tagIncest/TabooHow to Dom Your Mom

How to Dom Your Mom


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Stephen and his parents sat down to eat dinner. His dad, Frank, grey haired and tired-looking, asked his wife, "Get the ketchup, eh?"

Stephen's mom, Gail, a petite brunette with a trim figure and a usually-ready smile, said peevishly, "I just sat down Frank. Why didn't you ask before I sat down?"

This was a game that Stephen had watched his parents play for a few years now. He didn't think it was a fun game, though, and he'd had enough.

Stephen didn't like the way his dad treated his mom. It bothered him that she took it. It bothered him a lot. The more he thought of the disregard and disrespect she took, the madder he got. Like this stupid game; why didn't she..., "Just get the damn ketchup, Mom."

Gail hopped up immediately and went for the ketchup.

Stephen was mortified at the angry tone he had used. He followed her to the kitchen and took the ketchup bottle out of her hand. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. Then he rested his forehead on hers and said, "I'm sorry, Mom. I shouldn't have talked to you that way."

Gail put her hands up to her son's face, cradling it. The action squeezed her breasts together slightly, which drew Stephen's attention. At that angle, he had the perfect view down her shirt. Her lush cleavage, the creamy tops of her breasts, the black lace of her bra...black lace bra? Stephen felt his balls tingle at the sight.

Stephen enjoyed the view as long as he could. He thought, for the millionth time, how lucky he would be if he could find someone like his mom. She was so loving, giving and forgiving, warm, full of life, beautiful and sexy.

But every time he caught himself appreciating his mother's assets, he was overcome with shame. "Shit!," he thought to himself, "I shouldn't be thinking of my mom like that!"

Feeling unsettled, he quickly took the ketchup bottle to the table. He ignored the gloating look on his father's face. It was either that or punch the prick in his face.

After dinner, Frank buried his nose in Sports Illustrated, the tv remote in his lap.

Stephen cleared the table while his mother loaded the dishwasher. From the other room, the pair heard Frank loudly whine, "Gail, I want a beer!"

Stephen watched with amusement as his mom pretended not to hear his dad. After a few minutes, Frank whined again for a beer. Gail continued to ignore him. As she was wiping down the counters, Stephen found himself once again studying his mom's trim figure, her graceful movements, the sweetness of her apple bottom.

Frank came in with a petulant look on his face and retrieved his own beer, bitching as he returned to the den.

Stephen's thoughts remained unsettled. He couldn't seem to keep from thinking of his mother as a woman, like she was a potential girlfriend. He wondered if he was crazy because he knew that wasn't an appropriate way to look at her.

He thought of her with his Dickless Dad and shook his head. His dad's whiny, needy disrespect, and her ambivalent behavior in return—it just didn't seem to make any sense that they were husband and wife. "I would treat her so much better!" And then a rush of shame again.

Stephen told himself he needed a girl, that was all. He realized it had been weeks since he'd had sex. "I'm just feeling horny," he rationalized.

Stephen didn't have to go very long without sex. As a tall, good-looking, outgoing college athlete he had his pick of girls anytime he went out. He enjoyed being seen with a gorgeous girl, but they tended to leave him cold. They always seemed to act like he should be grateful to be seen with them.

What he really wanted was a girl who would treat him like he was special. Like his mom always did. God! There he was again, thinking of his mom as a girlfriend! He didn't seem able to keep from it.

He noticed that she had left the room and he wanted her back. He heard her coming back towards the kitchen. "Mom," he blurted out, "will you get me a Coke?"

Gail looked at her son and started to laugh--he was standing right beside the fridge! But something about the look on his face stopped the laughter. She inhaled sharply, turned to the fridge, opened it, and removed a Coke. She felt Stephen's eyes on her every step of the way. He was making her feel self-conscious. He seemed to watch her very closely a lot these days. At first, it made her wonder if she had a smudge on her face, or something.

But gradually, the thought that he was looking at her appreciatively formed in her mind. Once formed, it held on, reappearing with regularity. It sometimes seemed too outlandish to credit—but at other times, it seemed quite obvious. She usually tried not to think about the idea that her own son found her attractive. However, when she did allow herself to think about it, well, she found the idea quite flattering.

