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How to Please a Man


Fellatio....head...oral sex....blow job.....sucking on a straw...having some tube steak....are just a few words that are used to describe one of the most amazing acts of all time.

Pleasing a Man.

I, in a sense, am a "traditional" woman. I was raised in a church, taught the ways of the Bible. A True Southern girl. I cook, I clean, Believe that a man is truly the head of the household and while you should have a mutual relationship, he should be the sense of all power. Except for one thing. When it comes to pleasing a man.

I love the thought of being controlled in a bed. Of a man pinning me down to the bed with his rough demeanor, overpowering me in the quest to bring us both to ultimate pleasure. A utopia, in which worlds spin and collide, sending both of us shaking, sweating into a thriving, pulsating, want, need and hunger. Craving the others flesh with ours burning from the touch of theirs.

But there is one time that I want control.

It's something that controls my thoughts nearly 95% of the time.

When I yearn to please a man. With just my mouth.

Anyone can open their mouth, stick a penis in it and go up and down a few times and call that a blow job.

But it is called a job for the work put into it. I don't look at it as a chore. It is something I must do in order for his life to continue. This man may die if I don't stick his thick, pulsating, hot quivering cock in my mouth. Yet it is something so simple to do. If you can follow a few steps.

First. You must want it.

Don't think of it as you sticking his penis in your mouth and how gross it is. It's not. You are taking one of the most sensitive parts of a man into your mouth. Don't think of it as your mouth. This is one of the most controlling parts of your body. With it alone you can bring a man to the brink of ecstasy.

Second. You must assume the perfect position.

This is a land of many choices. You want to make sure he is completely relaxed. So he can concentrate on what you are doing. A few choices for this are, him lying on the bed, him in a recliner, or sitting in a chair. From this angle you can sit in-between his knees. This proves to have very good leverage on your part to put your whole body into the act.

For those who are a bit more advanced you can soon start to experiment with this position. My all time favorite is having him stand (leaning on a wall if nessesary) with you at his feet on your knees. This position allows for him to thrust into your mouth, but still you have control of the situation. Again, being on your knees allows for leverage on your part and using your whole body. Another position (that I wouldn't recommend if you CAN'T deep throat) would be have him lie on a couch, but on his side, you again on your knees but sitting facing the couch, so that he is fucking your face. This is what I call my lazy position. I've used it when I was sick, had a headache, or even had just had a tooth pulled and didn't want to do the work!! This is giving him a lot of control though. So make sure that you're ready to finish it another way if you don't like the idea of your face being beaten like that...but its soooo hot that I suggest at least trying it once!

Okay. So you're psyched. You've got your guy in the chair. He is naked. You're in between his knees. He is in hog heaven. He can't believe that you've actually asked to give him a blow job. He didn't have to beg. What now.....

Make sure you're comfortable, put a pillow under your knees if nessacary, be prepared to be there anywhere from 3 minutes until 2 hours later....You have a JOB to do lady! Get ready to go! (And yes...I've actually done one for 2 hours)

Okay. Using your hands slide them down till about mid thigh. (And YES hands are okay, remember where I said leverage for your WHOLE body...USE IT) Then back up, taking your left hand slide it around the area around the base of his penis...depending on where he is on the hard level this may help if not its teasing...which is amazing . Using your right hand, gently but firmly grip the base of his penis, sliding your left hand down to his balls, cupping them slightly.

With your mouth partially open and your tongue sticking out guide his cock (such a better word) towards your mouth. Licking from the base of his cock on the underside to the tip of it. Wind your tongue around the hole of his cock. Even gently sticking your tongue in it if the mood strikes. Take ONLY the head into your mouth, devouring it as if it were a blow pop. While doing this gently rub your right hand up and down the shaft. If he wasn't already, he is usually rock hard by this point. While his cock is in your mouth swirl your tongue around it. Getting it nice and wet. Remove your mouth only to go right back down and slowly work your way down the cock. From the head to as far as you can go.

Being able to develop a rhythm of doing it is the key now. You've got him hard wet throbbing at your mercy. Use it.

It is important to constantly have his entire cock covered with some sort of movement. Whether your hand is going at it. Or your mouth.

I like to use both. I usually start off going up and down the shaft with my whole mouth, with my right hand at the base of his penis (for not wanting to deep throat yet). I proceed to go up and down many times as fast as I can. When my neck begins to get sore from this I start using my hand to move up and down his shaft.

Don't be afraid to use pressure, to go fast or of hurting him. He touches himself everyday. He will let you know what he doesn't like. And what he does. I use a firm consistent pressure. With both my mouth and hand going I know that he is having "full coverage" Keep up your speed unless you're teasing (which will come at a later day).

Remember you're goal is to have him quivering by the time you are done. Stopping and going is only going to slow this process for you. Keep pumping away with your hand and using your mouth too.

You can tell from the sounds of the guy what he is into what you are doing. Shallow breathing, clenched fist holding on to the chair and ooohs and ahhhs are the key.

Keep doing this until you can tell he is about to cum. A good key to this is by having your hand on the bottom of his shaft. Most guys have a vein that starts pulsating signally the speeding up of the blood, other guy's thighs start clenching and you can feel the muscles. If you're paying attention, and please do pay attention.

Okay. He is about to cum. What do you do???

Personally. I put all the hard work into it I want to devour every drop. IF you should choose to swallow, (the only way I'll do it) he WILL love it.

Regardless of how you do it when he is about to cum, do NOT whatever you do slow down your pace. Keep it going. At this point I am usually using just my thumb and ring finger to jack him off while my mouth is still going at it. When he starts cuming I like to deep throat at that time. While still using my hands....This took time to build up to. I slam my face into him and start gulping like I haven't drank in years. I just ran a 10K and this is the best thing I've EVER tasted. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. But there are tricks for that too. 

If you've swallowed then remove your hand almost immediately. Most guys are VERY sensitive afterwards, but still allow your mouth to gently w/out pressure this time move up and down his shaft. You want to make sure you don't leave any messes! If some has dripped out of your mouth and onto him, lick it up. No matter where it is.

If you've opted not to swallow then make sure you have tissues around for clean up. And you do the clean up. You were doing a job remember....finish it....

Afterwards sit back and enjoy the smile on his face. Don't expect anything in return. You did this just for him. Yours will come later....and maybe the next time you go down on him...you'll be the one cumming too...I've had it happen!!!—The C.Fiend.

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