tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHow To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina


Jaina Proudmoore, ruler of Theramore and princess of Kul'tiras, strode through the heated halls of Ironforge. The red hue of the great city colored her skin bronze and gave her hair an orangish color to it. She wore her usual robe, showing off her belly and a sizable amount of her ample cleavage which jiggled slightly as she walked confidently towards the chamber of the High Thane. Her dress was tight, and it clung tightly to her body, the outline of her ass easily and very clearly visible through the magically imbued fabric. Her personal guards surrounded her as she walked, two High Elf and two Human women whose eyes constantly darted around in case anyone dared assault their leader. Jaina often promoted diversity, and she made sure to combined all races into her personal guard, whom were largely female.

The building in which King Magni ruled from entered view, and she promptly dismissed her guards before she went in, telling them to "mingle and have some fun." The four guards stuck together as they walked off, no doubt in search of a tavern to help relieve them of their stress.

Lady Proudmoore nodded to the guards stationed outside of Magni's throne room and stepped inside, her focused eyes quickly centering around the king sitting on his throne. She smiled kindly at the Dwarf, her usual pleasant and friendly tone shining through her voice as she spoke.

"Good evening, King Magni. I trust that you are doing well?"

The bigger-than-average Dwarf stood up and stretched, flashing the blond human woman a grin.

"Aye, fine now tha' the Lich King is dead. I trust tha' yer well also, besides the matter yer here to discuss with me about?"

"I am... fine," she murmured, her mind drifting to her former love turned Lich King, Arthas. "But yes, you are right. I have important business to speak with you about."

"Well no sense tae' drag it out, what is it ya wish, lass?"

"As you know, my city is located within a particularly swampy and moist region. With the arrival of the High Elves, the population of my city is rising, and there are many newborns who will soon need their own homes. I do not have the supplies to build weather resistant housing for my people... But you on the other hand, do," she explained, leaning on her staff.

"I see, so ya be wantin' to take some of my stone and mortar to make your buildins' with? I would be proud tae' lend ya some of my supplies my Lady."

"That is very kind of you, Magni. However I wasn't finished. You see, my people are not architects, and I was hoping you could lend me some of your builders to construct the housing for us."

The Dwarf sat back down and pulled on his beard, fingers drumming against the arm of his chair.

"I don't think I can, lass. This city needs those builders."

"As does mine! The half-elf population continues to rise and my city is becoming crowded. I need more houses, and through that, more builders."

"I'm sorry Jaina but I can't afford tae' lend you any builders. Perhaps you could ask Varian?"

Jaina nodded, a small smile forming on her pristine face. "Varian isn't the best listener," she said peeling off her shoulder pads and dropping them to the floor. "Besides, you know what happened the last time he got involved with builders." Walking over to the Dwarf's throne, she leaned her staff against it and proceeded to strip out of her robe, purposefully bending over in front of the King as she stepped out of it and threw it onto the floor.

"You see, I really need those builders. What kind of leader would I be if I came back to my people empty handed?"

Magni stared up at her in awe, mouth agape as Lady Proudmoore straddled him. "Why don't you let me help you out of your armor?" she asked, bending down to kiss his nose before standing back up. Magni nodded and stood up, tossing his weapons out of the way.

He chuckled as Jaina used her magic to undress him, poking and caressing his body with her magic as she did so. She channeled her spell in the most lewd stances she could think of, all the while smiling seductively at the Dwarven king.

"Ah, that's better!" she sang as the last piece of his armor clattered to the floor. "Oh my, aren't you a big boy?" She eyed his cock hungrily, her pussy already wet as she sank down onto her knees and kissed the head of his thick cock. It was huge, nine inches at least. The freakishly large appendage looked odd on the Dwarf, and if flaccid it would no doubt threaten to touch the floor. "It looks like a third leg," she giggled, her tongue now slithering across it's length as she savored it's salty yet dirt-like taste.

"Thanks, but if you want those workers then you should talk less and suck more." Magni rumbled, gripping her blond head with his hand and guiding her mouth down onto his cock.

Jaina almost gagged as her head was pushed down onto the Dwarf's cock, the taste of salt and dirt almost overpowering her senses. Recovering, she leaned her head down farther until she felt his cock push past her tonsils and slide down her throat.

