tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 15

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 15


The next week was very interesting. I missed Trent terribly and after the first day, and the minor fight we had, I made it a point to be ready for his calls. He only missed one of mine, so we called it even and by the end of the week, it had become a bit of a joke to see who was going to miss the call the next time.

I had gotten used to waking up with Candy. By the third night, we just gave up with the separate bedroom thing and she only used hers to change and shower in. At night we would just put on our pjs, climb into bed, hug and go to sleep. I must admit, I was getting used to sharing a bed with someone, and waking up with a warm body spooned in behind me was delightful.

Candy taught me some stripper moves, with the help of the internet and cheer camp, and we worked on our routines together. It went without saying, that each of us would work our guy in private. The shoes that we got with the outfits let us practice. I got two pairs of platforms with five inch heels, one clear and the other blood red, one pair black stilettos and one pair white stiletto boots. None of these were made for walking, these were all CFM footwear.

We picked up our outfits the last day before Candy had to leave and they left little to the imagination, which made sense, they were for strippers. I got a schoolgirl outfit, transparent white blouse, a plaid skirt that was really a wide belt, a tie and hair ties to match the belt and white thigh high stockings, no buttons, just snaps on the skirt and blouse. The second outfit was black strapless and had a lace up pattern in the back. The third outfit was white and only on one shoulder, it had a series of very strategic rips in it that made it look as though it was barely held together, but nothing was further from the truth. It was the kind of outfit you see in the old movies where the actress was washed up on some desert island. The last outfit was the most revealing. It was grey, spaghetti strapped top that stopped just below my breasts, then several lines of material connected the top to the skirt, forming a very simple and minor lattice pattern.

All of the outfits stopped just below my ass; in fact, in the schoolgirl outfit you could see the bottom of my cheeks. Candy's outfits were much the same, only different colours. She showed me how to do my makeup like a stripper would and the night before she left; we had a full dress rehearsal.

Loud thumping music pounded out of the speakers in the media room and we both worked our routines. Candy did hers first for me and then I did mine for a very naked Candy. Performing a lap dance for girl dressed only in a smile and heels was very different that doing for an empty chair. By the end we were both sweaty and very horny, but I refused to do anything with her. There was no way I could without her finding out and we both dashed to our respective showers after I was done.

I had already mounted my new dildo on the wall of the shower stall, at just the height for me to fuck myself doggy style. I turned on the shower as hot as I could stand and removed my vagina before climbing in. The hot water rained down on me, only making me hotter and hornier. I knelt down and stroked the plastic dick. It was close to the same size as Trent but it wasn't him. At that moment I didn't care, I leaned down and took it into my mouth. I sucked and licked it like I would Trent. I held my cheeks open and relaxed my pussy, letting the shower get me ready. Between my sucking and the shower the dick was wet enough for me to take it.

I turned and backed onto the cock. I moaned as it slid into my canal. The feeling of my passage filling with hard cock was exactly what I needed. Before it was fully seated inside me I was banging against it and groaning in pleasure. I was ready to cum almost instantly but I held out as long as I could. My hand gripped my clit and stroked it in time to my fucking. I came with a sudden jolt that I almost fell off the dick in my pussy. My scream of pleasurable release was right behind Candy's from the other bathroom.

We met in the bedroom both looking a little sheepishly at each other, then we started to giggle. It was obvious what we had just done and there was no point in hiding it. We climbed into bed and snuggled up to each other.

"I am going to miss you next week." Candy said. "I don't think my sister will like the idea of sleeping with me like this."

"Well then, you will just have to wear yourself out at work and with Kevin." I told her, she poked me in the ribs.

"I am also going to miss this place. It is just so beautiful here." She sighed.

We had found bikes in the outdoor storage and had ridden around the community everyday, usually first thing in the morning, before we went to the beach to work on our tans. The houses ranged from small to down right monstrous, and we had met the neighbours and become friends with most of them.

"Well, you still get two days off in a row for the summer, drive down, and you will need to look for work in September, so you could start that anytime. Plus you will be back in September so don't worry, it is only two months."

"What do you mean back in September?" She demanded.

"Didn't I tell you, you and Kevin are moving in here with me and Trent?" I said innocently.

