How I Became a Lesbian Slave


"Shit Emma I... I can't do that... I mean what would Kate think? Hell, if I even wanted to entertain the thought of...of doing know, Kate would freak."

I saw Emma flash me a glance, then she placed her feet right in his lap. I was standing there watching this gorgeous woman seduce my husband, and I was so fucking wet again that I started to finger myself. It was a surreal situation for sure.

"We don't need to tell Kate." Emma purred seductively, and I heard a low moan from Dave. I could just imagine what she was doing with her toes to his cock. "Besides, it's not really cheating, you'll just be playing with my feet." I watched as she lifted her feet up and placed them on each of his shoulders. "Would you like to become my foot slave David?"

"I...I'm not..." Dave began to stutter. Before he got too much further, Emma pulled her feet off his shoulders and placed them against his face. From my vantage point, it looked like she had her toes against his mouth or just below his nose.

"Shhhh... Smell them David. Breathe in the smell of my feet."

Even from where I was, I could hear Dave sniffing away at her feet. I couldn't believe he was actually doing it, but from the moans he was making, he was obviously enjoying it.

"That's it. You like the smell of my feet don't you?"

"*SNIFFFFF* Mmmhmmm Oh yes. Oh God Emma *SNIFFFF* they smell so fucking good."

Dave had taken Emma's feet in his hands and was pushing them all over his face. He was so into it that I began to creep closer, hoping to get a slightly better view.

"What do my feet smell like David?"

"Mmmm oh fuck, they smell like *SNIFFFFF* ohh they smell like heaven. I love the smell of your feet Emma. I want to be your foot slave."

"You want to suck my feet David?"

"Oh yes. Please let me suck your toes."

Who was this man because it certainly wasn't my husband.

"Go on slave, you may have the honor of sucking my toes clean."

I was quietly moving along the wall in front of the bookcase which gave me a slightly better side view of the action, and from there I was able to crouch down behind our big overstuffed recliner. Now I was able to see nearly all the action and stay well enough hidden from Dave's view.

Dave had taken the big toe of Emma's right foot in his mouth and was sucking on it enthusiastically. I caught a glimpse of Emma's face and saw that she seemed to be enjoying the sensation.

"You shouldn't worry about your wife David. Do you want to know why?"

Now let me tell you, when Emma asked that question, I was almost certain that she was going to tell him everything. I could almost hear the words coming out of her mouth before she even opened her mouth. She would say something like 'you don't need to worry about Kate, because her and I have been fucking for weeks now, and she is my personal sex slave.'

For his part, Dave never stopped sucking Emma's toes when she asked him the question. He just nodded and did one of them "Uhmmhmm"s to indicate in the affirmative.

"Well Kate will never suspect you and I are doing anything because..." she leaned close to him again and whispered "I'm a lesbian."

I heard the *pop* sound as Emma's toe popped out of Dave's sucking mouth. It was kind of comical, and I was so relieved that she had kept our secret, that I had to bite my lip to stop a sudden attack of the giggles from bursting forth and ruining my whole evening.

"You're a... a..."

"A lesbian Dave. You can say it. Yes I'm a lesbian, and the reason that Kate know that I'm a lesbian is because I kinda...well I kinda tried to seduce her one day."

Dave snorted and then guffawed.

"Hey, don't laugh at me." Emma said playfully and pushed her feet back up against his face again.

Dave calmed himself and insisted "Oh no, I'm not laughing at you Emma. I'm laughing at the thought of the look on Kate's face when you tried to seduce her. She must have been like, freaking out or something."

"Not at all, in fact, she was cool with it. Said she was flattered that I was interested in her. Kate is a beautiful woman David. You should consider yourself lucky to have her."

Dave didn't reply because he had a mouth full of Emma's toes again. She only had one foot in his face because her other foot was rubbing the lump in his pants. In the meantime, I was rubbing my own lump, my clitoris, trying to have my third climax of the evening. I felt like such a slut, hiding and peeping and jilling off to the obscene things that Emma was doing to my husband.

"My legs are getting tired foot slave, lay on the floor so I can rest my feet on your face." Emma instructed my husband, who was only too happy to oblige. He quickly got down on the floor a laid on his back directly under her feet.

Emma could look freely at me now and she placed her left foot down over both of his eyes while her right foot rested on his mouth. "That's it slave, you work on the bottom of that foot for a while. Tell me foot slave, do you want to play with your little cock while you suck my feet? Do you want to make your cock shoot?"

I want to say that I could hear the guilt in his voice, but that would be a lie. Dave was so excited, just as I had been with Emma, that I heard a muffled "Oh yes ma'am, I want to."

