tagBDSMHow My Life Changed Ch. 03

How My Life Changed Ch. 03


In the end (I discovered later) it was two and a half hours before Ben showed up. By then I was going out of my mind between jumping at every noise thinking it was someone coming into the glade, trying not to move despite the discomfort because of the bells clamped to my aching nipples and a horrible moment when something crawled up my leg, nearly making me scream.

Nobody came into the glade thank god but I could hear plenty of people passing on the path a short distance away and every time one of the bells on my clamped nipples chimed my heart skipped a beat.

The relief I felt when I saw Ben walking into the glade was total. I had never been as humiliated and afraid as I had been over the past day or so, never been so out of control and seeing him, even though I knew he was responsible, made me go weak at the knees.

He was wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a short sleeved, khaki shirt that was open to the waist, showing his toned physique. He had a rucksack over one shoulder and was carrying a water bottle.

Ben barked a laugh as he saw me and I felt another wave of shame wash over me. He came up close and stood there looking at my trussed up form for a moment before taking a long pull of his water.

'Well then Jayme, look at you. How was your wait?'

'Long sir, I missed you terribly,' I said with a tear running down my cheek.

'How did you like the clamps with bells idea?' he asked with a grin.

'It was very clever sir,' I said wondering why he hadn't untied me and taken me in his arms yet. 'It made the wait unbearable sir.'

'Heh,' he snorted before reaching out and yanking the pegs off my nipples, making me scream out loud – first from the pull and then from the blood rushing back into them.

'Thank you sir,' I gasped when the pain eventually subsided.

'You're welcome,' he replied trailing a hand down my quivering stomach muscles. 'I can't help but notice though that I've been here for almost two minutes now and you haven't bothered to ask me about my birthday party. It's almost as if you don't care, I can leave you here if you like?'

'No sir, please god, don't leave me here sir!' I cried making him laugh. 'I'm sorry I missed your party sir, did you have fun?'

'Yes Jayme I did,' he said his trailing hand now having reached my pussy. 'You do realise you are soaking wet down here?' He asked with a raised eyebrow. 'Anyway, yes I had a very nice time thank you for asking, there was a lot of laughs, some booze and when Eve asked me where you had gone I told her the whole thing and, you know, one thing led to another.'

'W...what?' I said hoping against hope that it wasn't true.

'I said, Jayme, that when you turned up looking like a slut and then fucked off with another man, Eve asked a very reasonable question as to what was going on. So I told her all about you, about the birthday present you are giving me and what I imagined Dan was going to be doing with you.'

'What....what did she say sir?' I asked feeling faint from the stress of it all.

'She loved it Jayme, turns out she absolutely fucking hates you and thinks you are some trampy little slut who's not good enough for me.' He laughed. 'I think she wants me for herself you know,' he whispered conspiratorially.

'She said,' he continued, 'and she couldn't stop giggling when she found out about it, that she loved the idea of you being molested by some freak and she hoped that the experience permanently fucked you up. A little strong I suppose but she's entitled to her opinion, besides it sounded so good when she said it.

'Anyway,' he continued looking at the shame on my face and rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts – the sick fuck was getting off on telling me this, 'I hadn't considered it but when she suggested that we should fuck it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.'

'You fucked her sir?' I asked in a whisper, my head reeling.

'All night long babe and twice this morning, Christ she's one hell of a woman,' he gushed making me feel like shit. 'Now this is the thing, she's came up with a marvellous idea, tonight I had had some nasty things planned for you but instead I am going to untie you now and take you home. There you are going to clean the house and serve Eve and myself as we have a nice long afternoon lazing about, fucking, sucking – you know the drill, before you cook us dinner tonight. Eve said that if you are very good we might not make you watch me fucking her.'

'Yes sir,' I said wanting the horror to end.

'Ah, now this is the thing though, you are going to be under her command,' he chuckled seeing my terrified expression, 'and I won't lift a hand to stop her, whatever she wants to do to you and judging by some of the things she said to me last night, she's not going to be very nice to you I'm afraid.'

'Ok sir, I'll do it for you,' I said after a moment, enjoying the faint surprise on his face. 'I've been through so much already and I still want to prove how much I love you sir.'

