tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow It All Begun Ch. 01

How It All Begun Ch. 01


I was really excited that day. My college application has been approved!! I was about to leave home for the first time in my life and I could not stop thinking about the parties to come. I has just turned 18, finished High School and the future plans seemed endless. The only thing that was ruining my mood was my parents insisting that I should attend my cousin Mary's weeding the weekend, since they couldn't go. Great...that is what I needed...a boring weekend in my aunt's house in their small boring town.

Anyway, it was just a weekend and I did not want to upset my parents since I would be leaving them soon.

My uncle Stewart came to pick me up from the train station. I hadn't seen him for quite some time and he seemed kind of old. He was a typical salesman in his fifties and I don't think I had ever seen him without a suit and tie. When we finally made it to the house, it was like I was expecting. Everyone was running around trying to arrange the last details for Mary's weeding which was taking place that night. I barely spoke to her mother -- my aunt Helen -- who seemed totally freaked out. So, I decided that the best I could do is just sit in a corner and trying to avoid getting in their way.

The wedding was like I was expecting. The only surprise was how many sexy girls were there. I could not take my eyes out of their classy dresses and high heels all night.

When the party ended I returned to my uncle's house, were I would spend the night before leaving the following day. Aunt Helen has arranged for me to sleep in Mary's old room. Everyone was really tired and went directly to bed. So did I.

Mary's room was a typical girlies room all in pink. I put my clothes off and got into bed but I could not fell asleep. I just couldn't take out of my mind all that sexy girls at the party. I started touching my cock. The smell of the room and the pink sheets touching my body was making me really excited. I turned my head aside and I saw Mary's closet. Suddenly an idea crossed my mind. Why should I stick to just sheets?

I got up and went to the bathroom, just to make sure that everyone was asleep. And so they were. I returned to Mary's room and closed the door behind me. Went straight to the closet. I opened the door and the girlie smell made me even more excited. I started touching her clothes and going through her drawers until I found what I was looking for. Her underwear. Most of them should be from her teens and to my surprise they were quite sexy. Mary should rock as a teenager. I took and white silk g-string and started to rub it on my cock. Now I was really getting excited. I put my boxers off and put the g-string on. And then I looked in the mirror. This was not the first time I was trying female clothes. When I was about 14-15 I used to wear my mother's hose and underwear she was leaving in the bathroom.

I was looking really sexy in the g-string. I was medium height, thin, with long black hair and my body was almost hairless. My friends used to tease my about the fact that I did not have any body hair.

I returned to the closet and I found a white hose and a long pink see-through robe. I put them on and returned to the mirror. I was really sexy. I closed my eyes and put my hand in my panties. I could feel my pre-cum juices over my hand. I leaned and touched the mirror with my head, standing on my tiptoes while my hand was stroking my cock.

Suddenly I got terrified. I heard a noise behind me -- a noise like the door opening. I was shocked. How I forgot to lock the door? The door was open and I heard steps. I was so stony I could not turn around and see. I just stood there with my head on the mirror. The steps had stopped right behind me. I took my deepest breath and turned around. It was my uncle standing in front of me looking angrier than ever. I could not look at him. I just stood there looking the floor. And suddenly he slapped me. Really hard. I fell into the bed whishing I could die. And then he left. He just left.

It took me about half an hour before I could get up. I was more embarrassed and scared than I could ever remember. Needless to say that I did not sleep at all that night. Terrible thoughts were on my mind and I had broke into tears several times before the morning came.

"Tony the breakfast is ready" my uncle said " why don't you join us?" How could I? And what else could I do. I gathered all my courage and went down to the kitchen.

My uncle was reading a newspaper and my aunt was making breakfast. Everything was normal. I was surprised but relaxed. No word about last night. After the breakfast was finished they drove me to the train station and I returned home.

How did I manage to get off so lightly? This was all I could think until I finally reached home.

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