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How Wonderful to Know


This story is jointly dedicated to Papatoad, the granddaddy of flash stories, and HDK, the wizard of all things twisted!


My ex-wife was sitting in front of me and crying her eyes out.

"You must have something left from the divorce settlement. After all you did get 1.3 mil from the sale of my business and our house." I asked her as I offered her a glass of water.

"We invested it all in stocks hoping for a good return and lost most of it in the economic downturn. Jed was out of work for last six months and we were spending from our savings." Sandy spoke between her sobs.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked her.

"Can you please help me out a little?" She looked at me with her puppy eyes that used melt my heart.

"Not really, I am on a very strict budget myself, I had a good business but had to sell it when my bitch of an ex-wife claimed half of it. I had to spend a lot of money to buy this flat which was near my new office. I make enough, but between my expenses I am not able to save much and there is only one luxary that I enjoy. I have this woman who stays next door and she fucks me whenever I want for 200 bucks. She is a widow and it is nice arrangement that works well for both of us." I said, "Even at that, my budget for sex every month is just 1600 bucks and she fucks me twice a week for that. I can offer you the same amount of money if you would substitute for her in my bed."

A look of shock passed over Sandy's face.

"I am sorry for making such an indecent proposal but honestly, you can't expect me to pass off sex to help you." I knew she was strung over and must have come to me only as a last resort. "I am not asking for a reply right now. I want you to discuss this with Jed and come back to me later."

It was three days before she came back.

"I am ready to be your release eight times a month for $1600. I really need the money." She said with her head hung low.

"Okay, there are three conditions to this. One, I do not like doing this behind Jed's back so he will be in the living room all the time you are in my bedroom so that I know he is in the know of how much time you spent with me. Two, I will wear a condom at all time we are having sex and three, just like my neighbor, your ass will be at my disposal four times a month." These conditions were important because I wanted my pound of flesh for the time when Jed had cuckolded me.

"I guess we will have to agree." Sandy said in a low voice.

"So, tomorrow you will come here and I will let the two of in the door. After that I will fix a drink for Jed and go to the bedroom, you will take all your clothes off and give them to Jed and come inside the bedroom. I want you to enter the bedroom naked." I said, dismissing her.

I opened the door next day to find the two of them standing there. Jed was able to look into my eyes as he came in and sat down with his wife in my living room.

"What would you like to have Jed? I have some whisky, I think that was your drink of choice." I asked. Jed was particularly fond of the fine whisky that I used to keep in my closet. On the days when he was fucking my then wife Sandy, he used to help himself to my whisky too.

"Yes." Jed replied, still looking away.

I got him a stiff one of the cheapest whisky that I could find in the store. I had to go to three stores before I found one that even street-bums would refuse.

"Okay then, I am retiring to the bedroom. Sandy, you know how you have to come in the bedroom." I said and went to the bedroom.

Sandy came into the bedroom and turned to close the door.

"Leave it open. I want you to feel secure. If I am doing something that you do not want you can call Jed here for a rescue." I said.

She left the door open and come to the bed. The house is pretty small and I am sure that even if we whispered in here, Jed will catch every word spoken.

I said, "Turn around, it has been a long time since I saw you naked."

As she turned around I felt a slight stirring in my loins. Her ass was still the best part of her body. It is so tight that you can bounce a quarter off it, and at 36, it is something not many women can boast of.

I was on a blue pill just for the performance and I ravaged her body for the next two hours. The foreplay itself was so long and vocal that it surprised me that Jed did not lose his cool and come in. I did not say single degrading thing about Jed in all the time fucked her but I made sure that she was screaming a lot. She tried to be less vocal in the beginning but I had been married to her for 9 long years and knew how to push the right buttons. When it was done, I told her to take her time getting ready and then grabbed my shorts and gown and went out. I was sitting in the living room across Jed sipping my scotch when she came out of the bedroom, stark naked and with love bites (there was no "love" involved in those bites) all over her tits and neck. There was one right below her ear too.

Jed got up and handed her clothes and then sat back down on the chair with his head in his hand. I could feel the rage in his breathing and I knew that he could not do anything without losing 400 bucks a week. I got up and got my wallet and took out ten twenties and kept it on the table in front of Jed.

"Count it to make sure." I said

He just looked at me with bloodhot eyes. "You are taking advantage of my economic condition to fuck my wife, how low can you get?" he said in a voice filled both with anger and despair.

"We are no different. You took my wife to bed when she was married to me and I am taking your wife to bed when she is married to you." I said, as I sipped the fine scotch, "The difference is my wife was valued at 1.3 million when she divorced me. She was worth a lot more when she was my wife. Your wife is worth 200 bucks and no more. Plus, I did not sneak behind your back. I had no option to stop my cuckolding because I came to know after the fact. You, on the other hand, sat and listened to it. I do not want a confrontation. I offered my help, to the best extent I could. I really do not have any spare money and I am giving her the sex allowance I gave to my neighbor. You are still free to back out if you want and I will not mention this day ever in my life to anyone, not even in a confession box in Rome!"

As Sandy reappeared dressed, Jed picked up the money and got up.

"Sandy, I am sorry for the bite marks." I said, "I guess having you in my arms after all this time brought out the passion that I once had for you. I am sorry, I had no clue that I still had feelings for you. So, we will meet again on Saturday and if you can make it an all nighter, Jed can stay home and you will be paid double."

How wonderful to know, while only Sandy and I had sex, Jed got fucked that day too!

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by Anonymous

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He needs to fill her up

He needs to fill her up and then make him clean her up afterward. That would be the ultimate Cuckholding lol.

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by Loejtc12/21/17

Love this author

Short, sweet, and to the point.

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by Anonymous12/05/17


Hahaha. Brilliant. From a slut to a whore in one afternoon. And best of all her husband's aquiescence makes him her pimp.


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by Anonymous10/24/17


$1600 for monthly sex budget indicates he is in better than decent financial straights!
Too bad the widow next door lost that income. Truthfully, if I was in that situation I would only used ex-wife'smore...

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