tagIncest/TabooHow Much is Too Much?

How Much is Too Much?


It was a couple of weeks after the start of the spring semester when my big sister, Anne, split up with her long term girlfriend. Although she didn’t admit it, I knew she was really depressed about the whole thing. Before it happened, she only called me about twice a month, but all of a sudden she’d call every couple of days.

Anne and I were always close, ever since we were children. When she came out, I was the only one in the family that didn’t freak. Our parents tried not to make their disappointment too obvious but for some reason our brother, Ben, became really distant to Anne, so I was the only one she could talk to about her love life. Usually I didn’t mind, but after two weeks, I got bored of hearing about how often she and Lisa used to have sex. After not having any for a couple of months now, that’s not what I wanted to be hearing.

Anne was spending more and more time on the phone to me. It was a good thing that I didn’t have much work to do since it was the start of the semester. I knew she was really feeling down so I suggested that she come to visit me for the weekend. I told her we’d go out, have a good time and she’d soon forget about Lisa. She cheered up almost instantly and I was so glad when she agreed. We hadn’t seen each other for nearly a year and I really missed her. She didn’t know I was bisexual. I wanted to tell her but after the way our family reacted to her, I was too afraid to tell anyone. Ben was always really sweet and always looked after me, and I didn’t want that to change.

I was so happy when Anne arrived that Friday evening. I didn’t realise how much I had missed my sister until I met her at the train station. She was four years older than I was, and much taller. Despite the age gap, we had always been good friends. Once we got back to my place, she asked what we were doing that night. I didn’t know so I asked her what she wanted to do.

“Let’s go clubbing.” she said. “I want to dance.”

I agreed and after cooking dinner for us both, she took a shower while I washed up, then I took a shower while she was getting dressed.

Afterwards, I went back to my room to find that Anne was almost ready to go. She was wearing knee high black leather boots and a short black tube dress that was so tight I thought her breasts would pop out of it at any second. She had covered her short black hair with a black cowboy hat.

“Wow.” I said quietly to myself as I walked past.

“What do you think?” she asked as she applied some dark eye shadow.

“I think you should give me your breasts.” I replied. I was so jealous of her oppressive bust. Her breasts were a couple of cup sizes bigger than mine and stuck out much further. In the dress she was wearing, they looked colossal. It simply wasn’t fair!

“Only if you give me your arse.” She said casually, replacing her eyeshadow in her make-up bag and removing some red lipstick.

I glanced at her thin frame. I was jealous of her figure too. She had always managed to stay thin while no matter how much dieting or exercise I got, I could never get my tummy perfectly flat. My gaze set on her small buttocks. They were proportionate to her slim and otherwise flawless body. My own were more fleshy and ex-lovers had commented that it was their favourite part of my body.

“So where are we going?” Anne asked as I tried to find a dress among a mass of baggy jeans and hoodies.

“Just one of the local student clubs. It’s crap, but the drinks are cheap.” Usually I only went there when my friends dragged me out. They played a mixture of pop and dance which I knew Anne would like, but I hated. There was a good rock and metal night at a different club which I usually went to on a Friday, but I knew Anne would never agree to come along.

“Well if you think it’s crap, it can’t be that bad. Just as long as they don’t play Iron Maiden.” She said with a smile.

“I don’t listen to Iron Maiden!” I protested as picked out a white lace thong and matching strapless bra. I knew she was only saying that to annoy me.

Anne lay on my bed as I got dressed. I didn’t have anything quite as daring as her dress and decided on a simple dress of light-blue. I couldn’t see if she was watching me but I could feel her eyes scrutinising my naked body. The whole time she said nothing and it made me feel quite uncomfortable. I quickly brushed my brown hair and turned expecting Anne to be looking right at me. Instead her eyes were closed. She was lying half on her side with one hand supporting her head and the other rested on her tummy. Her right leg was slightly bent, pushing her dress up slightly, exposing part of her buttock. I couldn’t deny that she was very sexy, and tried desperately to deny that I found her attractive; My own sister! I felt a twinge of guilt which built with every second I watched her beautiful form. I could see her nipples through her dress and stared at her stunning breasts as they moved with her breathing. I must have studied her alluring body for a couple of minutes and all the time, I knew it was wrong. I wanted to look away but I just couldn’t.

“Are we ready to go yet?” Her voice startled me. Her eyes were wide open and looking right at me. I couldn’t read her expression and wasn’t sure if she had noticed me staring at her. “What’s wrong?” She asked at my fright.

“O-oh, nothing. I just thought you were asleep.” I said unconvincingly. “I’m ready, but we can stay in if you’re tired.”

“Come on Charli! I didn’t get dressed up just to stay in. Let’s go!”

It was about 11pm when we got there and there was already quite a long queue. Straight away I could see that a few guys had their eyes on Anne. If they only knew...

After a 10 minute wait, we got inside. The dance floor was quite empty but Anne wanted to dance straight away. She literally dragged me with her. I could barely dance but Anne really knew how to move. All of her motions were so sensual that they were bound to attract attention, not that someone as attractive as Anne needed it. Several men started to wander out onto the dance floor around her. She danced flirtatiously with them as I went unnoticed and soon found myself behind a barrier of men surrounding Anne. I was envious of her. I could never be as alluring as she was. It seemed a waste that she wasn’t even interested in any of the guys dancing with her. Every now and again I caught a glimpse of her and some guy rubbing their bodies together.

