tagRomanceHow to End a Bad Day

How to End a Bad Day


It was the perfect day. You were miserable. And I'd been waiting for a while for a day like this.

I had called you at work just before lunch and you told me all the things that had gone wrong so far for the day. Your boss was being a jerk. The other girls in the office were being catty, your feet hurt from being on them all day so far, and a hundred other little things that were piling up to make your day suck.

I was delighted. In fact, I took the afternoon off to celebrate.

When you finally dragged home at 5:00, I surprised you by meeting you at the front door with a couple of bags of things I had bought just for the occasion.

As we went into the house, you gave me a questioning look, and started in with an "I'm not really in the mood for this" speech which I quickly hushed with a finger over your lips. I headed for the kitchen to deposit my treasures while you quickly kicked off your shoes and plopped down on the couch. When I came back, you were sitting with your head back, eyes closed, and making grabbing motions at the carpet with your toes as you tried to work out the kinks and tension that had been building all day.

I stood there for a minute watching you. As always, you stole my breath away with your beauty. Long auburn hair, beautiful eyes that always seem to sparkle with a light of their own, a smile that can light up an entire room, and a killer body packed into a petite frame that makes guys drool and women hate you. Lol

Moving to the couch, I hand you a glass of your favorite wine and begin my preparations. I pull the curtains, turn some smooth jazz on low on the stereo, light a few strategically placed candles, shut the phone off, and pull out your massaging foot bath. I fill it with hot water, add a few drops of the scented oil you use to keep your feet soft, and plug it in.

So far, not a word has been said between us.

Going back out to the kitchen, I collect a few more of my goodies and bring them back to you on a tray.

I take your hand and bring you to a standing position, and then I sit on the couch in front of you. Again you look at me with questioning eyes as I reach out and slowly caress your legs at the knees, just below the hem of the skirt you have on today that makes you look so business-like yet so sexy at the same time.

I ever so slowly slide my hands up your legs under your skirt, softly feeling and caressing your thighs, gently tickling the sensitive inner areas, and then finally cup the firm twin globes of your ass. I have to remind myself what it is I have planned, otherwise this could get out of hand. With a sigh, I get back to the task at hand and deftly work my fingers into the waistband of your pantyhose and slowly draw them down your legs, holding your calves one at a time as I pull the offending convenience off your feet. Real stockings are so much more attractive and conducive to romance, but this is the 21st century after all.

Leaving your skirt and panties in place (for now) I turn you back and sit you back down on the couch. The items on my tray are a warm cloth to cleanse your face and hands, another for your forehead, and some cool cucumber slices for your eyes. I get you situated with all this and your feet in the now properly hot foot bath, and leave you to the calming music as I head back to the kitchen to make us dinner.

A quick salad, some broiled salmon, fresh asparagus with cream sauce, and fresh fruit compote are all ready in a little less than 30 minutes (thank you Food TV network, lol) during which time, the days effects are beginning to lose their hold on you. When I come to retrieve you from the couch for dinner, I can see you are much more relaxed and maybe even now beginning to show a little excitement at what might lie ahead for this evening.

After a quiet dinner with more wine and general small talk, (no discussion of work allowed) I take you back to the couch and stretch you out to relax more while I quickly do the dishes. When I come back, you are just beginning to doze a little.

Having brought a few more goodies from my bags, I take a seat on the couch with your feet in my lap on a towel and begin a gentle but firm foot rub with a warming lotion I've bought just for this occasion. I pay particular attention to your ankles, as I know them to be one of your sensitive areas, but I also pay homage to the rest of your feet, rubbing, kneading, licking and gently sucking each toe in turn until I feel you slowly beginning to squirm on the couch.

Leaving your feet, I work my massage slowly up your legs, kneading the tension of a long day out of your calves and spending a little time teasing the backs of your knees which I also know as another sensitive area.

