tagIncest/TabooHow to Make a Slave

How to Make a Slave


Warning for readers!! This is currently a one-off story. Whether it extends out into further chapters is entirely dependant on reader responses and votes.


It was summer time in London. The air was cool and vibrant. Kids on the street were chasing each other around in circles with their high powered water rifles; old ladies were watering their front lawns, while pedestrians quenched their thirst with sparkling drinks. Liquid was the theme of the day and my interaction with it was a tad different. As I stood by my bed looking down, it glistened; this female flower, caught in a net, wet and horny. My presence was all it needed to become stimulated. I touched it and its keeper flinched. The intricately spaced web surrounding her vagina was a fishnet. I had bought it online a week ago; a black fishnet for £30.00. Expensive maybe, but since the honey who agreed to wear it was none other than my mother, I think it was money well spent. It was essentially a body suit, but the terminology with porn worthy attire sometimes alternates between interpretation and ready made descriptions. Whatever it was it looked so hot on her otherwise naked body.

What complimented her erotic presentation was her short black hair, cut off half way down her neck. It used to be long but I had her go to Mr Crops across the street to get it shortened. She looked very cute and reminded me of a Hungarian porn star my dick was very familiar with. She was primarily a lesbian, very tall and dominant; had a deep female voice and looked like a powerful female vampire. All the girls she fucked looked vulnerable in her presence. My mum by contrast was submissive, though only towards me. Otherwise, she was just as built as a hermaphrodite angel (minus the cock).

Looking down at her now, as she lay there, legs up in the air pointing in the shape of an open V, not quite spread-eagled but not far off either, I felt something stir in my pants. The sausage had awakened, as it did often each day. I felt it peel off the wall of my body and expand, creating a bulge in my pants. My mum liked that I always went commando. It was after all, her suggestion in the first place. I had already removed my top and corduroy's were loose and low. I didn't like to wear belts so my pants usually hung low. This one hung low enough to reveal my navel lines. Had I not shaved my pubic hair that too would be clearly visible.

On the note about shaving, my mother's body was remarkably hairless. She kept it like that for me. I copped a feel of it and felt the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. Even through the material of the fishnet (which wasn't much) the inner parts of her thigh were incredibly smooth. The gaps between the lines of each segment of the net were considerably large and that's how I liked it. Nancy (my mum) actually sat with me on this purchase. We pretty much did everything together since my father left.

Sitting by the laptop, browsing through lingerie websites and discussing our deepest fantasies was not exactly what I expected to happen. I'm so glad it did work out like this in the end, and no one was as glad about it as Nancy.

'Babe?' She said cocking her head up slightly. 'Are you ok?'

'Yes.' I replied, tracing a finger along the outer contours of her pussy. I moved up to the top, where her bush might have been a few weeks ago. She smiled and showed me her white teeth. A nice set; thick and strong. My mum had a big mouth and thick lips. I had tasted them a lot. One particularly unique feature of her mouth was a gold tooth on the upper front. She was normally a conservative woman with old fashioned tastes and not an interest in new ideas of the material kind, so it was a surprise when she had it done. I absolutely adored it. I guess my influence had trumped her choice of lifestyle; overpowered it with the smell of my sperm. She was just addicted to the stuff. How she came to desire my spunk was unexpected.

Dad left us a year ago and it did not affect us financially as my mother also worked and actually earned more than him. She was a silent partner at a law firm and did most of her work from home. She still dressed in high powered suits and wore specs indoors because you never could tell when a meeting was around the corner. Nancy had an analytical mind and was an ugly duckling in school due to her lanky height, but had grown into a stunning creature with a body that had seen the gym and all its toys regularly for the best part of 10 years. Her figure was honed; it curved in the right places, and was voluptuous in the areas that stretched cotton and other materials that attempted to contain it. Such stretchy fabrics only helped only to accentuate it and draw attention to it from any living thing that had eyes.

When we used to talk, she would sometimes catch my eyes wandering low. I couldn't really help it. No one could.