"I...we...you..." She stammered. "When did we decide this?"

"Trent and I talked about it this week and I cleared it with Heather yesterday."

"You creep." She screamed, sitting up and hitting me with a pillow. "I have been on edge all week, trying to find a way to suggest that to you without making it sound like I was being pushy."

"Oh, sorry sweetie," I said, "I thought you knew."

"You bitch," she said hitting me again. "You did this on purpose just to see me sweat."

"Now, don't be like that or I will take back my offer." I threatened.

"Don't you dare," she screamed.

"Now we are even for the stripper outfits." I said laughing and rolling over.

"Thanks, Janie." Candy said, snuggling up behind me and kissing my cheek. "I really appreciate it."

"You are welcome honey." I said gently. "We can work out the house rules when the guys get here, but rule number one, no..."

"No parties." Candy said. "Yeah, kinda figured."

"Right, this house is in Jason and Heather's name, and I am not going to do anything to piss them off." I said. "Goodnight Candy."

"Goodnight roomie." She giggled in my ear.

The next morning we were up early and packed her clothes and car. We had decided that they would get the second biggest bedroom, but we still cleaned it out as I didn't know where Mom and Heather were going to be sleeping when they rolled in that afternoon. A big hug and a promise that she would call as soon as she got home and I was alone.

I puttered around the house, cleaning and dusting, skimming the pool and checking the hot tub, just generally keeping busy, so that I wouldn't notice the stillness of the house. I did make a point to check the shower in the Candy's room to make sure that her pb was not still attached to the wall, and I pulled mine off and put it away. There was not much to do and I tried not to hover when the cleaning ladies showed up. They had that house sparkling in no time. The landscaping company was also there at the same time, so I just took myself off on the bike and rode around the community. By the time I got back, they were all gone.

I checked the time and made sure that dinner was ready to put on, checked one more time to make sure that my stripper outfits were well hidden and then sat down to wait for Mom and Heather. It only took about another half hour for them to show up, limo and all.

The limo pulled into the driveway and the chauffer got out and unloaded the luggage. Mom and Heather piled out of the limo laughing and having a great time; it looked like they were both half snapped.

"Janie darling," Mom said, much too loud. "There you are, come say hello to your mommy."

"Mom, how many have you had?" I demanded.

"Now dear, didn't I teach you it is not polite to ask a lady how many she has had? Someone might get the wrong impression." She smiled and swayed slightly.

"Hello Janie dear." Heather said, looking just as silly. "Have you been enjoying yourself?"

"Right," I said, taking charge. "Now hear this, both of you inside now. Driver, if you could just please put the bags inside the front door?"

"Of course Ma'am," he said politely, tipping his hat.

I grabbed both of the ladies and led them into the house and plunked them down in chairs in the family room, neither put up much of a struggle. I returned to front door and started digging in my purse for a tip, but the chauffer waved me off.

"Not necessary Ma'am." He said smiling. "It is all covered by the company."

"Thank you very much..."

"Geoffrey, Ma'am."

Thank you Geoffrey, how many did they have."

"At least two bottles of champagne, Ma'am. Good day Ma'am." He smiled, tipped his hat again and stepped silently out the door, closing it softly behind him.

I stormed back into the family room to find both of them passed out in the reclining chairs I had left them in. I rocked the chairs back and covered each with a blanket. It was clear that they were both out for the night, and I couldn't carry them upstairs. Well, I would deal with this little episode in the morning. At least now I understood Jason's reference to the terrible twosome.

I made myself a light dinner and took myself off to bed early. My call with Trent was much more entertaining than usual, especially when I told Trent that I wanted to talk to Jason.

"What do you mean, they showed up drunk?" He half screamed into the camera.

"Just what I said," I replied smiling. "According to the chauffer, they consumed at least two bottles of champagne in the limo and I have no idea how much they had on the plane. They rolled in here at about six and have been passed out since then."

Trent was laughing and Jason was trying hard to remain calm but it was not working well.

"I have told her and told her..."

"Relax, Jason." I said. "I will deal with this one, but I think we should make it clear that they are not allowed to play together without supervision from now on."

"Good idea. Trent, will you stop laughing, it is not that funny."