As I watched her incredible body sway with the music, I could feel myself becoming aroused. I knew it was wrong and couldn’t bear it anymore so I headed for the bar. I had already had a few drinks when Anne found me.

“Where have you been? I was looking for you everywhere.”

“Just... here.” I said trying to force a smile, but the alcohol had already set in and my disappointment was obvious.

“Charli! Come on, we’ll dance.”

“Don’t leave me this time.”

“I promise I’ll just dance with you.” She said leaning in close. I nodded as she took my hand and led me back to the dance floor. It was a lot more crowded now and the diminished space meant that Anne was dancing much closer to me this time. Now and then her large breasts would brush against mine and I became aroused again.

It wasn’t long before Anne drew the attention of some guy who was obviously a bit drunk. He started innocently grinding his hips against her back, but it didn’t take long before his hands started groping her body. I could see that she was really uncomfortable with it and looked like she was going to turn around and punch the guy, so to stop any trouble, I moved forward and pushed him away.

“Hey!” I said, looping my arms around her neck. “She’s with me.” I don’t think I ever would have done this if I was completely sober, but I leaned forward and kissed her. I was surprised when I felt her tongue dart inside my mouth as her arms pulled my body against hers.

Anne pulled away from the kiss and leaned her head close to my ear. “Thanks.” She whispered before licking my ear. I glanced back at the guy, making my pleasure obvious as I let out a soft moan. He just stood there, looking at us, oblivious to the conspicuous bulge in his pants. Anne started to dance with her arms around my waist and I closed my eyes as I felt her body rub against mine. I could feel myself becoming wet as I danced with her. I couldn’t suppress the feeling that I wanted her. By then I had given up trying. She moved so seductively that I was finding it difficult to disguise my arousal. I moved my body with hers in a trance-like lust as she danced passionately with me. I didn’t even care that someone might recognise me or that one of my friends might see me and recognise my sister from the photographs in my room. I felt so good and couldn’t help but want more. The fact that it was sinful only added to my excitement.

I saw that the guy was still there, watching us. I tapped Anne on the back and nodded in his direction to let her know he was there. I didn’t expect that she’d tease him a bit more. It started pushing the limits of my nerve when I felt her hand across my leg as she started to caress my thigh. I responded as she pulled my leg towards her and rubbed it against her own. Her hand moved upwards, lifting my dress to expose my bare buttock. The stranger stared open mouthed as he watched Anne knead my exposed ass, right in front of him. I couldn’t hide that I was enjoying it. I was so completely overcome by desire that I would have let her undress me right in the middle of the dance floor if she wanted to. Instead, her hand moved up my body and started to fondle my breast. The stranger continued to stare in amazement. He tapped some guy who must have been his friend on the back and pointed at us.

“Hey, Jimmy, look at that!” He shouted.

A large group suddenly turned towards us and I turned my head away as I recognised someone who was doing the same course as me.

“I think we should get out of here.” I said. Anne just laughed as I dragged her towards the exit.

Luckily, my house wasn’t far from the club. I couldn’t stop Anne laughing and I started to feel ashamed. Not because of the show that we had just put on, but for my lust for her. I decided that it was way too much already and I told myself to stay in control. She was my sister and my friend and deserved to be able to trust me.

She was still giggling when she got to my room. “It wasn’t that funny.” I said as I locked the door to my room behind me. Anne didn’t reply. I turned around to see that she was standing very close to me. To my left was my bed, to my right a wall; She was blocking my way. She started to dance again, slowly this time and very sexy. Her body swayed inches from mine and I could feel the heat from her body. I felt so perverse for wanting her but not even that could deter my craving. Somehow it fuelled it and I suddenly found it hard to breathe. “A-A-Anne? What are you doing?” I managed to say, feebly.

“She’s with me.” She said as if there was someone else there before curling her hand around the nape of my neck and pulling me forward into a passionate kiss. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t restrain myself. My lips caressed hers as my tongue circled hers. The taste of her hot mouth was heavenly, but it didn’t last long. She withdrew and I couldn’t restrain myself. I wanted more, so I leant forward to bring our lips together once more.

“Charli?” Anne recoiled. I froze in the realisation that chasing the kiss made it obvious that it meant more to me.I was so ashamed I felt like crying.

“Anne, I’m so sorry. Oh God I’m sorry! I don’t know what... I-I think I drank too much.” I said with tears welling in my eyes.

“It’s ok” She said in a soothing voice as she held my hands reassuringly. “It’s ok. No harm done. We’ll just forget about it, like it never happened... That’s if it was a genuine mistake.”

My eyes shot open in horror as her tone changed to deadly serious and she pinned my arms against the door, above my head. She held them both in place with her left hand while her right hand slid up along my inner thighs.

“No!” I protested, but too late. I cried freely as her hand touched my damp thighs and soaking wet thong. Her mouth formed a wicked grin as she started slowly stroking her hand along my wet entrance.

