tagIncest/TabooHow My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 05

How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 05


Mom didn’t have anywhere special to go, and so she let me borrow her car to go shopping. I picked Allie up, and we drove to the Cherry Park Mall. All of the stores there were pretty ritzy, and just a little stuck up for my taste. But everybody in school knew it was still the best place to go for that special dress.

Allie had decided that she wanted something kind of slinky, but long and tasteful. I told her that that was OK for her, she had such a curvy figure that she’d look really good in something like that. I wanted something a little more daring, and maybe a little less classy.

We spent a several hours wandering through the stores, trying on everything that might remotely do. There were lots of dresses that were not right at all once we tried them on, and we narrowed our choices down slowly. We had lunch at one of the sandwich shops, and even spent a little time in the arcade. It sure was fun spending time with Allie. We talked and laughed, shopped and giggled. As much fun as I had spending time with Bobby and other boys, I didn’t think I’d ever get to feel the same way about them as I did about Allie.

It was mid-afternoon and we were running out of time to make a decision. Allie finally settled on a muted red dress. It was long, low cut, and very classy. She had decided that she liked before, but now she was back to actually try it on. I caught my breath when she came out of the dressing room. She was so lovely. That dress had settled onto her curves almost as if it was painted on, and I told her truthfully that I wished I had a figure like hers.

“That’s really funny, Nat. I always wanted one like yours!”

“No way. I’m too skinny. I hardly have a figure at all. Curvy is much sexier. You’re much better looking than I am.”

Allie looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then sashayed over to whisper in my ear, “That’s why we’re so good together. You like my body, and I like yours!” She kissed me on the cheek, and went to tell the salesgirl that she’d take it.

I had kind of decided on a blue flowery number that brought out the color in my eyes. On our way back to the department store to try it one more time, we passed a place that we’d skipped before. It was called Nathan’s, and it was a shop that catered to teens who liked to dress on the edge - club shirts, short dresses, goth stuff, lots of t-shirts and the like. It was a very “in” place, but I was pretty sure that anything they’d have would be too revealing to do as a homecoming dress. But as we walked by, Allie pushed me in through the door, insisting that we could at least look.

We both pushed through the racks, rejecting everything we saw out of hand. But when we got near the back of the store, I knew that Allie must’ve come up with a good one, because she squealed and practically bounced up and down while she beckoned me over.

“Natty! Natty, I’ve found it. Come here! This is so perfect for you!”

I walked over and saw it hanging on a mannequin next to Allie, who was grinning and waving her hand in front of it like she was one of those ‘Price is Right’ models. It was short, maybe halfway up the thigh, and made of tiny bright silver spangles which caught the overhead lights and bounced them everywhere. It was so decadent, but decadent with style. Like something you’d see Sharon Stone wear to the grand opening of her new movie. I fell in love with it immediately, but I couldn’t imagine myself looking good in it or wearing it to the homecoming dance. God, wouldn’t I stand out wearing it amongst all of the other girls in their evening attire?

“Wow,” I said. “That’s gorgeous!”

“Come on! You’ve got to try it on!”

“No, I don’t think so. I mean, it’s too…… I dunno, trashy? There’s no way I’m gonna wear that to the dance.”

“Oh, no,” Allie said as she started undressing the mannequin. “There’s no way I’m letting you out of here without at least trying this dress on. It’s just too perfect for you. With your coloring and blond hair? You’ll be a knockout. Besides, didn’t you say that you wanted something a little daring? This is it. I’m telling you, this thing is just made for you. You’ll be the sexiest girl in school.”

Allie took the dress in one hand and pushed me towards the dressing room with the other. I let her, not exactly reluctant, but not very enthusiastic either. To my surprise, Allie came into the little room with me.

She flushed a little when I gave her a quizzical look, and pushed her hair back behind her ears. “I can’t wait to see. Come on, get started. Take those clothes off!”

There was a sparkle of expectation in her eye that I couldn’t deny, and I knew that if Allie liked me in this dress, I’d wear it just for her no matter what I thought. I took off my shirt, shoes and pants and slid the dress over my head. I turned to look at myself in the mirrors, and adjusted it a little here and there.

Allie’s reflection beamed at me from over my shoulder. “See? I told you. God, you look fantastic!”