"Maybe not, but what I intend to do to them as an object lesson will be." I said and I outlined my plan, before I was finished, Trent was laughing harder and Jason was smiling. By the end Trent was positively howling and Jason was nodding in approval.

"If that doesn't teach them a lesson, then I don't know what would." Trent said when he caught his breath.

"Maybe a good spanking would help." I offered.

"Not a bad idea." Jason said. "I think I might have to do that."

"Dad, ick," Trent said just as I put in "But what about my mom?"

"I can do her too if you like." Jason offered grinning.

"TMI," Trent screamed covering his ears. "TMI TMI."

"I will talk to you in the morning." I said laughing, waved and closing the video link.

The next morning I was up at five thirty. It was a little too early for me, but I had a mission to accomplish. I slipped down stairs and peeked into the family room, both mom and Heather were still snoring in their chairs and I started my plan.

I had set the coffee to come on about an hour ago, so it was ready and after I poured my cup I turned up the heat. It didn't take long for it to start to burn. I made breakfast and had it ready for them when I kicked open the family room door and tossed several empty pots onto the hardwood floor. The sudden clambering of the steel jolted both of them upright and with loud gasps they lay back in their chairs.

"Good morning ladies," I yelled, "rise and shine. Breakfast is ready and we have things to do today."

"UHHHHH" was all I got out of Heather as she grabbed her head in pain.

"Janie, don't scream," Mom said softly, hands over her eyes.

"Let's go, let's go." I said, pulling the covers off them and snapping the chairs upright. "Breakfast is served."

They both looked murderous at me but struggled to their feet and followed me into the breakfast area. One look at the table and they both covered their mouths and ran from the room. I stood there grinning as I hear the retching from the two closest bathrooms. The laughter from my laptop as Trent and Jason watched on the webcam was priceless.

I turned to the table and took their food and tossed it out. Burnt coffee, cold burnt sunny side up eggs and half cooked bacon were enough to turn my stomach on a good day.

By the time they came back down from cleaning up I had a real breakfast for them, nice coffee, and light fruit and several aspirin at each place. Neither of them spoke to me as they sat down and took the aspirin.

"I trust we have made our point." I said looking sternly at both of them, as Jason and Trent looked out from my computer. "I am just glad that Candy was gone before you two showed up like that."

Mom just nodded slowly, trying to keep her head on her shoulders, but Heather was a little more with it.

"Yes, but did you have to show Jason and Trent?" She asked.

"Of course, they knew what I planned after I talked to them last night." I responded.

"Oh shit." Heather whispered.

"That is right dear, 'Oh Shit'." Jason said from the computer.

"What," Mom croaked.

"I sort of promised him that I was done drinking after that bash we threw. I got loaded and made a complete ass of myself."

"He did mention something about a spanking." I said looking directly at her, and she winced.

"Oh shit." She repeated. "Looks like I am in for it when we get home."

"You better believe you are." He confirmed.

"Too bad," Mom said smiling slightly.

"You are too Mom. Jason offered to spank you as well."

Her head shot up in spite of the pain.

"He wouldn't dare." She said startled.

"Yes he would." Heather smiled back.

"Yes I would." Jason agreed.

"And I just might insist." I told her. "Now both of you eat, we have to be at the photo studio by eleven. Say goodbye to the boys' ladies."

Both Mom and Heather mumbled something and Jason and Trent laughed and signed off. Breakfast was finished with a minimum of conversation and then we cleaned up quickly. I was tempted to make them do the dishes, but we were running a little late.

I sent everyone upstairs and we cleaned up and got ready to go. I put on my vagina and then a thong, white lace, another "Pink" t-shirt and a black mini skirt. The deck shoes were a better choice for the day, as I didn't know what I would be wearing at the shoot and I wanted something comfortable to come home in. I only put on a little light make up and headed downstairs.

Mom and Heather were both dressed in fashionable short dresses and heels and we headed out the door to the waiting limo. The same driver stood smartly at the open rear door and tipped his hat as we approached.

"Ladies," he said diffidently. "Miss Holcombe, Mr. McKabe sends his regards, everything you have requested has been attended to."