“You want me, don’t you?” She said, releasing my arms and taking a step back. Unable to look her in the eye, I nodded. “Say it then.”

I shook my head. There was something about a verbal admission that I couldn’t do. “I want to hear you say it, Charlotte.” Anne moved forward a little and pulled her tube dress down slightly, exposing more of her breasts. “Well?” She said as she started to fondle them. Her nipples hardened and became obvious through the black fabric. I fought the urge to reach up and caress them. Anne leaned her head to one side, drawing my attention away from her chest. She raised her eyebrows above a blank face.

“I...” I hesitated, fearing the consequences. What if she’s baiting me, I thought, looking away. “I want you.” I said quietly.


“I want you.” I sobbed.

“Look me in the eye and say it.”

“I-I can’t.”

“I’m your older sister, Charlotte!” She shouted. I covered my face with my hands. I wanted to die. “Whether you want to fuck me or not, you can at least look at me!”

I looked up and saw that she had pulled her dress down, exposing her breasts completely. She rubbed them temptingly.

“Oh, I want you.”

Anne moved over to me, pressing her large orbs against my chest.

“Say it again.” She whispered, moving her face close to mine.

“I want you.” I said softly. Our mouths embraced again. The kiss was more frenzied than before. I felt Anne’s hands move all over my body as my hands fondled her gorgeous breasts. I found myself gasping for air as her mouth moved down to kiss my neck. The feel of her fleshy orbs filled me with bestial desire. I had coveted them so long and now, in a sense, they were mine. Their soft substance yielded to my salacious touch as my fingers glided across them, grasping her nipples between thumb and index finger and rolling them gently. A soft cry escaped her luscious mouth and I realised that I was drawing almost as much pleasure from it as she was. Just from touching her, I could feel an orgasm building inside me and I began to caress her feverishly.

She hurriedly pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders, pulling my arms away from her to allow it to fall to the ground. The lack of physical contact was too much for me. As if my body was reacting faster than my mind, I lowered my head and started sucking her breasts. Drawing her nipple into my mouth, I gently flicked my tongue across it as I felt her remove my bra. I moved across to her other breast, but stopped short as her hand brushed aside my thong, allowing two fingers to ease into my wet slit. I could no longer control myself. I leant back against the wall while my hips moved against her fingers.

Anne removed her hat and started kissing my breast and fondling the other with her free hand. My breathing became erratic as my orgasm crept closer. Anne teased her fingers across my clit, sending me over the edge. I collapsed sideways onto my bed. Before I could even catch my breath, Anne’s tongue flicked across my clit while her fingers continued deeper inside me. I screamed in ecstasy before I suddenly became aware that my house mates would be able to hear through the thin walls and floors. They knew my sister was staying with me for the weekend and if they heard us... I couldn’t let them hear us! I shut my eyes tight and locked my mouth shut but Anne pressed her lips around my swollen clit and sucked it into her mouth, trapping it between her teeth and her tongue. Anne let out animalistic moans as she drew breaths. I completely lost control as she continued sucking my clit. Moans of sheer euphoria escaped my mouth, over and over again.

I no longer cared who heard or whether they knew I was with Anne. My physical need transcended any social taboo. A tumultuous scream marked my climax as spasms wracked my body. I lay still and let the feeling wash over me. I couldn’t help smiling.

I felt the brush of Anne’s soft lips as they planted gentle kisses on my tingling skin as she moved upwards, over my body. Her mouth settled on mine in a gentle kiss and although it was tender, I could still feel her hunger. Her mouth was dripping wet and I could taste my pussy as she kissed me. I began to feel aroused again and I reached down to pull her dress up above her waist. She needed no further encouragement and moved up the bed. The cold leather of her boots tingled my nerves as she manoeuvred her perfectly shaved pussy over my mouth. I moaned with anticipation as she lowered herself slowly onto my eager lips. She was sopping wet. The feeling of her delicious juices dripping across my face was exquisite forcing me to let out a muffled moan as she groaned with delight. Her cries became louder as her hips rocked across my face. She became wetter and wetter. I could feel my mouth was nearly full and I panicked. I needed to breathe and I couldn’t just spit it out. I swallowed the whole mouthful and immediately wished I hadn’t.

I pushed her off me enough to turn my head to the side and get a deep breath, but Anne was wild. She pushed back and rubbed herself across my face.

“Oh, Anne! Oooh! Oh Anne!” I heard myself cry as I rubbed my face against her entrance. The sensation of her wetness all over my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin made me so hot. I reached down to rub my pussy as Anne’s found my mouth. Her hand reached behind my head and pulled me tight onto her soaking cunt. She rocked her hips hard. I couldn’t breathe.

“Oh, I’m cumming! Charli, I’m cumming!” She squealed as my tongue assaulted her clitoris anew. Her hips stopped still as we came together. Anne collapsed beside me and we wrapped our arms around each other and descended into sleep.

That night we drifted in and out of consciousness only to make love and sleep once more. Waking up was like a vivid dream. I saw Anne’s beautiful face in the morning light, the same way as I had always seen it when we shared a bed as children... except now it meant more to me.

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