tagIncest/TabooHow to Cure a Headache

How to Cure a Headache


I came home early because of a roaring headache due to too much Jack Daniels the night before. My hope was to get a few hours sleep in a quite house before the kids got home. Between an 18 year old daughter and a 20 year old son and their friends and their music and the neighbor kids who seemed to “live” at our place I knew I’d get no rest once they hit home.

My head started to pound even more as I pulled into the driveway to see my son Jack’s car, my daughter Jill’s car AND her best friend Amy’s car all at the bottom of the drive. Since there was no way I was going to get my car in the garage I parked under some trees at the top of the drive.

As soon as I got out of the car I could hear the music pounding away from the pool area in the backyard. Great, I thought, so much for getting any rest. Instead of going in the front door I headed for the back gate, hoping to at least get Jack to turn the volume down to a “dull roar”.

When I came around the corner into the backyard I stopped dead in my tracks, I felt like I had been hit with a bolt of lightning. Ten feet away were three naked teenagers. My son Jack was lying on his back, my daughter Jill bent over his cock deep-throating it for all she was worth. Jill’s friend Amy was lying on her back underneath Jill, her face buried in my daughters dripping cunt. Amy had three fingers of her left hand buried in her own cunt, jacking herself as hard as she could. Two fingers of her other hand was sawing away in Jill’s ass.

I couldn’t move I couldn’t breathe, my heart began to jack hammer in my chest as my cock turned hard as stone. I had never seen anything so erotic in my life. The kids were too engrossed in their fucking and sucking to even notice me.

“Suck it sis, I’m about to cum” groaned my son as be bucked his hips to force more of his cock into his sisters mouth. Jill let out a little moan and shoved her mouth down to my son’s pubic bone, taking all of his cock down her throat.

As she bent further down her dripping pussy raised from Amy’s mouth. “Don’t you fucking cum yet Jack! I need to get fucked NOW” shouted Amy as she reached up with both hands to pull Jill’s steaming cunt back to her waiting tongue.

My hands dropped to my zipper, yanking it down while I fished out my 10” cock. Before anybody could do or say anything I was between Amy’s wide spread thighs and with a single vicious thrust I was buried to my balls in her pussy.

I rammed into Amy so hard I pushed her head clear up to Jill’s tits. “HOLY FUCK!” she screamed. And everything seemed to freeze. The kids all looked at me with wide eyes. I could feel Amy’s cunt squeezing me. No one spoke for what seemed to be several minutes.

Jill finally dropped Jacks wilting cock out of her mouth. “Daddy, what are you doing here?” she said in a little girl voice. “You weren’t supposed to be home for hours.” My hand had dropped to Amy’s super sensitive clit and I began to rub her little button.

“OH FUCK” Amy moaned, ‘DON’T FUCKING STOP!!! GOD YOU HAVE A HUGE COCK. I LOVE IT. FUCK ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” By the time she finished talking her voice had gone up two octaves as she shouted demands.
A strange smile broke across Jack’s face. He grabbed Jill’s head, turned her face back to his cock and shoved it in her mouth, then began to pump as hard as he could. Amy reached around and began to massage my balls; the feeling was wonderful. I pulled my cock out of her until just the purple head was touching her sweet pussy lips, then shoved it back in until my balls slapped against her ass. This brought a moan from her. As I pulled out for the next assault she wiggled down following my cock until her mouth was again under Jill’s gaping hole. Releasing my balls she pulled Jill’s pussy to her mouth and began sucking on it.

Amy was the first to cum. Her legs began to shake; I could see her digging her fingernails into my daughter’s ass. Then as I was shoving my cock into her she pushed away from Jill and began to scream “CCCCCUUUUMMMMMMMMIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!” Her muscles went rigid and her cunt clamped down on my cock, stopping me in mid stroke. She stayed like this for about 15 seconds and then dropped to the grass, completely limp – she had passed out. Feeling Amy’s pussy grab my cock sent me over the edge as well. I couldn’t say a word. I just froze and pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into Amy’s grasping slot.

My son and daughter were next, cuming almost at the same time. Jack let out a groan as he shoved his cock down Jill’s throat then held her head in place as he pumped his sperm into her. Jill started pounding on Jack’s legs as her entire body started to shake. As my son pumped the last of his cum down his sister’s throat, she pulling her mouth off her brothers wilting cock. All Jill could say was “OF FUCK, OF FUCK, GOD DAMN I’M CUMMING!”

We all seemed to collapse into a heap. Each of us was covered in sweat and gulping air as if we had just finished a marathon race. As the world came back into focus it struck me what I had just done. I started to and pull myself out of the pile of sweating arms and legs when I felt a hand grab my cock. Looking down I followed the hand holding on to me up to my daughter’s smiling face, “Oh no you don’t! You aren’t going anywhere until you fuck me the same way you did Amy.”

To be continued . . . . .

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