The club was bumping. Music was blasting and all Chiara could think about was Jerome. They had a very heated argument two days ago and he hasn't called her since. For some reason any little thing could spark a disagreement between the two. It seemed almost as if Jerome wanted to find reasons to fight with his girlfriend.

Chiara was planning on staying home this weekend, but her friends weren't having that. They weren't going to let her wallow in despair. They knew Jerome was up to no good, but anyone knowing Chiara knew that she thought Jerome was an angel and nobody could change her opinion. So they decided to show Chiara just what type of angel Jerome could be.

"Girl, I don't know why you are tripping," Alexis, Chiara's cousin shouted while going through her closet of clothes. "You are going to this club. I don't care if I personally have to go through your clothes, find an outfit and dress you myself! You are not staying here and having a pity party over that loser."

"Alexis you don't understand," Chiara countered sitting on her bed, making no move to help her friend sort through clothes. "Jerome and I have something special. I wonder if anything has happened to him. He hasn't called me in two days. TWO DAYS Lexi! What if he's gotten in a car accident, or has been kidnapped? You know there are a lot of those happening now a days."

"Honeychild please!" Alexis said, swinging her neck around to face Chiara. Although mixed with black and Korean, she often reverted back to her mother's roots when highly irritated. "Don't nobody want Jerome and his stank black ass. You know you acting real silly right now. You best be glad I love you cause you a behaving mighty ignorant."

"Okay please stop taking like that! Auntie Sheri is coming out full force." Chiara's aunt -- Alexis' mother was a force to be reckoned with. She didn't censor herself and actually thrived on the attention she got when she got loud. Alexis, in polite company, was usually quiet and only spoke when spoken to. Kind of like her father Kwan, who was a stoic man of little words. Chiara has never heard him speak more than a sentence. Alexis swears up and down that her father and mother have many verbal arguments, but she didn't believe her.

"Well I am my mother's daughter... Speaking of which, I'm never spending the night over my parent's house again!" Alexis huffed pulling a pair of skinny jeans out to match the top set aside for Chiara's outfit.

"Why what happened?"

"Ooo Chi Chi it was horrible," She moaned plopping down in the bed. "I was having this bad ass dream right, you know the one with the pirate plundering this -- I mean HIS booty," Chiara shook her head in agreement. Of course she knew of the dream. Alexis had an unnatural obsession with Johnny Depp and with him being in those pirate movies, it's gotten worse. "and all of a sudden I hear this noise. It sounded like a scream, so naturally I thought someone was being hurt. I go downstairs and I hear it again, but this time it's louder and deeper and longer. I head over to my parents room about to knock and ask if everything is alright. Then suddenly I hear dad going, 'You better swallow that shit'. Oh my God, Chi Chi I know my parents still have sex. I mean I have five siblings and a new little brother, but I didn't want to find out like that."

"Ha! Serves you right for being nosey. I bet you ran upstairs like a little girl." They both looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then bust out laughing.

"I did, I did! Girl, I'm glad that's all I heard that night. Anyways, back to you. I picked out your outfit for this evening and it is fly."

"Okay, I'll go, but don't do me any favors and try to hook me up tonight, alright?"

"Pinky promise cuz."


"This club is hot! How come we never been here before?" Alexis asked, taking a rest from dancing to sit with Chiara.

Their friends Mona and Joie met up with them at the apartment before they all left. When they entered the club, the foursome drew attention. Easily being the best looking females in the place. Alexis was very exotic with her peach Ralph Lauren dress which stopped at mid-thigh and accentuated her mocha skin tone and brown almond shaped eyes. It clung to all her slim curves, but also was very classy looking. Her hair was freshly washed and left in it's natural curly state, only being picked out for body.

Mona and Joie were beautiful also. One light and the other dark. Mona had olive toned skin thanks to her Greek background and a short pixie cut that did wonders for her high cheekbones and slightly Romanesque nose. She wore a white expensive looking tube dress and equally expensive shoes to match. Joie was the exact opposite she had long bleach blond hair and delicate features. Her mother is Creole, hence the name. She said it means 'Joy', she also said that her father was the whitest man she knew. When Chiara met him, she agreed. She had the looks of an angel, but to all that knew her she was evil incarnate. Thankfully, she had someone to calm her down and put a dazzling ring on her finger. She was wearing a black form fitting top with tight khaki shorts. Very understated until you got to her shoes which were tall 4 inch Minolos. They made her legs look like sex.

