tagInterracial LoveHow Much? Ch. 02

How Much? Ch. 02


Greetings again:D. Nice to see that some of you have added me to their favourite authors' list, it's very flattering! Here is chapter two of the story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you poisedpencil for being my very awesome editor *hugs*.

Chapter Two- things get a little...interesting

Koko heard Kit gasp in shock behind her. Koko wasn't as steady on her feet anymore. Part of her wanted to tell this man to shove it where the sun don't shine for even thinking for a minute that she could be sold but...

A larger part of her was more than tempted. All those bills to pay- no job- no parental support. "Shit" she muttered for the umpteenth time.

"Uhm Koko, we need to talk!" squeaked Kit, before dragging Koko a few metres behind the car.

"Koko this guy is mad. Who would pay R50 000 for female entertainment?! He's probably a body dealer. We'll end up drugged and in some foreign country. Let's get out of here."

Koko hesitated before replying.

"I don't know Kit- I really need the money - plus you did say we should see where the night takes us, so let's do it."

The girls stared at each other. Kit sighed.

"I can tell you're going to do this with or without me so we might as well just do it together. But I swear- one second of monkey business and I'm committing murder Madea style!"

Koko smiled, grateful to her friend. They sauntered back to where the vehicle was still parked.

Koko once again leaned down to get to eye level with the mysterious man.

"You have yourself a deal."

With those words, the car doors unlocked. It was a two-seater so Koko had to sit on Kit's lap. The mystery man looked in appreciation at the sight the two women made. One dark and smooth, the other light and unblemished sitting quite intimately. Kit held Koko around the waist, her hands stroking the skin exposed by her top.

Both girls stared at him. Koko had already registered how good-looking he was and she figured he was rich by the car and the money he was offering but there were other minor details. The smell of his cologne was distinctly expensive. The Rolex watch on his thick left wrist was also a clue. His blue sweater was of a fine material and stretched with the contours of his shoulders and chest. His jeans were label and if she looked close enough she could see the outline of what looked to be an impressive package. She gulped, suddenly thirsty.

"What's your name?" Koko asked.


"Emanuel..." said Kit.

"Emanueel..." echoed Koko

"And what are your names?"

"I'm Kit and this is Koko. What do you do, Emanuel?"

"What I do is none of your business."

There was a brief silence. Kit had never been one to keep quiet.

"So, where are we going and what are we going to do?"

Kit absent-mindedly played with the jean material on Koko's thighs, a motion that didn't go unnoticed by Emanuel.

"We are going to town."

"Now duh Captain Obvious. Where in town?"

Emanuel didn't answer but instead asked a question of his own.

"Are the two of you lovers?"

Koko felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach accompanied by a spear of hot heat straight to her already moist pussy. A flash of a memory entered her mind- she and Kit grinding against each other, moaning and touching each other in a bathroom. An incident they had never spoken of, nor repeated again.

Kit's hands temporary stilled their movement only to resume again.

"Yes, she's my girlfriend."

As if to punctuate the statement, Kit's fingers trailed the little passage that remained between Koko's thighs and pussy. Her hand cupped the hot mound and squeezed eliciting a moan of appreciation from Koko and a nod of satisfaction from Emanuel.

Kit continued to squeeze and release Koko's pussy.

"I love playing with her cunt." Kit said as she nuzzled Koko's neck.

"She's so responsive and she's such a dirty girl."

Koko whimpered and lifted her hips to get more pressure where she wanted...needed it.

The thought of Emanuel watching her receive this pleasure made her blush, but feel deliciously wanton. Koko's hand reached out across the divide and grasped Emanuel's strong thigh.

Kit stopped her manipulations and smiled.

Koko suddenly felt inappropriate with her hand on Emanuel's thigh and withdrew it.

"You didn't answer my question, where are we going?"

Emanuel's hand left the steering wheel to squeeze Koko's breast.

"We'll go anywhere you want to."

He removed his hand and two minutes later they were parking the vehicle in Long Street; the section of the town dedicated to entertainment and merry-making.

The doors unlocked and the two girls stepped out of the vehicle one after the other. Emanuel stepped out and then locked the car, pocketing the keys in his large pockets.

Koko and Kit stared at him hungrily. What they had seen in the car had not done the man justice. Emanuel was very tall.

"I would love to climb him." Muttered Kit under her breath as she elbowed Koko in the ribs.

Emanuel walked to their side and looked down at their sexy little frames.

He looked at Koko first and told her "Kiss me."

He made no move to initiate the kiss save for that command. Koko looked nervously as Kit who looked turned on at the thought.

Koko stepped closer to Emanuel till she could feel his heat. She took a hold of his strong arms and tip toed. Even in her high heels she still wasn't tall enough to reach him. She closed her eyes and gulped, tilting her head up, puckering her lips slightly. Emanuel stared at her for a moment, leaning in only enough that she could feel his breath tickle her face. He smelt so delicious on a primal level that she made an involuntary swipe around her lips.

His arms came around her waist and his large hands cupped her ass half lifting her off the ground to finally claim her lips.

Somewhere far in her mind Koko was thankful that he was holding her the way he was, because she felt shaky. She had been kissed before, but this? This felt like he wanted to devour her and boy was she willing. His lips were soft and demanding. He growled low in his throat sending vibrations shooting in all directions. His tongue snuck out and invaded her mouth. His tongue and hips moved in tandem and Koko was so very close to cumming. As though he was sensing this impending climax, Emanuel stopped the kiss and Koko mewled in frustration, her arms now wrapped around his neck.

Emanuel lowered her and she set about making herself appropriate again. He then looked over at Kit. "Now you kiss me."

Kit had always been one to take charge, but she too was putty in Emanuel's hands. She walked towards him and was enfolded in his arms. He pulled her hair back forcing her back to arch as they kissed passionately. Koko watched feeling aroused but slightly jealous. She was happy but sad when their kiss came to an end.

"Now, you two kiss each other."

Kit pulled Koko towards her, leaning her back against the Porsche. Kit trapped Koko between the car and herself. She started by kissing Koko's neck, enjoying the goosebumps that she caused. Her lips then slowly made their way to her face, kissing all around her lips and cheeks. Other men stopped, mesmerised by two sexy beauties so deeply into each other on a nice car. Kit locked lips with Koko and the exchange was soft at first, till Koko grabbed Kits hips and brought her closer, their breasts mashed together. Koko's leg slipped between Kit's thighs, rocking her against it. Kit and Koko moaned into each other's mouths recklessly immersed in each other. Emanuel smiled in satisfaction, readjusting his bulge.

"You can stop now."

The spectators looked guiltily at each other and melted away.

He offered each a girl an arm and they took it. And the three walked up the street ready to cause more trouble.

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