How My Wife Changed...


About 2am when most of the couples were starting to leave, Cherrie told me she was ready to go home now! Instead of dressing, she gathered her clothes, tucked them under her arm and walked naked out through the front door towards our car! Fortunately it was a lovely warm night and perhaps she didn't need her clothes for warmth but I certainly wanted her to be covered up but she wouldn't agree. So, naked as she had ever been, with traces of cum still running down her legs, we set off for the half-block walk to our car. The lights in the street seemed much brighter than usual - only because I didn't want anyone else to see her - and although I tried to hurry her along she just walked at her own steady pace to the car! Fortunately nobody saw her otherwise I might have died of shame!

Once we reached home I was able to drive the car into our garage without Cherrie having to walk where others might see her. When we were both inside I looked again at her body. I could now see a very pretty body which had been used by our friends and which I might never again be able to accept as mine! Some of my disgust had diminished but some was still there. Cherrie told me she didn't want to have a shower but wanted to enjoy the experience a bit longer and would shower in the morning. Very soon after she climbed naked into bed she was asleep. Although I climbed in bed with her I couldn't sleep still thinking of her lying there on the lounge, not only being felt up and played with but fucked in front of me without a care in the world. Then, after the first man, she had invited the rest to fuck her too! It was too much for me. I was out of bed early and made myself some coffee to settle my nerves and hopefully help me to make the right decision!

After sitting in the kitchen for about an hour I heard her walking along the passageway to the kitchen. I expected her to be dressed or at least in her dressing gown but she was stark naked and to my horror I could still see lines of cum down the insides of her legs. She was still leaking cum after all that time. She must have had a lot in her after being fucked by 6 men, some several times! Cherrie walked over to me and tried to kiss me but I moved away from her and told her I didn't want to kiss her any more! I had made up my mind - I would move out and she could keep the house and look after the kids!

To my surprise Cherrie didn't object but simply said, "Darling, I still love you just as before! The fact that those men fucked me was just an experiment to let me know what it was like to have other men - after all I have only ever had you before last night and I still think that it is wonderful to make love with you! If you want to leave I guess I can't object but there is one thing you will have to do! You will have to pick up the children this afternoon and you will also have to tell them their father is leaving them! While you are there you might also like to tell your mother that you are leaving as well. She might appreciate you leaving because she will be able to look after the children more while I go out and find a job - after all I haven't any money to live and look after the children with!" It started to hit home to me! If I left her I would lose the kids! Certainly I would have access to them but it would be terrible trying to explain why I was leaving them!

In a split second I decided I wouldn't leave my wife! I just couldn't stand leaving the kids! I told her I would see what happens over the next few weeks and make another decision then. I assumed she had had her fling and wouldn't be fucking around any more! To this she replied, "Darling, if you had really wanted me to stop last night at any time, you would have only needed to say so and I would have left with you. But you didn't say a word and so I took it that you consented to me fucking the other men! I don't want to go around fucking other men - I have already told you I love you and you are enough for me but you have to make that decision and I will go along with what ever you decide."

I knew right then I just couldn't leave my Cherrie! I loved her too much no matter what she had done last night! I stretched out my arms to hold her and she came willingly to me and held me tight. We kissed and hugged for several minutes before she whispered in my ear, "Darling, I can remember what it was like last night but I am sure the memory will fade quicker if we were to make love right now and you can demonstrate just how good we are together!"

Still holding on to each other we walked to the bedroom but some of my ardor waned when I looked at the very wet patch on the sheets where she had been lying last night! The patch of cum on the bedsheet reminded me of how it had got there and for a moment I hesitated. Cherrie said to me, "Darling, you have to accept what happened last night if we are to get on with our lives! The memory will fade but it will take time. You just can't expect that it will disappear right away. The cum on the sheets ran out of my body and you love my body so I want you to add your cum to that which might be left inside me so that at least the next lot you see running down my legs will have been deposited by you! Please roll me over onto your side of the bed and fuck me!"

Well, fuck her I did and despite myself, I really did enjoy it! We are steadily settling down together now and she seems to have no wish to play around but I get very nervous when our friends are around us because I am waiting for them to hit on her again. Although she has had offers to fuck her again she has simply told them no and has come home and told me all about it! I now believe she has had her experience and won't repeat that again. I can at least live with my hopes!

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