tagInterracial LoveHow My Husband Had Me Bred

How My Husband Had Me Bred


It started out in what I thought was just "pillow talk". My new husband would ask me if I would like having sex with other men?

I soon learned that he wanted an affirmative answer from me along with a vivid description of what I would like them to do to me. Telling him how much I would enjoy their cocks always ensured he would come in me. It gradually took over as our primary bedtime fantasy.

I only had one other lover aside from Rick, a classmate in high school, so I did not have much experience to draw on. I did my best to make my tales realistic.

Over time Rick became more insistent wanting me to admit fucking real people. So as not to disappoint him I went along with his fantasy beliefs.

I was working as a legal secretary for a successful Afro-American attorney. Lincoln Jackson was a fifty-nine year old widower, his wife prematurely dying from cancer some five years earlier. Mr. Jackson always treated me with the greatest respect and was an ideal employer.

"You're fucking the jungle bunny aren't you?" Rick accused.

He was on top of me driving his cock deep into my hungry pussy.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Jackson, he's fucking you isn't he?" Rick insisted.

I knew what he wanted to hear, "How did you find out?"

"I can tell when you come home with a sloppy pussy. I have checked through the laundry and seen his cum all over your panties!" he proudly announced.

Of course it was all his overactive imagination but I let him believe he had caught me. Rick came in me like he hadn't in a long time.

"Can I see you for a minute?" Jackson's voice came through the intercom.

I entered his inner office with my steno pad expecting to take dictation.

"Sit down June." Jackson invited from behind his littered desk. "Your husband called me."

Immediately my heart leapt into my mouth, what did that idiot say to my boss?

"He invited me to come to your house so he could watch me fuck you." Jackson said.

My face must have turned ten shades of red and I sank down in the chair wanting to disappear.

"Do you know what that's all about?" Jackson went on.

"I am sorry Mr. Jackson. My husband is under the impression we are having an affair." I sheepishly admitted.

"Why would he think that?" Jackson asked.

"Because I told him we were." I confessed.

I then had to explain my husband's bizarre longing for me to have sex with other men. How he had suspected I was fucking my boss and how I had agreed to satisfy his fantasy.

"And how would you feel about it if it were true?" Jackson asked.

"I don't know?" I honestly answered.

I am not prejudice; I was just too much in love with my husband to consider making love with another man. I guess I had thought what it would be like to kiss Jackson's thick Afro lips but that was the extent of my lascivious thoughts.

"Would you let me fuck you?" Jackson asked.

I was both shocked and confused by my boss's blatant question was he trying to trick me?

"Well maybe?" I hesitantly answered.

"Maybe what?" Jackson persisted.

"Well I guess I would under the right circumstances." I replied.

"What would those circumstances be?" Jackson relentlessly questioned me.

"If we were all agreeable and it was only a charade." I suggested.

"Tell your husband I shall visit you Saturday night." Jackson dismissed me.

What had I got myself into? I had just given a black man permission to have sex with me!

For the remainder of the day I could not concentrate on work, my thoughts kept going to Lincoln Jackson.

Jackson was a big man. He had often told me stories of how he had been the all-star right guard on his university football team. In his younger days he had topped two hundred and fifty pounds of fighting muscle but now he was a fit two hundred. Jackson was one of the "dark" black men, many shades darker then your average West Indies Negro.

I couldn't wait to get home and have a go at my idiotic husband.

"Did you call Jackson?" I demanded when I came in the door.

"Yep" Rick casually agreed.

"Nice going, now he's coming over Saturday night to fuck me!"

Rick smiled.

Saturday night arrived all too soon. I had been on edge all week like a lamb being led to slaughter. I just wanted to get this fiasco over with and get back to my" normal" life.

I showered before my boss's arrival and slipped on my robe. I wanted a minimum of clothes to remove to get my task over quickly.

Promptly at nine o'clock the doorbell rang and Rick rushed to let my bull in.

Rick greeted Jackson like a long lost friend welcoming into out home. They sat in the living room chatting as casually as if Rick was selling him a car instead of lending him his wife's body. I hovered as inconspicuously as possible in the background.

"Come over here dear and show Mr. Jackson what you got." Rick ordered.

As expected I walked to the center of the room and loosened the belt on my robe. I slipped the robe off my shoulders and it fell into a pile around my feet, I stood totally naked before my husband and employer.

I am no beauty queen but most guys do find me attractive. Five foot five and a reasonable one hundred and twenty-eight pounds. I have shoulder length auburn hair framing my green eyes and 38C breasts with large pink nipples. My rust colored bush id neatly trimmed and freckles are scattered over my pale white skin like fairy dust.

