tagSci-Fi & FantasyHow She Became a Vampire Ch. 01

How She Became a Vampire Ch. 01


I've always had a soft spot for cheerleaders. Their pleated mini-skirts drape shamelessly over their most prized prize possessions, not successfully hiding those. They have sweaters that cling to their young, firm little bodies. They can wear nylons with tennis shoes, with no chance of a fashion risk. The white socks are rolled down so far that they barely peek out over the edge of their shoes. A cheerleader's energy and vigor are unparalleled. Even when they're not in their uniforms, they leave a trail of youth and energy behind them wherever they go.

This 18 year old young lady was no different. I could feel her heart beating with such enthusiasm, that it seemed to call, "drain me." When we were kissing, I felt my eyeteeth grow to outrageous lengths, as so did my penis. I knew that I had to bite her before the moment got cold, before she noticed my oversized teeth. I lifted her pleated maroon skirt, with no resistance from the buxom young virgin. I removed her soft cotton black thong panties, and then entered her sweet heaven. My cock entered into her feeling wet warm passion surrounding it. And a little way in, I felt a little resistance from her hymen. As soon as I had broken it, she let out a soft groan of pain, and then a groan of submission.

When her mind was safely on sex, my mouth desperately groped for her neck. When I reached my destination, I entered her again in another place. She was bleeding pure energy from two places on her body. I only wished that I had two mouths to drink from both fountains. Once she was satisfied, she fell asleep on her Victorian-style four-poster bed. I decided to quit then, because her blood gave me such a high, that I didn't want to risk killing her, so that I could use this source of energy again.

We lie next to each other in her bed. She was asleep, and I never sleep. I heard someone coming up the stairs, cocking a rifle. I did not realize it earlier, but she made some pretty loud noises, while we made love. My mind was on the draining of her blood. I figured that the person ascending the stairs most probably was her father. I thought to myself "Ahem, another victim."

I quickly turned myself into a mist and settled myself on her hardwood floors. From there, I noticed the door open, and a flood of incandescent light pour into the room.

The bearded fat man tried to adjust his bespectacled eyes to the darkness and the mist. Looked as he might, he saw no one but his sweet daughter, lying in bed fully dressed covered with a white sheet. Scratching his head with his right hand, he turned around to leave. 'Restraint' I thought to myself, 'is the key.' But despite my own good advice, I surrounded him as a mist. I climbed higher on him, choking him silently. He dropped his gun and reached for his chest as he felt me constricting his chest. He looked down at the mist, and saw himself getting absorbed into it. He let out a silent scream as he slowly disappeared into the mist.

And then when he was gone I returned to my naked human figure. I looked down and saw only his blue jeans, white boxer shorts, and blue plaid flannel shirt. I kicked it into the corner of Heather's immaculate room.

I went over to her Bookcase, where she had one shelf of Nancy Drew books. She had a crucifix hanging from a nail, in the side of the bookcase. "thou shalt not make graven images," I said as I gripped it tightly. In my years I have found that I can learn so much about people by examining what they read. She had one shelf that had books about Christ, Christianity and the merits of Catholicism. Out of instinct I reached behind the books of Christ, and found books of erotica, very low grade. There was even one on vampire erotica. And then, I went back to her bed.

I gave her a soft kiss on her inexperienced lips. She fluttered her eyes, and smiled big. "Mmmm, if I'd known it was like that, I wouldn't have waited so long." She pulled off her sweater and skirt, reached down to her pussy, and rubbed it, looked up at me innocently, "Again, please."

I lifted the long blonde hair out of her eyes with my index finger slowly softly. I gave her a soft kiss on her lips as she kissed me back hard, thinking that the harder a kiss is the more passionate it is. How inexperienced she is. Too bad she chose her first lover as someone who would ultimately kill her.

I climbed back on top of her, pushed my hips forward to enter her pussy. It was much easier to enter this time. I love the first stroke in. No matter how many times you've done it, it always feels new, that first stroke. Warm, wet and engulfing me completely. I just stay for a moment feeling the energy around my dick. She looks up at me looking for something I can't give, which is love. I kiss her softly, she kisses back way too hard, but a little softer.

