tagLoving WivesHow I Cucked My Husband Ch. 03

How I Cucked My Husband Ch. 03


Probably the final part of my story.
To continue from Part 2.

Bob and I were driving down the highway, my blouse unbuttoned, and his cum leaking out of my pussy from just having been fucked in public. Bob had me put the blindfold back on. I heard him pull off the highway. He drove a little further, stopped, told me to wait in the car, and he got out. I could hear voices, but couldn't hear what was said.

The backdoor opened and someone got in. Bob got in also and we drove away. The person in the back reached over my seat and began feeling my tits. He was rolling my nipples between his fingers. I was getting wet again. I just knew people could see us, me with my tits out and one feeling them while the other drove.

Bob announced that we were home. He stopped the car and we got out, me with my blindfold still on. Bob wouldn't let me button my blouse, so I assumed his neighbors could see me. I'm a married woman, for god's sake! The two took me by my hands and led me up the steps to the porch. They lifted my skirt up. Great! Now the whole neighborhood has seen my ass! Bob opened the door and we went in.

Bob turned me around, told me to step back onto the porch and hold my blouse open. I almost peed my pants (if I had had any on)! Although I couldn't see, I knew that I was facing the street with my skirt pulled up and my pussy and tits on display! Bob held my shoulders and the other person got down and began licking my cum filled cunt.

It was probably only a minute, but it felt like forever before Bob took me back in the house. He had me take my blouse and skirt off and lay back on the couch, blindfold still on. The other person licked and sucked my pussy, cleaning me up!

I wondered who would eat another man's cum out of my pussy except my husband, but it didn't feel like my husband. After my pussy was cleaned, the other person gave me a deep throat cummy kiss. He then began to suck on my nipples and finger my pussy. He was driving me wild! I came so hard!

I then felt my pussy being penetrated by a different feeling dick. I was being fucked hard and then the other person lay on top of my tits. He was smaller than Bob or my husband. Bob told me I could take the blindfold off.

It was a woman! She was fucking me with her strap-on! I had never been with a woman. I tried to push her off, but Bob pushed her back down. He told me it was time for me to lose another 'cherry'. He also told me to kiss her like I meant it. I hesitated. Bob said I may as well, I had already done it, I just didn't know.

I kissed her. She sucked my tits, moved down and ate my pussy again. Bob told me it was my turn now to return the favor. I told him I couldn't. He just said, 'yes you will', now kiss Lisa. Lisa moved up and sat on my face. I timidly began to lick her. As I did, Bob entered my pussy and began to slow fuck me. Lisa leaned back and stroked my clit. I began to pull my nipples and roll them, just as Lisa had.

We all ended up cumming again, Bob in my pussy, Lisa in my mouth and me all over Bob's dick. And, yes, Lisa ate me out again. My first threesome and with a woman. I suppose all sex can be good sex.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my husband and I drove to Dallas for some shopping. He reserved a room at Residence Inn, Marriot. We checked in, took a nap, and then went to eat at Pappadeaux's seafood. My huband let me out and parked the car.

I went in and sat at the bar. I called my husband on his cell and told him to get us a table and I would find him. Soon I was chatting with the man next to me. He bought me a drink and moved close to me. I laid my hand on his thigh as we talked. He noticed my wedding ring and said, "so your married."

I replied, "Yes, I am, but don't worry about that, I can do what I want." We continued chatting for a while, exchanged cell numbers, and he kissed me on the cheek. As I was leaving the bar to sit with my husband, I gave him our hotel and room number. I told him I would only be there for one night and I hoped he would call me soon.

My husband and I ordered our meals and enjoyed our shrimp cocktail appetizer. As our food was brought out, I got a call. It was the man at the bar, wanting to hook up with me. I told him to come to our room in an hour. The rest of the meal was somewhat quiet, as I think my husband figured out what was happening. After dinner, we drove back to the room. I brushed my teeth, freshened myself, refreshed my makeup and sat next to my husband on the couch watching TV. In a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.