As I lift each of your legs in turn to allow my fingers to work their magic ministrations, I am presented with the sight of your womanhood, tightly covered by a sheer pair of lacy panties. Pale pink with small satin bows, ones that I bought you at Victoria's Secret, they don't seem to cover as much as they seem to accentuate your feminine charms. I can see a small spot of wetness beginning to form in the crotch as the unfolding events begin to turn you on, and I have to admit to a certain stiffness myself as I work my fingers in a circular motion, inching ever closer to the center of your desire.

The effect on me hasn't gone unnoticed by you, as indicated by the other foot in my lap which is lazily moving back and forth over my quickly hardening manhood. Sensing where this is rapidly heading, I back off, bringing the tiniest groan of frustration and a whispered "please don't stop" from you. But I do stop, because I have still more surprises in store for you.

Getting up from the couch and painfully adjusting my rigid member inside my pants, I leave you on the couch as I head to the bathroom to set up the next scene of our little play.

Running a bath, which I know you love, I prepare the bathroom also. Scented candles and flowers placed strategically around the tub, rose scented bath oil beads and just the smallest amount of bubble bath to put a slight foam on the water. Large fluffy towels stand ready for after and just before coming back to get you, I sprinkle rose petals on the floor and the surface of the water.

Quietly coming back to the living room, I peek around the corner to see if you are awake, only to have my heart pound in my chest as I find you, eyes closed, running your hands over your own body. I watch as you cup your breast with one hand, pinching and rolling the nipple between your thumb and forefinger, while your other hand rubs your mound through your skirt and panties.

I make the slightest noise to announce my presence and you jump, your eyes snap open, and you have the grace to blush furiously all the way down to the roots of your hair.

I offer you a hand and draw you up off the couch and into my arms. Our lips meet and begin a slow lingering kiss that leads to our tongues exploring each other as the urgency of the moment begins to reassert itself. But again I draw away. God, I love teasing you. I lead you by the hand into the bathroom, closing the door in order to trap the heat of the bath and make things as cozy as possible.

Drawing you over to the mirrored vanity, I stand you in front of it facing the mirror as I stand behind you. The difference in our heights is accentuated here, my tall frame behind your petite one, but I love that difference, especially when we slow dance with your head against my chest. I see you looking at me in the mirror and I smile, only to have you return that smile that can absolutely take my breath away. I quietly tell you that I'm going to undress you now in front of the mirror because I want you to see everything I'm going to do to you, and I feel you shiver ever so slightly at my words.

I begin with your blouse. Undoing each button with almost agonizing slowness as I softly kiss the back of your neck and trail little tongue kisses up to your earlobes. I pull the blouse from your skirt, not yet opening it until it is completely loose. As I pull it gently from your shoulders, the matching bra to the panties I had seen earlier is exposed. Again, the lace seems more to accentuate than cover. Your nipples are readily seen through the lace, a deep coral color against the pink of the bra, puckered and hard from the feelings coursing through you and from your own handiwork earlier.

Next, I reach down to unzip your skirt and let it fall to puddle on the floor around your ankles. Your slip is black, somehow incongruous with the bra and panties, but sexy none the less. It quickly becomes a puddle of silk on the floor with your skirt and you are left only in your smallclothes in front of me. I sense a small flush of embarrassment from you, which is so endearing after all the times I have seen you naked, and I love you all the more for it. But I won't leave you to be the only one undressed for long.

You turn to me to help me undress, but I stop you, turning you back to the mirror to continue the small drama being played out. My shoes were left in the living room with yours, and I bend to pull my socks off one by one, leaning on you slightly to keep my balance. Your skin is warm beneath my hand. I pull my shirt over my head baring my chest. I'm the self-conscious one now. My hairy chest is something some women don't like, but you have never teased me about it, and I love the way you run your fingers through it when you touch me.

You lean back against me and I revel in the feel of your skin against mine. I put my arms around you holding you close as I tilt your head back, my lips searching hungrily for yours. After a few moments, I move you away enough that I can open and unzip my pants. As I push them down my legs my desire is apparent from the way my briefs are tented out in front by my hardness. A small spot of moisture shows at the tip indicating just how excited I am. As I stand behind you, you can't see me but you can feel the length of me brush against you as I move.

