HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02


As I stared at Mr. Jeffers big black cock I knew that Mrs. Hall never made it to the club. In fact the only club she got to see that night was Mr. Jeffers members only '12 inch black club'.

As I was watching this sexy sight, he looked in the mirror too and said hotly,

"Yeah baby, there been a lot of rich-married pussy, that sat right were you are now, watching this 12 inch cock goin in and out of their tight married pussies."

I then teased,

"You mean like my boyfriends mom, Mrs. Hall."

He smirked and said arrogantly,

"Yeah baby, just like Mrs. Hall."

He then added hotly, as he took in the sight of my body,

"Let me tell you this baby. I've fucked a lot of sexy women in this office, just like your boyfriends mom, but, your body is the sexiest sight I've ever seen and fucked. Not only in this mirror, but anywhere baby!"

He added hotly,

"Yeah baby, your boyfriends mom loved fucking this big black cock, just like all the other rich, high-society moms in this school. They all come here dressed to fuck, just like your boyfriends mom did, in stockings, and high heels, and sexy garter belts and lace, see-through bras. They all come here for the same reason, because they all heard the stories from their friends or daughters about my big cock, and want it too. Yeah, Mrs Hall was a real good fuck, just like a lot of your friends and their moms, but none of them fuck half as good as you baby. Not even close to what your fine-ass pussy is doing to this big black cock"

He caused me to moan when he added,

"None of those rich, married bitches turn me on like you baby. Your body's been on my radar for a long time now. Those big nippled tits, sitting way-up high on your chest. Those long sexy legs. And that tiny waist and incredible ass of yours have been driving my big cock crazy every day baby."

I was moaning like crazy when he added,

"Even when I was fucking your boyfriends' mom, and all the other married moms and girl-friends of yours, all I could think about was getting this big black cock into your hot, white, teenage pussy."

He then added with a commanding voice,

"Fuck, when I see you walking the halls in one of your tight-ass mini skirts and those see-though blouses, and those sexy high heels, my big dick gets as hard as steel."

I was so turned on by that, that I stepped-up the tempo of our hot fuck a little more. When I questioned him more about what he thought about my boyfriends mom as a fuck, he told me she was a wild fuck, but that she couldn't take more than half of his cock, before he bottomed out. He said that's what usually happens to most of the girls he fucks, which is why my pussy drove his big cock crazy. He said he rarely gets to bottom out in a pussy.

I was so turned on from hearing this. It was so hot knowing he fucked my boyfriends mom and other friends moms and even girl-friends of mine, but that it was my body that he thought about fucking constantly, and that my body drove him crazy., and my pussy could take every inch of his great big cock.

As I watched his huge black cock spreading the lips of my pussy wide apart, and going deep inside me he went on and said heatedly,

"See how sexy you look, fucking on my big black dick baby. Look at that sweet pussy of yours take that big black cock and make love to it, as it deep fucks you, 10 times deeper than all of those little white pencil-dicks you fuck baby?"

I immediately turned and we kissed with the tips of our tongues darting sinfully across each others. I then looked back at the mirror and said, with an absolute hunger in my voice,

"Oh baby...Now I'm just like all the other moms and girlfriends of mine that fucked this huge in-demand black cock. Now I know what all the rumors and stories are about. Now I know what its like to fuck your huge, popular, black cock too. The cock that was buried in my boyfriends moms pussy last week! Fuck Thats real hot!"

Mr. Jeffers caused me to come like a volcano when he said,

"Maybe you, me and Mrs. Hall will come to my place for a weekend baby. How would you like to suck on your boyfriends, moms pussy,while my big black cock is slidin' in and out of your sexy fuck hole."

"Ohhhh Fuck....Thats Sooooo Hot" I moaned.

He drove me over the edge when he said,

"You know baby, I happen to know she'd really like that, cuz while I was fucking her, I asked her the same thing, and she went crazy too. She couldn't stop cumming over my big cock when I mentioned your name to her, and how I'd like to fuck the two of you together. When I mentioned the three of us fucking for a weekend get-away, it turned her on so much, her pussy shot all over my cock like a raging stream. As we fucked, she kept saying how she'd love to suck your pussy and big tits, and kiss you while I fucked the two of you. When I was fucking her she even confessed, and said she thinks about fucking you constantly, and when you're at her house, all she does is think about getting you in her bed and fucking you."

