tagIncest/TabooHow My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 02

How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 02


When I got to the parking lot, Daddy was sitting in the car with the engine running, obviously ready to go. Allie had changed into her school clothes and was waiting by the side of the car. She looked kind of fetching in her tight jeans and her pink shirt with matching socks. We jumped in the back, and Dad took off.

Allie couldn't wait, but she didn't want to ask in front of Daddy. She gave me an exaggerated questioning look, and mouthed "Well?" I nodded yes, smiling as Allie looked amazed and mouthed "Oh my god!" She pointed to my breast and mouthed, "Titty?" I don't know what made me do it, but I raised my skirt just enough that she could see that I had no panties on. Her eyes became big a saucers, and her face turned an eye-catching shade of pink.

Just then Dad said, "So how did your after school activity go today?"

'Ohmigod!!' I thought. How could he know? A million thoughts raced through my mind. Did he see us? Was he upset? I looked over at Allie, but she was no help. She acted like she'd just discovered that the back seat had a window. Like all teenagers, I knew that when in doubt with the parental units, stall.

"Huh?" I said.

Dad used his gee-this-isn't-a-hard-question-you-silly-girl voice. He spoke slowly, like he was talking to a brainless kid. "The football game? You know, where they throw around this ball and you two stand around cheering?"

Relief flooded through me. Of course he meant the football game. He'd probably just up and kill me if he knew that I was jacking off boys after school.

My relief spilled over and I answered with way too much enthusiasm. "Oh it was great, Daddy! We won! Jefferson High almost rallied at the end, but we hung on!" As I rambled some nonsense about the game, I glanced over at Allie. She knew what I'd been thinking, and we shared that you've-just-dodged-a-parental-bullet look.

As we all settled in for the ride home, Allie quietly got into her pack, and took out the new issue of the Boulder University Gazette. It was already unfolded to the right page, and I took it to read. Allie reached over and held my other hand in hers. Our fingers entwined, and it was nice. Way different than holding Bobby's hand. Softer. And somehow with more affection than he'd ever mustered. She squeezed mine, and I squeezed back. It was, you know, nice.

Girl Talk – A Sexkitten's Primer by Miss Julie

All right ladies, we have a couple of things to discuss this week. First of all, I got several letters asking about the whole high heels thing, so I thought that a further explanation might be in order. You have to ask yourself, why do women wear high heels at all? The answer is, to get boys! Well really, the answer is to make their legs look longer. And god only knows, boys love long legs. If you're wearing nothing but heels to bed, you 1) retain a little mystery 2) lend a sense of urgency and 3) make your legs look longer. It's a no brainer! That reminds me, girls. If you don't have your heels on, you should still point your toes as if you do. Pretend that you have a pair of spiked stilettos on. It will make your legs look longer whether or not you are wearing shoes. I want you to practice this every time you cum, and pretty soon you'll get so that you don't even know that you're doing it. I guarantee the boys will love it, whether they think they notice it or not.

Second on the agenda – what's a really good way to get a guy instantly horny? The answer is – your cum. They haven't yet come up with a man who can resist the smell of a girl in heat. So girlfriend, the next time you really want to get a guy going, take a minute to play with yourself first. Trust me – this really works. Put your hand between your legs and caress your pussy for a minute or two. Get your finger all good and cummy, and then lightly touch his lips with it. The scent is guaranteed to drive any man instantly crazy with desire. What you do with him after that is up to you. And for all you lipstick chicks out there, what's sauce for the goose........!

Jesus! This whole sex thing was getting more fun all the time. I thought that I had done enough damage to Bobby just by flashing my ass at him. I couldn't believe that there were other things to do too. Boy, I wouldn't have thought of this in a million years! I didn't get that last line at all, and I made a mental note to ask Allie about it later. I looked at her when I was done reading, amazement in my eyes. She squeezed my hand and smiled at me.

I knew she wanted to hear the tale of my afternoon adventure, so I asked Dad if she could spend the night. This wasn't unusual at all. In fact, we'd been doing it once a week or so ever since elementary school. Like I said, she's just another member of the family.

Dad liked having Allie over, so it was no surprise when he said, "Oh goody, Just what I need - a nightlong giggle of girls. OK, but the usual rules. She has to get permission first."

