tagIncest/TabooHow My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 03

How My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 03


Characters: Me, Susie (My wife), her brother, my cousin Swapna, Babu and lots of others.

Story so far:

I was a nymphomaniac.

I loved XXX DVD's which made me a pervert. I loved my wife but wanted to see her fucked by others. So I decided to trick her by blindfolding her and let someone else fuck her (How my wife was tricked to fuck - part I).

Still my lust didn't exit. I wanted her to know she was fucked by another person. So I schemed to get her fucked. (How my wife was tricked to fuck - part II).

Now read on.....


After that night, my wife had changed. I feared she would create a scene and divorce me. On the contrary, she invited us for the second fuck. At first we thought she was going to explode and was challenging us, but when she grabbed Babu's dick and began to suck it, our fear turned to joy.

But all that was to be changed.

We had created a monster!

Soon she became a nymphomaniac making me worried. She loved to tease men and didn't care whoever and whenever it was. It was fun in the beginning but soon the talk spread that my wife was a loose woman, who would lift her dress to any dick. I tried to tell her that we should do this to only strangers or at unknown places but she would not listen. Sometimes I wondered if this was her revenge.

For example: in the morning when the newspaper boy or the milkman comes, she will be busy cleaning the front. As she hears them come, she will bend down and do something giving a good view of her breast through her front - low cut dress. Pretending not noticing them, she lifts her dress, showing her milky thighs. Sometimes if its relatives, she would go to the terrace and call them and would talk to them when they are standing beneath the stairs. Midway she would come down. She would squat, lifting her dress, revealing her skimpy panties and climb down and continue her talk as if nothing happened.

She loved to see the men's eye bungle. Their confused look, not believing what they saw, wondering if she was inviting them and that too in front of her husband, all interested her. Since we are from Kerala, all consider the wife as shy and reserved one.

One day a plumber came and was working in the bathroom. He was working on the flush tank. She just barged in and lifted her dress and sat to urinate – right in front of him. The plumber looked around to see if anyone else saw this lusty scene. He didn't see me watching from behind the door. I saw his eyes widen as the golden shower poured out. She just said a 'sorry' and walked away.

Soon the word spread and even old men came to our house on some pretext when I went out. One day when I came, I found her sitting on an old man's lap. His hands were fondling her breast. As soon as he saw them, he gave a sly smile and said she was like a daughter to him. I got angry and said

"Do you fondle your daughter's breast with your dick pressing up against her ass?"

He didn't say anything, but quickly left.

"What's the matter?" my wife asked, "I thought you liked such drama's."

Yes, I had liked it but now I was getting fed up. It was fun when it was a new theme and when I was horny but to see my wife being used like this hurt me. I didn't know what to do. I was the one who made her this monster.

Another day I walked in to my bedroom to see two youngsters banging my wife. For a second I was dazed. All three of them were standing and my wife was sandwiched in between them. One had it in her pussy while the other in her ass. Both had very long dicks which put my dick to shame. She was being tossed up on their powerful strokes. The youngsters didn't even bother to stop in my presence. They just continued to flip her on their dicks. My wife's face was full of lust. This angered me. I just shed of my clothes and dragged her down. Then turning her I pushed my dick into her ass and fucked her roughly. The youngsters came and continued their play with her. One of them inserted his dick into her mouth, holding her hair, while the other led her hand to his dick as he squeezed her boobs. I came heavily on her that day.

I always was extra cautious when any male came in, but whenever any female comes in I would be at ease. One day when I was at my office, I got a call saying my cousin Swapna was arriving for a visit. She had some test or so and would be there for a week. I came early. She was beautiful as ever with gorgeous tits and ass – licking tasty. I had climbed great heights when I was in my teens to see her naked in the bathroom and had fell and broke my hand. Even when I was plastered, my thoughts were of her nakedness. Years later she seemed more delicious. I embraced her and kissed her on her cheeks, wishing I could kiss her lips. I smiled at her and was in conversation with her. Suddenly I had some erroneous feeling and I turned to find my wife, watching me curiously. I felt my tummy rumble. I didn't like her look. No husband would like his wife find out his incestuous or pervert feeling – it was worse than getting caught with the pants down. I quickly left saying I had some work.

After dinner I was waiting for my wife in our luxurious bed when she said she is not coming.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Your cousin is alone, I got to keep her company," she said with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"She doesn't need you. She has to prepare for her exams. Don't disturb her."

"On the contrary she was the one who asked me to give her lessons in English."

I looked at her as she walked away. Maybe it was nothing – just my doubts. I turned off the lights and went to sleep. After some restless hours, I couldn't sleep. I got up and went to our guest room. The door was closed. I couldn't hear any sound. I peeped through the keyhole and got a shock of my life.

