tagIncest/TabooHow to Make a Slave Ch. 02

How to Make a Slave Ch. 02


"I was just wondering about the other day ..." Nancy said, as she sat on the bottom of the stairs replacing her slippers with high heels. They were the wedged type, where the heel and sole were one and the same, except the sole sloped considerably from toe to heel. I watched as her delicate foot slotted perfectly in to the sexy pump and settled at an arc.

"About knocking before entering the bathroom?" I quipped.

Clearly, I was not still pissed off (side pun) with matters concerning bathroom etiquette, but I enjoyed the newly attained power at my disposal, and only because she was receptive to it.

I crouched down beside her and adjusted her heel to the base. She leaned back a little and her hands retreated to the side of her body so I could help her other foot into the remaining pair.

"I will remember to knock first." She promised. "Are we done?"

"Yes." I replied, running my hands up my mum's calf's. There was a lot of soft flesh to stroke upwards and to grope and squeeze. I sat there having my way while she tousled my hair. Her legs were so silky they were responsible for my obsessive handling. She knew that, and shaved daily for a reason, so that moments like this could happen.

"Do you like that mum? The way I touch you?" I asked.

"Yes son. I do." She answered. The lack of friction with her skin was interrupted by the roughness of my hands roaming up and down unapologetically along the back of her legs.

"Really? How much?" I queried stubbornly. I liked to press on the matter, knowing that the likelihood of a sexual avalanche increased the further up I advanced.

"You know how much." She said averting her eyes.

I looked at how coy she was and though submissive, less assured about yesterdays events. She was not a morning person either, and as the main adult in the house, perhaps it was harder for her to deal with the guilt. She looked so beautiful when she was tired. I ordered my perverted hands to disengage and I gave her room to breathe.

"Thanks hun." She said getting up. She really appreciated it when I showed some consideration.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Market. Want to join me?" She offered.

"Erm, sure."

I changed into a new top and we headed out together (for the first time) to do a bit of shopping. It was embarrassing walking side by side my Hungarian porn star look-a-like mother, especially around the local area where many of my friends might be just chilling. Furthermore, my mother was a slow walker, so I had to modify my stroll to something more pedestrian. Her tall body was towering over me in those wedged heels by a good few inches and her composure was tested along the concrete path that sloped around our apartment block. Often her knees jerked left or right ever so slightly and she worked hard on trying not to fall sideways with use of swaying arms. There must have been an invisible joystick between her fingers because she maintained balance of her body through her hands.

I liked to watch her hips toss left to right and her short black hair that ended in a curl by the lining of her jaw jerk from side to side. She had no make up on but looked hot with those lines under her eyes.

It was a long walk to to the indoor market, beyond the underpass of the Passmore Rail bridge. Nancy had turned a 10 minute walk into 20 minute one. Still, the interaction with her perfectly designed body had tempered my fears of embarrassment along the way. I knew my friends were into her, thinking she was the kind of pussy they could only dream about. They were always full of praise, asking how I was and then turning the subject to my mother. They joked about bringing her along to late night card games, but that's as far as I would let it go. Now that I had gotten a foot job from Nancy, the thought of taking her along to meet the guys suddenly seemed like a good idea.

"I'm sorry I'm so slow." Mum apologized.

"Don't be. It's a chance for me to take in the sights and wonders of our ghetto area." I elaborated sarcastically.

"Heh-he, it's not that dilapidated." She countered.

Her ankle turned and she knocked into me, but I held her firm. She looked clumsy-sexy. An offshoot of sexy-ugly. Except, Nancy was various degrees of sultry, and ugly had no other word to partner with where she was concerned. I planted a hand on her hip and she restored parity.

She was wearing a pair of blue denims and a short leopard skinned kaftan. It draped at the sleeves and clung down at her breasts very nicely. Her breasts wobbled as she walked, and I could make out her nipples as well. My dick wanted to sizzle and explode like a firework. I could happily imagine her lying down with her kaftan open and my dick slapping her breasts from side to side like it was an out of control pendulum.