I had to admit, it looked better than I had thought it was going to. It was cute and sexy and classy and daring all at once. Something about the glittering silver spangles and lights bouncing off the dress matched up to something in me. I began to see myself at the dance, the center of attention like one of those mirrored balls. I made up my mind right then, that dress and I were made for each other. All I needed were a few accessories……

“You know,” I said, “maybe I could be a knockout in this. I just need some new shoes……..”

“Damn straight,” Allie answered, a twinkle in her eye. The look of delight on her face was so fetching that I knew that I was going to have to steal a kiss right there in the dressing room. I looked up at the ceiling, and then closely at the mirrors.

“What are you doing?” Allie asked.

“Checking for cameras.” Allie looked too and I quickly inspected the room. There were no cameras pointing at us, and the only mirrors were on the door and the side walls. Nobody could be hiding behind any one way mirrors because the room we were in was sandwiched between two other rooms. Apparently Nathan’s wasn’t too worried about shoplifters.

I stepped over to Allie and cradled her face in my hands and gently pulled her lips to mine so that I could firmly kiss her. She avidly returned my kiss, and after a minute or two she reached down to start to lifting the dress up over my hips. She stopped once she got the dress high enough to move her hands between my legs and start gently kneading my pussy through my cotton panties. Our lips never broke contact until Allie leaned back a little and said, “You know, we don’t have time for this.” Allie caressed my cheek with her hand and I nibbled on her finger, tasting the faint flavor of my own pussy on her. “We spent too long shopping and now we have to go home and get ready,” she reminded me gently.

I unhappily realized that she was right, and I gave her a last lingering kiss and then leaned away from her. Allie made a little disappointed noise, and then sat down on the bench. This brought her head level with my waist, and I could practically see a little light bulb turn on over her head. She reached for my panties and said, “Well,” she said giggling, “we probably have enough time for me to get a little taste before we go……”

Allie slipped my panties down over my hips, and leaned forward and stuck her tongue in my crotch. She couldn’t reach very much of my pussy because my legs were held together by the panties, but she gave it her best shot. I held her hair gently in my hands as her tongue flicked in and out. After a minute or two of her tender ministrations, I could feel my pussy get on that very first step towards the point of no return. I gently pushed her head away and said, “Sorry, honey, but we’ve got to go.” Allie sat up straight, wiping her mouth with her hand. “Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Do I maybe get a midnight visit tonight after Mark leaves?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she said smiling, in a tone that meant probably.

I got dressed, and we went and paid for the dress. The salesgirl said that there was only the one of them, and I was lucky it was in my size. The downside was, it cost almost $220. Part of me was aghast, and the other part of me said, ‘so what?’. Mom was definitely going to be annoyed at how sexy it was, never mind the cost, but I could probably get Dad to approve. Like most daughters, I’d learned long ago how to twist my daddy around my little finger.

On the way out of the mall, we stopped at the shoe store and neither one of us could believe how lucky I got. They had this pair of delicate sandals. Three inch heels, and a tiny ankle strap and get this - they were covered in shiny little silver spangles! We were all out of time but we had gotten what we came for.

On the way to drop Allie off we made ride arrangements for the night. Mark had told Allie that he wanted to drive all of us, kind of a double date. I called Bobby and he wasn’t really thrilled (probably hoping for some more sex in the car), but I got him to agree. So Mark and Allie were going to be over at my house to pick me up at 7:00 sharp, and then we’d go pick up Bobby.

I wasn’t exactly rushed for time when I got home, but I couldn’t dawdle too much either. Mom wanted to see what I’d bought, but I told her that she’d have to wait and see the whole package all at once. She laughed, and reminded me that I didn’t have too much time and that Dad would want to see it too before I left.

I took a hot bath and shaved my legs. After a little hesitation, I painted my nails a daring shade of bright red. Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? My hair took the most time as I teased it into shape - kind of loose and windblown but not really. Then I pulled on a clean pair of panties, and as I did I idly wondered if tonight would be the night a boy would remove them. I was pretty sure that the answer was yes. I decided that I had just enough tan left to go without hose, and I left my legs bare.

