HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02


"Oh God baby, I know you always get what you want. You get all the pussy you want cuz of this great big talked-about cock, don't you baby."

I was going wild, and said in my throaty voice,

"Oh fuck, this huge cock must have so much pussy, constantly lined up, begging to fuck it. Having a cock this big, gets talked about constantly. No girls ever talk about their boyfriends or husbands average 6"or 7" cock. They only talk proudly about the guy they fucked with the huge 12 inch cock. Fuck, a cock this big can never be kept a secret, that's why you fuck all the time baby.....YOU HUGE FUCKER YOU!"

I had a sudden urge to suck him again. I needed to taste that huge cock again. I said hotly,

"Oh baby, I can feel you getting ready to pop another big, hot load, but I need to blow your huge, sexy cock first....Let me suck on this big black cock just a little...Oh fuck yeah, I need to taste my pussy on it and suck it so bad baby...Let me blow it, and then we'll get right back into our sexy fuck, I promise baby."

Before he could protest I climbed off his giant cock, and before it hit his massive chest, I grabbed hold of it in mid-air and immediately began licking all over, under, and under his massive pulsating shaft, with a crazed animal-like lust. As I licked away at his towering black cock I couldn't stop marveling at the sheer size of it.

He began moaning and turning me on even more by saying,

"Oh yeah baby, that's it... taste your sexy, young white pussy on this big nigga cock....Thats it baby, suck that sexy young white pussy of yours off my great big nigga cock."

As I feverishly worshiped his staggering 12 inch python with my tongue, mouth, and hands, he was grunting louder and louder, and began saying,

"Oh fuck baby, your so fucking sexy. You are so right about the girls that line-up to fuck this black cock, because of what they've heard about it. Yeah baby, this big cock has had a lot of pussy, but you're the fuck I've been waitin' a lifetime for. Just looking at you lickin' and suckin' my big black cock, kneeling on those naughty high heels, that you wore to get this fuck started, is driving my big cock crazy baby....I cant hold this big load back much longer baby. You're too fucking sexy for my big cock baby. Takin' too much to hold it back. Have a ton of bitches all the time, but you're the sexiest bitch this black cock has ever fucked into!"

I was truly lost in pleasing his giant cock. As his voice continued to drop, he added,

"I need to get back into that sexy pussy of yours again, or I'm gonna blow this big fuckin load all over those big- assed nippled tits and that hot thin-framed body of yours, baby."

For a second I began to think,

"Ummm.... maybe I do want this great big sexy black cock to cum all over me. Maybe I want to feel his hot load splashing all over me."

I would have gladly let Mr. Jeffers shoot that great big built-up load, all over me- with pleasure, especially since his other load lasted minutes before he stopped shooting, but, I knew I wanted to feel his huge cock explode inside my sex- starved pussy. I never felt a cock shoot so hard and for so long in my pussy before, and I needed to feel that same thing again. I even had a naughty thought about taking off one of my high heel pumps, and jerking him off in it, then pouring it over my big turned-on tits. But, right now I needed to feel that great big monster cock explode inside me. I was on the pill for three years, and did a lot of fucking, but this is the moment that made being on it all worth while!

I hungrily blew him for a few more precious minutes, letting him know how much I loved sucking his huge, turned on cock and that I would have loved to bring it off with my mouth and hands.

Mr. Jeffers sensed this too, and got off his chair and spun me around aggressively, so that I was now leaning against his desk. He then positioned himself behind me, and put his big hands on my small hips, as I reached back for his throbbing, 12 inch monster cock to help line it up to my sweltering pussy again.

As I guided that giant black- veined monster to my sizzling pussy, he snarled and said,

"Baby, even after years of fucking, the hottest bitches in the world, you've got the sexiest body and snatch I ever fucked. Your pussy is driving my big black cock insane baby. Never had a pussy that could wrap around it and pull it so deep as yours baby."

I was moaning in a sea of lust, knowing that I was turning on this older black man who was 40 years older than me. I was going wild, knowing that he had fucked hundreds of girls, but said that I had the best pussy he'd ever tasted or fucked in his life. I couldn't stop cumming as his big, baseball sized, cock head pried my hanging fuck lips wide apart, as it inched into me. I looked back and snarled,

"Oh fuck yeah baby... give me every fucking inch of this big black pussy pleaser of yours...Fuck it like a wild man baby. I want you to drop that big, hot load, inside my horny, white, young, teen pussy. Let me feel that great big cock again, that's exploded inside thousands of pussies."