In mid-kiss I start pumping in and out of her, hard. I plunge fast and deep strokes in and out of her. I'm staring to get too excited, I know that I have to calm down. But I can't. Harder I plunge in and out of her, my teeth grow long, and the panther comes out. She closes her eyes from pleasure and then a second later opens them again to find a black panther on top of her fucking her. Drool dripping from my fangs I plunge in to her neck, as she starts to scream, but gets it only half out. Her flesh is in my mouth and her blood is dripping from my lips as I come inside her.

Passion subsiding, I regain control. I am once again human form. "Damn I have a lot of work ahead of me tonight."

English class first period, Monday morning. What a weekend I had. And soon I will see if I'm successful. The bell rings and Heather isn't here. I look around and then I see her walk in, looking just as good as always. She was wearing tight blue jeans with bell-bottoms, and a mid-riff t-shirt with the band turkey stuffing on it. She sat next to me, and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was shocked, because she wasn't supposed to remember. Did it only half work? If she remembered all of it, she would have the villagers, outside with torches and wooden stakes. Before Friday she saw me as only friend, a confidant that she would talk about her romances to. So I asked her, "What was that for?"

"Well I thought about it, and... um I know that you've wanted to date me for a while. And I decided to give you a shot." I looked at her quizzically, "well, I had a dream. And apparently my subconscious..."

What luck! She remembered but only as a dream. I wouldn't have to kill her, again. "That sounds great."

Just then Mrs. Earwig walked in the room, and went to the front of the class. She looked down at Heather, and said, "Baby Girl, are you okay? You look pale."

Heather smiled big and looked at me, "I've never been more okay."

"Aaaw. Baby girl has a new sweetie." And she clapped her hands together once.

Heather was walking home after cheerleader practice. She was in her pleated miniskirt and sweater and she felt she was in love. Some of the other girls offered to give her a ride, but she just wanted to enjoy the walk home. She watched the beautiful sunset, as she smiled and breathed in the sweet perfumed air of spring. There was a definite bounce to her step and she felt that everything was going right with her world.

On her way, she stopped into Johnson's drug store. It was one of those old style drug stores, the kind that still had a soda fountain. Mr. Johnson looked at her over the tops of his thin rimmed glasses. He was just taking off his white coat because he was closing the place down as Heather joyfully skipped in. "Betty's got supper waiting, it's my favorite, meatloaf. So I'd much appreciate it if you made it quick." Then he noticed her cheerful attitude. "girl, I've known you since before you was born, and I don't think I've ever seen you this happy." She chirped out a giggle as she paid for her glass bottle of dr. pepper. "Is it that new boy you've been hanging out with, what's his name?"

"Barry!" She said excitedly.

"Is it?"

She started whistling to avoid admitting to anything.

"Well, he seems like a nice sweet god fearing boy unlike all them football players that are always trying to get with you. Where is he tonight? He should be walking you home."

"Theater practice they are doing the "hamlet" next week and they have to put in extra time now."

Do you need a ride home? The sun is almost fully set, now.

"No, I just want to enjoy the night air, and enjoy pondering my life."

She happily walked out the door into the brisk air. As she walked home she took a shortcut through a cemetery that had been there since the town's founding in the 1600's. Usually it made her feel a sense of civic pride knowing the history of her town could be read inside that wrought iron fence but tonight the shadows of the statues on the graves, just started to make her a little leery. She wondered if she just saw something moving in the shadows. It was probably just a stray cat. Even so, she picked up her pace. She was no longer concentrating on her happiness, as she started jogging through the graveyard. Her pleated skirt was flying up and her sweater was brushing against her nipples. She was starting to get turned on, which made her think of the dream she had about Barry. She was scared and excited.

Another shadow crossed in front of her, it was definitely a human shape. She started running. "I wish Barry was here to protect me and hold me and..." she had to stop herself, she had to concentrate on getting out of here not how much she liked that blonde man with the big muscles and tight little athletic body, that brilliant sweet caring man. She must have let her mind distract her because right in front of her was one of the shadows. Her heart was racing and she drew in heavy breaths of the icy night air. The air stabbed at her lungs like little daggers.

"Heather, what are you doing out so late?" it was the voice of homeless black man that the whole town knew. He was a little bit crazy, but harmless. That's what they always thought. "you shouldn't be out here so late. Didn't your momma teach you that?" There was no answer as she was trying to catch her breath. "Looks like Willy is going to have to teach you." He pulled out his jackknife and opened it.