The thought of me and Mrs. Hall in the same bed with Mr. Jeffers turned me on like crazy. I immediately came so hard; I felt my pussy actually squirt over his giant black cock!

As I came I groaned out loud saying,

"Oh fuck, I think about fucking her all the time too. We've been talking everyday this week about fucking each other. I then proceeded to tell him the story of how her and I.

It started about three months ago. When she'd go out with her husband or to a club with friends, she'd ask me to come to her bedroom and help her pick out cloths and would dress right in front of me. She'd always wear the shortest and tightest mini dresses with sexy high heels, or these real hot leather or suede, thigh high boots. It was like she wanted me to see her body, like she was teasing me with it.

Two weeks ago she called me at school and asked me to come over to help her decide on a dress for her anniversary. When I told her that I could come over right after cheerleading practice, she asked if I could cancel going to practice. She said that she'd really like to spend a few hours alone with me, without being interrupted. She said she really needed me to help her try on a few new outfits she bought, because she wanted to look real hot for her anniversary.

When she told me that she wanted to spend a few hours alone with me, I instantly got turned on and told her I would. Driving to her house I got really wet thinking we might actually fuck. I kept thinking about her comment ' to be alone, without interruptions' and all the times she would seem to tease me in her bedroom, while she was trying on different dresses. I was getting so turned on that I began rubbing my pussy through the skirt I wore to school that day. It all seemed to be coming together between us. This was the perfect opportunity for us to be alone for a few hours, because my boyfriend had football practice and her husband was working. As I rubbed my pussy with my free hand, I sinfully thought to myself,

"If Mrs. Hall wants to fuck, I'm more than ready."< />I>

When she opened the door she was wearing a very short mini dress and high heels, and I got instantly hot. That day I wore a real tight mini skirt and black pumps. This was the typical cheerleader outfit for school. It was our conceited way of showing everyone that we were the we were the hottest girls in the school. I had on a sheer white blouse and a real lacy white bra, which proudly outlined my firm 36D tits. The top was unbuttoned, revealing my plunging cleavage.

Before I got out of my car, I purposefully unbuttoned another three buttons. As soon as she saw me, she said I looked 'delicious' and said that she was thinking about me all day. I took this as the cue that we were definitely going to fuck each other. She said she wasn't happy with the dress she was wearing and wanted to try on a different one and really needed my opinion. She took my hand and walked me up the staircase to her bedroom. As we walked through the marble foyer and up the marble staircase the clicking sounds of our high heel pumps instantly changed the atmosphere in the house into something very naughty and very sexy.

Half-way up the staircase she stopped and told me she was glad I didn't go to practice. As she said it, she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. As soon as I felt her red lipstick covered lips touch mine, sparks went though my already wet pussy and my inch long nipples got rock hard and pushed right through my flimsy, lace bra. As she softly kissed me, the tips of our tongues met, causing us both to moan. Our kiss sent a clear message that we were hot for each other and that we were going to fuck.

As we kissed, I moaned softly, saying, "Ummm, I'm so glad I decided not to go to cheerleading practice too." She groaned and said, "Now I wished I called you this morning and asked you to take the whole day off." We kept kissing, with our tongues exploring each others, as we moaned lustfully for about ten minutes before continuing up the stairs.

We both knew we could have fucked right there on the marble stairs, but something inside told us that we needed to make our way to her king-sized bed to really get into a sexy fuck;a fuck that had been building between us for months. It was so naughty, walking to her bedroom, holding hands, and stopping every few feet to kiss each other, knowing we were we were finally going to get on her bed, and release this sexy tension that had built to the boiling point, and finally fuck it out of us.

As soon as she closed the door, she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. When she stepped out of it she had on this ultra-sheer, white, half-cup bra. It was so sheer; her big, brown nipples could be seen a mile away. I could also tell that she was really turned on, because they were popping through the sheer material, as if they were begging me to suck all over them, ad her round areolas were really puffy.

