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How To Send Love on Valentine's Day

byEnglish Lady©

It's almost Valentine's day again and time to express your feelings to your loved one.Here I am to help you out along the way with some ideas and suggestions to get your creative juices flowing!

So where do we start? Well there are approximately 1 billion Valentine's cards sold every year. So this sounds like a good place to begin.

Choosing a card.

There are so many different cards out there varying from chic and simple to naff and nasty. Which is the best one for the object of your desires?

If you're single and you're sending a card to someone you fancy then you really need to pick a good card to express your feelings. Don't go for anything overly sentimental. Avoid sloppy messages of love as a card proclaiming undying passion from a person you barely know is more "Scary stalker alert." than "Seductive sweet admirer."

I would say for a card that has a bit of cheeky humour to it. Something that when your beloved opens it he or she will exclaim "aww how sweet." and smile. A smile means they're flattered and that you may be getting a date from your Valentine's efforts.

Also bear in mind the persons age and personality. Pick a funky card for a young funky girl or guy and keep it to more sedate and classic images if you're courting a mature lady or gentleman. Of course this is a general rule,go with what you feel is right.

Once you've chosen a card for your crush you have to personalise it. Do you want this person to work out that you sent the love token? If not you might consider getting someone else to write it or using a stencil to disguise your writing. Don't go for the letters cut from a magazine look as that is more suitable for a threatening letter than a card of love.

So what do you write? Steer away from poetry unless you regularly write it as it will only look forced, causing your crush to cringe. I would say keep your message short and keep it flirty. Compliments are good but keep them light and flirty and not overtly sexual. Above all be sincere and write what you feel. However do not write "I love you and want to be with you forever." in your card, even if you do mean it. Why? It is mostly likely to scare the object of your affections as they may not feel the same about you and could be intimidated by such strong feelings.

How do you send your Card? Well if you know a work or home address posting the card is probably the easiest thing to do. Also it means you do not have to hand over the card face to face. If you know the address but don't trust the postal service, hand deliver it. However you run the risk of being seen if you do this. If none of these options are available leave the Valentine's somewhere you know your crush will see it. So if you work with them leave it on their desk, If it's a person who works on a till leave it at the end of the check out or if you cannot do any of these you will have to hand the card over personally or trust a good friend to do it.

If you find you need to hand the card over personally, don't hang around for them to open it! Pass over your well chosen, beautifully worded love token and walk away. Why? Well then if they aren't interested in you they don't have to say so to your face and you don't have to face that rejection. If they do want to thank you for the card they can come and find you (don't go to far away!) and maybe then you can get that date!

Now how about if you're already in a relationship? Well it can still be as difficult to find the right card. Let me give you a hint. Is your partner a sucker for cute cuddly animals and toys? Pick a card with a snugly bunny/teddy/doggy/kitty on it. Is your relationship very sexual? Get a cheeky card with a horny devil or a dirty joke on it. You see what I'm getting at don't you? Use your inside information and pick out a card accordingly.

Personalising your card should be a bit easier too. Just say what you feel. Again keep away from poetry unless you regularly write it and your partner enjoys reading it. I would say keep to your own words and be sincere. Don't just write "Dear partner, Happy Valentine's day. Love?" As that seems cold and unimaginative. Even if you just manage a short line expressing how you feel it is much better than nothing at all.


We shall start out with all you unrequited folks again. You've got your card, written it out and sealed it but now you think you want something to go with it. What do you choose? A lot of this will depend on the person you're sending it too.

Some people love soft and cuddlies. Check out if they have lots of key rings or if they have cuddlies on their desk , if they do a soft toy is the way to go. Make sure it's a good quality one and also chose one that has subtle muted colours. Bright colours tend to look a bit cheap and tacky and therefore are best avoided. Also this is one of those cases where big is not always better. A small discreet teddy is sweet and sincere but a massive cuddly animal is overwhelming and maybe even a little worrying!

Does the person have photos in their wallet/purse or on their keys? Do they have photo's stuck all around their monitor and desk? Maybe you could get them a photo frame. Please note, putting a picture of yourself in the frame is probably not a good way to go as you don't want to look too cocky or vain. On the other hand, putting a photo of the object of your desire inside the frame is probably going to make them worry about how you got that photo and if you have others at your disposal! Place a simple heart inside the frame or write a simple message like "guess who?" or "Be my Valentine." on a piece of paper and slip it behind the glass. This personalises the gift a bit without making it too personal.

Flowers may go down well with most women and maybe even some men. Red roses are expensive around Valentine's day so see if you can find out what your crush's favourite flower is and send a bunch of those, as long as their in season! Get flowers delivered or leave them on the doorstep/desk of your loved one. If you choose a message card, keep it sweet and simple.

If you want to go for roses remember that red symbolises love and respect. Dark pink will show your appreciation, white your adoration and orange shows your enthusiasm and desire. A good cover all is the yellow rose. Yellow symbolises friendship and joy.

Now then other possible gifts are a copy of their favourite film on DVD or video, (you need to know what kind of player they have for this) a CD or tape of their favourite artist/band, a book by their favourite author...and, well you get the idea. Use what information you know about them to decide on a gift which they will actually like, use and treasure.

Gifts to avoid:


Unless you know your loves favourite type don't bother. You may end up setting off a persons allergies or they might not like the type of chocolates you buy them. Same goes for any other edible treats.


For one, it seems to imply you think your prospective lover stinks and for two, you probably don't know what perfume/aftershave they like. If you know what scent they usually wear then, and only then, maybe you could get away with a scented present. Bubble bath, body lotions and potions all come under this same general rule too.