I added hotly and in a challenging tone,

"Go ahead baby, fill up another teen pussy with one of your big, hot loads....Oh fuck baby, I could feel that huge black fucker getting ready to pop."

The deeper Mr. Jeffers huge black cock plunged into my sex starved pussy, the more I was forced to except it, and to fuck back down on it. As his freakish, angry, black monster fucked into me, I was cringing, in a state of wild lust, from all of the places his black monster was hitting me, so deep inside. I couldn't believe how incredible his black cock made me feel. I was going wild, feeling the waves of lust building inside my tormented pussy, then exploding throughout my body. As his huge black cock forced its way, way-deep inside of me. I cried out in craze,

"Ohhh fuuuuck I can't stop cumming all over your big black cock baby....Ohhh God, it's splitting me in half.....Soooo fucking big......Soooo fucking deep...Fucking hitting every spot in my deep pussy....Sooooo fucking good. Oh god, your great big black cock really knows how to fuck!"

I was going crazy as his huge black cock pistoned in and out of my squelching, ultra- tight, fuck hole. Mr. Jeffers was fucking me the way he wanted now. It was as if his huge, black cock took over, and was now controlling our fuck. I was going wild, as it stretched me beyond any limit I have ever imagined, or experienced. As his huge black hands gripped my thighs, he would aggressively pull me onto his huge 12 inch cock, and fuck me like a mad man, knowing his huge cock was re-shaping my young, teen pussy, to fit his huge shaft.

He groaned in a rage-like way, saying my pussy was the perfect fit for his big black cock. The experience of being punished with each unrelenting stroke, by his hammering shaft, caused me to explode over every inch of it, each time my turned on pussy made the long journey down the length of his enormous, throbbing, wild black veined shaft.

As we fucked like two sex crazed animals, Mr. Jeffers ran his hand down my right leg and pulled it back against the outside of his leg. He then held onto my black, size 10, high heel pump and gripped it in his hand, then grabbed onto my shoulder and began pummeling that huge black cock into my stretched out pussy from a different angle. As he held onto my high heel pump, he pushed my leg to the side, which created a little more room for his cock. He immediately began angling his cock, so that he could fill that new area up. He did this instinctively. It was almost as if his cock knew where to fill a vacant space when it became available inside a pussy.

The force that he was fucking me at, with his massive 300 pound muscular body, sent a volcanic explosion through me and caused me to moan hungrily,

"Ohhh fuck, your so fucking huge baby... I can feel this great big fucking cock of yours everywhere!... Oh god, I love your great big, older cock baby...I love the fuck that your huge, older, black cock is giving my tight young pussy... That's it, keep fucking me baby.... Ohhhh fuck yeah, that great big older black cock feels sooo fucking good in my tight-white teen pussy baby....Sooooo fucking good."

As he fucked into my tight, wet pussy with an animalistic rage, I looked back and saw a crazed look on his face.

As the 58 year old, black Principal savagely fucked into the sexy teen cheerleader, he was proudly thinking to himself,

'Oh fuck...I've fucked hundreds of sexy girls who wanted this big black cock of mine, but none are as fucking hot as this teenage slut is. Fuck, if she only knew all the times I was fucking some white or Asian bitch, and thinking it was her young pussy I was poundin'. Oh yeah, now I'm gonna fill this hot teen pussy with the biggest bucket of cum it ever had. Oh fuck, look at this hot young slut take my big fuckin black cock while she keeps cumin all over my big shaft. Look at this sexy bitch takin every fucking inch of my big cock. God, she can actually fuck it right to the bottom of my shaft! Just look at how hot she looks with just those sexy high heels on. Oh yeah, when I saw her wearing those high heels, I knew she came here to fuck. Damm, this one has a real gift for fucking. God damm, her pussy's too much action for my big cock. Never had one that took my cock like hers. Can't hold it back----her pussy's to fucking good-I'm fucking gonna pop!'

As the older black man continued to fuck wildly into the stacked, thin-framed white teen, he felt his 12 inch cock pulsing uncontrobally once again. As his huge black cock separated the folds of her tight teenage pussy, he thought to himself lustfully,

"Fuck. Her pussies driving my big cock fucking crazy again. Shit,this young sexy bitch has a magic fuck-hole, unlike any other I've ever fucked. God damm, this fine-ass pussy of hers has got me close to a third cum. Fuck,even those two nasty twin- sister, 18 year old Asian girls I met at Hooters last Friday, then took home and fucked all weekend long, didn't turn on, and fuck this big black dick of mine like she is. Fuck, gonna be my third cum tonight, and I know that this sexy pussy is gonna make me drop at least two more loads before we're through! Fuck..This big titted bitch is incredible!

