How I Popped My Mom's Cherry


The next day I went out for a bit and when I came back, with more books on incest, I noticed that the books I had been reading last night were not in the order I had placed them. I couldn't help but smile. Mom had been in there looking at my books and I had dog-eared all the stories about mother/son sex and on several, I had placed a small piece of paper at the bottom of the page and they were missing. Just further proof that mom had been in there reading. I also noticed she had changed the sheets on my bed. That is something I had done for the last few years. I couldn't help but smile as I put the new books away and went to find mom.

I found her in the den on her computer, doing some shopping. The site she was on had some pretty racy outfits and I would comment on some of the more risqué ones and say how good mom would look in them. She would put them on her wish list for further consideration later on. We would do this quite often and she would almost never buy anything I suggested. We did this for a couple hours. Just sitting in front of the computer, window shopping. Occasionally, she would actually order something but mostly it was just looking. As we sat there I put my arm on the back of her chair, which was nothing unusual, but this time I let my finger tips brush across her neck since she had her hair up. Now, on Sundays mom is a t-shirt and shorts type person. Very relaxed, even to the point of not wearing a bra. As soon as my finger tips brushed across her neck I noticed that her nipples went to full attention. I also heard a slight intake of breath. I was not ready to push it though. I didn't want to take the chance that it all might just be fantasy and that was all it would be. I was willing to wait and see what more developed.

The next day was Monday so it was back to the grind. I was only about a week away from my college entrance exam and nothing could be further from my mind. As we finished our swim and ate breakfast I couldn't wait to try out the new cameras. I sat at my desk first and pulled up the two cameras and then pulled up my practice exams that I was working on till time to take the actual exams, and waited for mom to sit down. She came in shortly in a teacher style outfit. One that would have every boy in class standing up and taking notice. It was a little more revealing than her usual attire. She sat at her desk and adjusted her skirt. From where I was you couldn't tell that anything was out of place but from the camera under her desk I could tell that she had pulled her skirt up not down. I had an instant hard-on. Mom wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was completely shaven. I knew that she was going to be masturbating at anytime now. Mom asked me where I was in the practice exam and I gave her an answer that I came up with off the top of my head. As I said, the exam was the furthest thing from my mind. I was discreetly watching mom for any tell tale signs that she was masturbating while also watching the camera under her desk. She typed away at her computer for a few minutes and then she seemed to find what she wanted and sat there staring intently at the screen. Watching her over my screen I could see her occasionally glance over at me but the real show was happening under her desk.

I watched as mom slowly started rubbing around her pussy, just lightly stroking it. Then she would take one finger and drag it along her slit. Even in the low light I was getting some good resolution as I could tell that her pussy was soaked. Her intensity grew as she focused more and more on what was on the screen. I figured that she was watching the most recent security tape, the one of me jacking off in my room while reading the incest books. At least, that is the one I was hoping she was watching. She now had two fingers working in and out of her pussy so fast that I am surprised she didn't knock over the desk. Man, what a show. My cock was rock hard and I hadn't even touched it yet.

Suddenly, mom let out a loud moan and I looked up and she was leaning back in her chair. I quickly looked back at the screen and I nearly shot right then. Mom was squirting all over the under side of her desk. It looked like a fire hydrant was letting loose under there. It seemed to go on forever and I had it recorded. I know I will jack off to this for the rest of my life. I couldn't believe my mom was a squirter. I knew I just had to have a taste of it.

When she finally composed herself after her tremendous orgasm she quickly excused herself and hurried from the room. As soon as the door was closed I was across the room and kneeling under her desk. It looked like somebody tried to flood the place. I just couldn't help myself as I bent down closer to the floor. I inhaled deeply. Oh, what a wonderful aroma. The smell alone almost made me come but even I couldn't believe what I did next. I bent down even further and stuck my tongue right in the puddle of my own mother's juices. That was all it took. I shoot all over the inside of my pants. I just couldn't help it. I was in heaven. If I could bottle this I would be a billionaire in a month. Every guy, and no few girls, would be buying this up as soon as it was on the shelf. I couldn't bottle it fast enough. I had to have some more and soon my face was covered in it as I was slurping it up off the floor. The only thing that stopped me from drinking it all was I heard my mother returning down the hall and had to get back to my desk in a hurry. I was wiping off my face as mom came in the room with a couple of towels. She stopped and stared at my in a wondering way. I'll bet she was wondering what I was wiping off of my face.