'Brilliant,' he said producing a key for the handcuffs and letting me go. 'You'll find some clothes in the bag. Get dressed, we don't have long.'

I opened the bag quickly, my joints protesting from being held in one position for so long, to find the clothes he'd brought were my pair of tiny denim shorts that show off half my ass cheeks and a gossamer thin string Bikini top. I quickly got into the clothes and not wanting to disappoint him I snapped the handcuffs shut on my wrists again.

He just smiled and led me back down to the path where this time, there were a lot more people.


Eve got to our house at about three o'clock. I was cleaning the dishes after cooking Ben his lunch when the doorbell rang. After a curt nod from Ben I walked to the door, I was still wearing my bikini and shorts combo although now I was barefoot.

I opened the door but before I could say anything the tall woman slapped me in the face.

'Shut up slut!' she said and barged her way past me down the hallway with me trailing meekly behind her, rubbing at my jaw.

A tall – 5 inches or so taller than me without heels -, statuesque blonde with big, full breasts, Eve was a good looking woman and she was wearing a knee length skirt and a top that showed most of her ample cleavage above heeled sandals that tightened her long, shapely legs nicely.

Roughly Ben's age, so about fifteen years older than me, she actually looked like a woman in her late 20s.

She strutted up to Ben and my heart lurched when he grabbed her and kissed her hard with his hands fondling her ass. Not knowing what to do I returned to finish the dishes in the kitchen while trying not to listen to their murmured conversation and laughter.

After a while she walked into the kitchen and when Ben started to follow her she put her hand on his chest and stopped him.

'Now now honey, I want to have a little girl chat with Jayme here, why don't you go out the back, I'll be there in a bit,' she said sweetly.

'Alright Eve, I'll see you later.'

Once he had gone she turned to me and looked me up and down with an expression of disgust.

'Strip, and get on your knees slut,' she said venomously and I quickly did as I was told.

She stepped forward, towering over me and I felt completely helpless as she looked down her nose at me.

'Women wear clothes Jayme,' she purred, 'little slut girls go naked. Now,' she said grabbing my chin and forcing me to look up at her, 'I've been waiting for my chance to make your life hell since I met you so imagine my surprise when I discovered that all I had to do is ask.'

She released my jaw and stepped back, shaking her head. 'Don't think for a moment that I don't know how to really hurt a stupid little girl like you, I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born! Let's have a look at you then,' she said, grabbing my hair and painfully yanking me to my feet.

She circled me like a shark as I stood trembling, examining me up close.

'What size are those tits Jayme?' she asked when she was back in front of me and poking my right breast with her fingernail.

'32 A Miss,' I replied shakily.

'Hah!' she laughed, 'call those tits? These are tits you pubescent little skank,' she said, cupping her much larger bosom and pointing them at me.

'Do you think a man like Ben could possibly be satisfied with a boyish little freak like you? Where are your curves you skinny little fuck?' she stepped close and grabbed my pussy in her right fist, tugging painfully at my lips with her long nailed fingers and making me cry out in pain.

'The only womanly thing about you is this cunt isn't it?' she demanded tugging at my flesh.

'Yes Miss!' I cried with tears in my eyes.

'And I hear it's a well used little fuck hole, I hear you will fuck anything you can possibly fit in there, even total strangers? Is that right skank?'

'Yes Miss,' I whispered.

'Say it you shit,' she shouted in my face, twisting my pussy lips again.

'I'm a filthy skank miss and I will shove anything that will fit into my well used cunt miss!' I cried.

Barking a laugh she released me before noticing the wetness on her hand with an expression of disgust.

'What the fuck is this?' She shouted wiping my juice on my face and pushing me over onto the floor where I landed awkwardly. 'Are you getting off on this you filthy little whore?'

She looked around as I sat dumbfounded on the kitchen floor, she reached onto the countertop and picked up a large carrot from the bunch I was to prepare for dinner.

'Fuck yourself with this you little skank,' she said throwing the vegetable at me, 'ram it on up there until you cum.'

I picked up the carrot from the floor, it was freezing cold as I had just gotten them out of the fridge but Eve obviously didn't care so, shivering uncontrollably, I took the thick, hard thing and pushed it as far as it would go into my soaking wet pussy.