Mom and Heather froze as the driver spoke to me directly and the mention of Jason really had them concerned.

"Thank you Geoffrey," I replied, smiling up at him and stepping into the car. Mom and Heather followed me.

"What request?" Mom demanded as soon as the door closed.

"Nothing special, I just asked that the limo company send the same driver that you had last night and that there be no alcohol in the car today or for the remainder of your visit."

"Janie," Heather exclaimed. "What did you do that for?"

"What, remove the alcohol or ask for Geoffrey?"


"Well," I said slowly, "I wanted to make sure that you two behaved yourselves and I wanted to show Geoffrey that you could be ladies."

The ride to the photographer's studio was a quiet one. I was worried about the up coming shoot, and Mom and Heather were still nursing their hangovers. Given the traffic, we arrived in very short order and we trooped upstairs.

J.D. was waiting for us with two other women and a man. I was surprised to see other people there, as I thought this was to be a private shoot, but after the introductions it all started to make sense.

"Janie, there you are darling and right on time too." J.D. said smiling. "Come meet the people you will be working with." She led me over to the first lady, someone about her age, red hair, and a very eclectic manner of dress.

"This is Carol Marie, the fashion designer; it is her clothes that you will be modeling for us." We shook hands and she studied my face.

"You are even more beautiful than your pictures." She said.

"Thank you." I replied. "I love your designs, but have never been able to afford them."

"We will fix that my dear." She said smiling.

"Janie, this is your stylist and make up artist, Katheryn."

"Janie, nice to meet you," she turned to J.D. "At least you finally got a girl with a sense of style. I will have very little to do with this one," and she turned back to her make up table.

"You get used to her, she is the best in the business, but a little touchy." J.D. said leading me over to the man.

"I heard that." Katheryn said sharply over her shoulder.

"Janie, this is your photographer, Peter. Peter, this is your newest model Janie Holcombe."

"Janie, pleasure," he said taking my hand. "Tell me, what unlucky camera jockey that I am stealing you from."

"I don't understand." I said confused.

"Your last set of shots, who did them? They were excellent and I want to know who to call and rub it in that now I am shooting you."

"You just did." I said comprehension dawning. "If you mean the cd that J.D. had, I took those shots."

"You did?" He said surprised. "I know professionals with years of experience who aren't that good. You have a real future behind the camera."

"Thank you, I am looking forward to working with you." I told him honestly.

"Good, then let's get started." J.D. turned and saw Mom and Heather seated comfortably in the corner, sipping coffee.

"I assume that Heather and your mother will be here all the time?"

"Yes." They both responded.

"Good, then I can head off to another meeting that I have scheduled in about two hours. Let's get going people."

The next several hours were a whirlwind of activity. Katheryn did my makeup and hair before anything else and then I was shuffled off to the dressing room. The first outfit was a dance workout outfit. A red body suit and off white leggings. They had me dance around a bit, trying to work up a sweat, then gave up and had Katheryn mist me with water and rouge up my cheeks a little.

They got me into all kinds of positions; most I had learned in cheerleading. The splits, the bar, stretching, upside down, you name it. I went through several different colour bodysuits and leggings; they even put me in ballet shoes.

After that set, we switched to more comfortable clothes. My favourite was the white shorts and tank top set. They had me posed sitting on a ledge, looking out the window, the perfect cute girl next door look. After that outfit we changed to the miniskirts and short blouses. I had heels on for the rest of the day, if only to make my legs look better, but the girl next door look gave me a break as I got to wear deck shoes.

Peter was having a heyday with his camera, telling me to just be myself and have fun, he would work around me. He danced around me, shooting frame after frame. When Katheryn was not doing my makeup or handing me the next outfit, she was reloading his cameras for him.

We broke for lunch and then went right back at it. Carol Marie never lost interest, but Mom and Heather both took turns dozing in the corner. They had nothing else to do and just relaxed. I was doing all the work.

After lunch we shifted gears and they started me in more professional wear, dresses, blouses and skirts, slacks and jackets. The most risqué shot they took of me was of me in a dark pinstripe suit, without a blouse. The jacket showed just a hint of my chest, and the look I gave them was pure sex. By the end of the day, I had the smouldering sexpot look down to a fine art.

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