Lastly there's Chiara dressed in all black. She wore her hair parted center and straight, layered reaching just past her shoulder-blades. Her features were a testament of her mother's Caribbean background. She had a small nose, finely shaped eyebrows, full lips and large green eyes. The outfit Alexis chose complimented her shaped and gave her height. Being the shortest of the group at 5'3", she needed all the height she could get. She wore a black swarovski crystal encrusted corset, with black skinny seven jeans. She wasn't as slim as her cousin, she had dangerous curves though, the same ones that attracted Jerome. Once as a joke he had asked to measure her, she refused at first, but he was persistent. She finally relented on terms that she got to measure him also and found out that she was 35-24-37. Chiara also found out that Jerome was only 5 ¾ inches. At the time she said that it didn't matter, that it was all in how he worked it. Although, he really didn't know how to...

"This club is new in town. Heard that some guys from Scotland opened it up," Mona said while drinking her Long Island. "Isn't that strange? Why would some guys from Scotland come all the way to Pennsylvania to open up a club?"

"I don't know and don't care. Want I really want to know is why Chiara isn't dancing. She got on the red 'fuck me' heels." Joie leaned over the table to get in Chiara's face. She wanted her to listen to what she had to say. "You need to get up on the floor and move that booty. You know me, Alexis and Mona don't have as much as you do, even combined! You need to get up on that floor and show these skinny bitches how to work it girl!" Joie laughed working on her third gin and tonic.

"Hey I resent that remark for all skinny bitches." Alexis commented. "I'd like you to know that I was twirling, dipping, shaking, and splitting that dance floor in two. Couldn't no ho touch this." She said standing up and poising side to side.

"Goodness me Lexi, we've only been here for an hour and you're already twirling! You must really like this place," Chiara quipped, looking at her phone for missed calls or text. Seeing none she sighed and continued looking absentmindly at the dance floor.

Alexis was getting very exasperated with her cousin. She had never seen her so sprung over a boy. And from what she knew, he sho wasn't packing nothing! Time to set the plan in motion. Any moment now Jerome would be walking through the door with a girl on her arm. She knew this because of her secret sources.

"Anyways, how bout you and me dance to this song? It's slow and sensual and I bet all the little pervs in here would like to see two exotic looking girls hunching on each other," Alexis reached out her hand to Chiara. "What do you say cuz? Put all thoughts of that stank ass boyfriend aside and give everyone in here a show?"

Chiara looked around the club and couldn't help but notice that everyone seemed to be having a good time except for her. She didn't want to be a party pooper and feel all depressed either. So she took her cousin's hand and followed her lead.

Alexis led her to the middle of the floor and twirled her around briefly before they started to show their moves. "I bet they don't move like this is Scotland." Chiara joked, slow winding her hips to dip her body forward and shaking her butt a little.

"That's right wobble that shit girl! That's the one thing I really can't do. My ass is too flat and tight... thank you dad!" Alexis laughed before shaking her hips down to the floor in front of her cousin. They danced like this through five songs before calling it quits and heading over to their booth. "Remind me to thank your mom for showing me how to wind. I think that DJ purposely played those reggae songs for us to show our moves."

"I think so, too. No club outside of Miami plays FIVE reggae songs back to back," Chiara agreed taking her card out of her purse. "I'm going to get a drink, anyone want anything?"

"No girl we don't because we've already been given free drinks. It seems a though the owner is here tonight and saw you two on the floor. He had someone bring us drinks and said that tonight we can have all the free drinks we want." Mona said calmly sipping on her drink.


"Yeah, Chi Chi you got the magic booty. Never in my life have I seen you dance like you just did." Joie said while fixing her diamond. "I also saw Jerome..."

"What! Where?" Chiara asked, breaking her neck to look around the club.

"Over there with that stick figured hussy," Joie pointed to the back of the club. "You want to go over there and break his face? I'm ready when you are." Joie said fixing her rings. "I plan on drawing some blood."

"No that's alright. Do you think he knows I'm here?" Mona and Joie shook their heads 'no'.

"He's been too into that ho to notice anything," Mona replied before looking at something behind Alexis and Chiara. "Who are those fine ass men?"

Chiara turned around to see who Mona was referring to. There were four men walking down from the VIP section upstairs. She wasn't lying, they were all very attractive. Two of them had long dark hair that went a little passed their muscled broad shoulders. The two had similar chiseled features and wore tight shirts, one red and the other dark blue. They had on tight jeans that showed the large muscles of their legs and other large interesting things. It would be a shame if they stuffed. Chiara thought, imagining finding out that they did and telling everyone she knew about their false advertisement. She didn't mind small ones -- she just wanted to know what she was working with without being let down before actually seeing the goods.