"Thanks, Daddy," we both said together, and then giggled.

Allie called her dad and got permission as soon as we reached my house. I changed into jeans and a t-shirt, and we spent the evening like we usually did, Mom and Dad cuddled on the couch while Allie and I stretched out on the floor to watch a movie.

After Mom and Dad went up to bed, Allie and I spent a while doing our usual girl talk – teachers, cheerleaders, gossip. Just hanging and giggling like best friends do. The one subject we studiously avoided was boys.

Of course as soon as we went to my room to go to bed, that all changed. Allie was all over me for details, and I obliged. My story was interspersed with Allie going, "Oh my God!!" and "No way!" We sat on my bed and giggled and laughed about it for an hour. She had all kinds of questions that I couldn't answer, like "How far did it shoot?" and "How did it feel?" Eventually I promised her that I'd have the answers sooner or later, but that she could still be doing her own research.

"Yeah," she said. "But Mark won't be home 'til Sunday. God, this sounds like fun. I'm so jealous! I wanna make a guy cum. I can hardly wait!" I told her that she'd have her chance, and then I tried to kid her about lusting after her big brother, but she wasn't having any of it. He was cute, he was kind, he knew her better than anybody (except me), and she didn't have a "real" boyfriend. That settled it all in her mind.

We were sitting cross-legged on the bed facing each other and were both a little sleepy. We still hadn't mentioned our phone sex from last night. We were both kind of embarrassed, I'm sure. I finally told her, "God, I came so hard last night that I saw the cum squirt out of my pussy."

"No way!!" Allie said. "I thought I had come hard!" She made me give her all the details of that, too. How much, what it felt like. Then I assured her that I'd never done it before. We both giggled about it, and she told me she was jealous of that, too. Then we just sat there on my bed, knees touching as we faced each other in companionable silence, lost in our own thoughts. I thought that maybe I was getting a weird vibe off of her, and I was about to ask her what she was thinking when she spoke.

"I'm so horny I can't stand it." My mouth fell open in amazement when she actually reached between her open legs right in front of me and caressed her pussy through her jeans.

"Allie!" I whispered in amazement. "What are you doing?"

"Oh come on. You know you want to. Wasn't that the best orgasm you ever had last night? Besides, what's the difference if we play with ourselves over the phone or here? I know what you did and you know what I did. We can lay here together and pretend that it's like last night and that we're on the phone. Come on! You know you want to." She looked me in the eyes, smiled, and reached down and stroked herself again. "Please?" she whispered.

Well, I had to admit that she was right. I mean we'd already cum together. It just wasn't in the same room. Besides, I was still pretty horny from my afternoon encounter, and I knew that I was going to have to relieve myself somehow. I'd sort of figured that I'd just do myself in the bathroom after Allie was asleep. But her plan really did have a lot more appeal. That orgasm last night was amazing! So I gave in. I grinned at her, and reached between my legs and gave myself a couple of long slow caresses while Allie grinned back at me.

I got up and turned out the lights. There was still some streetlight coming in through the window, and so we could still see a bit. When I turned back into the room, Allie was laying down on the bed. She had scooted over so that there was room for me beside her. Her jeans were already undone and her hand was under her panties, gently kneading her mound.

I laid down beside her, unsnapped my pants, unzipped them and then pushed my fingers under my panties. I'd never actually tried to rub myself while I had my pants on before. My tight jeans pushed against my fingers, and the extra pressure was exquisite. God, the shock when my clit finally was touched after all the excitement this afternoon was incredible.

We lay there next to each other touching at the shoulders and slowly rubbing ourselves through our pants. It was so intimate! Like some kind of secret club that only the two of us belonged to. This was way more personal than what Bobby and I had done. We'd each moan every now and again, softly, not trying to hurry our cumming but just enjoying the sensations. God, doing this while somebody else was with you was intense! I found myself rubbing less and less as my pussy got closer to cumming. It just took an occasional flick to keep me right on the edge. I didn't want the feeling to end.

