How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 05


“What are you doing?” he asked from his chair. My leg touched his as I leaned back over the desk so that I could reach his computer. I gave the mouse a little shove, and as the screen with the column and email popped up I looked back at him and said, “I know, Daddy.”

He didn’t realize just how much trouble he was in. He even had the grace to look a little embarrassed. “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

I folded my arms and gave him a long stare like the one Mom used on him when she thought he’d been bad and wanted an explanation.

“Yeah, well, Debbie and I went to school together. She’s one of my oldest friends. When she came up with this idea she asked me if I’d do it, since she didn’t feel like she could ask any students or faculty. She knew I’d written a column for the paper when we went to school. Nobody knows it was me except her. But it looks like it’s an idea that isn’t going to get off the ground,” he said laughing. I guess he was hoping that I thought there was only the one unfinished article.

“Daddy?” I said, my arms still folded and without too much acting looking a little angry. “I’ve been reading these columns for weeks. I know all about them. I can’t believe that it turned out to be my own daddy writing them!”

Caught in his little unsaid lie, he didn’t deny it. “Well, I guess you’ve gotten a little more education than was probably good for you.” I could sense that he was a little uncomfortable, but still hoping that we could more or less ignore the whole thing. I had different thoughts in mind.

I put my weight all on the desk and lifted my legs and put one foot on either armrest of his chair, pinning him there between my spread limbs unless he wanted to touch my bare legs. They looked slim and sexy and long, and the angle forced me to keep my toes pointed, just like my daddy liked. He leaned back, afraid to touch me for fear of where it might take him and curious about what I was doing. My beautiful silver spangled dress was just long enough to keep him from seeing my panties, but it was a near thing. Sitting in front of my dad with my legs spread wide and knowing what it was in for, my pussy heated up a little more, and I felt that familiar moisture start to gather between my legs.

“Daddy?” I spoke like we were sharing a really big secret, which we were. “Does Mom know about this?”

“No,” he blurted out. Then he tried to regain the upper hand by persuading me of the righteousness of his lost cause. “I mean, you know your mom. This was just good clean harmless sex stuff. But she’s just a little too uptight to put up with me giving advice to young girls.” A little too uptight? That was an understatement - she’d skin him alive, and we both knew it.

“But where’d you learn this stuff if she’s so uptight?” I figured that in his efforts to convince me that this was all nothing, I could expect some extra truth now. I was guessing I was in for a tale of wild college life or maybe a long lost love he’d known before Mom. But he surprised me.

“From your mother. Duh. I mean, she may be act a little cold when you’re around, but she’s a whole different animal when she’s alone with me. All that stuff, the clothing, the swallowing, the toys and sex in public is stuff I learned from her.” Toys? Sex in public? Looks like I may have missed a few columns.

“But if she knew you were sharing your knowledge with innocent young college girls she’d come unglued, right?”

“Yeah, maybe,” he said, sounding pretty unconvinced.

“Come on, Daddy.” I was firm, and I left no room in my tone for any argument. “She’d divorce you in a flash if she knew about your newsletter for college virgins, wouldn’t she?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Wouldn’t she?” I spoke slowly and deliberately made my voice statement of fact and not a question at all, like you’d use on a six year old caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Yes.” Guilty. Got him!

“Good,” I said brightly. I lifted my ass off of the desk just enough that I could quickly grab my panties and slide them down. Then I raised my left leg up and slid it out of my underwear. I put my feet back on the arms of the chair. Dad’s surprised eyes followed them all the way as I gave my wet cotton panties a push so they could slide down my right leg to my spangly new shoe. I felt the damp cum spot on the panties rest on my ankle, and I thought briefly of Allie. My foot sure looked cute with the red nails and silvery high heels, and even cuter with a pair of wet panties draped on it. Allie would just drool. I leaned back. The whole move only took a few seconds, and Dad was way too flabbergasted to even try to stop me.