And when he looked at her like he was at that moment, intensely, almost hungrily, it made her feel desirable. She felt herself blush from shame. Then anger at Frank manifested. "If he would only look at me like that I wouldn't be having these awful thoughts!"

She turned towards Stephen. His body was just on the other side of the Coke can she was holding between them. So near, and yet not near enough. Gail was again shamed by her inappropriate thought and turned her face away from Stephen. "This is my son! Stop it, Gail!"

Stephen took the Coke can and set it on the counter. He put his hands on his mother's back to hug her close. He moved one hand up to her hair, feeling the silk of it. He leaned down and inhaled its sweet fragrance. "Mom," he whispered as a prayer in her ear.

His thoughts returned to the idea of finding someone like his mom. "No, not like Mom, but Mom herself!" He groaned his lust and self-loathing.

Suddenly, Frank yelled from the other room, "Not another one! C'mon, Ref! Jeez!" His voice trailed off, but it had broken the spell hanging over Stephen and his mother. They stepped apart and went their separate ways for the night, each immersed in feelings of shame and desire.

Gail and Stephen both busied themselves with school and work and friends over the next few days.


Stephen and his friend Jack studied at Stephen's house because of the cookies. Gail delighted in supporting the boys and their studies. She always made them peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and made sure she had milk and coffee for them. She would put on an old-fashioned apron and bring the snacks to them, fresh from the oven. It was a way for her to show her love, and she was sure that Stephen understood it as an act of love.

Gail had just left the latest plate of fresh cookies when Jack said, "Man, I love your mom!" He shoved a whole cookie in his mouth.

Stephen laughed at his friend and then did the same thing. He gulped down coffee, then sighed heavily. "Yeah, I do too."

Jack narrowed his eyes as he looked at his friend. There was a tone of voice there, almost wistful, that Jack hadn't noticed before. Jack, being gay, wasn't interested in Gail sexually, but he could see how attractive she was. He wondered if Stephen was seeing it, too.

The idea that Stephen might be attracted to his own mother didn't bother Jack. He had a very live-and-let-live attitude towards love and sex. Besides, Stephen and his mom were two of his favorite people. He wanted to see them happy.

"I'ma stay for dinner, too, Man. That alright?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Lemme just tell Mom."

At the dinner table later that evening, Jack paid close attention to the family dynamic. Frank almost pleaded with the boys to talk sports with him, ignoring Gail. Gail in turn ignored Frank while she waited on Stephen and him. She seemed to know precisely what they wanted and had it for them before they could even ask.

Jack noticed her warm smiles aimed at himself—and her embarrassed blushes aimed at Stephen. He watched Stephen closely and thought he saw an extra measure of tenderness in the glances he sent his mother's way. Jack was beginning to think he was not wrong.

After dinner, Jack and Stephen studied for another couple of hours before deciding they were punch drunk and any more would be wasted.

Jack didn't like Frank any more than Stephen did and always wondered at Frank and Gail. He knew Gail was submissive almost from their first meeting. Frank was an odd sort of weak-willed bully--definitely not the kind of man that would make a submissive woman happy, but possibly the kind that might fool a young and inexperienced girl long enough to get her pregnant.

Jack knew all about submissives as that was the kind of man he was drawn to. He had never been attracted to Stephen because Stephen was definitely not submissive. Jack grew thoughtful.

Stephen asked him, "Why you so quiet all of a sudden?"

Jack looked around to make sure the door was closed. "Stevie Baby, we need to talk about my sex life!"

Stephen screamed and crossed his fingers. He laughed and said, "No thanks, Man!"

"Seriously. Forget about the who I'm talking about and concentrate on the what."

"Naw, Man, I can't get past the why!"

"The why will become obvious if you'll listen."

Stephen didn't really want to hear about gay sex, but his friend's intent expression convinced him it was important to Jack that he listen.

"You remember when I first came out?" Jack asked. Stephen nodded. "I was very unsure of myself. I didn't really know anything about sex or about myself beyond that I was gay." Jack went on, "One of my first friends in the scene was a sub."

"What do you mean?"

"Sub is short for submissive. He liked to serve and be used by Doms, or dominants. I was so scared of making an ass of myself that I came across as a sub. Tim, my sub friend, and I talked about dominance and submission a lot. The more he talked about being a sub, the more I knew that was not me--that I was simply lacking confidence."

