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How To Skinny-Dip


What To Bring

Skinny-dipping, although known by another name, is in fact swimming. You should always bring a second person to keep yourself safe. Skinny-dipping can be a lonely activity if you don't bring another person, just like any other type of physical activity.

Since swimming involves water, a towel is usually a good idea, as well. Sometimes when you get out of the water you will be colder than you would have imagined, and while there are other ways to keep warm with another nude person about, you still would want a towel to lie down on, in the sun.

Sunscreen is another good idea. Your whole body is exposed when you skinny dip, and water only magnifies the burning light of that huge orb. You'll find that if you do not wear sunscreen your entire body will turn the color of a tomato, (especially for us redheads) and when your skin starts peeling a week later your partner may or may not still want to see you nude. A plus side to the sunscreen is that you and your swimming partner can take turns rubbing into your skin, and it can also be a decent lubricant if anything should arise.

Food is a great thing to have when you are swimming. You will find that while 100 years ago humans were all too willing to drink water from a stream or lake, now we are a little pickier. After bouncing and splashing around in the water, you may find yourself quite thirsty and hungry. Good, nutritious, delicious food and drinks can be very refreshing. One interesting option would be to pack yourself a picnic in a cute little basket, or try bringing finger food that you and your swimming partner can feed each other, if you like that sort of thing.

Selecting Your Swimming Place

Each swimming location has pros and cons. I do not suggest skinny-dipping in the ocean, as usually it is too cold. Of course, I live on the west coast, and almost anything is too cold over here. If you live near a warm sea of some sort, it might be a good choice to select the large open ocean as a place to swim. One of the downsides to choosing an ocean, at least in Oregon, is that every beach is a public one. There are nude beaches scattered from place to place, but I am assuming that my readers are hoping to have a one on one erotic adventure.

Lakes are another choice. Unlike oceans or rivers, they are calm and popular places to swim. As with the oceans, however, the best swimming areas are usually crowded with people. If you are looking for an exhibition, this might be a great choice for you, but if you're looking for privacy, I suggest a river.

Many rivers have great swimming holes you can drive up to. Look for a deep area in the water, one where you can see the bottom and the current. For skinny-dipping I don't suggest areas with lots of white water and rocks, although those can be fun on other swimming expeditions. Sometimes swimming in water near a road but concealed by trees adds just a bit of naughtiness to the adventure that can be a lot of fun.

Undressing Yourself

Skinny-dipping requires no clothing. Before you get in the water you ought to strip yourself down to your birthday suit. One idea, which I think is very exciting, is to undress out of your swimming partners view. Undress behind a tree or a bush, or even carefully cover yourself up with a towel while you take your clothes off. Then, nude, emerge into your partners vision, a striking god or goddess there to bring them to the peak of skinny dipping pleasure.

What To Expect From The Water

The interesting thing about swimming in nature is that the water tends to have a natural urge to pull you under. In the ocean, you should be particularly careful of these currents, which will do their best to drag you underwater and take you far out to sea. In the rivers, as well, this problem occurs. The currents in the river want to drag you downstream through rocks and other painful objects, and can sometimes pull you under particularly tough-to-escape-from items. Lakes have little to no current, but you should still be aware that these are dangerous places to swim. Drowning is always a danger, so beware!

Water temperature is different depending on what time of the year you are planning to swim. During the winter, the water is rather icy, and during the spring it is mostly melted snow, which is also quite chilly. The best time of year to go skinny-dipping is summer, when the weather is warm and the water temperature has risen. Keep in mind that hypothermia has occurred to several people who have decided to wade in cold water, and they even had swimming suits on!

Puddles (not recommended for skinny-dipping,) lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans, all house a variety of living creatures besides skinny-dippers. These creatures are usually friendly or frightened, but if fish frighten you easily, perhaps you should consider a different sport.

Everyone's body is going to react differently to the water. Women, you will find it difficult to dive down if your chest is more than an A cup. Before, your swimsuit conveniently bound your bosom to your body, but now, you will find that since they are free, they are enjoying the water as much as you are. You will find that your breasts will be struggling to get out of the water, but also will be acting as natural lifesaving devices, which could come in useful. If you're planning to play the part of a coy skinny-dipper, you'll have a hard time since you breasts are going to be teasing the men. The floating breast phenomenon is a little strange at first, but you will get used to it.

Men, you will encounter the phenomenon widely known as "shrinkage." If you are not planning to play the part of the coy skinny-dipper it is wise to acknowledge the fact that most women do not take "shrinkage" into account when determining whether or not you measure up.

Where To Pee

One question that everyone always seems to ask me is where he or she ought to pee while skinny-dipping. My suggestion is the water. Urine is natural, and just washes away with the stream. Where do you think the fish relieve themselves? Sort of like peeing in the shower, but a little colder. One of the drawbacks to this solution, however, is that if you are skinny-dipping as an erotic experience, the urination process may frighten your partner away. One thing most people hate to see is a puddle of yellow water surrounding a girl or boy they are holding in their arms. I suggest you get out of the water, like a gentleman or lady, and hide behind a bush to complete the process. When you wear a swimsuit, it is hard to get yourself out of the water, peel the wet swimsuit off your body, pee, and pull the suit back up due to the suits anger at being taken off your skin. When you are naked, though, it is much easier to peel your nonexistent swimsuit off and pee. So I suggest you do that.

Note that while your partner may understand peeing in the stream, he or she will likely not appreciate relieving yourself in other ways. Sicko!

Playing With Your Partner

Half the fun you have, naked in the water, is going to be with your swim partner. Naked horseplay can be a lot of fun. Splashing, grabbing hold of the slick wet body of a member of your preferred sex, or teasingly dunking your weaker girlfriend under the water. But there is such a thing as going too far. As with sex, you should find out what limits your partner has. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is nervous about being underwater, for instance, you probably shouldn't dunk them under. An unwelcome dunk is a sure way to end your adventure. Splashing, too, can be something that certain people, and I'm not naming any names, might not enjoy. Keep in mind, as well, that grabbing hold of another person and putting all your weight on them, even underwater, can be dangerous. If someone is struggling to keep himself or herself above the surface of the water, don't drag them down. Never grab hold of someone while they are attempting to swim.

Sex In The Water

Sex underwater is a blast, but it can also be tricky. The male genitals like to disappear in water, shrinking inside the male body. Some coaxing is needed to take it out, but, ladies, don't be offended if your man isn't as large as he is on land.

Women experience some problems too. You would think that since there is water all around, women would be well lubricated. But sometimes they're not! The slick fluid that usually gathers when a woman is aroused is instantly washed away in the water, making it a little stiff to get penetration going on.

If you can overcome these obstacles, then sex underwater can be a blast, but don't be too surprised if it doesn't work. If sex underwater fails, try making out instead. Making out underwater is extremely satisfying, tasty, and fun. Also, dancing around in the water together is a great activity.

Getting Out And Drying Off

Did you bring your towel? This would be a good place to start. You have a couple options, though. Drying your body off with the towel is the usual way to do things. It's quick, it's easy, and it allows you to get on with your life. However if you wish to linger in the moment, drip-drying is probably a better option for you.

To drip-dry lay your towel out in a sunny area. Before lying down on the towel, make sure that your sunscreen is still on. You don't want to burn! Lay down on the towel, scooting over enough for your swim partner to join you on the towel. If you have sunglasses, you might want to wear them, but if not you can just shut your eyes. Relax, enjoy your time in the sun, and in a few minutes your body will be dry. One of the pros of swimming nude is that drying is much easier; you have no clothing to dry, just yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to skinny-dipping. Go out this summer, take a swim, and above all have a good and safe time!

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