tagHow ToHow To Remember to Brush Your Teeth

How To Remember to Brush Your Teeth


This article is being entered in the 2007 Literotica How-To Contest. Please take the time to vote and I'd love to hear all of your comments. Thank you. Have fun reading.


This may sound like a silly article and it in many ways it is. But brushing your teeth is probably something many people mean to do on a regular basis and yet constantly end up forgetting to do so. So how do we overcome the obstacles we face on a daily basis that distract us from brushing more regularly?

1. Place a toothbrush by every sink in the house

While this may sound silly it works really well. Especially if toothbrushes are colour coded, as all mine are purple it is easy to identify which ones are mine.

But why would I need more than one toothbrush? You wouldn't if you have one bathroom and are living by yourself. But if you have a brother like mine you would. He's like Pavlov's dog, except picking up my toothbrush is the signal for him to run down the hall and physically push me out of the bathroom while at the same time smiling and singing "I gotta poop!" And there is no way I'm going back in there after he's done his business to brush my teeth with that stench hanging in the air. So the problem has been solved by placing purple toothbrushes in both bathrooms and by the kitchen sink or else I would literally never have a chance to brush my teeth at home. Yes, he goes two or three times a day, he's just that regular and that annoying and disrupting to my tooth brushing schedule.

Another instance when having a toothbrush in multiple places is convenient is when you have eaten dinner in front of the T.V. Now you're done eating but you don't want to wander too far from it, as the show you're watching isn't done yet. In this case if there's a bathroom on the same floor as the T.V. you can just run to the bathroom and brush your teeth on a commercial without having to go up or downstairs to find another bathroom where you usually brush. After all, it's all about doing it, but in the laziest way possible.

2. When away from home, find a tooth brushing buddy

When away from home and you are forced into different routines, or surroundings distract you, it is best to find a tooth brushing buddy for incentive. This especially works well if you are visiting your significant other's house or are at someone else's house with them. For those who prefer making sure there s/o has brushed before they are kissed: this is a good way to keep an eye on them and then you won't have to ask that question later. It is also fun to make faces at each other in the mirror or try having a conversation and seeing how many words you can actually understand. Also not minded in the least is the wandering hand that is free to caress and grope and tickle while both of us finish up. I hope you all remembered to pick contrasting tooth paste flavors, as this is key when he spins you around to see how clean you taste. It's more fun if you can tell he tastes like Mint and you taste like Orange than both of you just tasting like the same flavor of toothpaste. It's still important to mark your spot, after all then you'll know where you have been.

And don't be surprised if brushing your teeth together leads to spending more time together in the bathroom in general especially if something like the following scenario plays out:

Spinning my boy around to see if his teeth are clean, I start probing carefully with my tongue in a teasing manner, exploring his mouth. He returns the gesture more forcefully with his tongue until he's sure I've done it right. Turning again to face the mirror, he mentions that he forgot something and I think I know just what he's talking about looking at his smile in the mirror. Slowly he undoes his belt and pulls it out of all the loops, not undoing his pants. That's not required for what comes next. I see him folding it in half and close my eyes waiting expectantly. The anticipation builds, waiting for the first crack to fall. But no, he just gently trails it across my ass first. There is nothing quite as ticklish as a smooth leather belt. It makes me jump once, twice, then a third time. So I try to relax, savoring the moment. Just as soon as I do relax genuinely the first blow falls, but still very lightly, just a little sting to it. The belt falls alternating between short quick stings and more forceful thuds but each growing in intensity until there are grunts on the thuds and high pitched squeaks on the stinging blows and there is a puddle in my panties. I am sure there are slight weal marks, but it doesn't hurt in the slightest. Letting him know my ass is red enough for today, I practically tear off his pants. It's time for him to slide home where he belongs, again and again, until I get to see those funny facial expressions when he cums and it'll all because of me.

And now if you'll excuse me I think I have to go find my toothbrush buddy and brush my teeth ...again.


Once again, this article is being entered in the 2007 Literotica How-To Contest. Please take the time to vote (you have until May 29, 2007) and I'd love to hear all of your comments. Thank you.

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