I kneel behind you now, looking around you into the mirror watching your reactions as I reach up to unfasten your bra. The clasp defies me for a moment, but in the end it surrenders and parts reluctantly. You shrug your shoulders slightly, the straps fall away from your arms, and you bra joins the rest of your clothes on the floor.

I stop for a moment drinking in the sight of your breasts. So soft and yet firm at the same time. They still sit high on your chest, belying your age, with the dark coral areolas and nipples that were visible earlier. I ache to feel the weight of them in my hands and your nipples on my tongue, but I still have other business to attest to and they will wait for me until I'm ready. Not knowing now what to do with your hands, you demurely fold them over your breasts in a protective manner and I laugh to myself because you have no idea of the things I have in store for you later that will make such a gesture seem small in comparison.

But for now I come back to the present and run my hands up the sides of your legs to the top of your panties. Your waist is small in my large hands and I take the moment to enjoy the feel of you. Then my fingers begin the slow pressure that draws your last vestige of protection from my eyes inexorably downward until your panties are draped at your ankles. Helping you lift each foot carefully, I remove them, lift them to my nose and breath heavily, inhaling the muskiness of your womanly scent that I've enjoyed so many times before.

You stand nude before me now. Looking at yourself in the mirror. I don't know the thoughts running through your mind, but in my mind you are the absolute personification of love, sex, and desire all rolled into one.

I stand again and pull the waistband of my briefs away from my body to give me room to free myself and then drop them to the floor, kicking them aside to mingle with the rest of our combined clothes.

Again I pull you to me, this time nestling the hard shaft of my manhood between the cheeks of your ass. You rock back gently with a pushing motion, keeping the contact between us, the lubrication I've been leaking leaving shining trails at the base of your spine and down into the cleft of your cheeks.

Turning the lights off, leaving only the glow of the candles to light us, I lead you to the tub. The water is hot and you draw back your toes for a moment before stepping in. You move to bring me in with you, but that's not part of the plan just yet. Getting you settled into the tub with a few indrawn breaths as the hot water touches sensitive areas, I have you lie back. Using one of your sponges I begin a slow, gentle scrub of your body.

Starting at your feet again, I begin the gentle climb up your legs, stopping to attend to your ankles and knees, drawing the sponge tantalizingly up the insides of your thighs, but never touching the aching center of your desire now hidden from my eyes by the layer of bubbles. I bring the sponge up higher now, squeezing warm water from it to cascade down over your breasts, leaving tiny trails of bubbles clinging to your hardened nipples. I slowly work the sponge around your shoulders and neck, bringing sighs of satisfaction from you as the hot water melts the last of the day's tension from your body.

Taking a glass I have placed there just for this reason, I have you lean forward and close your eyes as I pour water over your head and begin to shampoo your hair. I know you love this and I take my time, my fingers finding and massaging the pressure points at your temples and at the back of your neck. If you were a cat you would be purring right now, and as it is you are like putty in my hands.

Having completed your hair, I have you slide forward a little and I step into the tub and settle behind you, spreading my legs to have you slide back and lean against me. I've been looking forward to this all afternoon and the feel of you accentuated by the hot water and bubble bath is exquisite. We both lay there languid and content, the soft music playing in the background and the candles and flowers mixing their aromas and combining with the steam of the bath, neither of us wanting to move.

Slowly you turn your head to me and I look into your eyes. I see the desire there, slowly simmering, ready to explode in white hot flames of passion at the touch of my hands.

And touch I do. No more games. My hand finds your breast and I cup the weight of it as I pinch your nipple none too gently and pull it into even more hardness. My other hand slides down over your belly, moving between your legs, and I cup your mound and send my fingers searching inside you to find your most sensitive pearl of desire.

You cry out as an orgasm, lingering on the edge since the foot massage on the couch earlier, sweeps over you in crashing waves, leaving you gasping and drained as you lie against me. We both lay there for a little while, my hands slowly kneading your breasts and roaming gently over every area of your body that I can reach.