On the main road, it was a typical day; locals were about and cars were buzzing by. We bypassed the street urchins who attempted to sweet talk us into joining their charity. they were like vultures with manners. Nancy only gave donations to the Church anyway.

It was early, but that's when the market was busiest. I let mum take the lead as this was her element. I noticed I was homing in on her bouncy ass but also on any guys who were trying to get a glimpse themselves. Nancy had heads turning as soon as she was in and suddenly every other male was distracted. Young men were holding open doors, stumbling over their wives and one member of staff pricing stock even fired a $8.99 sticker into the face of a passing customer.

Now I felt proud to be near her, because I was getting noticed by girls and mums. They were probably thinking I must be quite special to be with a woman like my mother. I just had to pray my mother didn't open her mouth and ruin it all. One syllable was it would take, and all I could think was "don't say 'son'."

I browsed on my own for a while, catching up to her along the drinks isle. A stranger was trying a few pick up lines on her but they weren't making any dents. He swiveled his feet from left to right along the laminated floor and changed tact.

"If you're looking for a fine wine, I would try my hand at Pier Ville 1843." He said, suddenly an expert on wines. He picked one up and handed it to her. "Not exactly what you would want after a long day in the board room. More for ... special occasions."

"Well, thank you for the information." She smiled.

"A pleasure."

"I think my husband will be very pleased indeed." She told him.


Nancy beckoned to me with her little finger. I put down a magazine I was pretending to read and casually strolled up to my mother with a slightly over elaborate puff of my chest.

"Darling, this fine young man was telling me we should buy this bottle of wine. What do you say?" Mum queried. I knew the role she was playing and it suite me fine.

"Sure sweet heart. Just a long as I get to see you drink from the bottle." I requested.

"Can you hold this for a moment?" She said handing the bottle of wine to the stranger who happily accepted. Mum walked up to me and put my arms over her shoulders and she wrapped hers around my back. As I looked up at her she leaned in and kissed me on the lips.


I reciprocated and moaned slightly as our lips collided and mashed against one another. She was wet and horny and I was no different.

The stranger's shoulders slumped as we spared a glance for him before continuing to make out. He put the wine back and crawled back to wherever he came from. Mum disengaged from me, but I pulled her back in to me again. She tried to pull away, but then clamped onto me, seemingly accepting my forceful nature, as if suddenly remembering I was the only one she would ever let own her. she was a dominant creature since birth; a powerful seductress who had no master. She looked down on every man she met, slowly reducing their self esteem until they could not even maintain eye contact with her. With dad things were a bit more complicated. With me, it depended on how much I could hurt her. She bent to my will if I handled her with any kind of force. Well, that's what I was learning anyway.

I tugged at the belt around her waist as we kissed each other romantically. It was a wide studded brown belt that was larger at the front then at the back. I unfastened the buckle and loosened her jeans in the process. She smiled mid-way through a kiss and kissed my tongue.

"Yes. take it off." she begged.

So I yanked it off completely and the other end whipped out like a venomous snake, almost slapping in to my back. I dropped it and eased my mother closer into me. Her wedged heels made a clip clap as she inched closer and we began to lose ourselves.

The tannoy speaker for the store signaled a call for the stock pricer to make his way to the human resources department. It seemed someone had a complaint. I eased away from my horny mother realizing people might just be complaining about us too. Still, Nancy moved in to kiss me some more, but I shrugged her off and said no. She reacted interestingly to rejection by getting on with something else, but in an aggressive way. She simply picked up her belt and slid it back on without a word.

When we checked out, Pier Ville 1843 was in our shopping basket. I added a few nuts and a dirty magazine and we were finished shopping. Nancy was quiet on the way back and I never once touched her, so we just left each other to our own thoughts. Sometimes, such moments were important for things like peace of mind or anger.


"So, what's the score?" Sanjay asked over the phone.

He was one of my 'card night' buddies and was checking up on my availability for tonight. Normally he called me on my cell, but he dropped his down a drain on his way back from a concert the other week. It was better if he called from land line with the reception being much clearer.

"I don't know man."

"We're missing you."

"So, what's new?"

