepping out of my drawers, I stood with my hands behind my back and let the ginger beauty view my cock cage as Sara took my clothing and placed them behind the counter. As usual, I would need to ask for my clothing back after completing my shopping.

"As you can see," Mistress Sara began while manipulating my penis prison this way and that for Alicia, "This plastic ring goes behind the scrotum and when the sheath is attached and locked, an erection is impossible without pulling his balls through the small space allowed between the two. This slave has quite a small penis and recognizing that fact, his wife opted for the CB-6000 short model."

"Wow, you are right," Alicia laughed. "That is a little dick, not unlike my husband's size. I see that it fits quite snuggly."

"Yes it does," Sara answered, giving the cage a strong tug and extracting a gasp from me. "While not the most secure type of device, proper fitting does make it a cost effective option. For total security, I recommend a completely different and more expensive device."

"Tell me, have you ever been able to escape from your chastity belt?" Alicia asked me.

"Honestly, I have never tried Ma'am. I imagine if I used ice and a bit of lubrication I would be able to wiggle out with a little bit of pain but I don't see any way I would be able to get it back on without the key, which my wife and her sister guard vigilantly."

"I bet they do," Alicia said with a grin. "How long has it been since you had an orgasm?"

"I was actually allowed release last night," I replied with a smile, "but I had to endure six months in chastity to earn that one."

"Oh you poor boy," Alicia said with pity, "six months without an orgasm. But honestly, with a pathetically small dick like yours, what do you expect? May I try and give you an erection? I want to see how the cage reacts when you try to get hard."

"I am sure my wife would be disappointed if I were to be rude. I would be pleased to demonstrate for you," I said, spreading my legs to give her an unobstructed view of my genitals.

When Alicia stood up, I was truly amazed at her size. She must have been six foot tall and five foot of that was nicely toned legs that I followed up to the hemline of her grey sundress. I felt the first stirs of my erection as I continued to size up her thin body past her small but proportional B-cup breasts. Without warning, she grabbed her shoulder straps, slid them off her boney shoulders and allowed the light material to flutter down her body, leaving her standing in just her bare breasts and tiny pink g-string. Here was a set of magnificent tits that never needed a bra regardless of the situation. Her extremely firm cones tapered to a point where they were joined by small, quarter sized reddish-brown nipples. My cock swelled to fill the cage and struggled to push away from my groin before my balls began to press against the ring. With my cock as extended as the cage would allow, Alicia reached down and rubbed my deflated orbs between her thumb and forefinger, feeling how tightly they were pressed against the ring and sheath, and making my stomach tighten with a grimace on my face.

"Thank you for the demonstration Lady Sara," Alicia said as she released my testicles and the pain immediately began to deflate the obstructed hard-on. "It all makes sense to me now. I think my husband will very quickly learn his fucking place."

"Just as this one has," Mistress Sara turned to address me. "You may go about your business slave. What are we shopping for today?"

"I need to pick out a nice sexy thong and bra set for my wife's date tonight," I replied, a flush of crimson tinting my skin.

"What a wonderful husband you are, taking your wife out for a night on the town," Alicia responded in a surprising complimentary tone.

"No Ma'am," I replied submissively, "my wife has a date with another man tonight. I will be staying at home while she goes out and gets laid by a big dicked black man."

"Oh my god," Alicia exclaimed, her mouth wide open in shock. "You mean to tell me that your wife gets to go out and get fucked by any random guy while you stay at home and go without?"

"You see," Mistress Sara answered for me, "this slave is what you call a cuckold. She gets to sleep with any man she wants and he stays faithful. He is one step further in being that he isn't even allowed to masturbate while she gets everything she needs. Good for her. It is a tragedy that she had to settle for such a tiny penis all these years. I knew it wouldn't be long before you agreed. Carry on slave and make sure that you pick out a real nice set of lingerie for your wife's lover or else I will tell her to send you to me for a weekend."

I nodded my head and meandered my way through the multiple isles of seductive clothing awaiting my inspection and choosing. It shouldn't surprise me that Sara discussed cuckolding with my wife. More than likely, my wife was initially appalled by the idea and her reaction was similar to the one Alicia just exhibited. But then that devious devil sat her down, just like she is doing with Alicia right now, and chiseled away at the taboo of finding satisfaction in another man's bed. How many lives has she truly influenced? I have no doubt that, thanks to her efforts, numerous wives now cuckold their husbands and I am sure Alicia's husband will learn that soon enough. I just hope he enjoys it as much as I do.

It didn't take me long to find what I was looking for. As I touched each piece of underwear I continued to ask myself if Jerome would like it. I know I have never met the guy but I just kept thinking of what the last garments Jerome would want to admire before having her naked and every inch of her skin ready for his touch. I decided on a shiny dark violet thong trimmed in black lace and a matching half-cup push-up bra that would be lucky if it contained even the bottom one-third of my wife's puffy areolas and nipples. The contrast of that material against her light skin is going to drive her lover nuts.

After paying the fifty bucks for the skimpy get-up, receiving praise from both women on my selection, and being given permission to cover my nakedness, I drove home to my waiting wife, who was relaxing on the couch and talking on the phone. She hung up the phone while I got undressed and had me kneel in front of her. I pulled my choices out of the bag for her approval.