"Then go ahead and pull your cock out slave, but you need to ask for my permission to cum. Do you understand that?"

"Yes ma'am." I heard, then heard him fumbling with his pants.

Even crouching in the shadows where I was, I could hear Dave's tongue and lips licking and sucking away at the bottom of Emma's foot while he pulled his penis out. Then, with a wicked look in her eyes, Emma raised her hand and motioned me to come to her side. I felt my heart racing as I peeked around the edge of the chair at Dave's face. His eyes were completely hidden by her foot. Cautiously, I slipped out from behind the chair, never taking my eyes off Emma's foot, and stood beside the arm of the sofa, trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement.

Dave looked rather silly lying flat on his back with his six inch penis hand and Emma's two feet resting on his face. One thing I noticed right away was how dark the head of his penis was. He was obviously very turned on and likely wouldn't last long, kind of like me at the moment.

Emma reached out and slid one hand up my stomach to my left breast which she began to fondle. She took my nipple between her thumb and forefinger and played with it, making it swell and causing my knees to nearly buckle. Her other hand slid between my legs and I felt her fingers glide into my soaking slit.

I damn near moaned out loud and totally screwed myself, but I managed to stifle myself by biting on the palm of my hand. My other hand was on the back of the sofa holding myself up.

The sounds of Emma's fingers squishing through my steamy pussy was an incredible turn on, as was the sound and sight of my husband stroking his cock right in front of me. I was worried that Dave would attempt to see what was going on, but he was preoccupied with his own pleasure, and the risk was a thrill that heightened my excitement.

Emma's middle and ring finger slid inside me and she used them like a hook, pulling me forward so I bumped against the side of the sofa, she was also putting pressure on the inner wall of my clitoris and I think she was touching my g spot.

I felt my pussy contract around her fingers and suddenly Emma was pinching and twisting my nipple painfully. I moaned as my orgasm began, then clamped my mouth shut halfway through the moan. I was cumming again and the pain in my nipple was somehow intensifying it.

I heard muffled words coming from the floor as my husband started asking Emma if everything was alright. I guess he must have heard me moan or something, but I couldn't take it back, all I could do was make sure I didn't do it again. Emma told him to stop talking and keep licking, then she added "And don't you dare try to peek up here and see what I'm doing to myself, or I won't let you cum." A brilliant touch I thought.

Emma kept tugging away with her fingers buried deep inside me, draggin my orgasm out until I finally collapsed and nearly wound up on the floor. Her whole palm came out full of my cum, a white milky mixture that she rubbed all over my face as I knelt beside the sofa catching my breath.

Dave was still unaware of my presence and still munching away on the bottom of Emma's sole while jerking on his swollen member. I looked at my sexy neighbor sitting on the sofa and mouthed the words 'Thank you' to her, then smiled the smile of the perfectly content.

From the floor we heard Dave's muffled voice call out "Please ma'am, may I cum now?"

"Yes slave, you have earned your orgasm." Before she had even finished saying the words, Dave grunted and a thick wad of semen flew from the tip of his cock and landed in a plop on his chest. Several more squirts followed, with one large drop landing on the side of Emma's foot.

I was enthralled with the show and couldn't take my eyes off all the cum that was covering Dave's chest and stomach.

Emma took my face in her hand and turned me so I was facing her. She leaned in, put her lips to my ear, and whispered just barely loud enough for me to hear, "You have five seconds to leave the room, starting now."

An ice cold chill shot up my spine as I realized what she meant to do. I didn't wait around to see if she was telling the truth or not. I somehow found the strength to push myself up onto my legs which felt like they were made of gelatin, and quickly rush out of the room.

As I was heading around the corner, I heard Emma saying "You've made a mess all over yourself and on my feet David, I'll expect you to clean my feet with your tongue."

I made my way down the hall and into my bedroom where I quietly closed the door, then jumped into my bed and covered up. My heart was beating so fast from the adrenaline of nearly being caught and from the intense orgasm that I just had.

As I lay in my bed steadying my breathing, I couldn't get the sight of my husband masturbating himself on the floor while Emma's feet covered his face, out of my head. Things had taken an exciting turn, and I wondered where it was all headed.

I laid there for a while before I realized that I still had my cum drying on my face. My first instinct was to jump up and run to the bathroom so I could wash the mess, but then I was worried that I had waited too long and Dave would soon be coming in to bed. How long had I been there trying to calm my nerves? I really didn't know, but I knew that it had been at least a few minutes. Which was more than enough time for Emma to leave and Dave to be headed in my direction.