Finally the cooling water makes me take notice and I stand you up and bring you out of the tub and wrap you in one of the fluffy towels that have been warmed by the steam from the bath. Seating you at the vanity, I gently rub dry your hair, luxuriating in the feel of your auburn tresses beneath my fingers. Handing you a brush and giving you a promise to be right back, I pad down the hallway to the bedroom to set the stage for the final act of the night's events.

Coming back to the bathroom after making the necessary preparations, I'm stunned by sight of you. In the short time I've been gone you've been busy. Your hair shines like liquid chestnut and your body is lush and ripe, still pink from the bath. You've even managed to apply just a touch of makeup to your lips and eyes and for one of the few rare times in my life I'm speechless. You're gorgeous. And I'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

After picking my jaw up off the floor and trying to get my heart beating again, I stammer an apology for staring and ask you to turn around. You gaze quizzically at me but do as I ask and I approach you from behind. I put my arms around you in a loving embrace and lean over, tracing the tip of my tongue along your earlobe and kissing the sensitive spots on the back of your neck. When I have you shivering in my arms again, I finally break our embrace and look into your eyes and ask, "Do you trust me?"

You reply that you do, and at that point I bring out a blindfold and some padded wrist restraints. You open your mouth as if to protest, but I ask you again "Do you trust me?" and this time you nod and lower your head allowing me to put the blindfold in place. I place the padded cuffs on your wrists and all the while whispering soft reassurances to you, I lead you naked down the hall to the bedroom.

Once there, I stop you beside the bed. I ask you if you remember our safe word to stop things if you should get uncomfortable for any reason. We've played before, but this time I plan on going a little farther than any previous times. You nod your head and I whisper in your ear "Remember that I love you and would never do anything that would hurt you".

You whisper in return "I know. I love you, too", but I can also feel you tremble in my arms from the uncertainty of the situation.

With one last "Trust me" I lead you onto the bed.

One of the things I have planned is to mix as many sensations as I can for you to experience. You jump ever so slightly at the touch as I pull you onto your fur coat that I have spread out on the bed.

The fur is both cool and warm at the same time and seems to caress you on its own as I lay you on your back, put a pillow under your head and take your hands. I secure your hands together with the cuffs and lift them back over your head, securing them to the headboard with a short piece of red silk rope that I have placed there just for this purpose. Next I take each of your legs in turn and secure them to the footboard bedposts using the same red rope so as not to leave any marks.

Stepping back I take a moment to admire my handiwork, naked and spread eagle on the bed. Your breasts stand proud and firm on your chest, pulled up by the position of your arms and your wetness is obvious from the matted hair between your spread legs. You move your head from side to side straining to hear my movements and trying to imagine what it is I might be doing.

I take a moment to move back to the bath and retrieve yet more supplies. You hear me return as I move back into the room and jump again as I position myself on the bed. Not knowing what to expect, you are surprised as I slide my arm under your hips and raise you ever so slightly to slip a towel underneath you. You squirm slightly as I place a warm wet cloth across your hips. I leave it there for a moment before removing it. You moan slightly as you feel my hand begin to stroke your mound and it takes you a moment to realize that in my hand is a shaving gel that I am slowly spreading over your pubic hair. I hear you start to say something and I look up, but you catch your self, and biting your lip you lie there quietly. I slowly work the gel into a lather making sure to cover the entire area of your sex.

I lean over to your ear and you jump as I whisper "This is a very sensitive area and I have a very sharp razor. I wouldn't move too much if I were you." I laugh to myself again as you whimper and shiver, because I know from feeling you as I applied the shave gel that you are as turned on as I am by all this.

I start at the bottom between your legs and work my way up with the razor, moving slowly and holding and pulling each lip of your vagina as I remove the hair cleanly without nicking you. I can feel you struggling to remain still as I shave you, the fear of the razor and the feel of my fingers invading you sending conflicting sensations to your brain. I leave a small patch of hair for you, almost a small triangle, pointing straight to your most intimate opening.

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