The other two wore suits. Tailored suits that looked very, very expensive. The one in the lead had long dark red hair that was pulled back from his face in a low ponytail. He was large in stature the most attractive of the bunch with strong masculine features and a sinful mouth. The other was large also and blond with short tousled hair. He was beautiful with a mischievous appearance and a full mouth.

"Ooo, what I wouldn't do if I had those lips wrapped around, pulling, nimbling and sucking on my cl—"

"Alexis! Oh my God, censor yourself," Chiara said shaking her head. "You are talking about the blond one right?" Alexis nodded her head in agreement.

"Oh, you want the other one? I thought you didn't like 'white bwoys'." Alexis laughed, elbowing her cousin. "You was about to get mad if I said the redhead, weren't you?"

"I never said that I didn't like them, you asked me my preference and I told you that I like my chocolate chip brothers. Now get off me." Chiara moved to sit by Joie, while Alexis told Mona to scoot so she could sit down.

"I took the liberty of ordering you two ladies your usual," Mona said pointing to a couple of drinks. "Enjoy!"

Chiara took a long drink from hers to settle her nerves. She and Jerome have been together for about a year and it sucked finding out that he was cheating on her. To think that she spent all her time and energy on trying to make their relationship work and feeding his ego. She should just go over there and give him a piece of her mind and tell him that he was never man of enough for her anyways with his short dick and nonexistent personality.

Chiara wasn't really paying any attention to what was going on around her, mainly because she was internally categorizing everything in her apartment that belonged to Jerome, so that she could throw it all away. The girls didn't mind, they were too busy reminiscing and laughing at random drunk people dancing.

"What -- where, are they on their way over here?" Alexis asked not really expecting a reply. "Oh my God! Yes they are!"

"Lexi... LEXI! Why are you pinching my leg?!" Mona screeched, shoving Alexis' hand off of her.

"I don't know," she replied desperately. "I don't know Mona. Maybe it's because that blond piece of man meat is making his way over to our booth and I don't want to seem over eager, so I pinched you to let some of my tension out." Alexis said in one breath.

"Ok, it's alright. Just remember to breathe. I don't want you passing out in here for lack of oxygen to your brain." Mona whispered as the four men drew closer.


"Do you see that Ruaraidh?" Faolán asked, standing to peer over the railing, then whispering to himself. "What I'd give to have her work her hips on me."

"Aye, I've never seen that in Scotland," Cahal remarked to his older brother. Whose attention was drawn to another place. "Calan, what do you think of those two?" He said pointing to the dance floor.

"I believe that his attention is drawn elsewhere," Ruaraidh murmured, in his reclined seat. He had an excellent view of his club, so he didn't need to stand to investigate. He'd noticed the four females as soon as they entered his club. All four had interesting looks, but the one that kept him turning his head was the shortest of the group. She had smooth caramel skin and long black hair. Her body type was one he wasn't used to seeing and desiring. Among his people tall, slender, and pale was the ideal in a bed partner. Maybe the reason why he was so intrigued by this female was because of her differences. "Calan tell Ty to serve the four ladies endless drinks tonight."

"Nay, I shall see to it myself." Calan replied heading to the stairs.

"You shall do no such thing," Ruaraidh growled low, but loud enough for the three to hear. "Remember that I am your Alpha."

"Even so Calan, you'd break that human in half. I've seen you in rut and you do not give any mercy." Faolán quipped, turning from the railing to chuckle with his friend. "You haven't a delicate bone in your body, my friend."

"How would you know that she wants delicate? My bone is hard, as it should be. Maybe she would want me to break her in half."

"Which one are you referring to, Calan?" Cahal asked, looking between the two humans sitting at the booth. He had his eye on the slender exotic one on the dance floor, but for some reason he also wanted a piece of the one with short hair sitting by the blonde.

"The blonde angel."

"The angel to your beast. Why, is that a ring I spy? Lay low friend, she is attached." Faolán was Beta and was known for giving advice, but rarely did Calan heed.

"That means not. I shall pursue and I shall plunder." With that said, he signaled to Ty the bartender to do as the Alpha said.

"While you are doing that, tell the DJ to keep playing the music that has those women shaking their arse." Faolán said, turning back to the dance floor.

"I would like to introduce myself before we leave for the night," Cahal murmured leaning on the rail beside Faolán. "This club has been open for six months and I've never seen these females before. What's to say that they'll come again."

"I think the free liquor will entice them, young one," Faolán replied. "But do not fret; we shall make ourselves known before the night is out. I doubt Ruaraidh will part without letting the lovely ladies recognize that it was his generosity that allowed them endless alcohol."

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