Of course if Dave caught me in the bathroom, I could just say that I woke up and had to pee, a perfectly plausible reason to be in the bathroom, but what if he was in there washing himself of all his cum?

At that moment, just about the time I decided to go clean the mess off my face, and as I started to roll over to get out of bed, I heard the squeak of the floorboards right outside the door of the bedroom. I dropped back on the bed and froze just as the bedroom door opened and Dave crept into the dark room.

Doing my best to pretend to be asleep, I focused on keeping my breathing slow and steady, not easy with my heart racing. Dave carefully climbed into bed beside me and I decided to use that opportunity to pretend to wake up. That way I could say that I had to pee and go wash my face. Doing my best 'waking up' impression, I sucked in a deep breath and stretched my arms over my head.

I hoped that Dave would just pretend to be asleep while I quietly climbed out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, but as I started to sit up, I heard him say "Hey hon, how are you feeling?"

Still pretending, I sleepily replied "Mmm I feel better. Have to piss."

The last thing I expected was for Dave to kiss me, but that was just what he did. I was leaning on my elbow in the dark, trying to play the part of a just waking person, when he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. For a split second, I didn't even realize the implications of that kiss, then he pulled away and I heard him smacking his lips like he was trying to distinguish what he had tasted.

My first thought was 'oh shit!' because I thought that he must know the taste, but then I noticed a taste from his mouth and after licking my lips I realized that it was a mixture of Emma's feet and semen. There was a sticky but creamy, bitter tasting flavor on his lips, one that I was not totally unfamiliar with, and beneath that was just a hint of foot funk, or so I thought. It wasn't extremely pleasant, but I've never been a fan of the taste of semen.

I scooted to the edge of the bed and climbed to my feet on still shaky legs, wondering why Dave hadn't cleaned his mouth before coming to bed and kissing me. I would find out the next day from Emma that she had scooped up all his semen and fed it to him, smearing it around his lips like she had done to me, then ordered him to leave it and kiss me on the lips when he got in bed.

She really had a certain kinkiness to her, that much was certain.

Once in the bathroom, I looked at my weary face in the mirror and shuddered. If the light had been on and Dave had seen my face, he would have thought that I had put on face cream but didn't rub it in. I turned on the sink and used a washcloth to scrub my face clean then brushed my teeth and peed before heading to bed for some much needed sleep.


This morning, Dave is headed out for a week long trip to Austin Texas where there is a huge annual convention being held. I've heard some crazy stories about this particular convention, and I always wondered if Dave had partaken in any of the extracurricular activities that went on in the hotels after hours, but I didn't let it worry me too much.

Emma knew all week that Dave was leaving, and she had secretly made it clear to me that she and I would be spending a lot of time together while he was away. She also told me that she was going to have a surprise for me that I should be ready for something completely different. Of course I am curious and excited, and maybe just a little bit nervous because she has been giving me hints all week as to what the surprise is.

The first hint that she gave me was, and I am not making this up "It's all relative, baby." When I asked her what she meant by it, she smiled and said that it would all be crystal clear when Dave left.

The next day she had another clue for me "Sixteen", another clue that left me wondering. Was she just making this shit up to get me going or was she serious. It seemed crazy but it was intriguing just the same.

I got one more clue just this morning about an hour before Dave left. I was online and got an email from Emma with just one word 'Nephew'. There was no subject, just the one word down below. What was I to make of this? I haven't really had much time to think about it because I've been focusing on helping Dave finish packing.

What does Emma have in store for me this week? Only time will tell. Maybe, if I still have any strength left after the week is over, I'll write about my escapades and publish it all. Of course I'll have to get permission from my beautiful mistress Emma first, and she'll have to read it first to make sure that she is okay with it.

I often ask myself, as I lie awake in bed at night with only my thoughts to keep me company, - would I have invited Emma over that day that I met her, if I had known then what was going to happen? - and although I feel guilty about what I have been doing, my only answer to myself is -


The End???

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by Anonymous

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by RW196504/19/18

I loved this story, imagined my wife and my online lover in the roles of Emma and Kate

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by johsun02/09/18

Great story

I loved this story, and I don't usually like 'lesbian' stories, I'm not sure why I even started it, but I'm glad I did. The idea of one spouse being a 'sex slave' to another person, while the other spousemore...

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by Anonymous10/24/17

Beautiful story!!

Why haven't you written more chapters?

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by liz33nd07/12/17

i loved it

there was a lot going on, but I love it. the submission was erotic, and the sneaky way of working the couple was sexy as I could imagine. I little more description would be nice, but for your first itmore...

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