Magni held her like that for several long seconds before pulling her back up, saliva and drool covering her chin and dripping onto the floor. A lone rope of drool strung itself from her soft pink lips and onto the head of his throbbing cock.

"I think I'm lubed up enough. Why don't you turn around and get on your hands and knees?" he said, rubbing his dick all over her face and slapping her a few times with it. Jaina Proudmoore turned around and dropped onto her hands and knees, her firm ass almost pressed up against his crotch. She wiggled it at him, smiling sweetly and doing her best to look innocent despite all the drool covering her face from recently sucking his cock.

Magni wrapped his hands around her waist, his brawny hands totally encompassing her slim figure. He slowly pulled her back onto his manhood, letting out a sigh of contempt as he felt her folds wrap around his shaft. Stopping once his mushroom-like head was plugged inside of her, he thrust his hips against her and stuffed the rest of his large cock within the tight confines of the Lady's cunt. His powerful thrust bouncing her forward and knocking the air out of her lungs. Not wishing for her to regain her composure, he seized upon her vulnerability and pulled out before thrusting back into her, burying himself within her constricting depths until his balls were nestled firmly against her quivering body. He stayed like that for several moments in which Jaina took the time to let out a long pleasureful groan, her body shaking from the delightful sensations running through her body. Magni started to thrust into her, his short and burly body pounding against the human woman mewling on the floor. He raised his hand and brought it down hard upon her shapely rear-end, eliciting a squeal from her and causing her ass to turn red. He spread her cheeks with his hand and inserted his thick thumb into her tight puckered asshole. Thrusting it in and out while fucking her, he watched her as she bounced forward, her back arched and her face contorted into a blissful look of pleasure and lust. Her mouth was agape while she let out a constant stream of moans and curses as she pleaded for more of his large plundering cock.

"Come on! Is that -Ahhh- Is that all you've got, Dwarf?"

"Oh ya want it rough do ya? Well hold on Miss Proudmoore!" Magni ground his dirty nails into her flesh and gave her pussy a few more hard thrusts before pulling out and pressing the bulbous head of his cock against her star.

"Oh no no, I don't think my little ass can take your cock!"

"Well that's too bad, Milady," he growled, easing the first six inches of his cock into her and roughly gripping her ass cheeks.

"Ahhhh!" Jaina moaned, her body shuddering and quaking as bolts of electricity shot through her. She opened her mouth wide and shrieked as she came, her pussy convulsing as it shot its juices out onto the Dwarf drilling his cock into her asshole. She shuddered again and collapsed upon the floor, her platinum blonde hair cascading around her. She was covered in sweat and her pussy was still leaking juices down onto her strained thighs.

"Finished already?" Magni taunted. "I thought you would last longer then that Lady Proudmoore." He held her lower body up as he continued to pound into her, and leaning down he grabbed her by her lustrous blonde hair and pulled her back up onto her hands.

"I'm not - Ungh - finished yet!

She rocked back against his pulverizing thrusts, panting and squealing with every mind-shattering thrust into her little hole.

"We'll see about that. Why don't I show ya why Alliance women love tae' visit in Ironforge?" He growled, tightening his grip on her hips and squeezing, nearly crushing her. He kept thrusting into her, but his body started to grow bigger. He grew taller and his muscles expanded along with his cock.

"Ahh, I forgot about your Avatar ability!" She squealed, the ring of her asshole stretching to it's limit. Jaina cried out and clawed at the stone floor, her arms and legs shaking as she struggled to stay up on her hands and knees.

The large muscular Dwarf slowly pulled his huge manhood out of her ass before pressing the tip of it back against her stretched opening and plunging it back in at full force. Jaina's arms finally gave out, and her upper body fell onto the ground as she screamed the whole time. She felt so full and he was so big!

Magni straddled her and started humping her, pounding her ass into submission while simultaneously mashing her upper body into the ground. His large hairy sack slapped against her pussy lips, eager to empty themselves of their payload. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a small crowd of Dwarves gathered at the entrance to his throne room. It had been open the whole time, but the sight of their king rutting into Lady Proudmoore didn't seem to disturb them. They had heard plenty of stories about her and her negotiation tactics.

"Come on, Dwarf! F-fuck me harder!" She shrieked, her cheek pressed against the stone floor.