She giggled. "What are you doing Willy? You know you don't want to hurt me."

"Did you laugh at Willy?" He reached over and grabbed her sweater, pinching her tit in his big hands. She tried to wrestle away from him. But he was much to strong for her. He took is knife and put it at the bottom of her sweater and started cutting it upwards. it was half cutting and half tearing through the material. She was really starting to get scared, so she tried to take control of the situation.

"Willy, if you let me go now no one will ever know."

A light flashed in his eyes and it looked like he couldn't hear anything, like he knew nothing of what he was doing. As he was cutting off her sweater she fell to the ground which made the knife go into her breast. Oww she never felt such pain. But something touching her breast made her think of Barry. Barry hasn't even touched her breast. Would he think she was tainted after this, would he no longer want her? She looked down and the large black man was licking at her wound drinking in her blood. His tongue was soothing on her cut but, his rough beard felt like a burn. His mouth was covered in blood as he placed the knife to her neck and kissed her hard on the lips. Her own blood was smeared on her lips and breasts. She could taste her own blood and she liked it. The sharp pain in her breast, turned to a dull throbbing pain, and that wasn't so bad.

She was always told, that if your being raped to try to enjoy it. It will cause less pain. He pulled out his cock and shoved it against her blood soaked lips. It must have been ten and a half inches. She tried to tell him that she had never done any of this before but as soon as she opened her mouth, he shoved his cock partway in. she started to gag, but then she remembered what the other cheerleader said they did when they gave blowjobs. Breathe through your nose, and keep your teeth out of the way. It was so thick around her mouth could hardly hold it. She grabbed the base of his mammoth cock and pulled it out. And put it back in. she licked the head like a lollipop. She thought that if she could get him to come, she would be sedated for a little bit and she could run away. If she could get him to come like this it would be better than losing her virginity to someone raping her. She started crying. She was being so violated and no one was around to help her.

"Ooooh! That makes Willy feel nice." He flipped her on her back and put his knife under her skirt. He cut off her panties in one slice.

"Please don't fuck me, I'm a virgin. And I don't want to lose it to you." She whimpered.

Willy ran the backside of the blade along her vulva. It made her shake and cry even more. She thought he was cutting her, mutilating her. But he wasn't. He turned the knife around and stuck the handle inside her. She started bawling even more she was sure the knife blade was inside her. Then he stuck his dirty fingers inside her and pulled them out and stroked his dick with it.

"Since you've been so good at not fighting me," he flipped her over onto her front where her cut was burning like fire as it was ground onto the dirt. "I will do as you say." Then he lifted up her skirt, and placed his cock between her ass cheeks. She could feel it and she knew it was coming. But she could nothing to stop it. He eased it in, but with how huge his member was and how nervous she was, it still was the sharpest pain, she ever had. "Just relax and think of someone you want to do this to you, like that blonde boy." She thought of Barry. He would probably never see her after this. But she thought of him. And she relaxed. Imagining it was Barry's cock plunging into her rectum, she enjoyed it. She started shaking the waves of pleasure wouldn't let go of her. She felt so alive and so excited, more than she ever did while she was alone. As her high started coming down, she cried for having enjoyed it. Willy was now sleeping on top of her. She had to find a way to get this monstrously huge man off of her. She rolled him over with some super human strength. Adrenaline must have been helping her. And she ran to Barry's house it was the closest, it was right on the edge of the cemetery.

A large girl, answered the door, with a warm inviting smiling round face.

Heather whimpered out "Is... Barry... here?"

The heavy girl surveyed her clothes and her hair her condition. Heather wasn't even bothering to hold her sweater closed. "No, my dear child. Come inside. Let me help you. I'm his sister Lara. She helped her into the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom. She helped her off with her clothes and started a hot Jacuzzi bath she sat Heather down on the bed, and held her as she cried through the story.

"Look I'm getting your beautiful sweater all wet." She said as she noticed that there were tearstains all over Lara's large breast.