“Here’s the deal,” I said as I lifted my skirt, exposing my cummy cunt to my suddenly sexy dad. My pussy was on fire, begging for a good thrashing, and exuding the odor of hot girl. Eagerly awaiting some action at its home between my long spread legs. “I have copies of this stuff hidden away, and I may have to show them to my mommy.” I gave a big pause. “Naturally, I may be able to be talked out of it.”

Surprised and speechless, Daddy’s eyes gaped wide, and he was unable to move them as he watched my hand reach towards my tight little cunt. I gasped when I first touched it, and then of course I had to give it a few quick wet stirs. We both watched as my red nails tickled my clit through my fine blond pussy hair. Then I reluctantly took my hand away and teasingly leaned forward. When I had leaned far enough, I reached out to brush his lips with my cummy finger.

Daddy was never stupid, and he knew exactly where I had gotten this trick and exactly where I wanted to go. But he had no more resistance to the scent of his little girl’s hot cum than he had predicted in his column. And the fact that he was sitting between the long and naked legs of a hot and willing young girl didn’t help him either. As my finger approached his lips, he moaned softly and gently nibbled on my fingertip.

“Honey,” he mumbled around my finger. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Do what, Daddy?” like I was Little Miss Innocent. I took my hand back and returned it to swizzle the cum around my sodden slit. Dad seemed to suddenly have a lot of difficulty speaking. He mouthed some words, but nothing came out. He stared at my wet puffy pussy, longing and lust for his little girl written all over his face.

I let him watch my busy hand for a minute, and then I unhurriedly leaned forward and gently put my hand behind his head. As I leaned back I pulled his face towards my crotch. I leaned on one elbow and held his head against my pussy. An electric jolt rammed through me as my daddy’s lips touched my most private place. Allie had pleasured me there with her tongue and she was mine forever, but the forbidden nature of feeling and watching my daddy between my legs sent me to a different world entirely. Daddy began licking and sucking my drenched pussy as if he’d never had one before.

As his greedy tongue slipped and slid around my gaping slit, I suddenly realized the benefit of experience. Whatever Mom had taught him was exquisite, and it was only a few seconds before I was gasping for air. I was amazed when after only a few moments I suddenly caught my breath and came in a colossal spasm. Daddy’s pace changed as I started squirting cum all over his face, and I greedily rubbed myself against his lips trying for more, enjoying every lick, every slippery caress from his lips and tongue. My gooey cum and his saliva coated all of my crotch, and even dripped onto the papers on his desk. But I didn’t care. I was in heaven spurting hot little girl cum into my daddy’s eager mouth.

He knew just when to slow down, and just when to stop. I smiled at his gooey face as I tried to calm my ragged breathing. But my heart was still racing with excitement when I was finally able to lift my leg and use it to push him back into his chair. He wiped his mouth and then closed his eyes in mute pleasure as I dropped my foot into his lap and slid it up and down the hungry ridge in his pants.

I put my feet back on the armrests, and I leaned forward so that I could reach between my legs to undo his belt. My face was very close to his, and I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked into his eyes. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then I had to look down at my hands so that I could see what I was doing. His eyes watched too as my slender hands with their red nails unzipped his pants and set free his straining cock. God, it was even bigger than Bobby’s!

I’d hesitated about shoving Bobby’s dick into me, but compared to this one I had a sudden longing for that smaller tool. Daddy’s dick was dripping his hot cum, and it suddenly occurred to me that this was where I’d come from. This hot dripping shaft had created me! My daddy had spurted hot sperm from this swollen thick tool into my mommy’s dripping pussy years ago and then I was born. Thoughts of Bobby’s dick flew my head. I had to have this one. I had to have it shoot hot sperm into me. And I had to have it now.