I asked here about the towels, to throw her off a bit and she kind of stuttered that she had spilled a drink under her desk. I asked her if she needed a hand and she quickly stated that she would take care of it. As she turned back to her desk I noticed that she had changed her skirt as well while she was out of the room. I'll just bet it, too, was soaked. She quickly got down to the business of cleaning up under her desk when all of a sudden she stood up and looked over at me. She stood there for a minute or two and then slowly walked over to my desk and right up to me. She leaned down just a bit and took a good whiff of me. Of course, she could smell her own juices still on my face. She quietly asked her I liked the taste. I tried to play dumb and asked what she was talking about. This time she asked if I liked her taste. I knew I was busted when she pointed out that she saw the camera under her desk and she knew that I had been watching her as she masturbated and squirt all under her desk.

That's when I told her everything; that I knew about the security cameras, about Grandma and Grandpa, and about her watching me in my room as I jacked off to books about incest and thinking about her as I came all over myself. As I was telling mom about everything that I had found out she was getting a strange look in her eyes. I know now it was a look of unfulfilled lust.

It was not to be unfulfilled for long. Mom asked what I thought we should do about this situation and I told her point blank that I wanted to fuck her and that I knew she wanted to fuck me so what were we waiting for. She looked at me and said that she had just been waiting for me to be ready. I didn't tell her I was ready, I showed her. I reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her to me and planted a very passionate kiss right on her lips. She didn't just stand there idly either. She kissed back just as passionately. Our arms wrapped around each other feeling everything there was to feel. Our tongues intertwined against each other. Going from her mouth to mine and back and forth. Now that everything was coming out in the open it was like a dam had burst. Mom pulled back long enough to say that I was the one she had been saving herself for. I was stunned for a second. I knew my moms story as I had heard it all my life. That through a miracle she was still a virgin and now she was going to give her virginity to me. What guy wouldn't be stunned? I was going to lose my virginity to the woman that gave birth to me and take her virginity at the same time. It's enough to blow your mind if you think about it too long, which I didn't.

We started kissing again and moved toward the center of the room, as we started taking each others clothes off as well. I undid the button to mom's blazer and let it fall to the floor; she wasn't wearing a shirt under it, just her lacy bra. At the same time, she was undoing my shirt and letting it fall to the floor. We both kicked our shoes off and sent them flying across the room. One of mom's hit a vase, we ignored it. We had much better things to think about. I grabbed the zipper to her skirt and slid it down and let it fall to the floor. She still was not wearing any panties. She undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. Like her, I was going commando and as she reached out and grabbed my cock her hand made contact with a gooey mess. Mom pulled back for just a second till she realized that I had came in my pants as I had licked up her juices from under her desk. Mom smiled and brought her hand to her mouth and licked my cum off of her fingers. She was looking directly into my eyes as she did it. I thought I would shoot again right then. She slowly dropped to her knees and said that she needed to clean this mess up. She seemed to examine my cock as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world. She leaned forward and started licking the head, just a few quick strokes. I am not ashamed to say that at that moment I was so overwhelmed that I started shooting again. I covered her face from her hairline to her chin. The situation was just too much. But mom took it like a trooper. She wiped all the cum she could down to her mouth and swallowed it down. She then grabbed my cock and started licking it allover, cleaning all the cum off. And I was still rock hard. I couldn't believe it. Having just shoot twice in a matter of minutes and I could still pound nails.

