How I Fucked My Best Friend's Wife


We were grinding into other passionately now. She was used to the feeling and it was bringing her pleasure instead of discomfort. She had figured out the rhythm of butt fucking, which is to squeeze your anus as the dick is on the outstroke, not as it's going in. It's counterintuitive for some reason, but squeezing pushes the dick out, so it feels great and you're not fighting against her and causing pain. She has to relax as it goes in, and not tense up.

I was able to pump harder and harder and she was making noises like a tennis player, grunting each time I bottomed out. She was fingering her clit wildly now, and as I rammed her face into the pillow with each pump I found myself about to explode! I came just then, like a fire hose, pouring spunk into the depths of her bowels. She came at the same time, fingering herself with abandon. As I milked the last few drops out of my sack, I slid my still erect cock from her ass. Her asshole was ruined. It hung open like a slack-jawed mouth. I could see my creampie deep in her bowels. It was the best fuck of my life.

We lay there spooning in the afterglow and talked as I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek and earlobe. "What are we going to do now, baby," I said. "I feel bad about Mike, but I love you. You're the only woman I would be monogamous for, Dawn. I would love you and treat you like a Goddess. Will you leave Mike for me," I asked?

She sighed deeply and her brows furrowed. "Randy, I love you and I want you. But if Mike knew about this, it would kill him. I love Mike too, but not in the same way. Still, I can't hurt him like that. He would be more hurt about losing you than losing me, but to lose both of us would kill him." She was right. I was willing to chance it, but I knew that it would kill Mike and Dawn and I would be pariahs amongst our friends. This would not play well in the gossip community.

"Then what will we do? I can't bear the thought of never having you again," I said. Whenever I am near you, my heart will pound like a drum. I will smell your perfume and taste your mouth and your pussy in my memory. I will not be able to stand next to Mike and pretend nothing ever happened."

She rolled over to face me. "We can see each other. I mean see each other like this. We can make love almost anytime you want me," she said. "Mike is asleep every night by 9 o'clock. He drinks himself into a stupor. You couldn't wake him with a cattle prod. You could fuck me in his bed with him sleeping there, if you want to."

I felt better now. As shitty as I felt about what we'd just done, I felt hope that we'd do it again. She rolled over and soon I could hear her deep, steady breathing. She was sound asleep. I was still fully awake. My brain was still a thunderstorm of thoughts. My mind recoiled from guilt and self-loathing because of the way I'd betrayed Mike's trust and friendship, and yet, I found myself making mental excuses for my behavior, and justifying it as if I was preparing to defend it in court. I looked at Dawn in the light of the bedside table. Her pussy was red and swollen and her ass was no longer gaping, but it looked like it had suffered terribly and there was a string of cum running from her asshole down her leg. Her face was covered with dried cum here and there that I had missed when cleaning her. Her tits were swollen and almost bruised. She looked like she had filmed a gang bang flick and nobody had used a rubber. She looked like a whore. And she looked like an angel. Her face in slumber was one of purity and innocence though her body reeked of illicit sex. Even in this condition she was still beautiful. I really do love her.

I got up quietly and picked up my cell phone. I know that this sounds like a creepy thing to do, but I moved her legs apart, opened her labia to expose her pussy, and took several pictures with the camera in my phone. I wasn't about to tell her, but I was going to look at these pictures every night and jack off like a horny teenager. I put my phone away and finally felt myself drifting to sleep.

In my dreams, I saw Mike. He pointed a finger at me, accusingly, and my cock shriveled at the knowledge of the grave betrayal I had committed. I had a lot to think about that night. In two days, we'd be home again. Would I be able to look Mike in the eye? Would I be a man and tell him what I'd done? I just didn't know. In the morning, I fucked his wife twice before we both showered and went to work.

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