He then cupped her swollen 36D inch tits and began pinching her huge inch long nipples. The sexy High School senior was moaning non-stop, as the 12 black cock continued invading her tight fuck-hole. As the older black man pinched her long nipples she turned her head to kiss him. As they kissed frantically, he again thought to himself,

"Fuck, I can't get over these huge tits on such a thin frame. Never seen a pair of tits this big, sit so high-up on a chest before. So heavy too, and no fucking sag. And these nipples are huge. Even bigger than both of those Asian girls I fucked last weekend."

As Mr. Jeffers huge cock continued to split my pussy, in a hundred different directions, I could feel his monster starting to pulse rapidly again. My pussy was exploding over and over, from the twitching and expanding of his huge cock. I was so thrilled that my pussy was tuning his huge, black cock on and driving it crazy. I could also tell by the way his huge black hands were playing with my big tits and the way he was pinching my throbbing nipples that he was getting real close to popping another hot load. My body was on fire and going crazy by the fucking my pussy was getting from his older, experienced, black cock. I was going wild by the way his giant, 12 inch cock kept making me cum. His huge black dick was making me delirious, and I couldn't get enough of that great big pussy pleaser of his. I was so crazed that I kept urging him on, saying in the most lust-crazed voice,

"Oh baby, Keep fucking me. Please don't stop baby. My pussy loves cumming all over your huge black cock. Oh god baby, my pussy was made to fuck and please your huge black cock. I love big cock now. I'll never fuck a tiny 6 or 7 inch dick again. Oh baby, because of you, I know my pussy can take a real big cock; I know what my pussy needs now every time I fuck. Go ahead baby, it's all yours. Take my pussy. Use it anyway you want. Use my young, white, teenage pussy to please that huge, older, black cock of yours. God, I could feel that huge fucker twitching inside me like crazy baby. Fuck, I love knowing my pussy's got that great big cock crazy to cum."

Mr. Jeffers than pulled out suddenly, and in one lighting motion, spun around and sat back in his chair. Not taking a second to break the action, I immediately grabbed his pulsating cock as it swung about angrily in mid air, and inserted it back into my smoking pussy. In the same motion, he reached under my thighs and lifted my legs so that my high heel pumps rested on his tree-trunk sized thighs. He than took hold of the backs of my high heels and began pounding that 12 inch monster into my stretched out pussy like a man gone wild. As he fucked into me, like a mad-man, he snarled in a heated breath, saying my white teenage pussy was driving his black cock crazy, but that he needed to fuck it more before he dropped his load.

I was going crazy, and said hotly,

"Oh fuck yeah. Its amazing how you control a fuck, and how you decide when you want to pop-off. Oh baby, use my pussy as long as you like. I love the way you fuck."

I was going crazy from the exquisite feeling I was receiving, as his massive cock filled every inch of my pussy. It felt so sexy, fucking his huge black cock while I rested against his massive chest, while he tightly held the backs of my high heel pumps. He then took my thighs in his hands and in a demanding tone said,

"Cross those long sexy legs baby"

I immediately did as he did as he instructed. Crossing one high heel over the other caused my pussy to clamp down even tighter around his big black shaft. In this position I looked tiny as I lay against his giant 6" 8", 300 pound black frame!

The new sensation of having my long legs and my high heels crossed as he fucked into the deepest part of my pussy was driving me insane. I was going wild as my pussy clung to his monster cock, desperately trying to endure each long, punishing stroke. This tightening of my pussy seemed to make Mr. Jeffers even angrier to fuck. In this position my pussy was sealed tight, which caused his huge cock to actually bend like a bridge, in the middle, as it ruthlessly forced its way into my clamped-tight pussy. I was exploding with every invading thrust, as his huge cock continued to pry me wide apart, mercessilly. I was cumming so hard and so much that I thought I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure of being fucked by such a big powerful cock.

