tagErotic PoetryHow to Spend A Cold Evening

How to Spend A Cold Evening


How to Spend a Cold evening

Outside, winter's cold and gloom make me glad that, in my room,
I can snuggle, safe from harm, 'neath the covers, soft and warm...
While I nestle in my bed, thoughts of you dance round my head,
Thoughts of lewd activity, your sweet femininity--
Naked Curves, and skin so fine, naked bodies intertwined;
Fingers give expressive touch; kisses deep that mean so much!
Let me kiss your naked skin, nimble fingers sliding in,
Let my nimble tongue ignite, invite, delight you, and excite you!
Feel it licking, feel it flicking, bumping, humping, sliding, sticking
Into secret sensual spots, wriggling, licking wet and hot!
Passion's power that leaves us gasping, body parts alive, and grasping,
Intimate knowing, Lust bestowing, luscious sex alive and growing!
Fingers slipping, gripping, sliding; warm wet pussy open, gliding,
Rubbing lewdly on my cock, feeling that delicious shock,
mmmm my manhood filled and standing, begging for you, and commanding
You to worship and adore: you, my lady, and my whore.
Feel my passion, feel my strength; hold my pulsing, turgid length
And claim your smooth and begging prize, growing right before your eyes,
Enjoy its full and perfect size, position it now between your thighs,
And slide down on it, feel its need! Ride it as your prancing steed,
Hold and tease it, squeeze and please it; grip it, fuck it, don't release it!
Hide it, ride it, let it slide, deep within you, undenied, show off for me with lusty pride!
Cover it with nectar sweet, crying out with joy, complete,
Cum on me, my lady fair, wet and beautiful, and bare.
Now I smell your luscious scent as you are before me bent,
I feel your wet surrounding lips as I grasp your wriggling hips,
and begin those thrusts we love so well, enjoying sound, and sight and smell,
feeling passion's surge and swell, playing here in my hotel....

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