While mom was working on my cock I leaned forward just enough to remove her last bit of clothing, her bra. I fumbled with the hooks for just a minute but I finally got it undone. Mom put my cock in her mouth and let go with her hands to let her bra fall to the floor. At that, I reached down and grabbed her arms and gently pulled her up. Her mouth came off my cock with a rather load pop. Like a cock from a good bottle of wine. I realized later that that had hurt just a bit but at the time I was too interested in seeing my own mother completely naked. I gazed up and down her body and she kind of posed, model style, for me. Turning slightly this way and that way and finally turning all the way around. Giving me a good look at everything she had to offer. I had seen her in a bikini and in her workout clothes but it was not the same. The reality was, oh, so much better. Before me stood a work of art. I couldn't help but stare at, everything. Mom asked if I liked what I saw and I could only nod. She said that it was good that I liked what I saw because that from now on it was all mine.

I pulled her to me again and kissed her hard as I backed her up toward her desk and when she bumped into it I lifted her up and sat her on the edge. I moved back from mom slightly as she lifted her legs up and put her heels on the edge of the desk. She smiled and said that if I liked the way she tasted off of the floor to just wait till I had her juices directly from the source. Mom keeps an orderly desk so she just lay back and spread her legs and asked if I wanted some juice directly from the manufacturer. I smiled as I said, Hell, Yes, as I practically dove head first into her pussy. I had never eaten pussy before so I really had no idea what I was doing. I just stuck my tongue out and starting licking all over. I licked from her clit to her ass and back again. I would suck on just one lip at a time and then try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth. I would nibble, lick and suck on her clit for a bit then start all over again. I must have done something right as mom was screaming out her orgasms at the top of her lungs. She would grab my head with her hand and move it back and forth and then clamp her thighs onto my ears till I thought she was going to pop my head like a grape. It really didn't take long till she was squirting her juices into my mouth and I was doing my best to drink it all down. Not a chance. I had to pull back a bit to catch my breath and mom continued to squirt all over my face. Soon, I was covered in her juices from head to knees.

After mom had a few minutes to recover she grabbed my hands and led me up to the master bedroom. She said that she wanted to give herself to me in what was to be our bedroom from now on. The master bedroom has a king size oak four poster bed that has been bolted to the floor. After seeing some of my grandparent's videos I could see why. From now on, I knew, mom and I were going to be making some very interesting videos.

We threw the covers and most of the pillows onto the floor and climbed up onto the bed. Since we had already had our foreplay in the study both of us were more than ready to lose our virginities. Mom was on her back in the middle of the bed with here legs spread wide and I was kneeling between them. Although I was quite anxious to fuck my own mother I did take just a few seconds to admire her beauty. I looked at her from head to toe and everywhere in between. I was still having a hard time accepting that I was about to take my own mother's cherry. I stared at her pussy as I inched closer to it with my cock in hand. I again paused as I placed my cock at the entrance to mom's pussy and looked questionly into her eyes. She smiled at me and nodded slightly and I started to sink into her. I got right up to her hymen and felt a bit of resistance as I pushed past it. Now, neither one of us were virgins any longer. I waited for mom to signal for me to go on and she did that by starting to raise her hips up against mine.

We started to move together and build a good rhythm. We would slam our hips together forcing my cock to go to the depths of her pussy. We would change up and go slow with me drawing my cock almost all the way out of her and then slowly push it back in. I would pull her tits up to my mouth and suck and nibble on her nipples and then start kissing her lips. She would scratch my back with her nails till I know she had to be drawing blood. But that didn't matter. We were where we were supposed to be. Locked in a loving embrace and making love like there was no tomorrow. We fucked each other all the rest of the day and into the night. I lost count of the number of times I came, either in mom's mouth or in her pussy. We saved her ass for another time. There would have been no way to count all of mom's orgasms as she is multi-orgasmic and just goes from one orgasm to another. It's a good thing that my grandparents had put rubber sheets on the bed because mom ended up soaking the whole thing.

That was all about five years ago. We now have two kids and a third one on the way. You would never know to look at us that we are mother and son with two incestuous kids. We look just like your average family when you see us out. Mom still looks just as young and I look a bit older now. You may even have passed us on the street. Next time you see a family of four with one on the way look twice, it may just be us.

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