tagLesbian SexHow She Took My Virginity

How She Took My Virginity


A little about me. I'm 5 foot 7. I have a really thin body with a small yet firm and shapely chest. My face is cute with long straight brown hair. I'm sort of sweet looking.

Ok here's a story about what happened to me.

I took the running course last semester because I needed an athletic credit for my degree and I've always had a runners body so I figured I could run really easily. Even though I never actually did run.

Boy was I wrong about my body. I got out of breath so quickly. And my entire body was sore immediately afterwards and continuously. Throughout the entire semester, I suffered.

Anyways I was always the last in the running class and it really hurt but I did my best to keep up. Even if I felt like I couldn't breathe and my head pounded I would still keep on going. This went on till the 5th time we ran. Everyone was accustomed to me being the last and no one thought much of it. I was actually getting worse not better thanks to the soreness.

This day though it was really hot maybe 85 degrees and I didn't bother to drink water because I was afraid that I'd have to stop and pee (yes this was another problem that I didn't realize about running) and I literally collapsed.

No one from the class stopped.

A nicely dressed woman in a business suit did stop her car because she saw me fall down and get left behind. She was about 5'11 and had very broad shoulders and a big jaw with very white teeth and a little bit of silver in her hair.

Anyways she asked me if I was alright and I didn't have the breath to answer. She walked over and tried to help me up. Touching my back and my waist.

She said don't worry dear.

I was trying to answer but still couldn't. Do you want some water? She said asked.

I nodded yes. I couldn't believe how out of breath I was and was really glad this woman found me. I felt like I was going to die. And I was so hot.

She said, I live right around the block, I'll get you some water and you can relax on my couch till you recover.

My class was long gone so I figured this was the best option. She seemed nice and didn't worry me at all.

She took me towards her car and got me into the passenger door. I was just happy that I was soon going to be drinking some nice water.

In her car I still didn't have enough breath to really speak but I did manage to say thank you. And then I closed my eyes because my head was starting to hurt a bit and pulsate.

She said don't worry dear. And she patted my knee. Her hand was very smooth and cold. It felt nice. She said that I'm probably dehydrated and overheated. She touched my forehead with her cool hand while she was driving to gauge my temperature. Oh, she said with concern.

I apologized for getting her car sweaty she cooed me and said that it's ok.

We got to her house. She stepped around and helped me walk inside. She left me at the sofa and then got a big towel for me to sit on. I took the opportunity to close my eyes again. Oh my god everything hurts so badly, I said, I can't believe what I did to myself.

She brought me some water and sat on the couch next to me. Alright dear, she said, it'll go away. She was patting my head and my cheeks. Just relax. She poured some water directly into my mouth.

I could not believe that I was being tended to by this nice woman.

Anyways she told me to lie down and she'd help me relax. So I did on my back on her couch.

She took off my shoes and socks and also started dabbing me with this wet towel. I was getting wet all over.

She rubbed my feet. I just closed my eyes and tried to not think. She dabbed the towel all over my legs too from my calves up to my knees and thighs. It really felt good. I didn't think of it as sexual but it certainly got rid of the pain.

Then she said she thinks she should cool the rest of me off. I said Ok.

She started dousing me with that wet towel a little at a time around my upper thighs and then to my face and cheeks and neck and the top of my chest and shoulders and then to my hips and my stomach. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

Then she said she'd take off my shirt. I felt that was a bit weird but I figured why not. It's just us girls and I had a bra. She was kind of like a nurse to me.

So I helped her help me out of my shirt. I was now just wearing a sports bra and my shorts. She sat down and dabbed that towel all over me as I fell asleep.

I woke up and I realized that I was refreshed without my head ache and I felt great. I wasn't on her couch anymore though. I was in her bedroom. I also wasn't wet. I was nice and dry under a sheet but I wasn't wearing any clothing.

She walked into her bedroom wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She had very pale legs but they were kind of muscular looking for a woman. She asked, how are you feeling?

I said, great.

She said, good and patted my forehead.

She said relax for a bit, lie down, and tell me about yourself. She sat next to me and patted and brushed my hair and head gently.