I took my enchanted silver dress out of its wrapping and slid it on. Then I strapped my feet into the new shoes. I remember thinking that they were like Dorothy’s red slippers, only silver. You know - magical. I even tapped my heels together once just for luck. My red toenails made a gorgeous contrast to the silver of the new shoes, and I began to think that this whole look just might work. I had some silver bangle bracelets and rings, and I put those on, along with my silver hoop earrings. I spritzed myself with my best perfume, and I was ready to go.

I was pretty nervous when I stepped in front of my mirror. It was just a dance with Bobby, but for the first time I was going out deliberately trying to look sexy, and I wasn’t too sure of myself. When I finally was able to look up and check my new look in the mirror I was amazed. I looked good! Really really good! Sweet and sexy and confident. It was almost as if somebody else was staring out at me from the mirror. Somebody glamorous and together. Somebody who could have any guy she wanted at her feet. I felt a delicious tingle in my pussy as I realized that I really was sexy, and I had a glimmering of an idea about how Allie saw me.

I saw that it was almost 6:30, and I figured that as hot as I looked, I was probably in for an argument from Mom, so I’d better go and get it over with. I found her in the kitchen, and I walked in and said, “Mommy? See?” and spun around in a little circle. I was a little shocked when she didn’t blow up. It was obvious that she thought it was a too racy, but that she was willing to let me go if it was what I wanted. I guess she must have remembered what being a teenager was like. I was tickled, but then she said that of course I was going to need Dad’s permission to go out like that. Then she put her finger on her lips and thought for a moment.

“You know, if you want a little something extra, something that may help get Dad’s opinion on your side, I’ll let you wear my choker. I mean, as long as you’re looking so grown up and all,” she said with a conspiratorial smile. I couldn’t believe it. I knew immediately what she was talking about. Dad had bought her this really sexy diamond choker because he said he liked the way it looked around her slender neck, nestled under her blond hair. She only wore it on special occasions, and Dad never failed to pay her a little extra attention when she had it on.

“You’re kidding? Really? I’d love to.”

“Hang on a second and I’ll get it.” Mom brought it down from her jewelry box in a minute and walked me over to the dining room mirror. She fastened it around my neck while looking over my shoulder. While she was doing that I noticed again for the umpteenth time how much we really looked alike. I figured that in another 20 years I’d look just like my mommy, and that was all right with me - she was still a fox. It suddenly occurred to me that she must have looked just like me when she was my age. “There,” she said, patting me on the neck. “That finishes you off nicely.” She was right. It added just a little bit of elegance, and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her thank you.

“Well honey,” she said, “good luck with Daddy. I’m going to run get a movie and some Chinese for dinner. We’re going to enjoy our daughterless night. I won’t get back before you have to leave, so have a good time at the dance. I’ll expect a full report with all the juicy details tomorrow. Goodnight, baby.” She gave me a quick good luck kiss on the cheek and swept out the door.

I wandered into the doorway of Daddy’s study, where he spent a lot of his time when he was at home. It was a miniature version of his office down at the law firm. There were lots of books, and behind the big cherry desk was a bay window which looked out into our back yard. He had even put in a small bar with a refrigerator. For all of my life the smell of leather furniture or cigar smoke has reminded me of my daddy because of the smell of that room.

Daddy wasn’t in there, and I assumed that he was in the attached bathroom. After a minute, I heard the water running in there and I knew that’s where he was. As I waited for him I walked further into the room idly dragging my red fingernail along the spines of books like “Profit and Practice in Law,” and “Jurisprudence in These American Times.” I went behind his desk and killed some time staring out the bay window and dreaming of Allie’s tight pussy and Bobby’s swollen dick.

Still waiting, I turned around and looked at his computer screen. The screensaver had turned on, and I was kind of bored so I gave the mouse a little push so that I could see what he was working on. The screen came up into two windows, his email and the word processor. I couldn’t understand what it was doing on his computer, even as I read the words.