My husband got up to answer it. It was Stan, the man I met at the bar. As my husband just stood there, I got up and walked to Stan, inviting him to come in. I asked my husband to get us someting to drink. He brought us a Smirnoff Ice and got one for himself.

As we stood there in the living area, Stan spoke first, "It's nice to see you again, Deborah." I replied that I was glad he decided to come over, and leaned into him and gave him a kiss. He pulled me to his chest and returned my kiss with a long, deep, lingering one.

I took Stan by the hand and led him to the bedroom as my husband watched. "You stay out here, I'll call for you if I need you," I said as I closed the door separating the bedroom from the living area.

Stan was all over me. We undressed in record time. He went down on me, and I on him. We 69'd. When he entered my pussy, I could see some of my lipstick on his dick. He fucked me like a man possessed, hard and deep. I came from his fucking, something that NEVER happens with my husband. Stan shot his cum inside me.

As we lay together, Stan said, "I can't believe your husband." "He knows his place," I told him. "What do you mean?" he asked. I said, "come watch this."

I got up from the bed and opened the door. "Hubby, come here," I said to him. I was standing totally naked in the doorway. I moved a chair and put my foot up in it. "Time for you to clean me up, get down here and do it now!"

I really think he was crying as he slowly walked from the couch. "Get down on the floor and take your pants down," I ordered him. Stan was standing behind me, his cock in my ass crack, his hands on my tits.

My husband began to lick my fresh fucked pussy as I told him to tongue me deep. I tried to push all the cum out I could into his mouth. Stan spoke up, "I don't fucking believe this," he said as he walked back to the bed.

My husband finished and I had him get us fresh Smirnoff's before I closed the door again, handing him his overnight bag. "Stan is spending the night. You stay out here and I better not hear a thing out of you," I told him.

Stan and I fucked and napped between fucks all through the night. He showered in the late morning, and before he left I sucked him again, and he gave me one last goodbye fuck. I called my husband in after Stan left and had him eat the fresh cum out.

I am having great sex with my lovers at least twice a week now and sometimes more. I just love this lifestyle. I have been feminizing my hubby. He now wears panties all the time. I often make him wear a bra, even to work. I have been injecting his weenie (formerly his penis, or dick, he never had a cock) with alcohol daily. I made him play with himself while I dressed for a date the other day. When he got really hard, it was only four inches. Nicely shrunk from 6".

I may as well tell you about my newest lover, Andre.

This past New Year's Eve my husband and I went out to a nice dinner and dancing. We had a good time, and I know he was hoping to have sex with me later. I insisted that we go home early. We got there just about 10:00 pm. I freshened up and sat on the bed. My husband went to brush his teeth. I told him to change into his red panties and bra. I still think he believed he was going to get to have sex with me.

As I had planned, my lover knocked on the door a few minutes later. I told my husband to see who it was. He started to put a robe on, but I ordered him to go open the door just as he was dressed. Andre, my black lover, was standing there. I heard him laugh at my husband when he came in. I'm sure my lil' weeenie boy looked so cute!

I called out to my hubby to bring my lover back to our bedroom. I stood and gave Andre a long lingering kiss. Our tongues intwined and my nipples hardened. I ordered my hubby to bring us drinks. My hubby overheard Andre telling me that he was going to fuck me in the ass for New Year's.

We took the drinks and I ordered hubby to go to the living room or the spare bedroom and to close the door behind him. I also told him to not touch himself if he wanted to fuck me at all next year.

I admit that I was a little nervous about Andre fucking my ass. His cock is so big! I thought Scott's was really big, until I fucked Andre for the first time. Bob's dick is the smallest, but he is still bigger than my husband. However, all three of my lovers fuck me real good. I guess I have four lovers now that a woman has fucked me, but I'm not counting her.

And I don't count Stan, he was just a very good one-nighter.

Andre and I undressed quickly and he laid me back on my marriage bed. He stood over me as I sucked his big cock. I love the way it grows as I suck it. He is at least 9-10" long and big around. I've never measured it, I just suck and fuck it. And I love it so much!!!!