I told her about myself and my family and school. She asked little questions. She was very nice.

I said, I'm so sore and laughed. I don't feel any pain as long as I don't move. I laughed some more.

She said she can help me with that. She told me to lie on my stomach. I did. She then started massaging me.

She pulled the sheet above my butt and sat besides me. She massaged my waist. my arms. my shoulders. She really was good. I was getting chills all over.

She slowly lowered the sheet past my butt. So I was naked. I didn't think anything of it, although, I have to say that there was something sexual about what was going on even though I certainly would never considered myself a lesbian and as far as I knew she was just some nice older lady. Really I was unsure because I wasn't exactly experienced in that department. The bottom line was, I was in a strange woman's bed being massaged and it felt good.

I guess your legs are what really hurts right, she said.

Yup, I answered.

She then massaged my legs. It felt really good. The pain was going away but she'd also gently touch them and rub her fingers on my skin and I was getting electric chills. She was rubbing her fingers all over my body now. I was naked getting a massage from this woman that I didn't know and I was getting chills. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid that I might be wet and I was really embarrassed. I was just hoping she'd stop but I didn't say anything. I just stayed put letting her do what she was doing. Meanwhile I was concentrating on my vagina trying to gauge how wet I was and hoping that there'd be no spot on her bed.

She rubbed my legs from right below my butt all the way to my feet. She was really strong and would lift one leg up a bit and then pull all the way down from beneath my butt past my calf to my foot. Then she'd do the other leg. The sensation was really driving me nuts and I was also worried that I was staining her bed and didn't want to move my legs.

Then she brushed my butt with those fingers of hers and I jumped. Not because I was afraid or surprised but because it just tickled so much. I laughed. She laughed and said. I guess you are ticklish. I wasn't ticklish till she touched my butt. But now everything that she touched made me laugh.

I said stop while I was laughing and she said ok.

Then she asked me how her massage was and I said it was awesome.

Then she said she'd continue if I promised not to jump even if I was ticklish. I don't know why I said yes but I did. I think I was really horny at this point and not thinking too clearly.

She was quiet for a few seconds and then she said that she thinks she massaged me enough. She said that I'd probably feel better tomorrow now that all my muscles had been worked out. I was a little bit disappointed. But it was probably the best thing, I figured.

Then she said she'd still like to massage me some more anyhow because I had such a beautiful body.

I said thank you. I was a little bit surprised though. Was she a Lesbian? I said okay. I don't know why I said that. But, as I said, I was horny and a massage seemed harmless enough.

She said okay. You are making a middle aged Lesbian very happy. I laughed not knowing or wanting to acknowledge she was serious. Then she said that she has to insist though that I not move during the massage. Because she doesn't like to massage someone that squirms.


She said good.

She then said that if I move she'll have to tie me down and then laughed. I laughed. She said agreed. I laughed and said okay not being serious. She said good.

Then she touched the backs of my feet with those fingers. It tickled a lot but I didn't move. I was so wet right now that I wasn't even thinking about the stain. I was just thinking about not moving despite all the chills going through my body.

I repeat. I could not believe that I was naked in bed with this nice woman a possible lesbian. And she was freely touching me and I was wet.

Anyhow she slowly tickled me higher and higher past my ankle and to the back of my knee at this point I couldn't stop and I laughed and moved my legs.

She said uh oh and continued to touch me and I moved and squirmed under her and she touched my butt and I dropped all pretense of not moving as I jumped around on her bed as those fingers touched me. I was squealing so loudly, too.

Then she stopped and got off the bed and I caught my breath.

She went into her closet and to my shock she had these nice fuzzy pink ropes. She said a deal's a deal. Time to tie you up.

I laughed still on my stomach and said, your kidding.

She raised her eyes and said a deal's a deal sweetie.

I don't know why, probably because those ropes looked so harmless and weak, but I said okay. She tied my legs down and my arms up to the corners of her bed. It was nice to feel her hands touching me as she worked on each of my arms and legs. I must say I had no idea what I was getting myself into but somehow or another I couldn't say no.