Allie suddenly spread her legs, crossing her right leg over my left. She gasped as her hand slid a little farther down into her pants and said, "Sorry." She took a couple of deep breaths to help her spit out her next sentence. "I just," gasp, "had to get a little deeper!" Allie moaned softly, and then I had to spread my legs apart, too. Even through our jeans, just feeling her leg touching mine was almost too much to stand! I was pretty near getting off, and I suspect Allie was, too. I turned my head to look at her just as she turned her head to look at me.

I could see some kind of idea enter her head as she locked her eyes on mine. I could sense her fingers had stopped their rubbing. Then Allie took her cum soaked finger out of her panties and slowly raised her hand. Allie softly applied her cum to my lips with her soaked fingertips. It was a good thing that I was already laying down, because I suddenly became so dizzy that I would have fallen otherwise. The smell, the taste of her cum shocked me from my lips to my pussy, and even though I wasn't trying to, I came!

Allie knew exactly what was happening and she nuzzled my neck as the most delightful spasms in the world swept over me. Her finger was still on my lips, and I nibbled it greedily, as if it was the source of the cum which caused my pleasure. She held me softly as I strained against my hand and spasmed out a huge orgasm. It was a really hard cum, but it was over pretty fast. Finally I wound down and my breathing returned to something like normal.

After a few minutes of laying there, Allie said, "I'm just going to have to take these off." She rolled away from me just long enough to raise her ass and slide her panties and jeans down. She had nothing on but her pink socks and pink t-shirt as she laid back beside me and spread her legs wide.

"You've got no pants on," I said.

"Yeah," she said dreamily, as she moved her hand back between her legs. "But I'm not totally naked. You know what Miss Julie said. Sexier girls leave some clothes on, and I still have my shirt and socks." That made us both giggle.

I had to admit, I'd never seen anything near as sexy as Allie. Her legs were long and lean, and her tummy was flat and somehow drew my eyes towards her crotch, where her fingers were languidly caressing an obviously sopping wet pussy. She tickled her clit through a small tangle of dark pussy hair, and I almost felt like she was tickling me. And somehow, dammit, the fact that she had her socks on was so erotic! I mean, I'd seen totally naked girls in the showers at school and not one of them, not once, not ever, had me thinking the thoughts I was thinking now.

Allie turned her head towards me.

"Natalie? It's your turn."

"Didn't you just see me cum? It's your turn," I said, my eyes fixed on her fingers circling her clit.

"That's not what I meant. I mean, you have to take your clothes off too."

"Oh," I said, not believing how easily the decision came. Not believing that I was going along. But when your girlfriend is already lying there naked for you, it's hard to convince yourself that you shouldn't do it for her. "OK," I said. "But I'm not supposed to take all of my clothes off either. What do you want me to leave on?" I couldn't believe that I was asking my best friend how naked to be.

Allie kept stroking her pussy lips, obviously distracted with pleasure. I could hardly take my eyes away from the lazy circles her fingers were making around her clit. Finally she said, "You've got a big closet over there. I'm sure that you can come up with something........" She gasped lightly, lost in the sensation she was giving herself.

All I'd been thinking of were the clothes I already had on. The thought of getting up and changing just hadn't occurred to me. But, why not?

I reluctantly took my hands from my panties, and got up and padded quietly over to my closet. We lived in a pretty expensive house, and my closet was a walk-in that was actually a part of the bathroom. I shut the door behind me before turning on the light, and then I looked around. Allie was so damn sexy that she had suddenly become the center of my every erotic thought, and I wanted to look good for her.

I looked at my clothes, wishing for the first time that I owned some of that sexy lingerie that you see in the Victoria's Secret catalog. As I looked around, my eyes fell on the tumble of shoes I kept on the closet floor, and an idea came to mind.

I peeled off my jeans, and took off my shirt and soaked underwear. I'd never made a pair of panties that wet before. Standing there in my birthday suit the tantalizing smell of wet pussy arose from my crotch. It reminded me of the taste I'd had of Allie, and a small shudder of delight ran through me. I got out a pair of white anklet socks and pulled them on and folded the tops down.

Then I fished out pair of dressy high heels, the black leather ones with skinny straps that went across the top of my foot. I slipped them on over the socks and fastened the straps. After a little digging through my clean clothes basket, I pulled out my satin pajamas. They had a fancy leopard skin print, and they were the most extravagant ones that I'd ever owned. Daddy had given them to me last Christmas. Man, what would he think if he knew that I was going to wear them for a romp with a girl!

