HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 05


I looked back to watch, not sure what my fathers response was going to be. My father immediately obeyed Mr. Jeffers, and took his giant cock in his outstretched hand. As soon as he did, Mr. Jeffers told my father to kiss his big cock right on the head before he put it in my pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes when my father did as he was told. Mr.. Jeffers then told my father to suck his cock head a little, to which my father began doing as if he didn't want to show any sign of protest, because he knew Mr. Jeffers would have responded with an act of physical pain. I was so turned on watching my father suck on the crown of his huge black cock. This was the ultimate emasculation of a man I had absolutely no respect for. As my father dutifully sucked the crown of his black cock, Mr. Jeffers began laughing snidely, and calling my father a fucking spineless pervert. I actually chuckled when he called my father a bunch of belittling names.

After a few minutes Mr. Jeffers told my father to line up his big cock with my pussy. As he did, the hugh mushroom shaped cockhead entered me once again, and I let out a long groan, as my pussy expanded to meet his invading black monster. It was something I knew I would never get over; the enormity of a cock so huge, every time I saw it lined up at the entrance of my tight, young pussy. I knew that no mater how many times I sucked and fucked it, his massive black cock would always amaze me.

Inch by inch, his giant cock worked into my scorching, wet pussy, spreading me wider than it was meant to be stretched. Even though I had his giant cock in me all night in his office, it felt as if it was the first time I was fucking it. As it worked it's way into me, I was groaning over and over, as if I was talking to my father,

"Oh God, it's so fucking big. God I love his huge black cock."

I was cumming over every inch that entered my pussy, and when he reached the half-way point, I was already, well over-stuffed. At that point Mr. Jeffers pulled out his giant cock and told my father to taste my sexy pussy all over the top of his cock. I couldn't believe it, but my father actually took his tongue and ran it up and down his throbbing black shaft. Mr. Jeffers said in a deep voice,

"So what do think of the taste of your daughers pussy on my dick, Dick?"

My father actually moaned and said in a meek almost timid voice,

"Oh god, I love the taste of her pussy." "I could eat her for hours" he added hotly.

As my father licked all of my cum off Mr. Jeffers huge, hard cock, he kept muttering how much he loved the taste of my pussy.

Mr. Jeffers made a comment, saying,

"Baby, look at your perv father. Now I get why you laugh and tease this mutherfucker. You're right. He ain't got no spine, and even though those two hanging balls between his legs are real big, it's obvious he ain't got any balls either. Your daddy's a real dick licker baby"

He then laughed, and told my father to line his big black cock up again with my the mouth of my pussy, cuz he needed to get back into my sexy snatch (as he called my pussy).

I moaned, and said in a hot, throaty voice,

"Yes Daddy, line that huge fucking black cock up to my pussy. I want to fuck every inch of his huge, in demand black cock. I want you to see how a cock is supposed to fuck, I added hotly.

As his massive, black cock went way-up inside me, I kept groaning and saying that I craved his huge black cock, and that it was the biggest and best cock I've ever fucked. I even looked at my father and said, in a desperate voice,

"I fucking love his huge cock. OH GOD,I was meant to fuck huge cocks, by men that know how to fuck. I love the way his huge cock gets my pussy off."

I then shuddered and said,

"Oh fuck, I;m cumming!"

As his huge black cock snaked all the way to the back of my pussy, he took me by my hips and began thrusting it into me. There was a point where I reached back and put my had on his massive chest, to slow the momentum of his giant cock, and I screamed out loud that that he was too fucking big for me, and that my pussy couldn't take another inch of his huge cock. He did slow a little and changed the angel of his cock, which caused me to shudder and cum. As I was cumming, my father thought I might be in pain, so he reached his hand out towards me, as if to help me. As soon as Mr. Jeffers saw my father reach out in an act to help me, he sent my father flying to the other side of the room, with the back of his hand, then yelled out in a voice that reverberated through the entire house,

"If you fucking try to help her again, I'll fuckin' tear you half you, you hear me mutherfucka?"

Part of me was conflicted. I was going wild by the fucking I was receiving by my black Principals huge black cock, but when he struck my father and sent him flying across the room, like he was a fly, I felt a little tingle go up my pussy. Part of it was because I knew Mr. Jeffers was hungry for my pussy, and that he wouldn't let anything get in the way of interrupting his pleasure, or our hot fuck, and the other part was seeing him send a man flying who crossed him. To me that was another sign of strength and power. It made me cum real hard. As I came he leaned into me and I turned my head and sent my tongue out to meet his in a feverous kiss. As my tongue was flying over his, I saw my father sitting upright on the ground, looking disheveled and dazed.