'God that feels so fucking good!' Nancy said with ragged breath. My touch was igniting a slow burning fire inside her, keeping it crackling. I liked to go slow, just so the session would last longer, and she was no different. If anything, my mum liked me to tease her more, to play with her urges like an equaliser. Whatever I did altered the settings. If I was licking her pink butterfly shaped flaps, I knew when to stop; had to let her cool off before resuming; otherwise she would just shudder and orgasm. While I licked I often peered up to watch the expressions on her face, see how intense they were. We had learnt not to direct each other with words. If her ecstasy was rising too high I would know.

I was really flattered I turned her on that much. It was empowering to say the least. After all, I was only 19 years old and she was 37. Her only son, and her only love. She actually raised me on her own since my father was never in the house, but never really spoilt me in any way. If I wanted something I always had to earn it, which was a good early lesson. Quite how it turned out like this I cannot say, but we have both consented to it and both also wanted it really bad.

The funny thing about it all is the way we hid this knowledge of our desire for one another from each other for so long. I remember the erections from an early age; what mother with a body like this would not give their sons erections?

In turn, my mother started to notice me during my growth spurt period when I was 18. I was still smaller than her but wider and my clothes were getting tight. For some reason I kept my trousers despite the bulges. She had seen me naked a few times and they were the most embarrassing moments of my life because I thought she was like a typical mother; not particularly keen to have images of her naked teenage son swimming around in her head. But they were, and not only were they there to stay, but she began to add furniture to the visions, and scenarios, based around a simple but forbidden curiosity; what it would feel like to have my dick in her mouth. Once she was in that world she could not turn back. Normal sex was no longer appealing; no longer stimulating enough. Her requirements had new parameters and they could not be ignored.

My mum was the kind of woman who always got what she wanted and this was why she was frustrated after her husband departed. Now, she could not fuck her husband and think of ME while she was humping HIM. It was a terrible situation. She knew her thoughts were impure and taboo. Intensive research online only stimulated her more. The subject of incest was becoming such an obsession she sold her shares and retired. Probably not enough to live on forever, but she needed some time off work to figure out her life and where it was going.

She told me, one time when I was out, she entered my room. Browsed around; it smelled of cum. she was hooked. She wanted to know how to get more. Her pattern of thought had led her to my drawers and to my underwear. She sniffed it all even though it was clean, nose shoved deep into the crotch area. She was ashamed of her actions but when she was feeling so dizzy and horny she migrated further still into the murky depths of her desires. Acts of sexual desperation became realities. Wanting to be caught with her knickers down around her ankles, to be seen with her fingers inside her vagina, by me, her son. All of those things and much more.

Eventually she got her wish, but it was not something she planned. I came home one day and saw her pressing a pomegranate inside out in the kitchen. The seeds were all over the place, it was a right mess, but she just loved eating them with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I came up behind her and pinched her arse jokingly, but realised from that grab that she either wasn't wearing any knickers or she had thongs on. Nancy just gave me a big smile and affectionately bopped my head with the back of her hand. I laughed and turned around flicking a stray seed at her.

'Sit down. I'll make you a bowl hon.' she said planting a kiss on my shoulder. I pulled out a chair and saw box of cereal on the table. There seemed to be a pink transparent rubbery toy next to it and for a moment I thought it had come out of the cereal box, but it seemed a little too long and big to be that kind of toy.

My mother turned around at the same time and I heard her mutter the word 'fuck' under her breath.

I don't know why, but I leant over and picked it up. Then I put it down and then carried on as if nothing had happened. My mum was the same; she sat down across me and we ate pomegranates together while a dildo lay motionless on the table.

We actually a few more such 'oh fuck!' moments before the tide started to change. Of course all of them were embarrassing and awkward silences followed. The time when she caught me trying to suck my own dick was funny, and the time when I was having phone sex with my history teacher's daughter thinking the house was empty. It wasn't much later, after my mum started fucking me that she told me about that day. She had her ears to the wall and her fingers in her pussy apparently.

Her mind was so incoherent she was thinking that I shouldn't be on the phone if I was living with her, that it wasn't fair on her.

