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How I Wrote "Opening Him Up"


This is to give a "behind-the-scenes" view of the writing of "Opening Him Up." I apologize it took so long to complete the story, but I thought it was worth it. This essay is more of a rambling to give those that are curious about how and why I wrote this story a look into my real mind.

"Opening Him Up" is completely fictional. Some elements were taken and perverted from my real life, but mostly it comes from being a fan of femdom erotica. The title of course means both opening Tim up to his new life and literally with sex.

In the beginning: I didn't see a lot new stories about strap-on sex on Literotica, and for me there is nothing like reading a story for the first time.

I also wanted to give back by contributing my own story. And I didn't want it to be a quick fix either. I wanted a story that actually let you have an experience and gave you time to learn about the main characters. I hope I was able to do that for at least for some of the readers.

I then had to figure out what my story should be about. The easy answer is that it should be about everything I wasn't seeing or getting enough of from the stories I was reading.

These where the things I didn't think I was getting enough of A) strap-on sex that is straight. B) female domme that loves her victim C) fisting, female to male D) goth femdom E) a multi-part story F) strong femdom S&M G) I wanted the story to have women that were really strong, beautiful and smart H) no bad ending or fetish lover ending up dead.

Character development: I went with the experimenting young married couple. That immediately took care of the straight strap-on, straight fisting and the female domme that loves her mate. The wife can have a goth side, also easy. Then the only thing left is the story.

The story had to come from the married couple growing together in their newly found roles. Instead of the "coming of age" story it would be the coming of S&M. Moving the story meant increasing the level of the Amy's dominance over Tim.

I didn't want Amy to be this cold calculating domme though. I felt she should be a kind soft woman that finds herself in the role of dominating her husband. She never forces herself to be dominant. I actually wanted Amy and Tim to both be a little reluctant going into the BDSM life. I wanted it to be something they fell into. Something life and curiosity was taking them towards.

I also wanted Amy beautiful and frail. Chapter 8 is what ultimately shows her frailty by how she deals with Tim's mutilation on the boat. It also shows her love for her husband and how she is falling deeper into the dominant roll, and again not forcing it to happen. I tried to capture her beauty when she was in the car with Tim taking shelter from the rain too.

That leads then to Tim's character. Unfortunately a tied up guy can't have a lot of dialogue. And there probably isn't going to be a lot of great internal dialogue for the character that just gets beaten and abused. The best way I could tell his story was to describe his progress and to show how other people reacted to him.

The locations: I wanted a story that had more than just bedroom sex. It's a written story, so it can go anywhere a person's imagination can take them. This would also give me a larger writing canvas. I could show the idiosyncrasies of the characters better by constantly changing the location.

The locations also allowed for accentuating the toys. Tying someone up is kinky, but tying him or her to a tree outside is even kinkier. Being out in the middle of an ocean makes the chance of being killed all the more frightening. No one will know you're dead.

The story line: It seems like almost every femdom story is the start of a female dominated relationship. Then that's it. The story ends. You never get to see the couple live out their new life. That is why this story had to have chapters that played out like TV show episodes. I wanted a femdom story that had the ability to keep going.

Don't get me wrong. I love the first time with a strap-on stories. I just wanted mine to go to the second time, third and so on. I wanted to show how the couple continues with their newfound roles. How they go from being reluctant to being very used to it. So used to it they can't go back to the way they were. For this story that would be the character growth and ultimately the story line.

Protagonist vs. Antagonist: This is only my view. You the reader are free to make up your own interpretations. To me it's difficult to say since they both grow together. If you think in S&M terms, the dominant is leading and causing the change in the submissive, therefore the dominant is the antagonist. Especially if you see how Tim starts as a man and physically changes to having mostly a woman's body.

Amy causes Tim to go from man to a sub woman. I like to think of that as just the surface of what's really happening. Mentally Tim always saw himself has a submissive woman, a lesbian submissive woman to be more specific. Mentally he didn't change throughout the story. He just became more comfortable expressing the way he saw him self on the inside.

Amy didn't physically change, but mentally she did. She had to go from playful experimentation to dealing with the responsibility of someone's life. She had to go from partner to parent.

In the end I very much enjoyed writing this story. I hope some of you readers did too. It allowed me to step away from my real sex life, which is actually very safe and boring in comparison.

Thanks for reading.

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