Both Susie and Swapna were in their panties. Swapna was removing her bra while my wife had already undone hers. I looked unbelieving my eyes at her gorgeous boobs. It was a handful and had lovely pink nipples. She put her bra down and placed her hands on her boobs and pressed them slowly along her curve. I could hear my wife's voice.

"No, that's not the way. Let me show you."

She got up and placed her hands on her boobs sending tingling sensation to my dick. She pressed her palm on Swapna's nipples, then extending her hand let her fingers drum her boobs. Swapna's face was shy. Susie continued moving her hand and at the same time let her nipples be titillated at intervals. I think she was teaching her how to check her breast for breast cancer. Whatever her idea was, it was working. She came behind her and pressed herself on to her. I saw Swapna's face turn red in embarrassment as my wife's nipples pressed on her back followed by her luscious boobs. For a moment I imagined myself pressing my dick on her. Susie kneeled down and pulled Swapna's panties down. My eyes jumped to her bush which was thick. After the initial surprise was over Swapna caught her panties and pulled it up, turning to my wife, laughing calling her naughty. Both of them were giggling.

"I just wanted to see your bush. I see that you have kept it well."

She giggled again, "Who knows who is going to see it, so one should be always prepared."

"You mean no one has seen your bush till now. Are you still a virgin?" my wife asked as if surprised.

"Kind of." I was amazed to hear Swapna talking such. She was always shy and repugnant to sex and we always thought she would end up as a nun.

"Why? What happened? Any failure love or still waiting for the Prince?" my wife teased her.

"Nothing like that. Just that I wasn't approached. I have been peeped in while I was bathing, even while urinating or worse."

I feared if she meant me.

"But never got an opportunity to undress in front of anyone. Any time someone reaches my panties I push him away."

"See Swapna, it's good to wait for someone, but you should also be prepared because otherwise at the right moment in front of the right person you will do the wrong thing."


"Meaning, there is a knack of doing everything or else your prince charmed may defer. All men have their dream of seeing a girl undressed which is almost the same. With the right moves he is hooked to you forever or else the interest is lost as soon as you get naked."

I couldn't believe Swapna was listening to this foolishness. In a way what she said is true but who.... Swapna's next question made me think myself as a dwarf.

"What is the right move?"

My wife got up and made her sit on the bed and with a 'Watch me' statement she stood in front of her with a smile. She put her two fingers on her panties on each side and let it crawl like a snake to her panties. Slowly the fingers felt around and teasingly began to pull it down. Like a curtain riser we watched the unfolding of her panties till her bush was in view. She had trimmed her bush to shape like a heart. It looked as if she had stuck a heart sign on her pussy with the tail pointing to the pleasures beneath.

"Wow!" exclaimed Swapna.

Had I been in that room, I too would have exclaimed – maybe louder.

After the front view she turned around to continue her jousting dance to unfold her ass. She pulled down her panties. It was not the ass which surprised us.

"What is that?" Swapna asked, once again giggling.

A rose flower was in between her ass cheek!

Susie turned to her and smiled. Coming near her she turned around and bends, asking her to take it out. Swapna parted her ass cheeks and held the rose and pulled. The rose had a long stem which was inserted in her asshole.

"Sheeeaa," Swapna cried in disdain disgust. She had not even dreamed by far chance that the rose had a stem which was deep in her ass. She might have thought it was just a rose. Only after her pull did she realize the effect, but by that time the ass dipped rose was in her hand. She threw it down quickly. Susie started guffawing seeing her expression.

"Now let's see you do it."

"I am not going to stick a rose in my ass."

"Ok, but let's see you do the strip."

After much persuading and encouragement she agreed. She stood in front of my wife with a humiliated face and let her fingers to her side of the panties. Then slowly pulled it down. Feeling shame arise, she pulled it back laughing nervously. Susie encouragingly pulled it down telling her how she could do this in front of a man, if she was so shy in front of a naked girl. Slowly Susie succeeded in pulling it down. Swapna tried covering her nakedness with her palm, then with an embarrassed look, pulled it away. Susie came behind her and squeezed her nipples, as she played with her breast. She let her hand move casually to Swapna's bush. She let her finger play in the forest, poignant to the destination. As her fingers reached the lips, it was a photographic movement as the lust moved her shy face. The covetousness began to project. My wife let her hands sweep both Swapna's boobs and pussy. As she began to finger, Swapna's hips began to dance to the tune of finger fuck. She bit her lips and pressed Susie's hands. Both of them were in heat. Susie came forward and kissed her lips and sucked them without stopping her fingering. Swapna began to swoon as the fingers went in deeper. She automatically opened her legs as the pleasure began to rise. Susie led her to the bed and made her lie.