I liked this kind of thinking. I subscribed to it. But again, this was all revealed to me later on.

All of these 'caught' in the act moments were having their toll on both of us. We endured a sticky mom/son period where we just weren't talking to each other and there was too much tension in the house. I was pissed off she kept walking in on me when I was changing or being nosy and asking me all the time what I was doing on my laptop, and she was getting frustrated about my lack of reaction to her signals. Something had to give. We both loved each other.

It was weird how we made up; I came home after a bad day at college. Add to that, I almost got run over by a man on a 3 wheeled car. I wasn't drunk; I hadn't sniffed any drugs or glue, so my mind was sober. By extension, I did not hear moaning sounds, nor did I peek through the gap in the door to her room to find her fucking herself with a dildo. My mum was on the couch in the living room watching TV in her gown. I could hear water running and steam coming out of the bathroom so figured she was running a bath. I needed to take a leak so I quickly dashed into the bathroom and lifted up the seat.

I was about halfway through when I heard a noise of the door creaking shut. My mum had walked in. She carried on by me as if I wasn't even there. When she reached the tub she tested the water then closed off the tap. Her elbows shimmied outward from my line of sight and then her gown peeled off, closely gliding along the frame of her curvaceous body on its way down to her ankles.

What the Fuck?! My head was spinning because my eyes were deceiving me. My stony eyes remained glued on the naked figure ahead.

The candles gave an air of ambience to the room, and gave her skin a beautiful glow. She lifted one foot up and over, into the bubbling tub and I caught sight of her hairy pussy. She was in all too soon for my liking. When I faced the toilet I realised I had been pissing all over the wall. 'Fuck!' I barked.

My mum saw this and said nothing. I was kind of angry with her for no reason and refused to leave the bathroom.

'You know what,' I began. 'Fuck you!'

It was uncalled for, but it just came out of my mouth as if some other demon force was controlling me. Probably that ear whispering creature from the Amityville II, you know the one who convinced the son to kill his family. After you reach the land of fucked up you learn there are no more limits. Everything is unbound. The possibilities it empowers you with are frightening. But just before the leap there is another battle to be fought; on a ground that tests the strength of your will.

My mother cast a glance in my direction but nothing more. This only served to make me angrier. I almost felt like I wanted to hurt her. Instead I wandered over to the foot of the tub and kicked it.

My mum looked at me with pinched brows. She did not approve. Her body covered in bubbles. 'Why did you do that?' I asked.

'What?' She replied visibly confused.

'You know I was trying to take a leak.'

'So?' She countered.

'So.' I repeated.


I pondered about the steam leaving her skin and evaporating into the air, I wondered why the walls of this bathroom were blue and then I stepped into the vacant end of the tub and sat down. I'm not sure why, I seemed to be following my sleeve since that's where my heart was. Every irrational action created an equally irrational reaction. I was in my college clothes, sharing a tub with my mother, who was otherwise naked. I had to spread my legs out since hers were in the middle, and up. Her knees visible and gleaming at me. Her reaction to my behaviour was cool. She took a sip of her white wine and took in a slow deep breath.

But why blue tiled walls I again pondered in an attempt to re-direct my thoughts for no apparent reason. Whatever I was trying to do psychologically it wasn't working.

Hmmm I wondered; Mum naked in the tub. Such an evil thing for her do. Such an injustice to me. I wanted to be able to take revenge without having been a victim of anything that was my mode of thought. I wanted to hurt her because I could. What compelled me to act as I did was the feeling that she actually wanted me to hurt her, almost as if she was willing it telepathically. As my legs tired I eased them in further along the walls of the squeaky tub. It was impossible for my big feet not to rub against the sides of her hips where they eventually settled. I saw her hand slip in like a snake and help guide my feet further against her body. These small maternal gestures were never lost on a son, though they were normally quickly forgotten due to the endless number of maternal gestures she performed while bringing me up, this one was an act apart. I did not repel my feet in the opposite direction nor did I attempt to shake off her hand that was firmly planted on the metatarsal like a leech.

'I had a bad day.' I blurted.