Daddy seemed to know the effect his dick was having. He sat there, his cock waiting for attention while I climbed down off of the desk. I turned around so that my back was to him, and then I scooched my new dress up. God, it hadn’t stayed on even as long as I’d thought it might, and that wasn’t very long. Once I got it above my ass, I spread my legs and bent forward so that my naked little butt was right in front of my seated father. I figured that everybody else liked to grab it so much, maybe Daddy would too. Maybe I’d just learned to love to have my ass handled. Anyway, he didn’t disappoint me, and he grabbed my butt in both hands and groaned in pleasure.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he said. Daddy kneaded my butt in his hands, causing a pleasurable tugging on my pussy lips. He spread my cheeks and ran his tongue up the crack and I involuntarily shivered in pleasure. My slit craved more attention, so I spread my long legs and he immediately reached between them to cup my seeping pussy in his big rough hand. He palmed me, and then began rubbing in circles, his hand sliding around as his fingers explored every bit of my inflamed cunt. Suddenly he thrust a his thumb into me, and I had a mini-orgasm right then. God, this man knew just what to do to me!

Allie and Daddy had always shared some kind of psychic connection with me. They were the two people in the world closest and dearest to me, and I guess that I shouldn’t have been surprised that they could read my sexual emanations and somehow always give me just what I needed. But I was running out of time. Not only were Allie and Mark due to come by to take us to the dance, but Mom would be back soon. I knew what I wanted, but instead of taking it at my leisure, I was going to have to take it now.

My pussy was on fire and my little girl hot cum was practically flowing out of it. The orgasms I’d already had just hadn’t been enough. It wanted more. My slit was drooling cum and my pussy lips were gaping wide. It was waiting for that ultimate cum, the one created by a big dick sliding into it. Fortunately for me, there was one nearby.

I reached far back between my legs and grabbed Daddy’s cock. It was all slippery with pre-cum, and I gave it a few good long strokes as I slowly lowered myself toward it. I positioned it so that the swollen head was right on my pussyhole, and then I let go and sat up. I grabbed the arms of the chair and held myself there for a moment, enjoying the sensation of his hungry cock trying to press itself into me. But it felt so right that I didn’t even care that it was my Daddy who was taking my cherry. “Here we go,” I thought. “I’m about to lose my virginity to my daddy…….”

I let my weight down and slowly skewered myself onto my dad. It felt so right when his hot pink steel slid into me that it was if somehow I was its home, and it had come back after being away forever. I gasped over and over as it deliberately thrust into me an inch at a time. Every tiny bit of me was crammed with eager manhood. I started to cum, and I found myself echoing Allie’s orgasms, against my will whimpering “Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod,” over and over. I had to pant for my life as the air about me seemed to vanish.

When I was at last fully impaled on Daddy, I hesitated just a moment, gasping and cumming and enjoying the stuffed feeling of having a man inside me. Then my hips started that instinctive rocking, the age old bouncing that unites boy and girl. Up and down they went, sliding that cock in and out of me, faster and faster. Using the arms of the chair as levers, I began riding my daddy and he fucked me right back. He thrust himself into me over and over, his gasping for breath in my ear almost as loud as my own quest for oxygen. His hips slapped into my bare ass with a sound that was surprisingly loud and erotic.

Allie was right. All of my senses had narrowed down to just that one delicious spot on my body. Gone was the outside world, thoughts of the dance, my concern for the clock. I couldn’t feel my new dress or my erect nipples. I think maybe that I could feel Dad’s hands on my hips, holding me as he thrust his steel into me. But all I really felt was my body bouncing around my pussy which was being pounded to within an inch of its life. I came and came and came, gushing pussy juice and murmuring “Ohmigod,” over and over.

After what seemed like forever Dad bounced against me so hard that I lost my balance, and I found myself leaning forward, my hands on Daddy’s knees as his assault on my hungry pussy continued. My legs were spread wide, and his thrusting was splashing my pussy juice everywhere. I was so lost in my own sensations that it barely registered when after a while, Daddy’s pummeling of my cunt changed its rhythm, slowing and become deeper and more hungry.