I had missed the last few sessions with guys so I was lucky they were the kinds of friends that never lost hope. They were probably driven by image of my mother. So, their persistence had an agenda I surmised.

"John bought this chick along that he thought was a la bomb."


"Turns out, she was a she dude. Yeah, when he saw her dick, his face just started burning up."

"No way!" I laughed.

"Yeah. it was a big one too."

We laughed for a while, talking mostly nonsense. It's what we did best.

"Anyway, what's up with your voice?" I asked. it seemed a bit heavy.

"Nah, just had the mother of all meals is all."

"Okay, so lean forward and burp."

My room door opened and Nancy walked in. She sat down beside me and watched me as I spoke on the phone. I looked at her expressed curiosity but she just wanted to hang out with me or something. I leaned to my side and kissed her neck. She smiled. It was some sort of apology for not letting her make out with me in the market.

"whose in the background?" Sanjay asked.

"It's me Sanjay." Nancy replied.

"Mrs Pratt?" He guessed.

I handed the phone over to mum. She confirmed it was her and made Sanjay's day. I drew the curtains in my room as they started building up a rapport. Actually it was a pleasant change to have my mum get to know my friends a bit better. I was used to keeping them away from her in case she discovered my dirty secrets. Of course, I didn't mind telling her myself. Perhaps over another banana boat.

She put the phone down after a few minutes having enjoyed a fairly long conversation. I was just trying to figure out about what exactly? But then i knew that they were both quite capable of talking about many things that did not lead any where in particular.

"Hun ..." She said.


"Are you going to cards night?"

"Yes. WITHOUT you."

As I tried to leave she slammed the door and blocked my way. She looked too sexy for words. I came up to her and pinned her arms to the door. I could tell I was hurting her wrists by the hue on her cheeks. She would never admit it though. Which I thought was silly, as it would only encourage me to hurt her more. I stood close enough to feel the tip of her breasts teasing my chest every time she inhaled. I sniffed her perfume around her neck and then kissed her there. She moaned. I licked her neck like a dog and then kissed her lips. She had applied make-up to her face already, as if she knew I would be bringing her along with me. How naive!

"I took you somewhere today young man." She pointed out.

"Yes. To the market."

I was only teasing her anyway. At the same time I was trying to train her to obey my every command. Whether that was achievable would depend on my determination and her limits. When it came to me, I was hoping she didn't have any. That way we could have a pleasant taboo experience.

"If I bend you over and fuck you up the ass like a dog, what would you do?" I asked.


"So, you don't need to be gagged then?"

"No, but It sounds like a good idea."

We leaned in and sucked lightly on each others tongues. She was a dirty girl, my mother. Humming her lust into my mouth like a siren's spell. She had me hypnotized but not off balance. I slipped my hands in to the space between her hips and her denim; reached in and pulled out up her knickers by the wings (she wore winged crotchless panties). Nancy squirmed and begged for more of my tongue. I eased pressure on her wrists and let her move more freely.

"I won't let you down." She promised.

"I hope not. For your sake." I warned. It was an empty threat, created out of the manifestation of our sexual needs. You could call it role play, but we did not discuss it. It was a deliberate exercise in keeping things as raw as we could, no matter where it led. Of course such an unspoken arrangement was dangerous for both parties involved but we knew each other well enough to know when to stop. In her case, it was when I told her.

I looked over at the wall clock. It read 4:30pm. Card night would begin at 9pm. Nancy put her hands on my face and brought my attention back to hers. She had a sparkle in her eyes and looked at me like she was proud to be my mum.

"Are you having second thoughts?" She asked. "Because, I will back off if you want me to."

"I know mums don't seduce their son's normally. Its just that, when we make out, I can't stop thinking about you."

"Aaahh, that's really sweet." She said, bringing my face to hers. Her soft motherly lips tasted of sweet MIAF (Mother I Am Fucking) liquorice. That was a lipstick she got from one of those secret santa department things. She gave my dick a substantial boner whenever I observed her lips because, they were long and thick; colorful and parted and closed suggestively.

I tugged at her jeans until each button came undone. She giggled and bumped into me, causing us to land on my bed. She had the biggest smile on her face as she lay quietly on top of me. I looked at her face and realized my mother had the hots for me; she was really into me.