Mr. Jeffers than looked at my father with utter contempt, as he sat on the floor and said almost laughingly,

"Well what do know, you're fucking wimp-assed father actually tried to come to your rescue baby." As he said that I actually felt a tingle in my pussy, as I realized for the first time, that my father did show a sign of strength. Mr. Jeffers then told my father if he didn't apologized for interrupting his fuck, he was gonna send him flying across the room again. Through a dazed state of mind, my father immediately replied that he was sorry, and promised never to interrupt him again.

Mr. Jeffers got back into his rhythm, and continued to send his giant black cock way up into the deepest part of the back of my pussy. With my high heel pump anchored to the edge of the coffee table, he reached around and began pulling on my hard nipples, which made me moan and hiss,

"Oh fuccccckkkk."

Mr Jeffers then commanded my father to stand up and kiss me while he fucked me. Although I didn't tell him I was happy that he told my father to come and kiss me (because I didn't want to irritate him) I secretly did miss kissing him, and couldn't wait to feel his tongue and lips on mine. As soon as my father started kissing me I felt my pussy boil again. Me and my father were groaning, as we felt the hot connection between us. Mr. Jeffers was really getting into the control he had over my father and I as he said,

"Yeah baby, you really do have a thing for Daddy, and it's more than teasing, isn't it?"

I responded hotly,

" Oh fuck Yesssss."

"Now that you know Daddy has a real big cock, you want to fuck him don't ya baby," he taunted, driving me crazy with the thought of fucking him again.

"Oh fuck yeah. I want to fuck his huge cock," I groaned in a sluty voice.

As I kissed my father, I had to admit, even though I knew he was weak and that he would never stand up to Mr. Jeffers again, it was the first time in my life that I saw him try to protect me. I thought to myself slyly,

"You know Daddy, next weekend, when mom's away, I'm going to dress up in my sinful slingshot bikini you bought me, and a pair of high heels, and we'll kiss and play with each other by the pool, then we'll go up to your bedroom, and I'll change into a sexy garter belt and stocking set, with a nice, sheer half-bra and thong, and a sexy pair of high heels, and we'll fuck all weekend long.You finally showed me that you do have some man in you Daddy. Oh yeah Daddy, next weekend I'm gonna thank you for trying to protect me. I'm gonna show you my thanks by teasing you and fucking you all weekend long. It'll be just you and I Daddy, for the whole weekend. A weekend that we could be alone and just fuck, morning, noon and night, without mom or my boyfriend interrupting our sexy, father/daughter fuck.."

As Mr. Jeffers fucked deep into me, causing my pussy to spasm and cum with every deep, penetrating stoke of his huhe black cock. As he fucked into me he asked if I liked the way his big cock was hitting my pussy. As I groaned hotly he taunted me and asked me if I wanted to him to stop fucking me, so that my father could have a turn at my pussy. Although I wanted to say 'yes' in the worst way I knew I couldn't out of fear of what he would do to my father. I looked back and snarled,

"Don't you fucking dare baby. I love the way that huge black cock is hitting my pussy. I can't stop cumming over it.....DON'T STOP BABY!" I added in a heated voice, "Maybe I'll fuck him sometime baby, but right now I need every inch of your huge black cock fucking this pussy." As I came over and over his great big cock, he began fucking me harder with every thrust, because of the way my pussy was coating his huge, thrusting shaft.

Suddenly Mr. Jeffers took me by the arm and led me to the bar stool in the den. As we walked my high heels clicked and filled the air with a very naughty quality. His giant, black cock slapped across his knee as he walked, making it both sexy and terrifying at the same time. As we walked past the mirrored wall in the bar area I shuddered as I saw his huge, black cock bounce off his knee, as it looked like a giant log. The look of me nude, in just my black pumps, and the contrast of my white, pale skin next to my black-as-coal Principal was absolutely sinful. The 40 year age difference between us made it even more wicked, more sexy.

As I looked at his frightening giant, black cock in the mirror my pussy began twitching, as I thought back to his office earlier today and how much it re-shaped my cunt and how hard I came from the pounding. I was wild for it again. I was also going crazy knowing that my father was going to get to see me fuck it. It made me so hot. I suddenly had a spiteful feeling that crept back inside me. It came from all the years of torturing him for being so weak, that I wanted him to see me get fucked by a man who really knew how to fuck and punish a pussy.

When we got to the bar stool he kissed me hard than spun me around.

"Now take my big cock and line it up with your daughters sexy pussy Dick," he commanded as he bent me forward and stood behind me.

In a swift motion he pushed my father to his knees and commanded him to that his cock. My father did as he was told, and knelled right behind my ass, where he could be inches away from the wild action of me getting fucked by the massive black cock of my Principal. I looked back and groned as I watched my father take Mr. Jeffers huge black cock and line it up with my pussy.

"Fuckin' hold it there Dick, he commanded as he began sending his huge black shaft past my spread-wide fuck lips.