She was also dressed to fuck. She was wearing a very sexy pair of tan thigh high stockings that were clasped to a sexy, white garter belt, and tiny, white thong. When I told her she looked real hot, she kissed me and said hotly, "I dressed for you. I wanted to turn you on." She then turned around and asked how I liked her thong. After she turned, she purposely ran her manicured nail over one of her firm ass cheeks, which caused me to moan. I got really turned on seeing her firm, toned ass in her thong, and was going crazy to eat her ass and pussy from behind. I wanted to fuck her so bad. When I told her the thong looked real sexy and that she had an amazing body, she turned and thanked me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

As she kissed me, her tongue came out and ran over my lower lip slowly and teasingly. Mine immediately came out to meet hers and we really started kissing each other deeply. As we were kissing she told me that she really got me here because she's wanted to fuck me for a long time, and was going crazy, thinking about me and my sexy body. I immediately groaned and began sucking her huge, dark brown nipples through her sheer bra, and told her that I've wanted to fuck her too and that on the drive over all I could think about was finally being alone and fucking her.

We went back to kissing, and slowly worked our way to her bed. When we got to the edge of her bed, I turned her around and immediately knelt down on my high heels and began kissing her beautiful ass. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the edge of the bed, with her high heels giving her back the perfect arch and lined her sexy ass right to my mouth. As I began licking her ass she instantly began moaning, "Oh, Yessss. That feels soooo sexy."

I then pulled her thong to the side, and spread her beautiful ass cheeks wide apart, and began flicking my tongue over her dark-brown asshole. She was squirming like crazy, causing the backs of her high heels to come off the ground, and moaning in a guttural voice, saying "Oh God that feels so fucking hot."

Just as I was about to lick her hanging pussy lips we heard my boyfriends voice calling my name and hers. We were both so pissed that he was home,interupting what we both knew was going to be an incredible fuck,because of all the weeks of sexy, teasing, that had built up between us. He came home early from football practice, because the weather got real bad. We managed to collect ourselves immediately. Before I walked out of her room, she kissed me and whispered, "We'll do this real soon. I'll get a hotel and we'll fuck all day." I kissed her back and said,"Deffinitily. I need to fuck you so bad."

That night and the next day at school and even during cheerleading practice, all I could think about was kissing her and sucking on her big hard nipples and her beautiful ass. All day, all I could think about was what she would taste like, and what it would have been like to fuck each other, if my boyfriend didn't come home from practice early. I was so hot all day, knowing she invited me to her house, because she really wanted to fuck me, instead of helping her pick out a dress.

I couldn't get the image of her out of my mind, dressed in her garter belt and stockings and brown open toed pumps. I was so horny in school that I went to the bathroom five times to play with my pussy and finger my wet ass. She called me the next day when I got home from school, and told me, she couldn't stop thinking about me. As she was talking to me she said she was lying on her bed, wearing the same garter belt and stockings and her high heels.

She said she played with herself all day, thinking about me eating her ass and pussy and the two of us fucking each other. She said that all she could think about that night when she was out with her husband at dinner then in bed fucking him was me. She said she wanted to fuck me ever since her son brought me to her house. She said my body drove her crazy, and that she needed to fuck me.

I told her that while was fucking her son that night I came 10 times thinking about her, sucking her tits and kissing her, and imagined the two of us rubbing our pussies together and fucking each other. I told her that when her son was eating my pussy I imagined it was her eating me. I told her that I always thought she had an amazing body and that I wanted to fuck her real bad too. As we talked we were both playing with ourselves, and telling each other that we couldn't wait to fuck each other. We even got off on the phone.

I told Mr. Jeffers that when I saw her dressed up that night, when she went to fuck him, I wanted to take her to her bedroom and strip her down to her high heels and stockings, and fuck her myself.

Even though I was on fire thinking about Mrs. Hall and I fucking each other and fucking Mr. Jeffers together for a weekend, I put the image of her and I playing with each other to the side for a minute, because I wanted to focus on his huge cock as it slammed in and out of my over-stuffed pussy. It looked so wild watching that enormous 12 inch black cock fucking in and out of my teenage pussy and seeing my long, fuck lips stretch so far apart as they clung to his giant cock with each long, punishing stroke. As Mr. Jeffers huge black cock fucked way up into the deepest part of my overly-expanded pussy, the room was filled with the mixed sounds of our animalistic moans and the wet-popping sound my pussy made each time his cock bottomed out inside me.