"That's okay sweetheart," she said as she stroked her blonde silky hair. She removed the sweater. "Now there is no problem." Heather became very aware of the softness of this large woman's breast. Lara could sense Heathers increased breathing at the sight of her breast. So, she took the back of the skinny blondes head and pushed it to her breast. "Isn't that nice just like mama, nurturing her child."

She shook her head "no" at the massive breast. She didn't want to think about her mother, just the soft wonderful sensuality of this wonderful beautiful woman. Heather looked up at Lara's face and gave her a deep kiss, their tongues playing with each other. Lara led her into the Jacuzzi, where they both got in. Lara turned on the jets and one seemed to be pointing right at Heathers pussy. "Wow" she said excitedly.

"I know; I aimed them myself." She covered Heathers mouth with her own. She started playing with her small breasts, until she found the still bleeding cut. Lara cupped her hand with water and washed off the cut, and then she started licking the cut drinking in her blood. This felt so exhilarating to Heather she wanted more. She pressed Lara's head against her breast this time. Her fingers intertwined with her long brown curly hair. She could feel her licking and sucking and biting at her breast. Heather wished that her mouth was so experienced so that she could do the same. Lara's hand reached between Heathers legs. It made Heather forget all about what had just happened in the cemetery. Then, Lara took a deep breath and went under water. Lara licked Heathers pussy and the bubbles came out of her nose onto her clit. Heather felt like she was going to explode. Her body was tightening and she was letting out small moans of pleasure when Lara came back up.

"Heather looked at her quizzically, desperately wantonly. It's better if you can make it last. So the water jets teased her pussy some more keeping her on the brink of orgasm when Barry walked into the bathroom. I see my big sister has been teaching you some tricks."

Heather was shocked and embarrassed. She wanted to die. "Don't worry" said Barry as he stepped out of his jeans and pulled off his T-shirt. His Cock was standing out fully erect. "Sis and I share everything," he stepped into the Jacuzzi, still standing, "Don't we?" he looked at his sister who already had his cock in her mouth. Offer some to the guest."

Heather looked trepidacious, but she wanted to erase the memory of the other man who was inside her mouth he wanted to taste Barry, to have him come in her mouth. He walked over to Heather and she eagerly took his throbbing member in her mouth. She licked the head slowly, feeling each ridge. This is the cock she wanted for the rest of her life. She wanted to know it. Every part of it. She licked up and down the shaft of his cock. She could feel Lara once again sucking on her breast. She still felt like she was going through a really long orgasm. She took his cock in and sucked on it hungrily, she stroked his cock as she slid her lips and tongue down his length. This was the perfect size for her. This was the only cock she needed. He started to shake and he pulled out. She let out a little gasp. He came on her chin and her breasts.

Barry and his sister started rubbing the come into her breasts as he lowered himself on her neck. He bit her and she shuddered with orgasm. Lara licked the cum off one of the breasts and then kissed her deeply. She orgasmed again. He was feeding on her neck, the blood coursing down his neck. This got his manhood erect again. He licked her wound and it healed at once. He moved his sister aside so, that he and Heather could share their first kiss. She shuddered again. She felt as if she had peed in the water. Her face looked horrified. Lara whispered in her ear that was not pee but that she came. And it must have been really good. And then Lara bit the other side of her neck. She drank in her sweet energetic blood, as her brother licked at Heathers breast.

When Lara finished, she let out a moan. "Ï need a release!" She cried out. And then her brother sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Lara Stood up and came over to him. He lowered his mouth on her pussy, as she grabbed the back of his head and ground it into her. She sat on his lap her feet on the bathroom floor and his feet still in the Jacuzzi water.

Heather had a great view as she watched Lara lower her pussy onto Barry's cock. She began rocking almost immediately, and like Heather she began jetting a stream of liquid. Heather began touching her own clit as she stood to suck on Lara's breast and kiss Barry alternating between the lips to the breast, until Barry began licking Lara's breast, so Heather and Barry were licking each others tongues and Lara's breast at the same time. Barry started shaking. "And Lara Screamed "Yeah come in your big sister." Her body also started shaking. He bit down on her breast unconsciously and blood spurted out Lara's breast and Barry and Heather drank it in. Then Heather enjoyed the blood so much that she bit Barry's lip, so he bit her lip, they were both drinking all three persons blood as all three of them came in a wonderful amazing group orgasm of come, and blood.

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