I put on just the top, and I left it unbuttoned. I glanced at myself in the mirror, and I liked what I saw. High heels, white socks and a leopard skin top. My legs looked really long and my nipples were barely peeking out from the open pajama top. Somehow my ankles and feet were suddenly very sexy, not because they were naked, but because the rest of me was. If Allie looked like this for me, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her. I quickly threw on some of my good jewelry – a couple of delicate gold necklaces and a gold bracelet. I spritzed myself with some heavenly perfume, and went to the door.

I turned out the light, and leaned in the doorway, my hip canted to one side in what I hoped was a sexy pose. God, did I feel naked! I mean really, really naked! Wearing nothing but my shoes from the waist down and an unbuttoned pajama top through which my breasts peeked was so fucking erotic. I just hoped that Allie liked it. I was proud of myself for keeping my hands away from my pussy, which was crying out for some serious attention.

And mine wasn't the only one. I looked over at my bed. Allie was laying there, her knees wide apart but her feet together. She had pushed her t-shirt up, exposing her breasts. Her slim legs formed a diamond shape with her pink clad toes at the bottom and her pussy at the top. The scrumptious scent of Allie's wet pussy floated to me. I'd never seen anything so sexy in my life. I paused for a moment, drinking in the aroma and watching the fingers of both her hands slowly rubbing her clit, which was just under her smattering of dark pussy fuzz. Allie's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the pleasure, and she hadn't seen me come back in.

After watching her for a moment, I realized that my mouth was watering. I wanted to touch her so badly that I could hardly wait, and I cleared my throat just loud enough that she'd notice me.

Allie opened her eyes, and they widened as she saw me. She gasped as a shudder of delight ran through her, and her fingers started rubbing her clit faster and faster. She closed her eyes again and moaned as she greedily massaged herself. She managed to open them again as I walked over to my bed, and she watched every step. "God, you look so sexy!" she said. "Come over here......"

When I got next to the bed, I figured that it was time to give Allie a little of what she was giving me. I put my left foot up on the bed next to her, and tucked the toe of my black leather high heel under the small of her back. This left my legs wide and my dripping pussy exposed. For the first time, I was showing my naked pussy to my girl. Her eyes widened as she stared at it and then closed as she got lost in the pleasure of rubbing her pussy. I had to smile, and I started caressing my pussy gently as I watched Allie rub hers.

After a few moments of delightful masturbation, Allie took her fingers from their busy task and spread her arms and legs in invitation. Her eyes were wide and solemn. My usually loquacious girlfriend had left the building, and in her place was a quiet and sexy little girl. We were about to cross a line. We were going to move from playing with ourselves to playing with each other. But I didn't give it a second thought. I wanted to touch her, hold her. I wanted to taste her, and feel her. I wanted her to come for me, and me for her.

I crawled between her legs, and laid naked upon my best friend. My breasts pressed into hers as she slid her stockinged feet up and down my legs. We held each other, watching each other's eyes as we adjusted ourselves so that our grinding pussies shared the maximum contact. Allie slipped her hands under my top and slid them down to my ass, which she pulled hard towards her, grinding her spread crotch into me. Did everybody want to grab my ass? I loved it, and wiggled into my lover as much as I could.

My long blond hair fell over our faces, and it was like we were alone in our own little world as we gently humped each other. Do you have any idea how positively wonderful it is to have a gorgeous girl's pair of naked long legs wrapped around you? I'd missed the boat. I'd always imagined myself in bed with a boy. But in all of my masturbatory fantasizing I had never come even close to realizing just how sexy a girl was.

I slowly lowered my mouth to hers, and we kissed for the first time. It was gentle, and almost tentative, but as excited as we both were, it turned quickly into intense gasping lip locking, our tongues exploring and our pussies on fire as I pretended that I was driving a hard cock into her.

Allie moved her hand from my ass (why did I miss it so?) and pushed it between our bellies. She slowly slid it down until it her fingers were on her clit. She started rubbing herself, hard, and I could feel her knuckles bumping my clit as she excited both of us. I ground myself into one side of her hand and she into the other as we passionately kissed.

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