She then widened Swapna's leg and gnawed at her pussy. A 'humph' escaped Swapna's lips as Susie's mouth invaded her pussy. Susie led her tongue in, searching for the clitoris. Swapna pushed Susie's head deeper as if she wanted her to get her inside her oval. With one hand she began to tease her nipples and squash her breast. Susie turned Susan and made her on four, then moved to the side, as if to give me a good view of Swapna's asshole, giving a naughty look at the keyhole. She might have guessed that I would be the pervert to peep into the keyhole. But I was beyond any shame. To see Swapna in such a stage, I would have done anything. I looked at Swapna's asshole. The asshole ring was grey in color and was contracting and expanding. Slowly I could see that the grey ring covered the pink color. As the asshole expanded I saw the interior pin and my mind began to visualize more. I was hoping to insert a finger in it, when Susie looking at the key hole, licked her fingers and slowly inserted in her asshole. Swapna jumped up, but Susie had already inserted it and was finger fucking her ass. Swapna tried to move but like a wrestling match Susie was on her, continuing her fingering. Last leaving it to the fate she resigned as Susie continued her pump. Susie widened Swapna's ass cheek and began licking her asshole. Swapna giggled in shame saying ayaeee. Susie went under her and locked Swapna's head in between her leg, forcing her in-between her legs. Swapna began to suck her. They were doing a 69 unknowingly. Susie sucked Swapna feverously. Soon Swapna raised her head like a lioness to roar and started her howl of lust.

"Oh, mmmm c'mon Susie. Let my virgin juice flow. Mmmm, o yeah suck it yea oh mmmm," she babbled.

Susie fingered Swapna's asshole as she sucked her pussy. Soon Swapna led out a big moan and collapsed on as the virgin juices escalated tiring her whole self. Susie pushed Swapna's head to her pussy. Tiredly she sucked Susie's pussy. Susie had reached the stage and held her head in between her legs in a head lock, almost suffocating her. Then let her loose as the juices began to spurt to Swapna's face. Her leg fell to the bed as the juices ejaculated non-stop.

After some time she pulled herself from Swapna. She turned her and once again split Swapna's ass cheeks, licked her unresisting asshole and poured little oil she had kept under the bed. Then slowly pushed the stem of the rose which was earlier in her own ass, into Swapna's asshole. Swapna moaned as the stem slide into her asshole. She pushed the stem to the hilt, till only the flower could be seen. She let loose the ass cheeks as they closed on. Now only the flower could be seen. It looked like a flower placed on her ass. She kissed the flower and got up to go. She left Swapna naked, with a flower on her ass and the stem up her ass.

I quickly got up and rushed to my room and lay there as if sleeping. She came to the room naked and lay besides me and kissed me. As her ass touched my dick I ejaculated.

"My, my - aren't we fast today?" she teased and laughed as I was left embarrassed.


I got real worried when she tried to seduce her own brother. He was watching TV and she went in like a slut with low cut revealing dress. For a moment his eyes widened, then seeing me he averted his gaze. I went to the next room and watched through the window. He was sitting near a mirror, so I could see his face even though I was behind him. As soon as I was out of the room he had his eyes feasting on her. She had her back towards him. The dress was like a see thru. It was clear that she had nothing underneath. In between she would sit on floor and get up, so her dress would be inside her ass cheeks. I saw him rubbing his pants. I was sure he was dreaming of opening his zip and lift her dress and push it in. she turned and he quickly moved his hand from his crotch but not before she had seen it. He gave a shy smile. She smiled back and talked to him as if she didn't see it. Suddenly she went and sat on his lap.

"Am I heavy?" "I always wanted to sit on your lap, I hope you don't mind."

Her brother smiled embarrassed because she was right on his dick and he had a hardon. She bends to take something from down and moved back and forth. He held tight as her movement was rocking him. On pretext of showing a scratch on her thigh, she pulled up her dress and slyly lifted her back without even him seeing and her naked ass was on his lap. It would seem as if she didn't know that when she pulled her dress that her dress had come up from the back and her rear was naked. He could feel her naked ass through his cotton pants. She continued her squirming until he held her tight as he ejaculated in his pants. She felt the warmth touch her ass. She gave a wicked smile and a knowing gesture to the window, knowing that I would be watching. She got up with her dress tucked up and bends once again, giving a good view of her ass and tight lip pussy.

After adultery, in a way I was responsible in pushing her towards incest. Now I dreaded when anyone visited our house, so I thought a change would be nice. We decided to go on a trip.

Maybe I could change her – bring her back to her normal self – as my only wife - but i had little hope - perhaps i was still in doubt - did i need my wife or should i just enjoy her lustness - well anyhow a change might give me an answer.


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