tagMind ControlHow The Other Half Live Pt. 04

How The Other Half Live Pt. 04


Chapter 4

Emma stayed attached to the lamppost in that humiliating position for nearly 20 minutes, every so often a car would sound its horn or someone would call out to her, automatically she would give a sexy smile and a wink or wave back and shake her chest in that direction.

All the time Debbie was watching Emma standing there humiliating herself was making Debbie get very wet.

A white slightly chubby man in his mid forties, with grey hair and a goatee pulled up in a mini van to the side of Debbie and wound down his window.

The mans name was Carl; he was wearing a pair of cut off trousers, a red and white shirt and a pair of blue and black trainers.

"Is she yours?" Carl asked Debbie.

"Yeah, she works for me," replied Debbie, "are you interested?"

"A friend and I want to make a video, would she be interested?"

"She is up for anything baby," Debbie smiled, "if the price it right?"

"The cash will be very right" replied Carl, "but can she act...I mean not Oscar winning performance...I...err...mean in front of a camera... need her to do some.... special things.... something's that not all lady's...in your profession... like you would be open to doing".

Debbie looked him at Carl, weighing him up and deciding if she should let Emma accept such an offer...

"What do you want...I want exact details?" replied Debbie.

Carl licked his lips before answering, when he replied it was in a nervous tone of voice.

"I want her to pretend to be a desperate for cash college girl, I will give her instructions from behind the camera and she would respond....."

"Instructions?" Debbie asked now very interested

"Yeah.... like maybe...sucking on a dildo while fucking herself with a vegetable ...and maybe some other type of instructions...humiliation instructions..."

"None of it will involve any physical harm coming to her," asked Debbie in a stern voice.

"No here is the script"; Carl pulls out the side of his mini van.

Wow, an actual script Debbie thought, she had never met someone kinky enough to actually want to bring a script to negotiate for a whore.

Debbie looked over the script and a big smile came to her face, the script had character and plot for the "actress" and motivation for her to take off her clothes and do some of the "instructions" that were in the story.

Debbie had to admit it she was very impressed.

"Ok, as long as you stick to the script and I get to come along as well...to look after my girl" replied Debbie, "it's going to cost you big".

"Will she do what I want her to do?" Asked Carl, as he took out his wallet and started counting out money, "will £500 be ok and another £500 after we are done".

"Oh baby, but I really think £700 first then the rest just in case you try to screw her...financially" replied Debbie,

"Ok, fine...but she better be good"

"Just give me a moment to let her read her "part" and get into "character", it will give you the best performance that way" Debbie smiled.

Debbie took the money and the script over to Emma who was still waving and blowing kisses at strangers, quickly putting the money in her handbag she handed the script to Emma.

"Ok Em, here is your next job, I want you to read these pages, the moment you finish reading you will become this person and will follow that it tells this person to do, understand?"

"Yes Mistress" (what is this stupid bitch talking about now Emma thought, read a few piece's of paper, that's a really good use of my expensive tuition)

As Emma read the page she had to stop herself from laughing at the moronic girl she was being made to read about, I bet that slut Tracy who stole my life is based on this bimbo, Emma thought to herself.

When Emma finished reading the page she started to feel strange and light headed, as if her mind was clouding over and Emma was being pushed down into her mind and something else was taking over.

"Are you ok Em," asked Debbie who saw her nearly fall off the lamppost and onto the floor.

"I feel fab Debs," she replied in a voice that was quite a lot higher than usual for her.

"Do you know your name?" asked Debbie who was a bit shocked by the change in Emma "and what you're doing here?"

"Of course I do silly, my names Em," and in a small lower voice "I'm a cash strapped big jugged slut who fucks for cash but don't tell anyone or I will be kicked out of beaver college".

Debbie took the script from Emma and had another look through the script; it did actually say that she was a college girl and a secret prostitute to pay for her tuition.

Debbie reached up and took the tiara off Emma's head.

"We don't want it getting damaged now do we Em?"

"Suppose your right Deb's" replied Emma who was pulling a sad face at losing her tiara.

"That man's named Carl, he is going to be your next customer, is that ok Em?"

"Whatever you say Debs, as long as he pays lots of money for me to suck his ding dong" replied Emma.

Debbie thought to herself that she actually liked this version of Emma a lot more than the regular sour faced bitch she has had to put up with.

"Just a few more instructions Em, You will not be able to see either me or Carl from now on but you will hear us and you will follow all out instructions as well as follow the script Ok Em?" Debbie asked

Emma scrunched her face up trying to understand but after a few moments she replied, "Ok, I think I got it Deb's,...oh where she gone...oh well"

"We are good to go" Debbie called to Carl.

