tagAnalHow To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 04

How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 04


Zoe ended up being a lot of fun. She loved how I would take charge and do whatever I liked to her. I'm not the domination type, but I'll tell you right now there is nothing more fun and more of a turn on for most women then a guy who controls the situation and pushes them beyond their normal limits. Many women claim they don't want to be assfucked, but I've discovered that every puckered asshole I've penetrated thanked me afterwards with continued sex and crazy orgasms.

By the end of three weeks I had Zoe calling me almost nightly to come visit her after she was done stripping at Mr. J's. Our arrangement was that I would put her up at the local motel in return for my having my way with her. A win-win situation if you ask me. Our typical "date" would start with me bringing over some form of hard alcohol and getting her totally fucked up. Then Zoe would strip and do some sexy dance numbers for me which usually ended up with her sitting on my face and grinding it till she came. After fucking her in the pussy for awhile I would always roll her over and drive my lubricated dick deep into her ass.

One problem I've discovered with strippers is that if you fuck them to much they start to get emotionally attached to you. Being emotionally attached to a stripper is like having all the girls you have ever broken up with complaining to you all at once. I guess it comes with the territory; any girl that gets into that profession is probably a little fucked up in the head to begin with.

So coincidentally Zoe gets injured on the job at about the same time that I'm getting bored of her. During one of her dance routines she slips and tears a leg muscle. I feel bad for her, but decide it's time to move onto a new girl.

Now it's very important to always tip the cocktail waitresses and bouncers at strip clubs. These are your prime avenues for meeting new girls. The same cocktail waitress that I tipped heavily the night before brings a new girl to my table by the name of Jessica. The cocktail waitress tells Jessica that I'm a really nice guy and that she has heard good things about me from the other girls.

Jessica is definitely unique among women. From a distance she appeared to be about 5'8" and very well proportioned. Standing in front of me I realized that she was probably as tall as I am. I asked her to sit and started the conversation with some small talk. "Slow night, how's it going for you so far?" She responded that it was slower than other clubs that she had worked at. "What made you choose to work at this one?". She stretched forward "Well the last club I was at fired me for being to aggressive with the customers".

This statement perked my ears up. A stripper that was fired, needed money and was a bit raunchy to boot.

A trick that I have used that works really well with some strippers is to tip them while they hang out with me. This is actually cheaper in the long run and the dances in OC suck anyway. Many strippers will also think you are cool if you tell them that you find that lap dances in OC suck and you would rather just sit and drink/talk. This is also a great lead in to find out if they are willing to do a little work on the side.

So Jessica and I are getting along great and drinking lots of alcohol when she asks me if I like full nude bars. I explain to her that full nude bars aren't as much fun because the dancers typically seem pretty jaded and no alcohol is served there. Jessica agrees with me, but then tells me that she is working tomorrow night at a full nude bar in Anaheim and asks if I'll show up for moral support. I agree and say goodbye for the night.

The next night I show up at Ecstasy and watch her grind out her dances on the stage. A 6'0' tall girl with 4" heels is something to behold totally nude. I throw about $20 worth of one dollar bills at her and she comes over. "I'm glad you made it sweetie" she exclaims and proceeds to perform a little show for me on the dance floor. Jessica then slides her pussy to within inches of my face and starts to play with her pussy lips. She then takes her middle finger and slides it past her nether lips deep into her obviously glistening wet pussy. This blew me away since this kind of show is not allowed in OC. I looked around quickly and could see that no one could see what she was doing at that angle. She caught my gaze and winked devilishly.

After her dance she told me to wait for her and let me know that I would be getting some lap dances from her. The lap dances were just as exciting. This super limber, long legged blond was all over me and grabbed my throbbing hard-on many times. After about five dances she told me to meet her at Denny's when she got off at 1:00 AM. We met at Denny's where I told her that I blown away by how fucking hot she was. She then invited me back to her place to drink some vodka and watch late night TV.

The funny thing is that once we got to her house that's all we did was drink vodka and watch TV. I started to realize that Jessica was a lipstick lesbian and just loved fucking with guys and driving them crazy. I made a couple of attempts at making out with her that resulted in her leaning away. As soon as I attempted to leave, she was all over me giving me lap dances and grinding against me. This was one fucked up girl.