Jackson stared at the naked woman he had only seen dressed prim and proper in his office. "Very nice!" he sighed.

"Take Mr. Jackson to the bedroom Honey." Rick ordered.

Humiliated I took my boss's hand and led him down the hall.

Richard followed us into the bedroom with his video camera in hand, He had the bed scattered with my dolls and silk pillows as a backdrop to the record of his wife being fucked by a black man.

I sat naked on the edge of the bed while Jackson removed his clothes. When he finally pulled his boxers down the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life popped out. It looked like it belonged on a horse, not a man!

"Oh my God!" I thought, "I am never going to get that in me!"

Jackson took his monster cock in his hand and gave it a couple of introduction strokes as if it needed to be longer! I just sat there in awe.

"Enjoy!" Rick nodded towards me.

As Jackson approached his cock seemed even larger until inches from my face it appeared unreal.

"Suck it for him Baby." Rick ordered as he started the camera.

Rick knew I did not like sucking cock. He was always bugging me to give him head but usually I was able to avoid it. Now he wanted me to put this big black monster in my mouth!

Carefully I reached out to take hold of Jackson's huge limb, its girth was so immense I was unable to close my thumb and finger around it. It even had weight, I felt as if I was holding a large link of Polish sausage. I leaned forward until my lips were about to touch his shiny cockhead.

I knew I had to open my mouth wide as I guided my boss into my mouth. As his helmet touched the back of my mouth my lips sealed around his shaft and I inhaled deeply forming a warm wet vacuum around Jackson's black giant.

Inside of my mouth the cock felt even bigger. My jaw ached in an attempt to contain the massive cock.

"Suck it baby!" Rick coached.

Jackson throbbed in my mouth as I worked on him. His hand joined mine a he assisted me stroking his cock. I knew he was on the verge of ejaculating!

I was afraid Rick would be angry if I did not allow Jackson to come in my mouth. I would let his shoot into my mouth and then spit his semen out.

The flood of cum was bigger than I expected, spurt after spurt of Jackson's goo filled my mouth. It was more than my mouth could contain and unwillingly I begin swallowing the excess. The slime slid down my throat like raw oysters leaving a salty trail. I fought my gag reflex from trying to reject the disgusting stuff.

I pulled back allowing the spurting cock to discharge the remainder of Jackson's load onto my face. Cum spilled from my mouth and dribbled from my chin, dropping like pearls onto my bare breasts.

"Wonderful!" Rick cheered.

Jackson just moaned in relief.

While Jackson was recovering Rick came over to arrange me on the bed to be taken by my black lover. He lay be on my back tying my wrists to the headboard with the lengths of rope he kept for out games. The he secure my ankles so that my legs were spread wide apart, inviting Jackson's brute to invade my most intimate space.

Jackson had made a quick recovery seeing me waiting for his cock. He was about to roll a condom onto his erect dick when Rick intervened.

"You don't need that man, she wants you bare cock!" he told Jackson.

Jackson looked at me in surprised, discarded the condom and approached me with his gigantic unprotected cock waving menacingly.

Carefully he got onto the bed and positioned himself between my spread legs. Kneeling he took his cock in hand and guided it though my pubic hair to find my opening. I felt the head spreading my labia as it begins its journey into me. God it was so big, the pain was excruciating!

"Oh please go easy Lincoln!" I begged as my cervix was stretched to unbelievable size.

Jackson was relentless in entering me, slowly forcing 10' of thick black cock into my womb. Mercifully felt his balls touch against my skin, I had taken all of him!

"Please don't come in me!" I begged.

Rick was enjoying my humiliation, the cameras recording his slut wife fucking a black man. I knew in his perverted mind he intended to show it someday to our child to show "Mommy getting pregnant"!

Jackson begins his long powerful strokes in and out of my stretched passage. My cunt gripped his cock so tightly my hips were lifted as he withdrew only to have him crash down back into me. The bed protested as he drove me into the mattress.

I felt the vent of his cockhead dangerously close to my fallopian tubes. I honestly believe he tried to withdraw but the walls of my cervix had a death grip on his cock. His body stiffened and his essence begins to flood my womb, millions of spermatozoa started the journey to my uterus.

"I'm sorry!" he apologized as he collapsed exhausted on top of me.

We lay there coupled until his cock became flaccid and he pulled it dripping with our juices from my fertilized womb.

Richard was happily recording then completion of my impregnation from the foot of the bed.

"Well done!" he congratulated my sperm donor.

Little Joshua is a beautiful baby boy; he has honey color skin and it looks as if he is going to be well endowed like his father. My husband just dotes over his "trophy son".

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