Emma looked around to see where her friend has gone to then suddenly decided that she needed to get into the walked towards the driver side of the mini van and go for a ride, the moment her body touched the seat she felt hot and very horny.

Emma reached down and pulled the zip of her gym outfit down past her belly button she shook the material of the outfit and arched her head back, letting the cool air flow from the air-con blow around her hot body.

"I need some food, got to keep me energy up so none of my customers are disappointed," she said in hot and sexy voice.

Emma started the car and drove around the corner to a take away drive through order speaker.

"How may I serve you today" said the disembodied voice

"Can I have...oooo...so much choice...can I have a hot dog, salad & cold water please"

She pulled up to the service window, she handed over a £5 note but it confused her as she didn't have any money on her but that passed quickly when she saw the greasy teenager at the window.

Emma pulled open the sides of her gym outfit and pushed out her chest in the teenager's direction.

The teenager's eyes are wide in shock, when he handed Emma her food order, She pulled the car onto a parking spot directly in front of the drive through restaurant were everyone could see her.

"Mmm...this looks scrummy" Emma giggled

Emma took the sausage out of the bun; it was covered in tomato sauce and mustard, making sure to completely cover the large hotdog in sauce.

She took the sausage in her mouth, giving the entire restaurant a full view while she worked the sausage in and out of her hungry mouth.

It didn't occur to Emma at all that she for some reason couldn't swallow the hotdog but it did feel good to let the sauce drip down her throat.

She slid it all the way into her mouth, letting it slide down her throat in an obscene display to all around her before swallowing the hotdog whole down her throat then licking her lips and sucking her fingers.

Next Emma picked up the salad that was covered in dressing, using her fingers instead of the fork provided, she got all the dressing on her fingers and put them in her mouth, sucking her fingers off while making loud moans of pleasure then shoving the salad into her mouth.

From the window of the drive through everyone watched as this girl who was half naked, now with white dressing around her mouth and was making loud orgasm noises from her mini van, no one noticed the balding man with the camera in the van with her who was videoing the entire scene.

Finally Emma picked up the ice cold water, taking the top off she raised the water to her lips, dropping her head back; she gulped down the entire bottle's contents.

Drops of ice cold water escaped and slid down her throat, dripping down her quite large chest with some water making its way down between her legs into her red hot pussy.

Emma's fingers seductively traced the lines of water up and down her chest; she looked up to see that there was now a crowd of people at the window watching Emma put on her obscene display.

"I'm late" she said out loud in a seductive voice with a hint of urgency, "I got men waiting that need a young sexy cash strapped bimbo like me to give them a good fucking".

All the while she was talking; Emma was stroking the outside of her breasts and playing with the outline of her nipples that were poking through the material of the outfit.

Emma started the car and drove down the street and took turns left and right, she didn't recognise any of the streets but something in her head was guiding her to the destination.

She pulled up outside of a renovated apartment that looked like they used to be a foundry or a mill but now have been changed into accommodation.

Emma got out the car, parted her legs and rested her back against the door. She started to wave and flap the outfit once again, letting anyone who was walking by a brief flash of her perky breasts.

"God I'm so horny" she shouted, "I need cock and I need it now!"

Emma went inside the building, passing the receptionist who stood up to say something to Emma but stopped and with a smile sat back down.

She pressed the button for the lift, when the lift arrived she stepped into the lift and stood at the back.

She was feeling herself getting hotter.

"I can't take this anymore," she cried, Emma kicked off her boots quickly and dropped the outfit to the floor.

Resting her back against the back of the elevator she parted her legs wide, with her left hand she started playing with her pussy, which was soaking wet and with her right hand she was pinching and pulling on her left nipple.

Looking directly in front of her she said "Oh god I'm fucking wet in a desperate need of a thick hard cock" sexy voice.

"Look at my hand, its dripping with my pussy juice," Emma lifted her hands up to some "invisible" camera.

"Oh what should I do with it?" she said in the same desperate dumb sexy voice.

Emma seductively put the fingers of her hand into her mouth and started sucking each finger, long slowly as if each finger was a hard cock, each finger she sucked she made a loud sexy moan echoing around the lift.

The door of the lift opened and Emma walked out onto the floor completely naked, not giving a second thought to her clothes that she was leaving behind.

With big confident sexy strides she marched down the hallway to room number 69 and knocked on the door.

Standing at the door, she instantly took to striking a seductive pose with her hands on her hips, chest out and legs apart and the biggest smile on her pretty little face.

The door opened and a short, podgy, balding man stood behind there wearing a pair of shorts and a blue and red t-shirt.

"I'm your whore, where do you want me?" Emma said in a very confident voice.