I spread my legs as Andre got on the bed. I moaned as he entered me. We fucked so hard, I thought the bed might break. I loved the sound of the headboard banging against the wall. I knew my husband was hearing it. We would go at it hard and fast for a while and then slowly. I had already cum once when Andre began emptying his balls into me.

The banging had stopped and I felt his cum filling my pussy. I yelled "He's cumming in me! Oh, gawd, he's filling me up!" I did it for my hubby's sake. We kissed and cuddled, and Andre gave me some hickey's. I don't necessarily like hickey's, but Andre doesn't ask. I like a real man. Andre is in control. He gave me some on my tits, and one on my neck.

Before midnight, I began sucking Andre's cock. I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I think I gave him the best blow job I've ever given. Andre began to shot his load in my mouth. I held my lips tight and held the cum on my tongue. Andre and I got up and walked, hand in hand, naked into the living room.

My husband was sitting in his chair, watching TV. I walked over to him, and gave him a big New Year's kiss. I pushed Andre's cum in his mouth as I did. I held his head and kissed him for a while. I wanted him to get all the cum he could. I then said to him, "Happy New Year!"

I then ran to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth before coming back out and kissing Andre as lovers should at the stroke of midnight. I had my husband get us some more drinks. When he got up, Andre sat in his chair. I noticed some cum dripping from Andre's cock.

When hubby brought our drinks, I told him, "Be a good little girl, and clean Andre's cum before it gets all over his chair." He just looked at me pitifully. I gave him "the look", he knows it. Still wearing his panties and bra, weenieboy walked over, got on her knees, and began cleaning Andre's cock.

When he finished, I went over and sat on Andre's lap. We kissed and cuddled and Andre worked on another hickey on my left tit. Sissyboy sat in the smaller chair and watched.

Andre and I eventually went back to the bedroom, this time leaving the door open. We fucked on and off through the night. Hubby came in and out as he wanted, we just ignored him for the most part. I knew he wanted to watch. We let him watch as long as he wanted. I did remind him to not touch his weenie AT ALL.

I also had him come over and eat Andre's cum out of my ass when Andre went to the bathroom after just depositing a fresh load. As he did, I reminded him of how well Andre fucks me, how much cum he puts in me, how I'll do anything Andre wants.

Andre laid down next to me on our bed. I had my husband leave, telling him to sleep in the other bedroom. Andre and I fell asleep in each other's arms. When we awoke late New Year's morning, we fucked again, headboard banging on the wall. We came out of the bedroom after cumming and walked around naked through the day. We showered together, but never dressed.

I did ride Andre's cock reverse cowgirl style as Andre sat in what used to be my husband's chair. My hickey covered tits were bouncing within about two feet of my husband's head as he tried to watch the ball game. I had my hubby fix us lunch.

Andre didn't leave until around 4:00pm. A little while after he did, I got up and laid down in our bed that Andre had fucked me in all night and most of the day. It smelled of Andre and me. It smelled of sex. I savored experience for a while before calling my husband.

I told my husband that if he could do a very good job of eating my ass and pussy and cleaning the cum out, he could fuck me for New Year's if he hadn't touched himself. He quickly told me he hadn't, so I spread my legs and told him to start with my ass. He did a good cuckyboy job.

I let him take his panties off and try to fuck me. After pumping into me for a while, he said, "I can't even feel you." I told him I knew, I couldn't feel him either. I told him he had to come to grips with the fact that he will probably never be able to fuck me ever again. Since he did manage somehow to cum, I had him eat me again, before rolling over and taking a nap.

Perhaps there will other adventures I will share with you. You never know what or who I'll be doing next.

This story is as I have told you, true and accurate, including the places and the people.

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Happy to see a husband who knows his natural role.

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by Anonymous06/12/18

I’m sure it happened like that.

You need part 4 about one dead wife and 4 dead male lovers none with sex organs intact.

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by Anonymous04/05/18

Incomplete title

It should have read - "How I cucked my husband and ended up divorced". Because given her actions, there's no way he stayed married to the slut.

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by Anonymous09/18/17

just another whore

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