Overtly sexual objects.

Yes I'm talking hand cuffs, paddles, whips, boxer shorts, lingerie and dildoes. This may work in a Literotica story but in real life when a person receives something of this ilk from a relative stranger it's going to freak them out!

Now what do you give if you're already in a relationship with someone?

This will all depend on what stage of a relationship you're at. If the relationship is still young you're probably best thinking along the lines of the unrequited love gifts; you will have a distinct advantage as you'll know your loved one that much better and will be able to personalise the gift easier.

If you've been in a relationship for a fairly long time then there is a chance you've done a lot of the things already mentioned. Maybe this year you want to think of something a bit different to give your loved one Well Lets see what I can come up with for you.

Sexual stuff.

You're in a long term relationship so you can get sexy! What is your partners favourite kink? If you're relationship isn't that spicy look into getting some simple foreplay items like love dice.. One dice will have directions like "lick, nibble, kiss, stroke etc" and the other will have parts of the body "nipple, lips, ear, toes etc" and you simply follow the instructions. You can get all kinds of games which have the same kind of foreplay fun principle to them so keep your eyes peeled.

Another fun sexy product is edible body paint. I don't have to draw you a diagram for you to work out how to use this one do I? If you don't want to buy expensive commercial products make your own lovers buffet with soft fruits, syrups and cream and use your lover as the plate.

Lingerie is sexy, well it can be if you put some thought into it. Gentlemen, know your partners size before walking into Anne Summers or Victoria's Secret or some other such lingerie filled store. Remember keep to your partners tastes, don't buy something you think you'd like to see her in if you think it will embarrass her.

Same goes for you ladies. Make sure your guy will like the sexy undies you buy for him; you want to see him wear them time and time again. Unless they're edible panties of course.

Another sexy present you could give this year is an erotic story written by yourself. This is the one case where I say just go for it. All you need to do is write down a memory or a fantasy that you and your partner share and you're cooking. It doesn't have to be a novella and as long as you spell check your work (you can find free online spell checkers if you don't have Works Word Processor) and read it through a few times to make sure it makes sense I am sure it will be well appreciated. Print it out and slip it in with the Valentine's card or send it via email to your loved one as he or she works and get them in the mood for love.

Sentimental gifts.

If you're not going for sexy this Valentine's day then the only other option really is sentimental. (Though there is nothing stopping you doing both!) Just because we're getting emotional here doesn't mean we have to get sappy though.

Lets start out with Jewellery. You don't have to spend a small fortune to buy a nice bracelet, necklace or earrings for your loved one. Now rings are good too but if you're not already married or planning to propose make sure your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't going to jump to conclusions when you hand them a little ring box. That is definitely not something you want to explain your way out of!

Then there is the classic combination of strawberries and champagne. You don't have to follow the classic to the letter, pick a bottle of your sweethearts favourite tipple and some appropriate nibbles (truffles, exotic fruit, selection of cheeses) and set up a little picnic for her/him when they come home. It's not really sexy to give dearly beloved a 6 pack and a packet of cheetos unless you consume them together and share a romantic interlude.

Clothing. This is an option, but one that needs plenty of thought. This isn't the occasion to buy him a bumper pack of socks and it's not the time to buy her a big woolly cardigan either. Clothes given for Valentine's day have got to be sexy. Make sure you know your lovers size and some of their likes and dislikes first. You definitely don't want to buy them something they'll never wear. It's Valentine's day so think sexy and special. Buy them something they can wear on a big night out with you, maybe (hint, hint) dinner that night.

Of course, all of the gifts I mentioned for the unrequited folks count for you too. I mean you have years of knowledge about your partner and so should be able to come up with some pretty good personal gifts. That really is the key. You want to show your partner that you love them and cherish them. Pick out gifts that reflect that and you can't loose.

It doesn't matter if you're not made of money either. Use you're talents to make something for your lover. If you're good at carpentry build your sweetheart something practical or decorative.

You could make a box and put a selection of memory jerking items inside it (pictures of special times, sea shells, leaves, little ornaments etc) and every time your sweetheart looks at or opens it they will be reminded of you. You could make a box just from a shoe box covered in pretty paper if you're not up to the wood work too!

If you're good at sewing or knitting then you can use this to create something for your love. Cross stitch pictures, quilts and clothing all are that much better when you know the person has spent time creating it specially for you. However, it may be to late to do this present now, unless you're a speed sewer/knitter. It might be something to bear in mind for next year instead.

Can you sing? Record a tape or a CD of yourself singing your lovers favourite song. Even if you can't sing you can still make up a mixed tape/CD and add a little bit of your own voice to it. Simply record yourself talking and add your personal dedication to your mix of favourite love songs.

Are you an artist? Draw/paint a picture or create your own home made Valentine's card. You can frame any kind of picture and make a wonderful personalised gift. Do a favourite landscape, a portrait of your lover, or something abstract. Anything created by you will be cherished for all the work that has gone into it.

Do you have culinary skills? Cook your lover a meal, or if that isn't your forte bake them a cake or some biscuits (cookies for you American folkies) or cheat slightly and grab ready prepared food and add your own little personal touches. Buy plain biscuits or little cakes and draw love hearts on them in icing, you can even get ready to squeeze icing pens now to make it even easier.

Use your inside knowledge and make the gifts and cards you choose match the person you give them too. Take some time to think and plan and really show your love this Valentine's day, after all that's what it's all about!

I hope I've managed to give you some ideas; basically let love be your inspiration and your guide and you can't help but get it right!

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