When I was nicely tied, she said, Good, now I can get back to the massage.

I said okay.

I was tied but it was loose. I was naked but I was on my stomach, nice and safe. And this was fun and felt good. I'd never done anything like this before with a guy or a girl so I was a bit interested.

She then gently worked her way up my thighs without tickling me. She was getting awfully close to my vagina and I was getting a little bit worried although I didn't move. But she never went there so after a few minutes I was very relaxed and felt very good. Then she got to my upper body and worked on the side of my torso. She touched the sides of my chest. My nipples were so hard but she didn't touch them. I almost wanted them touched.

Then she went back to my butt and true to form those fingers manipulated me and I was weaving away from them and laughing and she was laughing too. Only this time I was stuck. Those ropes were tight. I got so loud that she said that I'm going to wake up the neighbors.

I said, sorry, barely able to breath.

She said that it's okay, but I did move again. She then suggested that she do my front because perhaps my front wasn't so sensitive. Without thinking I said okay, trusting her and glad that she'd have to release me. But immediately afterwards regretted what I said. If she did my front I would not be protected by the bed. She'd see my vagina. She'd see my hard nipples. She'd see my face and eyes. What had I gotten myself into.

She untied the ropes from my wrists and ankles and I got on my back. Her eyes were so big as they took in my body. She clearly liked what she saw but I do have a nice body and am used to people looking at it a little bit.

Then she took my wrist and said ropes again. I let her tie me down, just happy she didn't seem to notice my wet vagina or stiff nipples. She tied my legs and my hands.

I must admit that this had an affect on me. There was something very sexy about being tied down spreadeagled by an older lesbian that I didn't know, on her bed. It was nice to get so much attention. And I didn't actually do anything wrong. I was just getting a massage.

She was finished tying me down and started massaging my legs again. It felt really good but this time I could feel the air on my vagina a lot more. I could feel her hands doing things to those untouched spots on my front. Then she went up my stomach and to my neck and arms. I was turned on more than I'd even been in my life. I had to go home and masturbate.

And then it happened again. The tickling. This time it was my ribs below and to the sides of my chest and up to my arm pits. I was instantaneously out of breath squealing and struggling against those ropes. She was laughing too as she tortured me. And then she stopped and let me get my breath again.

She said you really are too loud you are going to disturb all of the neighbors not to mention I'm afraid you are going to hurt yourself laughing so hard. Can I put something on your mouth so that it's not so loud and so that you don't bite yourself, she asked. I said okay, not knowing what she was planning and once again not knowing why I was saying, okay. But I suppose everything else was safe and I really did trust her and considered her my friend at this point.

She went into her closet and took out a little red ball with a band and she put it into my mouth and put the band around my head. I now couldn't say stuff I could only go. Ohhhhhh and nod. She asked if it was comfortable. I said, Huhuuu ('yes').

She then continued her massage of my body not tickling me at all and not touching or noticing any of my troubled areas like my wet vagina or aching nipples. Her fingers were intimate with every square inch of my body except those two areas, and I was being driven crazy with horniness, and this time she didn't stop to tickle me. I was just the horniest college girl in the world with out a man or for that matter my own hand to help myself out. But I felt great.

Finally she did stop and she said. You are so beautiful. I tried to say thanks but just said huhuhuhhhh. Then she asked can I just kiss you on your body once. Just a little kiss. You are so beautiful and it would be nice to kiss something so beautiful. I tried to say something nice but not exactly yes but I didn't pay attention to the actual words cuz I couldn't speak.

She misheard me and said thanks and looked into my eyes and started climbing on top of me. She now was straddled over my torso with one knee on each side of me without actually touching me with her body. I now had these uncontrollable chills running through my body. This was a strange situation.

I kind of figured what the heck. Why not give this older woman a chance to kiss something "beautiful" I smiled internally to myself feeling rather good about myself. I said uhhhh uhhu uhhh.