Wracked with shame and filled with self loathing I shuffled around and lay on my back, legs spread wide in front of her and rammed that thick carrot into my pussy as hard and as fast as I could. Eve watched me with a sneer for a moment before squatting down in between my legs.

'Now, once you have cum on that thing I want you to fix us some drinks and bring them out the garden. Then I want you to explain to Ben just how much of a boyish freak you are and I want you to beg him to fuck a real woman, not a nasty little skank like you. You understand skank?'

'Yes...Miss,' I groaned as I felt my orgasm building.

With that she stood, spat on me and walked out into the garden.


I did it as well, I served them their drinks, glad that our house wasn't overlooked by any windows and then I stood in front of the man I love and explained why he should fuck someone else.

I think the worst part of it was that he seemed to agree with all of it, commenting that my boobs are too small and I don't have enough curves, at least nothing like Eve's who he said was a far superior example of Womanhood.

Once I had gone through that they decided to go upstairs, Eve insisted I watch her fuck him and I was lashed to a chair in the corner of the room while they spent a couple of hours playing with each other. I have never felt so humiliated in my life, so useless and helpless.

Ben was wearing a condom when they fucked and after he came she decided that the bin was a waste, so she fed the 'little skank her dinner,' upending the cooling sperm into my mouth and making sure I sucked the condom clean of her juice like a boiled sweet.

Later on Eve decided that I wasn't to make dinner for them and they were going to have a meal in town, her rationale being that if I made food she might catch something. So as Ben phoned around to make a reservation, Eve led me into the garden.

'Lie down on the floor skank, spread-eagle yourself' she said.

I was naked except for ankle and wrist cuffs which she had made me put on earlier when she tied me to the chair to watch them fuck. I quickly laid down and spread my arms and legs wide, too far gone for any shame.

She opened the shed at the bottom of the garden and a few seconds later she emerged with four long wooden pegs from our bell tent, a mallet and some guy ropes. She quickly tied the ropes off to the cuffs and then hammered the pegs into the ground, before tightening the guys and stretching me taught.

Then she walked back into the shed and fetched another rope, this one an old, dirty and rough thing that had been in the shed since we moved in. Humming to herself she doubled it and fed the rope around my waist, slapping me to get it under my ass, before tucking it under itself at the small of my back and pulling it up my ass crack. Then, she threw the ends over a tree limb about ten foot above my head and a little behind before pulling on the ends, making me groan as the rope dug into my sensitive pussy.

Then she went back into the shed and came out holding one of Ben's dumbbells which she held in the air while awkwardly tying the rope to it before letting it swing, laughing as I cried out when the rope suddenly became taught on my crotch.

Then she started to walk inside but stopped, reaching up she grabbed some pegs off the washing line and sat down beside me on the grass.

'Now you can spend the rest of this evening thinking up something to say to us tomorrow about how I am better than you in every way. When we are ready I will come and get you,' she said popping a wooden peg on my nipple, 'and you can tell Ben and myself why I should be his woman and you shall become our little skank toy.'

She clipped the other nipple with a peg and leaned in close, her breath hot on my cheek.

'Because slut, I am taking your man so if you want to stay a part of his life you'd better think up a damn good reason why we shouldn't throw you out on the street and there is only one thing that'll make me want to keep you around, do you know what that is?'

I shook my head, barely able to concentrate over the sensations in my crotch and nipples.

'That one thing is me being able to hurt you whenever I feel like it bitch,' she said with a sweet smile, 'you won't belong to him anymore, you'll become my personal little servant. Now stick out your tongue, let's get a peg on there to stop you whining.'

She stood up and pulled the rope, making the dumbbell raise a couple of feet into the air and laughed as I shook my head in alarm.

'Nphoooohh..' I spluttered with my tongue pegged.

'Sorry, I didn't understand you skank. Oh, you want me to drop this?'

I frantically shook my head again.

'Oh ok, seems odd but if you want me to drop it I will,' and laughing she let go.


It was fully dark when they came home, the lights came on in the house and after a while the back door opened.

It was Ben who walked over and untied the dumbbell before removing the rope from around my waist. Next he removed the pegs form my nipples – the tongue one had fallen off some hours ago thank god – making me gasp and writhe.