He then placed the heels of my pumps on his thighs again, and as he grabbed onto each of the three inch heels, he began fucking me harder and crazier. In this position my pussy was wide-open and vulnerable to the assaulting strokes of his huge black cock. As he fucked way up into the back of my pussy, my high heels dug into his thighs, which fueled his fire and animal rage even more. My heels digging into Mr. Jeffers massive thighs enraged him and he fucked me faster, deeper and harder. I was going crazy as I looked across the room and saw our reflection in the big mirror. The sight of his huge cock, bending at the middle, as it angrily forced its way into my clamped-tight pussy was mind-blowing. It was the ultimate black/white taboo: A huge black cock, taking a tight-white teen pussy that never fucked anything so huge.

As we were deep into our fuck, I looked up and watched our hot action in the big mirror across the room. Mr. Jeffers saw me staring in the mirror, taking in this taboo sight and could tell I was really turned on. He said in a dark voice,

"Yeah baby. You like watchin' your sexy- self in that mirror don't you baby. I put that big mirror there so that all those rich, married white and asian mothers, that never fucked a black cock, or a cock this big, could see what a real big one looks like when it's fucking their tight pussies.

He then added arrogantly, and with a smug tone,

"Yeah baby, you've got the same wild look on your face as all those married bitches and all your friends have that come in here to fuck this 12 inch black cock have. They all stare at this 12 inch black cock going in and out of their pussy's just like you are, not believing that something so big can fit inside there tight holes. They always say out loud that 'they can't believe the size of my cock, and that they can't believe how sexy it looks going in and out of their pussy. Then they always tell me that my cock is at least 10 times bigger than my husbands or boyfriends and that they wished their guy had a cock like mine."

As I kept fucking down on his huge black cock, and watching our fuck in the mirror, I was in a mesmerized state, watching it spread my pussy far apart, with every deep-penetrating stroke.

As his huge black cock continued to pry my tight, white pussy apart, I began to picture all of the women he was talking about. My school was made up of the wealthiest families in Beverly Hills, and they were all white and asian. I was going wild with lust as I pictured a bunch of my friends' moms sitting in the same chair, and getting fucked by Mr. Jeffers huge black cock.

I remember my boyfriend Bobbi's mother leaving the house in a rush last month. Mrs. Hall is a very sexy woman. She was a former runway model and has that same high-society look as my mother. She has the classic socialite slender face, with high cheek-bones and thin nose. She is 55 years old and stands about 5' 4' tall and weighs about 115 pounds. Like my mother, she works out with personal trainer's everyday, to maintain her slender upper-class figure. Her measurement fit the classic, high-society type. Tiny tits, long slender legs, with a narrow waist. In fact I happen to know that her measurements are 32A-22-35.

As I pulled in the driveway I saw Mrs. Hall rushing out of the house dressed like she was going to a trendy Beverly Hills club. She was wearing a skin tight white mini dress that had a plunging neckline and open back. The dress was sheer enough that you could easily see that she had on a very sexy, sheer white lace bra. The bra was designed more to tease. It was a transparent white color and clearly showed the outline off her wide dark-brown nipples and her dark areolas. She had her hair done up which exposed her neck and a pair of long diamond earrings. She also had on a pair of nude thigh high stockings and brown open toed high heel pumps. I knew she was wearing thigh high stockings, because when she slid into her Jaguar, her dress rode up high on her legs, which revealed the lace tops of her stockings and the nude area above the lace.

When I waved, she rolled down her window and said that she hello and said she was running late. She immediately rolled up her window, and then pulled out of the driveway with a screech of the tires. When I asked my boyfriend where his mom was off to all dressed up, he said that she was going to the school to meet with Mr. Jeffers to discuss a fundraising event. I told him that I was surprised she was going to meet our Principal dressed the way she was, and that it was almost 9pm, which seemed late for a school appointment. He said that she was dressed that way because, after her meeting with him, she was going to meet friends at a club.

I had a suspicion about my boyfriends' mother and our Principal We were watching a movie and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up it was 2am. Being both suspicious and curious, I decided to go by the High School on the way home to see if Mrs. Hall was there. When I drove into the parking lot the only two cars that were there was Mr. Jeffers Corvette and Mrs. Halls Jaguar. I could also see the lights on in Mr. Jeffers office and the silhouette of two people that were clearly in a deep kiss. One was a huge tall- dark figure and the other was tiny in comparison. The next day my boyfriend told me that as he was leaving for school, his mom was just getting home. He said that she stayed at her friends after they left the club, because she drank too much to drive home.

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