As she unbuttoned my shirt and tucked in to my chest, playfully chewing on my nipples, I could not help but grin myself. I stared up at the ceiling, and listened to all the sounds in the room. But it was dead quiet. Even my mother was quiet. It was different from the bathroom where, sound bounced off the tiles, because in here, the walls were cement; backed up with other absorbers of sound. I looked at the way she attacked my nipples and wondered why I could not hear her mouth or hear the licking, because she was working on it in some detail.

"Don't forget the other one babe." I reminded her about my other eager nipple.

She immediately propped her head up and a string of saliva dangled and gleamed from my nipple to her mouth. She shifted her body to my right side and began suckling on that one. She was a very obedient mum. I think we were going to get along just fine. She consented to all my desires so far and even took the initiative from me by implementing her desires onto me. Since they were, by and large the same, it could only bode well for the future.

I did not want to think too far down the line, but I was already planning for limitless sexual scenarios with which to explore with Nancy. By the way she was breathing raggedly and sticking out her entire tongue to garnish my pecs with, I could only assume she would be looking forward to interacting with me on whatever scale I fancied.

"Mmmmm." She moaned delightfully.

I stroked her cheeks to let her know i was pleased with her efforts and she purred affectionately, veering her face into my hands. I was glad her hair was short but considered shaving it all off so I could cum all over her bald head, but I would save that idea for later. She opened my shirt so I was naked on top and began stroking my chest with the flat of her hand. She stroked in circular motion and seemed excited, probably because she had dreamed about it and now it was actually happening.

"You're such a hunk." She cooed.

The glowing reviews only enhanced my reputation in a household, where only one person mattered. If my vamp-like mother was telling me I was hot, then I could get any woman I wanted. When she pulled my jeans off and I was naked before her, my dick rose like a knights sword about to meet a new challenge. As always, it was up for the fuck. Mum stood up, and lifted her tunic over her head. The first thing I saw was two bouncing tits collapse from beneath the rising tunic and express their incredible buoyancy,and then I caught smile on my mothers face. She was no ordinary MILF. No. She was the MOAM (Mother Of All MILF's)!

I admired her body and so did my belligerent dick which was hostile towards anything that turned it on. She had a long upper body and a slender waist that curved out to her sexy hips and sloped down over her thighs. I wanted to eat the fucking whore so bad, but all I could do was suffer in awe of her figure. All this before even having removed her jeans!

"Take it all off." I asked her.

She climbed back on top of me and stuck her tongue all the way inside my awaiting mouth. There it played around and danced with my tongue.


"Take your jeans off mum."

"No." she teased.

She wanted me to be forceful but I wanted to play the game my way so I refrained. I bit her chin and kissed her throat. My hands dived inside her pants and latched onto mum's ass cheeks. I gave them a good grope and she loved it. I found her underwear and pulled it to one side.

"Mmmm, no. Not there." She said.

"Oh, okay." I replied restoring the flimsy material back over her pussy.

It was not accessible today, although I had explored it with my foot previously. I liked that she was creating boundaries, probably to arouse me more. Eventually I would have access to all the smut, but for now I was happy to wait.

"When did you start wearing crotchless winged panties?"

"Since now." She admitted.

I smiled and pinched her nose affectionately. In that moment I felt something vibrating between us. I looked down to see her pocket light up. She reached in and pulled out her cell phone. "Who is it?" I asked.

"Oh, no one. Just simple Simon." She said answering it.


"Hello Simon."

"Why don't you return my calls? I've been trying to call you but all I get is your automated voice message."

"I'm busy." She sighed.

"With what? You're retired?"

Mum inserted her tongue inside my mouth and slowly dipped it in and out; producing strings of saliva. She brought her cell phone right up to the action so Simon could get a good ear full.

"I'm with my son."

"Are you two eating something?"

"Only each other." She informed him.

Before he could reply she hung up and tossed her phone away. It landed on a pile of washed clothes. I wasn't the cleanest guy around, but I wasn't alone and she wasn't complaining. Yet.

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