The king of Ironforge needed no encouragement. Picking up his pace, he grabbed a fistful of her shining tresses and pulled her head up so that the crowd could see her moaning face as he fucked her silly. Rutting wildly into her, he felt her shiver and cum again, her face melted into a look of ecstasy as she screamed out her love for his fat cock. Magni groaned and used the powers of his Avatar ability to dominate her little asshole. His skin tightened and became coarse and hard. A gray tint formed along his body and the dick pumping into Lady Proudmoore's ass grew even farther as it turned into stone. Little bolts of electricity danced along his form as he roughly fucked her with all of his might.

"I'm being -Urgh- fucked by a living rock!" Jaina cried, strings of saliva spitting out of her mouth, the Dwarf's stone hand still wrapped around and pulling on her golden hair. The bolts of electricity that surrounded his body made their way to his cock, causing Jaina to moan as they tingled her pussy and sent shocks up through her petite figure. The electricity surged through Magni and increased his speed, his rock hard hips and balls slapped against the human woman and sent vibrations through her body. The hot sound of his body slapping against hers mixed with the sweet sound of her shrieks sang throughout the chamber, they were almost deafening in their chorus. His full sack churned, filled with the hot contents that he would soon empty within Jaina's punished asshole. He let go of her hair and allowed her to fall back down onto the ground, the impact of hitting the ground combined with the Dwarf's empowered thrusts jarring and stunning her. He groped her ass with both hands and squeezed as he came. Bolts of harmless electricity shot through her and rendered her a screaming madwoman crying out in delight. Molten hot cum surged out of his stone cock and into the confined depths of her asshole. He kept thrusting even as he came, holding onto her ass cheeks with all his strength as he pummeled her and emptied himself inside of her, eventually filling her up and splashing hot cum out with each powerful thrust into her used hole. Jaina struggled to cast a fire ward over herself, the hot magma-like cum burning inside the bowels of her ass.

"You could have warned me about your cum!" She panted, ample chest heaving as she struggled to regain her wits and breath.

Magni slowed down to a stop, his form slowly decreasing in size and his skin tone returning to normal as he reverted out of his avatar state. He loosened his grip upon her ass but otherwise did not pull out of her, instead deciding to knead and spank her rear-end.

"Sorry, I forgot over all the commotion."

"Well then, do you think you could spare me some of your workers now?" She asked, looking back at him, the bangs of her hair sticking to her sweat covered face.

"I suppose I can spare a few, Lady Proudmoore," he replied, pulling out of her and letting go of her ass, allowing the lower half of her body to fall to the floor and splash into a puddle of hot cum. Jaina struggled onto her feet, her legs wobbling from the reaming she had received. Walking over to her dress she picked it up and took to the task of putting it back on. When she had finished she turned around to find Magni back in his armor and standing behind her, no doubt admiring her form as she got dressed. He extended his hand to her, a letter with his seal on it in his large hairy hand.

"This should get you those workers. Magellas in the Hall of Explorers should lend you a hand if you give him that note."

"Thank you, King Magni. I have enjoyed our time together and hope to negotiate with you more in the future." At that, she spun around and made her way towards the exit, purposefully swinging her hips as she strode out. Magni rushed towards her and walked in step with her, his small legs moving fast to keep up.

"If you ever need anything else, I'm sure we can work something out, no need to visit Varian or that tentacle-faced Draenei leader," he said giving her one last swat on the rear and squeezing it before stopping and allowing her to exit the room.

Jaina strode past the crowd gathered at the entrance and called out for her guards telepathically. They promptly showed up in just a few minutes, flustered and out of breath.

"Are you ready to leave, Milady?" one of the Elf women asked, fiddling with her armor as if she had hastily thrown it on.

"We need to visit the Hall of Explorers," she said, already walking as her guards positioned themselves around her and struggled to fall into step. "My negotiating was successful."

The High Elf woman who had spoken earlier smirked as she eyed the back of her Lady's dress. It was covered in stains and she could see a large wet spot on Jaina's ass. Her hair was in a mess and she was covered in sweat. She couldn't blame her for her unique 'negotiating' tactics though, her and the other guards had been shown just how fierce Dwarves could be in bed. Her High Elf sister and human friends learned of that this evening after they had consumed a few mugs of ale and had an orgy with most of the patrons at the bar. She could barely walk in her armor, but she definitely hoped Lady Proudmoore would visit Ironforge to conduct more 'business' with the Dwarf king again soon.

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