tagHow ToHow To Choose A Massage Parlour In Jamaica

How To Choose A Massage Parlour In Jamaica

byMarcus Victory©

How to choose a massage parlour in Jamaica

Thought history man has asked the question how can I get sexual satisfaction from a woman without meaningless conversation? The answer to this question in Jamaica is the massage parlour. The 'quality' or good massage parlour is one in which a man can explore his fantasies in a safe, clean environment without meaningless conversation. Here are the steps to choosing the right massage parlour for you: establish desire, convenience, geography, price and finally girls and decor.

First of all before looking for a massage parlour you must be specific about what you want. It is important to note that not all massage parlours offer the same services. How do you decide what you want? This is a simple process. You go online to a search engine and 'type of massage'. Now you have an idea of what general services a massage parlour will provide. After you must find which one you think you will like. For example a therapeutic massage: this massage entails the rubbing of the clients muscles with oil. This is an excellent way to relax after a stressful day at the office. An even more relaxing is the 'Wet Set'. This massage has the client and the masseuse take a shower together, which is then followed by a 'sensuous' massage on the bed. A sensuous massage is one in which the clients genitals are massaged until climax. There are many variations on each theme depending on the massage parlour. For example some parlours have what is called a 'Double Wet Set' which is the same as the wet set only there are two women instead of one. After each type of massage has been examined and you now know what type of massage you want, you are now ready for the next step.

The second step to choosing the right massage parlour for you is geography. You must find one that is in an area that is relatively safe, an area that you are familiar with and one that is not out of your way. How do you do this? You check the Internet by going to a search engine and typing 'Jamaica massage parlour'. If this does not work keep typing in variations of those three words or try a different search engine. Your search need not be confined to the internet. There is a vast quantity of printed materials that will contain the information you are looking for, such as The Jamaica Observer and The Jamaica Gleaner. The information is in the classified advertisements in a section you will find many massage parlours listed with many having what parish the parlour is in or what area of that parish. Some of these advertisements will have websites with directions on how to get to the parlour. Other printed materials with massage parlour advertisements are local pornographic magazines like Thrill, Bliss and True Hardcore Confessions. The advertisements will be all over the magazines in no particular section. With the discovery of a location that fits the pre-requisites you can now move on to the next step.

The third step in choosing the right massage parlour is price. This is very important because you don't want to pay too much. Each massage parlour has a different price range same as every restaurant has a different set of prices. When you have found a massage parlour that offers the service you want in a convenient location you must now find which one has the best price. This step requires you to call or surf the internet to find who has the best price on what you want. There is more to do than just making calls or surfing the internet; sometimes a massage parlour has specials on certain days or on certain massages, or certain seasons and even anniversary specials and packages. For example one massage parlour offers the third massage free while another gives a 20% discount on Saturdays. When you have finished your price research you can now decide which massage parlour has the best price for the service you require.

Having completed the previous steps the final step is girls and décor. This is the most important step in the selection process. The environment where you are to get your massage must be clean and attractive, so must the girl giving you the massage. Most times you cannot assess the girls or décor until you are actually at the massage parlour. Thanks to the internet this can be avoided. Most massage parlours with websites place pictures of their girls along with their facilities. If you do not have internet access then take careful note of what facilities are offered in their advertisements. Look for the following to make your choice: shower with hot and cold running water, Jacuzzi and air conditioning.

With all these steps satisfied you are on your way to finding the massage parlour that is best for your unique tastes. This combination of steps clearly demonstrates how to find a massage parlour in Jamaica.

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