"Those are very sexy," she began. "Jerome should be very satisfied by your choice. I can't wait to tell him that you did exactly as he ordered. I really love them so I hope he doesn't decide the keep them again. I just got off the phone with Mistress Sara and she told me all about what a good cuckold slave you were. She also gave me Alicia's phone number so I can help her bring her limp dick husband under control. You might have a fellow chastised cuckold to befriend soon. However, she told me that you thought you would be able to escape your cage if you actually tried. I want to thank you for not trying but having the ability to escape just won't do. Mistress Sara gave me a few options but I need to think about them. Rest assured that you will be purchasing a new chastity belt in the near future. Now go about your chores and let me relax before my date tonight. I am going to need my strength."

I did as I was told and made sure the yard work got done and all the housework was completed. My wife hadn't gotten to the point of making me her complete and total servant yet but it couldn't be long before she stopped doing things around the house and having me pick up the slack with the threat of punishment looming over my head. I actually didn't mind because if I was busy, I didn't think about sex or my lack thereof. Regardless of how much I enjoyed being locked up, my body still wanted to follow its instincts and expel semen from my balls.

At five o'clock, my wife went upstairs to get ready for Jerome. I was not invited so I stayed in the living room and watched some television. She came downstairs a little after six-thirty looking like a million bucks. Her blonde hair was tediously curled and her make-up was meticulously applied. The tight one piece purple dress that hugged every curve of her perfect body was a decent match to the lingerie I purchased for her. As expected, the half-cup bra did nothing to contain her nipples that strained themselves against the taught fabric. The overall effect was the appearance of a woman who was looking for sex and the diamond gleaming on her left hand told people that it wouldn't be from her husband.

"You look amazing baby," I began complimenting her. "You are one hell of a hot wife."

"Thank you cucky, do you think Jerome will like the outfit I picked out for him?" she asked me.

"If he doesn't, you need to find someone with better eyesight. As it stands, I don't think that dress will last three seconds once he gets you back to his place," I reassured her. "If any of the neighbors see you get into a car with a black man dressed like that, they are going to know you are going out to get fucked."

"Oh no," she said in mock worry and laughed, "our secret is going to get out and we will be the talk of the town. We do have one bit of business to take care of before I head out for the night. I decided to let fate determine your length of chastity this time around. I have in my hand, two dice that you will roll, one at a time, to determine your sentence. Here are the rules. The first die determines the length of time and the second determines whether it will be days, weeks, months, or years."

A look of worry passed through my face as I thought of the consequences of a bad roll. With the worst roll possible, it could be six years before I would be allowed a pleasurable orgasm. If I have bad luck, they might as well through me in the nuthouse right now because I will be legally insane before my sentence was completed. On the other hand, I could be shooting my load again tomorrow. If luck is a lady, I am screwed.

She continued with the rules, "Here is how the second die works. Roll a one for days, a two or three for weeks, a four or five for months, and in the unlucky event that you roll a six, you will be looking at years of frustration before you empty your balls again. Are you ready to press your luck?"

I nervously took the first red die from her offered hand and rolled it onto the coffee table. The die came to a rest on the number two. So I was looking at anywhere between two days and two years. She offered me the second die. I cupped it into my closed hand and said a prayer as I closed my eyes and let it fly. It clanked across the wooden table until it came to a rest. Without any kind of response from my wife, I slowly opened my eyes to find it resting on the number three. I just about jumped out of my skin and a smile, ear to ear, adorned my face.

"Good for you cucky, you get to cum again in two weeks, as long as you keep yourself out of trouble," my wife congratulated me as a horn honked from the driveway. "Jerome is here so I need to run. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband."

She leaned in close and gave me a long kiss, darting her tongue inside my mouth and allowing me to smell the scent of her perfume that she used to doll herself up for him.

"I hope you have a great time tonight baby," I told her as she headed toward the door.

She turned to me before closing the door, "Baby, you have seen the size of his dick. Once he gets that monster cock inside my pussy, I will be having the best of times. Wait up for me so I can tell you all about it. See ya later."

I went to the window and watched as she took her time walking down the driveway toward the awaiting black BMW backed into the drive, not caring if any of the neighbors knew what she had planned for the night. I could see Jerome watching her saunter her way towards the car through the rear-view mirror before she opened the passenger side door and got into the car. Through the rear window, I watched her lean across the center console and kiss him deeply on the lips. The brake lights came on and the luxury sedan pulled out of the drive, taking my slutty wife away for a night of raw sexual pleasure. Only then did I realize that my neighbor John was sitting on his porch with a wide mouth expression. Well, I thought, we will see how big of a mouth he has.

Hours extended into what felt like eons as vivid images of my wife fucking Jerome swam through my head. I tried to distract myself from the various sexual positions she was surely experiencing because my cock was pressed firmly to the tip of the sheath and the constant squeezing pull on my nuts was doing nothing to combat my aroused state. I even tried watching some of our interracial porno movies hoping to replace the images of my wife with some paid actress who took black cock for a paycheck. It didn't work and I suffered until a car pulled into the driveway at about midnight to give his used slut back to her husband.

The headlights shut off, revealing my wife sitting in the passenger seat and I heard Jerome kill the engine. I started to wonder if he was going to come in and began to panic slightly since we hadn't talked about me watching her in bed with another man. The decorative lighting lining the hedges along the driveway provided just enough illumination to see that Jerome was telling her something before grabbing the back of her head and pulling her mouth to his crotch. I watched as Jana's head moved around slightly before starting to bob up and down in a motion that could only be that of sucking his dick. Man, this guy has one big set of balls, having my wife blow him right in her own driveway. My wife had to know that I was watching her suck him off and I bet it was making her cream. I wonder if she still has the panties I bought for her.

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