"Come in, my names Jim, what's yours?" He asked.

"You can call me whatever you want baby as long you fuck me for cash".

Jim's eyes kept looking behind Emma which did occur to Emma as being slightly strange, there's only him and me here the thought but as long as he could pay she would fuck anyone, those classes for quantum theory and medieval history are not going to pay for themselves.

Suddenly Emma couldn't control herself any longer and walked forward, looking directly into Jim's eyes, without breaking eye contract she lowered herself to her knees and pulled down his shorts to his ankles.

Jim's cock sprang up, it wasn't very big but to Emma it was the greatest cock in the world, she took it into her mouth, sucking it gently and with plenty of tongue, rolling Jim's member around her mouth then teasingly pulling it nearly all the way out of her mouth, only to stop at the end of the head then take it back in to her hungry mouth.

All the while Emma was letting slip loud moans of orgasmic ecstasy.

Emma felt a hand on the side of her head; she turned in surprise to see Carl, naked with his cock in hand, proudly pointing it in Emma's direction.

"Oh yes!" Emma squealed, "two ready cocks for little me to play with, how lucky am I".

Emma started switching between sucking one and stroking the other, in reality she could have fitted both in her mouth.

Carl's cock was very similar to Jim's, she could swear they were brothers which they actually were, not that she cared at all right now.

With both cocks in hand she guided them to the bed, giving them both playful strokes, she looked directly ahead and with a big cheesy grin said, two cocks, my favourite, then licked her lips and stood up.

Emma got on the bed, leaning upright against the headboard, facing towards Jim and Carl; on the bed were two cheap pink rubber dildos.

"Goody, toys for me to play with" said Emma in her new girly voice.

Emma picked up one of the dildos, she started sucking on the fake cock but was giving the expression of an innocent schoolgirl who was sucking on a lollypop, and with the other she was rubbing it obscenely in and out of the entrance to her wet pussy.

She got the dildo in her mouth nice and wet, with a pop she pulled it out of her mouth and let it glide down her body, rubbing it gently on her nipple, gliding down her toned stomach and between her legs into her waiting pussy.

With the other dildo, which was wet with her pussy juice, she lifted it above her head, dropped her head back and with her mouth wide open she slid the pink cock in and out of her mouth.

Emma continued to perform for Jim and Carl, switching between cocks every few minutes, working the cock into her hot, dripping wet pussy and switching it to her cock hungry mouth.

Emma suddenly threw the dildo away and pulled Jim onto the bed where he lay down, Emma went between his legs and started sucking his balls then moved to back to his cock as she put her ass in the air and started shaking it playfully in Carl's direction.

Carl didn't need any encouragement; he went behind Emma and pushed his rock hard cock into Emma's dripping wet pussy.

While Emma was letting out moans and the occasional "fuck me harder" while sucking on Jim's cock, Carl was bashing away at her pussy.

"I want some of that pussy" Jim shouted, the two men switched places not that Emma minded at all, she was loving every second of it.

"Oh man," Jim shouted after a few minutes of fucking Emma's tight pussy, "I cum already, damn it!"

"That's ok baby," Emma said in between slurps of Carls cock. "I still got one left".

"Oh poor captain cum quick" Carl called out laughing.

"Fuck you" Jim replied, and then walked off the bathroom.

Emma got up and turned her back on Carl and squatted down on his cock and started frantically riding him.

Grabbing hold of her tits, she played with her nipples while throwing her head back and rode Carls cock.

She rode Carl harder, screaming to the room that her pussy was on fire.

Carl managed to call out a warning hat he was going to cum but only seconds before he actually ejaculate.

Emma was already close to the edge and feeling Carls cock shudder pushed her over the edge, waves of pleasure flowed over Emma's body.

Emma's mind and body exploded in orgasm, leaving Emma sweaty and breathless,

Carl passed out on the bed exhausted; Jim was sitting on a chair in the corner with a very sour look on hid face.

Emma wobbled to the bathroom and heard Jim talking to someone next door; Emma thought that it must be Jim he was talking to.

Good luck Emma thought, I fucked him raw.

Emma cleaned herself up and walked into the bedroom where Jim was holding a video camera, he looked like he was watching something back.

I bet he wishes he recorded our session Emma thought to herself but that's extra.

Jim looked up at naked blonde girl in front of him, still angry at himself for cumming so quickly; he had tried to argue for a discount from Debbie, trying to point out that is was not really his fault but Emma's for making him cum so soon.

Debbie had laughed in Jim's face, demanded the extra money, which he gave her and left the room.

"Thanks, now fuck off!" Jim took her by the hand and pushed her out of the front door then slammed it in Emma's face.

To be continued

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