Stephen was becoming curious despite himself. "So what are you, then?"

"I'm a Dom. Now, not everyone is a sub or a Dom. In fact most people are not. But you, my friend, are."

"Hey, you know I'm not gay!" Stephen protested, not really following Jack's intent.

"Calm, Bro! Doms and subs aren't just for the gays. Hets enjoy the BDSM too."

Stephen realized he'd heard of that before. Those letters were often on the porn he liked most. But he always thought of porn as fantasy. It was all play-acting wasn't it? Especially the spanking scenes he liked so much. He'd often thought about spanking a girl, but had never done it. He was sure he'd be arrested for sexual assault.

"Okay, so what are you saying?"

"You're a Dom, like me. That means you're never gonna be satisfied with the kinda girls you're always with. Those girls want servants, not boyfriends!"

Stephen recognized the truth of that. "Well, Mr. Expert, what kind of girl is gonna satisfy me?"

"A sub. Subs are special. They may seem old-fashioned in some ways." Jack thought about what he wanted to say to get Stephen thinking about his mother.

"Submission is willing, first of all. It is service the sub performs from a place of affection and adoration. It is making the coffee exactly the way you want it, even if the sub doesn't like it that way, and having it ready for you before you can even ask."

As Jack talked, Stephen's thoughts kept returning to his mother. The way she always brought them cookies when they studied. He smiled at the thought. Stephen tried to think about everything Jack had told him, without thinking of his mother.

He said, "So it sounds like the Dom has a pretty sweet deal. Someone to act like a servant, plus sex too...."

Jack protested, "No, no! It's not one-sided at all! The Dom has to learn the needs and desires of his sub and to provide them. He must be completely trustworthy, too. He has to be someone the sub respects enough to want to submit to."

Stephen thought of his dad and the way his mom didn't seem to get much out of their relationship. I'm not like that, he protested to himself, even as he chided himself for circling back around to his mom.

"That doesn't sound like Dad at all."

Jack laughed mirthlessly. "I never said your dad was a Dom. He's just a self-centered jerk. He doesn't give your mom what she needs." But you could, Jack thought. Maybe it's too soon to say it, though.

But I could, Stephen thought. That thought was immediately followed with self-recrimination. I'm not supposed to be thinking of my mother like this! He hated himself for the way his thoughts kept spiraling back to his mother.

Stephen scrubbed his hands through his hair in frustration. He threw out the first thing he could think of to say. "Hey, what about the spanking? When do we get to the part about the spanking?"

Jack laughed. "The spanking shouldn't happen until there's trust. Seriously, Man; I mean it."

"Okay, I get it."

Jack left soon after, leaving the names of some books and websites for Stephen to look at.

Stephen spent much of his spare time reading, after that. He read everything Jack suggested and more. The more he read the more he understood himself--and his mom. His thoughts never strayed far from his mother. He began to see that she has always been his sub, to a degree. And now, he decided, it was only fair for him to meet her needs just as she had been meeting his all along.

Stephen and Jack, through more conversations, discussed the idea that Gail might not know she's submissive. She had married Frank young after all. Under the guise of a campaign simply to make Gail happier, Jack was able to convince Stephen to help his mom know herself better. So they printed out articles about dominance and submission and left them in places they knew his mom would find them. They had carefully crafted conversations in her hearing. And once, Jack came over with his current sub.

Jack noticed the way that Stephen and Gail watched the interactions between Jack and his sub. They watched very closely--as if they were taking notes. Jack also noticed the way that Stephen and Gail watched each other. It was as if they were imagining the other in the roles that Jack and his sub were playing.


Gail picked up yet another printed article about submission. She knew that Stephen had printed it out, but couldn't imagine why. Surely he didn't think of himself as a sub, Gail wondered. Gail knew that she was, though, from the very first article. She also recognized that Frank was not a dominant.

Whatever the reason was that Stephen was reading these articles, she was grateful for finding them. Reading them allowed her to put into words her amorphous feelings of dissatisfaction with her life and her marriage.

One afternoon, she heard herself mentioned when Stephen and Jack were talking. Jack said, "You know if I was straight, I'd totally be into your mom." Gail smiled at the flattery.