She stroked my foot and gave me a look of sympathy.

'Hold on.' She said. She reached lower into the cuff of my pants until she reached the sleeve of my sock. She tugged slightly but then decided to roll it down. It was always hard to remove wet clothes but she was in no hurry. It was quite erotic. By the time it was rolled up over the ankle she tugged it over the back of my foot, rolled it some more then tugged at the tip of my sock ever so gently. Like I said, there was no rush. Each playful tug hardened my erection. Eventually her hand came out and with it my sock. She discarded this item over board. There was still a tension in the room between us; it was powerful and the energy it was running high on was entirely sexual. My anger was replaced by lust and my cheeks were red with embarrassment.

At that point I asked mum if her legs were tired, and dipped my hands in. I found her feet locked against each other and wrapped my big hands around her ankles. She was very responsive and allowed me to help ease her legs out over the bathtub so that they rested on my thighs.

We lay on opposite sides for a while, watching the steam settle and the bubbles recede.

'Baby.' She said nudging her toes against my pants. She thought it was only appropriate I relax completely. I did not reply when she began tugging at my trousers, I did not argue. Instead I found myself loosening my belt and undoing the pant buttons.

She was surprisingly strong and had my pants off in no time. They went the way of the socks; hurled over board. I removed my top and was now a naked son in a tub with his naked mum. I felt the hot fizz of heat against my swaying cock. My mothers pink toe went off course and ran into my cock. She pinched her brow momentarily pondering what it was; her big toe even combed the full length of my meat pole before realising it was my dick.

'Oops!' She apologised.

'Just be careful.' I warned still gathering up flecks of spare residual heat from a bad day.

'If your feet want to ... explore, I won't stop you.' She explained.

'Do you have a dick?' I asked without thinking. Another one of my specials. These flecks must have been common. Every time she spoke I would pluck one out of the air and toss it in her direction.

'Umm, why don't you find out?' She replied. Always had an answer up her sleeves. Her toes stroked my thighs.

'Ok.' I replied.

I slid my foot over between her legs and eased it in. When I reached a soft wall I stopped. Her legs opened up to let me in. My toes caressed my mother's labia and my heart was banging on the walls of my chest trying to get out. I couldn't lie to myself anymore, I wanted this to happen, But for the dream to work as a reality it would require the reality to imitate the lack of empathy that existed in my fantasies, the lack of commitment and responsibility. That was the true test of this scenario.

I moved my foot away from my mother's beautifully hairy pussy. She smiled at me and blew a kiss. She told me she loved me with only her mouth and no audio. Her feet again found my cock and I did not have any reply. This time she held it with both sets of toes and stroked it from tip to base. Her knees were out of water and her legs were bent like a frog. It was becoming more visible underwater now, so we could see each others bodies and that's what we did; just marvelled at curves, muscles, shapes, nipples and genitalia as she worked up a rhythm with her strokes.


My dick was curving like a banana and occasionally dipping in and out of the water. I could feel her toe ring chaffing me but in the water her toes were just gliding away without obstruction. I leaned in more and noticed my breathing was longer and more ragged. Just then my mothers mobile rang and she answered it on speaker.

'Hello Simon.'

'Nancy, how's retirement?'

'I'm not retired Simon.' She said smiling at me.


'Just taking a break, that's all.'

'Working things out. Well, we miss you. Your clients miss you.'

'You mean you miss me.'

'I miss us.'


'What is that sound?'

'I'm in the tub' She replied winking at me.

'But what's that sound?!' Simon shouted.

'Banana boat.' She replied.

He fell silent. The man on the phone was mums work partner. They used to fuck a lot but I only found out after this phone call. He must have been familiar with my mothers 'banana boats'.

'But who...'

She gave the phone a nudge with her elbow and it careered into the tub like a rally car, picking up plumes of bubbles along the way down. Apparently its services were no longer required.

She returned her attention to me like a good sport. Her soft wet toes massaged my banana dick really good. Made me throb and gyrate my hips. I grasped the arm rest and tilted my head back and let her do the rest.

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