One time his giant cock sprang free from my pussy and swung wildly about. The sight caused me to gasp as I looked at his 12 inch black cock coated with the juice of my soaked pussy. It was such an amazing sight to see this freakish cock waving angrily from side to side. It caused me to moan out loud and say lustfully,

"Fuck, I can't believe that that whole fucking cock fit way inside my tight pussy!"

Just watching his huge glistening cock wave about wildly, as it pulsed rapidly caused me to cum! I could not believe the staggering sight. Mr. Jeffers cock was so big that when his huge cock popped out of my pussy, it stayed stretched apart for almost five minutes before gradually going back to its original tight size! His monster cock spread me so far apart it looked like a deep, dark tunnel. It was shocking to see my once tight as a glove pussy stretched out as wide as a beer can!

As I watched this freakish scene in terror, I greedily reached out and grabbed that swaying cock and lined it back up between my hanging fuck lips and continued to moan and cry out in dark seeded lust,

"Oh fuck...I need more of this big black cock baby. My pussy is on fire. I want to fuck this big black cock all night."

Mr. Jeffers was going wild, saying that he never fucked such a perfect pussy. He said he loved the way I fucked and loved the way my pussy was clinging to his big cock. I was delirious from the way his cock was reshaping my pussy, to fit around his massive black shaft. I began to think about my boyfriend and my mother fucking somewhere tonight, while I was here taking the Principals huge,12 inch black cock deep in my pussy and started to say in my deep throaty voice,

"Take that sexy, white teenage pussy with that giant black cock....take it all baby...make it your pussy baby. Make it your pussy of the week. It's the pussy you said you wanted and dreamed about fucking for a long time. Take it baby. You finally got your chance to fuck it. Fuck it as much as you want. Be selfish baby. Just think about pleasing your great big cock. Go ahead, be selfish baby. Just think about what you're great big black cock needs"

Mr. Jeffers saw me looking in the mirror on his wall as I watched with an amazed look as his 12 inch black cock fucked into my pussy and spread it wide apart. As he watched my young white teen pussy being spread four inches across by his giant cock he began thrusting and swearing crazily saying,

"Oh yeah, you fucking sexy bitch. Look at you in those sexy high heels baby. Yeah baby, when you walked through my door, those high heels told me you came here to fuck baby. Ain't I right baby?"

I looked in the mirror knowing he was watching me and I made a smirk and then licked my lips slowly-and said teasingly,

"When I packed my black pumps in my bag this morning all I could think about was turning you on. Then when I was stepping into my heels after practice, all I could think about was looking sexy for you, and as I was walking to your office, I was getting so turned on by the clicking sounds my high heels made on the tiled floors. As I listened to the clicking sounds bouncing off the walls, all I could think about was letting you know that I wanted to fuck that great big cock I heard so much about on. "

He groaned saying,

"I like that baby. I like a young girl that knows how to start a fuck. "

I then began spiraling my hot sexy ass down on his huge black shaft, watching my sexy legs in my black high heel pumps were anchored to the floor, helping me rise up to the top of his endless shaft, giving it the perfect angle. Mr. Jeffers was like a wild animal and sneered,

"Yeah that's it baby; spin that sexy pussy down on this big black cock. Your boyfriends little pencil-dick never worked your pussy the way it was designed to be fucked."

He added heatedly,

"Yeah that's it, watch yourself cum all over my big fat black cock you sexy fucking teaser you."

I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge cock disappear into my entire pussy as I watched in disbelief in the mirror. I loved knowing the look of me in just my high heels was making his huge cock mad with lust.

Mr. Jeffers then brought his big black hands under my sexy ass and cupped my ass cheeks again and guided me up and down his huge cock at the speed he wanted to fuck at. I loved the feeling of his big hands on my perfect round ass, as he played with it while he guided it onto his glistening long shaft.

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