Girl Talk - A Sexkitten’s Primer by Miss Julie

All right, all you little hussies. This week’s column is devoted to shaving. No, not your legs, silly! I’m talking about those places your momma never taught you. Here’s the why.... Remember last week? I told you that subconsciously your guy wanted you to value his cum so that he could perpetuate himself. Well, this is the same kind of thing. Who’s going to live the longest to be sure that she can raise his progeny to adulthood? Someone young, right? And what do little girls look like between their legs? Aha, you’re getting it now. A shaved pussy appeals to your boy the same way that

The column ended abruptly. It was one that Allie and I hadn’t seen, and I wondered just where my dad had come by it. I was kind of dazed, and even a little angry. What was this doing on my Daddy’s computer? I knew that he and Mom had sex a lot, but was he some kind of closet perv? A lot of new thoughts twirled in my head. Why was this here? What would Allie think? Should I shave my pussy? Did Daddy just like reading advice to wannabe sexkittens? Was he one of those guys addicted to porn sites?

I dragged my eyes to the email window, and saw that he had been reading a letter from one someone named Deborah Hanson, Editor in Chief of the Boulder University Gazette.

Dear Tom:

As we feared, the parents have become a little too vocal in their complaints about the Miss Julie column, and the Dean has requested that we cancel it. You and I know that it was the best thing for these girls, and we’ve received nothing but good feedback and requests for more from the students. But parents own the pocketbooks, and we’re going to have to acquiesce to their wants. We’ll just put it down as a failed experiment.

I know I’ve said it before, but it never would have done for me to ask either the kids or the faculty to write this, times being what they are, and I really want to thank you for helping me with this idea. I know that you’re probably starting the next column, and I wanted to tell you now so that you wouldn’t waste too much time on it. I’ll call you next week and we’ll do lunch.

As Ever,


I couldn’t believe it - my daddy was Miss Julie! I was amazed. I was awestruck. I also felt tricked and betrayed. All this time Allie and I had thought that Miss Julie was just one of those wild college girls. It was this column that had put those ideas of lust and sex in our heads so firmly that we’d had to act on them! To think that we’d been listening to her! I mean, him! This stuff came from my daddy? All that talk about using the flavor of a girl’s cum to excite her guy and always having sex half naked and why I should be swallowing sperm?

I don’t know what made me do it just then. Maybe that teenager’s unwritten credo that it never hurts to have something on your parents. Like the time I was riding with Mom when she got a speeding ticket and didn’t want Dad to know. That one was good for a pair of tickets to see 3 Doors Down. Almost without thinking about it I quickly forwarded the email to my account and to Allie’s, and I attached the document for good measure. I quickly put the mouse into the upper left corner of the screen which activated his screen saver, a slideshow of old rock stars, like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

I had just finished and turned around so that my back was to the desk and I was facing the bay window, like I'd been standing there all along and there was no way I wanted to even see anything on his desk. I was just in time, too, because I was barely in place when he returned to the room.

“Wow,” he said. “Look at you!” I had to smile while Daddy came behind the desk with me and took my hands in his while he stood back and looked at me. There’s nothing else quite like it when your dad thinks you look cute. He gave a low wolf whistle as his eyes wandered from my hair to my toes appreciatively, and I had never felt quite so sexy as I did right then when I suddenly realized that my very own father was looking at me as a sex object and not just as his little girl. Not that I wasn’t still a little miffed at him. How could he do this to me?

Daddy sat down in his desk chair, and I leaned back and kind of sat on the edge of his desk next to him. “You’re too hot,” he said, laughing. “I can’t let you go out looking like that! You’re way too much trouble for any guy, let alone poor little Bobby!” He thought he was kidding, but I knew the truth, and he had no idea.

“Daddy!” I simpered, just as if I had no idea what he was talking about. If I could have managed a blush, I would have. But underneath, I was getting annoyed. Where did he get off joking about my sex life after he was the one who put it into fast forward? I mean, how dare he? I decided right then and there what I was going to do. I wanted to teach him a lesson. If my daddy felt he had the right to tutor little girls in the ways of sex, then it was only right that he should witness the fruits of his work.

I looked down at him leaning back in his chair and I realized with a little tingle in my pussy that Allie was right - my daddy was a really good looking man. He had a firm jaw and dark hair with that touch of gray that all girls find genuinely sexy. And he exuded confidence and assurance. It was suddenly apparent to me that he was way sexier than Bobby would be for years. Daddy was smiling at me and mumbling some nonsense about what dances were like in the old days as I scooted my butt over on the desk until I was directly in front of him, with his legs almost between mine. My realization that I could look at him as a sex object too made my resolve easier.

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