Jessica then tells me that she is tired/drunk and is going to bed, and that I am welcome to stay if I like. I go to use the restroom in a very confused state and very big blue balls. This girl acts like she wants to fuck me, but resists all advances. I want to be aggressive with her, but in this day and age you've got to be careful. You don't want some crazy bitch stripper to claim that you date raped her.

I come out of the bathroom and can't find Jessica in the living room so I search the house. Wouldn't you know it, the girl is passed out in the bedroom in the spoon position. Wicked thoughts instantly come to mind and I lay down behind her and put my arm around her to see if she will awake. Not a peep from her, so I lift the blanket to get a look at her ass. Wearing nothing but a cute little black g-string that shows her shapely ass gets me hard instantly. I'm starting to wonder if I can pull this off and get away with it on a girl that I just me the day before.

Reaching down I start to rub her panties right over the top of her pussy. I forgot to mention that she is completely shaved and has very nice puffy pussy lips. I then slide my hand under her panties and start to rub my palm against her clitoral area while sliding two fingers in between her sweet lips. Jessica starts to breathe heavier which makes me nervous, but I then realize that she is sexually responsive when she sleeps. Probably dreaming that some hot dyke was going down on her.

I then start to feel that her pussy is getting moist from my attentions. Sliding her g-string to the side I scoot closer and start to rub my cock head against her pussy lips. My dick is oozing lots of precum. So much that when I pull my dick away from her the sticky strands stand out. She then unconsciously scoots her pussy back towards me when I pull my dick away. This is all the tempting I need so I lube up my cockhead with some very thick saliva.

Now you might be wondering if a really tall girl has a big pussy. Not in the case of this girl. I had never been with a girl over 5'8" in the past and was wondering if a 6'0" tall girl would have a big pussy. Jessica's pussy was amazingly tight as I slowly slid a few inches of my bulging cock into her. I slowly moved back and forth until our juices made my cock really slick. Slowly my cock made it's way deeper into her. While I pushed into her she moaned quietly and moved her hips which made me think she was awake, but I realized quickly that she was completely out of it thanks to Grey Goose.

The whole time I was stroking her tight little pussy, I was eyeing her puckered little butt hole. It was the smallest opening I had ever seen. If it wasn't for the slightly darker skin around the rim, it might be invisible. Taking my lubed up index finger, I slowly tickled the pink ring. I then gathered my courage and pushed my finger in about an inch. Jessica's puckered little hole which had just been loose all of a sudden put a solid grip on my fingertip. I was sure that she had just woken, but her butt hole soon started to relax again. Every inch I pushed in would cause her little asshole to clinch and then relax.

Pulling out of her sweet pussy was torture, but I really wanted to cum in her asshole. I rubbed my cockhead, which was soaking wet from her cunt against the tiny little butt hole. The hole was just a little bit further opened from my fingering so I was able to aim correctly and start to apply pressure against it.

It took almost five minutes of me being really patient to get the first couple of inches of my rock hard dick in. It was also really hard not to come since her ass muscles kept clinching and unclenching on my swollen head. Deciding not to be to aggressive since her ass was so tight, I just starting fucking her with the first four inches of my cock. Watching that tight little sphincter stretching tightly over my shaft was a sight to see. I made a mental to bring a camera next time.

I pressed in a little bit more and got 5 of my 7.25 inches into her. Jessica then moaned low in her throat and her ass started to slightly shake. Her asshole gripped my cock harder than any fist ever had. All of a sudden my cock started shooting load after load of hot cum inside of her without me even moving. I stifled a groan and just held my cock in place. The tight grip on my dick removed any thought of my pulling out for the moment.

Two minutes after I came, her ass loosened up and I started to pull out. My dick was still rock hard so I decided to try for a second orgasm. I got a little braver this time and started thrusting the entire length into her. Within seconds I came again with my dick totally buried in her tight little ass. Anal orgasms are so much better than vaginal orgasms. The was that little butt hole clinches the base of your cock causes it to swell up and come very intensely. I then cleaned her up and made a mental note to bring more vodka the next night.

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