Stephen replied, "If I wasn't her son, I'd totally be into her." Gail's heart stopped and her stomach flipped when she heard that. She wandered off, her head in the clouds. She began to think about what it would be like if she had someone in her life like her son, rather than his father. Maybe even...not like her son, but her actual son. She felt shame heat her face and chest.

Another time she heard the boys talking, she heard Stephen say, "He's not good enough for her!" Gail noted the passion in his voice and wondered who he was talking about.

Jack replied, "No offense, Bro, but your dad's a jerk. She oughta kick him to the curb and find a real man." She was not entirely surprised to hear Jack say such a thing. But she was entirely surprised at Stephen's response.

"You're right, Man. I wish she would." Gail had to sit down. She wondered how serious Stephen was. She needed to know how serious he was.

Jack suggested, "You know, maybe you oughta tell her if she got got a divorce, she'd still have you to, you know, squish bugs; be the man of the house."

Stephen froze. What was Jack playing at? That was not what he was supposed to say next!

Gail imagined for a moment Stephen being the man of the house. She couldn't keep from letting her imagination take the two of them into the bedroom. She flushed furiously even as she held her breath waiting for Stephen's response.

Stephen knew his mom was listening. He spoke for her benefit, from the heart. "Jack, I already am the man of the house in lots of ways. I'd take all the ways, in a heartbeat." Jack smiled and gave his friend a thumbs up.

Gail's breath whooshed out of her and she felt faint. She wandered to her bedroom and fell on the bed. The sincerity of Stephen's quiet declaration devastated her. It was like an earthquake rocking the foundations of everything she knew to be real.

Some time later, Stephen went looking for his mom. He was a bit worried about her reaction to his statement. He found her laying on her bed, asleep. It looked like she had been crying.

Seeing the tracks of her tears, he jumped to the conclusion that she was troubled by his crazy, incestuous statement.

He was a little bit choked up himself, so he cleared his throat. She wakened and turned her head towards him.

"Mom," Stephen started. "I know you heard what I said earlier. And I'm so, so sorry!"

Gail felt the tears welling up. He didn't mean what he had said? "Why?"

Stephen replied, "You've been crying. I upset you with my crazy talk."

Gail felt her tears disappear and joy return. "Oh, Baby, you didn't upset me! I was crying because I've decided to ask your father for a divorce." In a small voice full of the need for approval she sought, she said, "Is that okay with you?"

Stephen was elated. "Okay?"

He fell to his knees beside the bed. "Okay?"

He put his hands on his mother, one running lightly along her cheek and the other running lightly along her side. He captured her eyes with his. "Oh, Mom, it's more than okay." He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, a light kiss, lips to lips. Still it was the kiss of a lover not of a son.

Gail couldn't deny her feelings for her son any longer. They were wrong, but they were. She needed to know if Stephen's were the same. She looked up at him, unsure, but determined, and asked, "Stephen, I have to know: what exactly did you mean when you told Jack you would like to be the man of the house in all ways?"

Stephen decided that if they were going to have the relationship he was hoping for, they needed to be completely honest with each other. He didn't know if they could have that relationship yet, but he would lay the groundwork for it regardless. "I meant that I want to love you in all the ways a man loves a woman."

Gail gasped. Her heart pounded. He felt as she did! She quickly sat up and turned towards her son, still kneeling beside her. "Oh, Stephen! Truly?"

"Mom, I will never lie to you. You have no cause to question what I've told you."

Gail lowered her head. "Of course, Stephen. I didn't mean I don't believe you. I just...it's such a dream!"

"A sweet dream, Mom?"

"Oh, yes, Baby!" Gail looked at Stephen again and saw the love in his eyes. She leaned in to kiss him. His lips met hers halfway. He let her kiss him gently, and then sweep her tongue timidly across his lips. But then he took control of the kiss. He kissed her harder, pressing her lips against her teeth. He grabbed her to him, close. He put one hand behind her head and the other behind her back. He held her, imprisoned, as he ravaged her mouth with his, forcing his tongue into her mouth and tasting her. Feeling her melt into his arms, accepting his domination. He felt his cock leap and grow. When he heard her whimper in need and submission, he almost came in his pants.

They broke apart, slowly and reluctantly. Stephen asked, "Do you want me with you when you tell Dad?"

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