He squatted next to my helpless body, fed me some water from a bottle he was carrying and chuckled.

'She's really done a number on you eh Jayme?'

'Yes sir,' I croaked.

'Well if it was up to me I'd let you go but you are Eve's and she wants to be fucked first, says she'll make up her mind depending on how much she enjoys it as to whether you'll be sleeping like this or somewhere more comfortable. What do you say to that Jayme?'

'Please fuck her really well sir, whatever it takes – suggest some things she might not have thought of to do to me sir, just don't leave me out here all night?' I said urgently, acutely feeling the humiliation of begging the man I love to please another woman.

He laughed. 'Listen to you; didn't I say you would become a different person?'

'Yes sir, you were right sir.'

'Well, Eve told me about her idea and I can't wait to hear you argue to be replaced by a woman who wants to do nothing but hurt you. Taking me away from you will just be the start I suspect.'

'I don't want to,' I said with a tear running down my cheek.

'Well tough, you agreed to do whatever anyone told you to, so tomorrow you will convince me it's the best option for all of us.' He looked up to the bedroom window, 'Well, it's a hard life. Jayme, I'm off to make love to someone else and tell her all the things you hate so she can do them to you. See you later!'

They left the window open of course and all I could hear as I lay there shivering on the cold, damp grass were the sounds of lovemaking. After a while they stopped and I heard the back door opening again, both of them came out and Ben quickly started loosening the ropes holding my arms.

I moaned as my joints protested after their lengthy immobilisation, shaking and falling over as I tried to stand up which made Eve laugh out loud.

'Your boyfriend pleased me tonight skank,' she said cruelly, 'so you get to sleep on the sofa. Besides, you look like you need a good rest. Tidy this mess up and lock the house but be showered, made up and ready with breakfast in the morning at 9.'


They were screwing when I opened the bedroom door in the morning; Ben was grabbing her hips and slamming into her from behind as she moaned with every thrust.

Not knowing what else to do I stood there quietly while they carried on, Ben ignored me completely but Eve saw me straight away and spent most of her time looking me right in the eye and smiling.

When they finished I served them their breakfast and waited for them to eat before tidying up the dishes. As I left the room Eve called out and, setting the tray down on the landing table I returned to the bedroom. The place stank of sex and Eve's perfume and despite myself I found myself getting more than a little turned on from what I had seen.

'Jayme, once you are done tidying up we won't need you for the rest of the morning,' Eve said with a languid smile. 'So I want you to go to the spare room and masturbate, find something painfully big to stuff in that little skank cunt of yours until you have cum five times – and I'd better be fucking amazed by the size of it when I check. Then cuff your hands behind your back and wait for me to summon you.'

'Yes Miss,' I said seeing Ben smirking.

'Oh and one more thing,' she said, 'when you wank I want you to think about what you watched this morning. I want you to cum with the image of a real woman making love to your man.'


It was a few hours later that the door opened and she walked into the spare room. I was sitting in the corner, naked and cuffed, with my legs spread letting my hot, stretched pussy breath in the air. She had stipulated 'painfully big' so I had found a hard, plastic drink bottle and it was sitting, along with the tube of KY jelly I had had to use to get it in me, on the floor in front of me.

'Fuck me,' she exclaimed picking up the bottle, 'your cunt must be slack as hell. No wonder Ben wants my pussy, he can actually feel the sides for a start.' She put the bottle down and shook her head, 'It's time to come downstairs and whore yourself to us, skank.'

I struggled up and followed her down the stairs to see Ben and Eve sitting on the sofa. They had put out a low, hard wooden stool with a thick dildo jutting up from the seat (held in place with some tape) and Ben pointed to it as I entered the room.

I squatted down, carefully positioning my pussy over the head of the dildo, luckily I was wet enough that it was only a little struggle to fit it inside me. I cringed at the laugh from Eve as I moaned, feeling the invading lump of plastic stretching me and nudging against my cervix.

'Hah,' Eve said, 'took it in one! She 's like a fucking windsock.'

'Right then Jayme, what have you got to say?' Ben said, looking at me intently as I shifted on the impaling dildo.

I took a deep breath, terrified about what I was going to say.

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