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How to Become a Smoothie


This instructional is not for fruits wanting to get pulverized in a blender. It's for people interested in the serious topic of personal transition from hairy to bald in the most intimate area. Also, it does not have tips on pubic shaving, as those are aplenty online, and I have nothing to add to what has been published. Finally, none of this applies to athletes who remove hair for competitive purposes.

This guide will take you through the four or five steps (depends upon your circumstance) of going from hiding your favors behind a fog of fur to baring your bald beauty. I believe these steps are easier to accomplish than the 12 steps needed to cure a run-of-the-mill addiction. That is just an opinion since I have no addictions other than smoothism and nudism and have no desire to cure either. A good dose of illumination in the manner of my transformation is included for instructional and creative stimulation.

Step one, inspiration. Most likely you are not going to suddenly, out-of-the-blue, think about removing your hair down there. Reading this could just be the stick that breaks your camel's back. It could be that stripper at the neighborhood titty bar. There are endless inspirational possibilities, but a 1962 Playboy centerfold will not be among them.

For me, it was a magazine dedicated to bare female vulvas called "Close Shave" I discovered in the 1980s. At the time, it was the only magazine I could find specializing in the topic. Complete removal of pubic hair was not yet mainstream, and in some books and articles it was referred to as kinky. Since it was a fringe sex magazine, it contained no advertisements. Most of the models were not as attractive as the young women found in the more acceptable porn magazines of that time. The "Close Shave" women were usually older than the typical porn models, but they showed me the things I wanted to see. I eagerly anticipated the newsstand appearance of each issue.

In the back of the magazine was an amateur section, where pubeless readers self pictures were published. They never showed the faces of these amateurs. Each submission contained only the name and the state of the person. Sure. In one issue they published pictures of a male that removed his pubic hair. Supposedly, he was from California. Until I saw those pictures, the idea of a male removing his pubes had never occurred to me. He was my inspiration.

Step two, desire. This may be the hardest part; recognizing you want to take the plunge. Of course, it is easily reversible, unless you do laser or electrolysis; unlike getting that embarrassing tattoo removed. It is one thing to recognize other folks are living without pubes, but quite another to decide go there yourself. Nobody can create the desire within you, although you may have a sex partner, fuck buddies included, who begs you to go for it (see step three, motivation, below).

This was not the case for me, as I was flying solo at the time. For a few weeks I kept returning to the "Close Shave" pictures of the pube free male. I found them stimulating. What would it be like if I also shaved my pubic hair? I had a very thick bush and it was not a pretty sight. Once I realized there was an alternative to the way I looked naked, the desire to change grew within me.

Step three, motivation. Going from desire to removing it requires a motivating factor. There could be any number of things that motivate you to go smooth. Just a few that are mentioned often by those of us in this select group: the naughtiness of it, the promise of better oral sex, closer skin to skin contact during intercourse, a different look, keeping up with the Jones, pleasing or surprising a partner, and/or easier access to your genitals for masturbation.

My motivations were practical, sensual and sexual. The practical was to no longer get hair caught in condoms while putting them on or taking them off, when the opportunity arose. The sensual was to improve the view of my goodies (i.e. junk or package) in the mirror. (A guy thing.) The sexual motivation was to optimize my masturbation sessions, a favorite pastime, with better hand-genital contact.

Step four, support. This may or may not be a biggie for you. If you are not involved with anybody at the time, you can go to step five. Otherwise, you will want moral and/or physical support from those with whom you share you genitalia. If you are going to surprise a significant other with your transformation, you better do some investigation to their feelings about smoothies of your gender. If there is one thing consistent on the Literotica discussion boards, it is the various view points regarding this. Just because a person is smooth does not mean they want their partner to be smooth. One such example, smooth women who think bare male genitalia is reserved only for boys. So a word to the wise; investigate.

In the event you already have moral support, your partner may become instrumental in lending physical support, otherwise known as being the shaver to your role as shavee.

As I was single and not involved with a woman at the time, the support issue did not impact my transformation. It came into play with every partner I had subsequently. None of them objected to my lack of pubes, and in three cases, the women had me shave them for their first smoothie experience. The first time the woman I eventually married saw me naked, she quickly asked me to shave her. Yum.

Step five, acceptance. Some folks experiment with pubic hair removal under a number of circumstances which may not have included any or all of the first four steps. They may have done it on a dare from a college roommate. They did it for a porn photo session. They did it to shock a parent or grandparent. They did it for sexting. The reasons are nearly endless. Acceptance is committing to being smooth as a lifestyle choice; a part of how you plan to live for the foreseeable future. It becomes part of who you are, your identity. In other words, you will not care what your dermatologist or gynecologist thinks when they see you are a smoothie. Think of it as Smoothie Pride!

My coming out as a smoothie had two aspects; family and doctors. My father and I were often nude together. As I originally left some of the hair around my penis untouched, and there was so much of it, at first I do not think he noticed the change. A few years later, when I started trimming the surrounding hair, my smoothness became rather noticeable. Although he never said anything about it, once I noticed him do a double take while looking at me from a distance.

Finally, I have been to three dermatologists for examinations since I began removing my pubic hair. Never a comment from any of them. My guess is they appreciated how it made the examinations easier for them. And when I had a vasectomy, the doctor's instructions were to shave the pubic hair prior to the operation. No problem.

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