Then I felt it! Suddenly hot cum shot into me as Daddy gave one last thrust, pushing himself into my sizzling pussy as far as he possibly could. The jets of goo hit the inside of me with a velocity which astonished me, spurting against my pussy walls and painting my insides with spermy man cum. We froze together, his ass up off the chair as he tried to pierce me with his dick, his hands pulling my hips against him for maximum penetration.

As jetted his cum into me, I leaned back against Daddy and cupped his face against mine, and kissed him gently on the cheek. He gasped as he spurted load after load into me, and I marveled at the sensation of hot sperm inside my most secret place. I felt fulfilled, satisfied and horny for more all at the same time as he bucked his essence deep into me. After a while his spasms slowed, and he was finally able to lower us back down into the chair, my naked wet ass resting on his hips as he held me tightly to him. Slowly his breathing slowly returned to normal and he relaxed.

I was surprised when I slowly sat forward and slid off his cock and heard a little wet pop. We had fit together so well that our joined sexes were only able to let go of each other reluctantly. I’d never felt so contented in all my life.

I stood up and turned to face my daddy, who was still panting from the exertion of screwing his daughter. It was a good thing that the desk was there for me to lean on, because my legs were so rubbery that I almost fell.

“God,” he gasped, “You’re amazing. I’d forgotten how tight your mother was way back when.”

“Daddy!” I squealed. I know that I flushed with embarrassment. My daddy had just screwed me and then compared me to my mommy. Like all little girls, there was a little part of me that wanted me to be first in my daddy’s eyes. Well if Mom taught him this stuff, the least I could do was try to match her skill, and I thought I knew how to do it. Besides, my mouth was watering.

I lifted my dress again, exposing my used pussy to Daddy. His eyes fastened on my little blond cunt, my pussy hair damp with my cum, his cum and sweat. As tight as he thought it was, obviously my pussy wasn’t tight enough, because a large dollop of creamy white sperm was drooling slowly from it down my the inside of my naked thigh.

After making sure that Dad was looking, I reached down with my hand and wiped his cum from the inside of my long leg. I brought it slowly to my mouth, but then I had to quickly shovel it in before it fell from my finger. I looked my Daddy in the eye and smiled with delight at the taste. The salty taste of sperm mixed with the musk of my own cum sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine, and I swear that if my pussy hadn’t been so worn out, I would even have cum again. I guess Miss Julie was right - the best sexkittens just have to be cumsluts.

As Daddy shook his head in astonishment I stood up, pulled my panties up and my dress down and patted my exhausted daddy on the cheek. Feeling very sexy and smug and womanly, I walked over to the mirror above the bar. Amazing! I didn’t look like a girl who’d just been screwed silly. You couldn’t tell at all, except for maybe the extremely satisfied look in my eye.

I pushed a stray lock of hair back into place and looked back at Dad. His breathing had almost returned to normal and he was putting his gooey cock back into his pants, a hint of a smile on his face and a satisfied look in his eye.

“Well, I guess I won’t have to tell Mommy,” I said. “But I’ll probably need a few more lessons from ‘Miss Julie.’ You know, there’s no way a girl can have too much experience in these things .” Dad gave me a look that was half embarrassment and half unmitigated lust. “I think that can be arranged,” he said dryly. Just then the doorbell rang. It had to be Allie and Mark come to pick me up.

“By the way,” I told him as I walked out of his study, “Mom’s kind of hoping for a romantic night. I hope you’re still up for it.” I giggled at my own joke. Mixed man and girl cum was dripping out of my pussy and soaking into my panties as I headed towards the front door. I wondered if maybe I could find a way to share some with Allie on the way to the dance?

Thanks for reading - I hope you liked it! If you did, you might enjoy my other stories, too - check them out. And as always, feel free to vote your opinion and email me your thoughts………

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