She smiled at me she kissed me on my forehead. That was ok, I thought. Then she kissed me on my neck. A little feisty. Then she kissed my chest. This was something I've never felt before. I started to moan. She was licking my nipples. She was touching my nipples. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I couldn't say anything. I just could moan. Her fingers. They were doing things to my nipples. Her mouth. Oh my god. That slipperly warm sensation. My entire body was writhing. I could not believe how I felt.

I was totally hooked I needed her mouth on my chest.

Her fingers slowly crawled down to my Vagina. My neglected Vagina. But this was something serious this was no kiss. I'm not a Lesbian. Yes I'm totally turned on by this strange older woman who for some reason I let tie me down. But this was Lesbianism if she touched my Vagina. But I didn't say anything I barely even noticed it as I pressed my chest into her mouth.

She just barely touched my vagina's lips and I moaned at the top of my lungs. I sounded like some sort of mummy. Then she started kissing her way down my waist and I knew what might be happening. But I just moaned as her hangs kneaded my chest. I was out of control moaning like a crazed mummy. Then it happened I felt her breath on my vagina. I was out of control. She kissed it and I was getting hoarse. And then her tongue went inside me. I had an orgasm finally. Then she sucked me as my vagina pulsated. Then she licked me and that warm breath of hers. She completely controlled how I felt. Then she kissed her way back to my face and stopped and smiled at me with a very smug and satisfied look. The look of someone looking at their prized possession.

Thank you dear that was a lot of fun. You really are so beautiful.

I felt appreciative for how she made me feel so good and made what started as a painful day into what became a completely new experience. I nodded to her.

She then said, well, I guess you won't be needing this anymore. And she took the band and the ball out of my mouth.

For some reason the first words out of my mouth were, I'm not a lesbian, in a really ugly tone of voice. She seemed a little bit hurt by that and I felt really stupid for saying it. She never said I was. We were really just too adults having a little bit of fun. All harmless no reason to start being judgmental.

She said, I know, dear. This was just a massage. It doesn't matter that I'm a woman.

And then as if I wasn't stupid enough I said. Right I don't mind being touched a little bit by you but I really love guys. (What did I know about guys I was a virgin, I'm a silly one, but I did love the concept of them that's for sure.) I just don't find women attractive. I'm all about dick I said. Here I was tied down naked in this older lesbian's bed, I didn't even know her name, and I was talking about dick....

She seemed a little bit hurt by how I was talking to her. And I immediately felt bad. She said, I'm sorry and she looked like she was about to cry. She said, I didn't mean to do anything that would bother you.

I said, I'm sorry, I'm so cocky and stupid with words. I think I'm so smart but really I'm stupid. I loved what you did to me. It felt awesome, I said. But then I had to add this in. But really I'm straight and I need a guy because he has a dick. You know? I don't know why I couldn't get off that topic. I wished she would just gag me again so that I didn't say anything stupid.

She said, you've never even had Dick (It was shocking to hear this lady say that word) you are a virgin. I just had my lips on your vagina, don't you remember?

I said I know but I do.

She said, well you are in luck then.

She then pulled down her pants and to my shock and amazement she had a plastic penis. I was in total shock I couldn't say anything and once again I felt a huge jolt in my vagina and my heart started beating really quickly. It was beating so quickly that I could hear it loudly and it hurt.

Was she going to fuck me with that dildo?

Was this how I was going to lose my virginity?

My heart was beating faster than when I was running.

She got back on the bed. I didn't say anything.

She started kissing me but this time on my mouth. Her tongue probed deep down into me. Kissing me the way a very dominant man might. I felt completely dominated by her. Her hands roughly pinched my nipples. I started moaning.

Her penis.

I could feel her penis at the lips of my vagina.

Was she going to use it on me?

I moaned into her enjoying the way she conquered my mouth.

Her hands, oh god, my nipples felt new sensations from being tweaked like that. And then I felt that dildo's head just a little bit inside me. Pressing towards me. I could feel my pulse around it. It was driving me nuts. This woman was going to take my virginity and I was letting her do it. I couldn't stop her though I was tied down. My vagina was going nuts. I was pulling my vagina down and up towards her dildo with my legs. She just kissed me but didn't penetrate.

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