tagNonHumanHowl with Me Ch. 01

Howl with Me Ch. 01


Hello! This is my first submission to literotica. There is no sex in this chapter because I am developing the characters. But don't worry! There will be some in the next chapter. If enough people like the story, I will continue writing it. Don't forget to vote!


It was a brisk evening when Daniel spotted her. He was walking home from work and was brought up short when he smelled her. Honey and Cherry blossom. The most intoxicating scent to him. He was instantly drawn to the source of it, his wolf howling inside.

'Finally,' He thought to himself. After 145 years of waiting for her, he had found her. His one true mate. Daniel was hard pressed to match the scent with a face before she got too far away. She was walking on the other side of the street, heading into a diner. Unable to resist, Daniel followed her inside.

When she walked in, she paused at the doorway, looking around at the people seated. She then walked over to a table that had a man sitting at it. He was an average man, nothing spectacular. He had brown hair and brown eyes, a slight stubble covering his face and he was watching her intently, giving her a once over after she took off her long coat to reveal a short, tight skirt and a low cut blouse. She was absolutely mouthwatering. It was all he could do not to take her away right then and there. When she sat down, he finally got to see her beautiful face. She was amazing. With black hair and electric blue eyes, she was a sight to behold. She had a heart shaped face and her hair framed it perfectly, cascading down to her luscious ass; it was screaming for him to caress it.

Daniel sat at the bar near their table, ordering something at random from the menu, his focus on the couple behind him chatting away. With his advanced hearing, Daniel had no trouble picking up their conversation.

"How was work dear?" The man asked her.

"It was alright, nothing too spectacular. How was the hospital today? Anything interesting happen?" She asked.

"Yes, actually... We had a few patients come in with bite wounds all over their bodies. They were apparently out camping and they were attacked by some rabid dog," He answered her.

'So,' Daniel thought to himself, 'The man is a doctor. How boring. I really hope she likes the more adventurous type...'

"What happened to the dog?" She queried.

"We don't know. It was long gone when the paramedics got there..." He answered her.

After this, they appeared to have nothing else to say. The man reached over and held her hand. Daniel was fuming. His wolf was howling and fighting with all of his strength to get out and rip this man's hand from his body. 'We must wait my friend. If we try to take her, she will never be with us.' This calmed his wolf instantly. If he wanted her to be his, he had to be patient and wait for the right moment.

"Excuse me Rick, I have to go to the ladies'," She told him before getting up to go the bathroom.

This was his chance, after a moment, Daniel got up and followed her down the hall to the restrooms. He went into the men's bathroom which was across from the women's. He used his advanced hearing to listen for the toilet being flushed. He then walked out of the men's at precisely the same time that she walked out of the women's. He timed it just at the perfect time so that she bumped into him on her way out.

"Oh, I'm sorry..." She said, looking up at him. He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. He had that rugged outdoorsman look. The man was tall. His glossy brown hair hung in waves to just his ear. His skin was the most wonderful color, a golden olive, he just screamed healthy and outdoor active. He was very well muscled.

He was wearing a black leather jacket and dark wash jeans that fit him perfectly. She was so lost in his deep green eyes-they reminded her of the forest- she hadn't heard him speak. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" She asked him, feeling stupid.

Daniel chuckled to himself, "I asked what your name was, beautiful lady," he said with a wink and a sexy smile. She suddenly felt the urge to press her lips to his. This thought brought her up short. 'This is a complete stranger! What am I thinking?!'

She blushed at his compliment. "I...I'm Rachel," She stammered out.

"Ah, a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. Well Rachel, I wouldn't want to keep you from your date for too long. Maybe we will see each other again. I'm Daniel by the way," He reluctantly walked past her and back to his seat where his food was waiting. He kept glancing back at her over his shoulder, noticing, much to his delight, she was doing the same thing. When he would catch her staring, she would blush and look down at the meal she was picking at.

After a few more minutes, she and her date got up and left the diner. Daniel got up too, throwing down some money to pay for his food, not bothering to check the amount; he gave more than enough. His wolf was urging him to assure she got home safe. When he walked out, he got on his Vyrus 987 C3 4V. It was one of the most expensive motorcycles in the world and he loved it. He followed a few car lengths behind her as she drove to a modest apartment complex. She got out of her car and walked inside. He waited patiently until he saw a light flick on in one of the third floor windows. He then got on his bike and headed back to the den.

Daniel was the alpha of his pack, the Fenris pack. He rode his bike into the large garage that was alongside the mansion. The garage was full of black Cadillac Escalades, these were the cars the pack used to get around. Daniel parked his bike in the part of the garage reserved for the motorcycles. There were 10 others.

Daniel dismounted and walked into the mansion that served as the pack's den. He walked down the hall into his twin's office. Chris was his second in command. Whenever Daniel needed something done without the whole pack finding out, he went to Chris.

Looking up from the paperwork that was spread out in front of him, Chris smiled when he saw Daniel standing there. Chris was the spitting image of Daniel, the only difference being his hair color. Instead of a brown, Chris had blond hair.

"Hey lil' bro, can I ask you a favor?" Daniel said with no preamble. Meeting Rachel had him jumpy.

"Sure, but Daniel, I really wish you would stop calling me that. You're only two minutes older than me! But anyways, what can I do for you?" Chris asked.

"Well Chris, I found my mate and I need you to get as much information about her that you can." Daniel said.

"Seriously? That's great bro! I'm so happy for you! Write down everything you know about her and I will see what I can do." Chris said with a big smile on his face. It was about time Daniel found a mate! Chris had been with his mate for 30 years already and couldn't imagine life without her.

After following Chris's instructions, He turned and left the office and headed up to his master suite. Being the alpha, Daniel had the biggest rooms. When one walked in, they walked through a short hallway which led to a sitting room. It had a black leather couch and a matching armchair facing a roaring fireplace. Branching off of the sitting room, He had a study filled with books and papers and anything an alpha of one of the largest packs in America would need. On the other side of the sitting room was a hallway that lead to his bedroom which had an attached bathroom and oversized walk in closet.

Daniel walked into his closet to change and he noticed how empty it seemed. He never noticed how barren it was. Hopefully Rachel's clothes will be in here soon. He thought to himself with a smile.

After changing into a comfortable pair of sleep pants, Daniel climbed into bed and laid down. His mind was filled with thoughts of Rachel and her intoxicating scent. Honey and cherry blossoms. He would never forget it. It was his favorite scent in the world. After a while, Daniel drifted to sleep and dreamt about his Rachel.

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