He then told my father to sit back and watch his huge cock split my pussy and fuck it hard. The bar area had mirror walls around the sides, and it provided all of us a wide screen view of the wild fuck that was about to take place. As I bent over the bar stool, I looked into the mirror in disbelief at seeing my Principals enormous 12 inch black cock fucking into my teenage pussy and seeing my long fuck lips stretch so far apart as they clung to his giant black shaft with each long punishing stroke.

One time his giant cock sprang free from my pussy and swung wildly about as it was coated with the juice of my soaked pussy. It was such an amazing sight to see this freakish black cock waving angrily from side to side and thinking that it actually fit into my tight 18 year old pussy. The sight was so wild, seeing my pussy stay so stretched apart without closing. His monster cock spread me so far apart it looked like an open tunnel. It was shocking to see my once tight as a glove pussy stretched out as wide as a beer can!

"Kiss it Dick," Mr. Jeffers commanded my father.

I groaned as I watched my father comply and kiss his huge, black cock.

"You taste that incredible pussy Dick."

"Oh god yes," my father replied submissively.

"Grab that cock Dick, and get it back in that sexy fuck hole of your daughters," he barked.

As I watched his freakish monster in terror, I saw my father take his swinging cock and line it back up between my fuck lips as I continued to moan and cry out in dark seeded lust.

"Oh fuck...take that sexy 18 year old pussy with that giant black cock....take it all baby...make it your new pussy of the week baby."

Mr. Jeffers saw me looking in the mirror and once he saw my tight, young pussy being spread six inches across by his giant cock he began thrusting and swearing crazily saying,

"Oh you fucking sexy teenage bitch. Your tight 18 year old pussy is driving me crazy baby... Yeah that's it baby, take my big fucking cock you sexy bitch. He continued looking in the mirror, as his huge cock tore me apart. "Fuck, look at you so sexy wearing those high heels to fuck in. Yeah I knew you wanted to fuck when I saw you wear those to my office. You nasty bitch," he bellowed, as he slammed his giant shaft with the force of a freight train.

"Oh fuck, it's so fucking huge," I screamed as I clung to the sides of the bar stool, as my big tits flung about uncontrollably from the brutal force of his massive black frame and giant cock slamming into me. "Easy baby. EASY" I snarled as I reached back to push against his massive chest to try to slow him down.

It was a futile attempt on my part, because he was full of rage from the pleasure my clinging pussy was giving his huge, black cock.

"This is how a big black cock fucks Dick," he shouted at my father who was motionless, kneeling close to the action.

I was going crazy looking back at my father, who looked horrified at the sight of Mr. Jeffers fucking his huge, black cock into me forcefully. When I looked at my father in a plea to have him slow Mr. Jeffers down and said," He's tearing me apart.

My father than looked up and in his sheepish voice said,

"Please don't go so hard."

"Shut the fuck up Dick," he said, than put his hand around my fathers neck and threw him to the floor, as if he was a feather.

My pussy instantly exploded in a violent cum from the sight of seeing my father get thrown to the ground by my giant, black Principal. There was something about his supremacy over my father that made me so hot. It reminded me of why I loath my father for being so weak all these years. He was totally spineless, and relied on my grandfather to make every decision in our lives. I suddenly thought about my grandfather and imagined him fucking me. I exploded again. I craved older men of power.

"Yeah that's it; watch yourself cum all over my big fat cock you fucking sexy teaser you," Mr. Jeffers said, knowing I was turned on. "You like watching me kick the shit out of that wimp-assed, poor excuse of a father, don't you baby," he snarled as he continued sending his monster, black pole way up into the depths of my pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck, " I groaned as I came explosively, coating his giant black shaft in my white creamy fluid. My response said it all, and let my father know that I didn't disagree with the giant black man fucking me.

Looking in the mirror I saw his huge, black cock coated in my white cream. It was the hottest sight, and I knew my father could see it which made it even hotter for me. ." I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge cock fucking into me from the mirror. I loved knowing that my pussy was making his huge cock mad with lust.

I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge, black cock fucking into me from the reflection in the mirror. After a while he brought his hands under my sexy milky white ass and cupped my ass cheeks, which helped guide me up and down his huge cock, the speed he wanted to fuck at. I began fucking up and down faster and harder on his giant black hard on, as his hands cupped my sexy ass. I loved the feeling of his black hands on my perfect round ass, as he played with it. I sneered,

"Yeah baby, grab that sexy 18 year old ass while I fuck up and down on your great big 12 inch black cock."

He then looked over at my father whose eyes were riveted to me and the way I was fucking my huge cocked, black Principal, as I lustfully bounced up and down on his thrusting shaft. ""This is the way you fuck a sexy, young pussy Dick. You see how I'm fucking your sexy daughter, you fucking perv Dick," he taunted as he sent his giant black cock way up into the depths of my boiling cunt. "You want this pussy so bad, don't you, you fucking perv Dick," he said in a dark, depraved voice.

My father didn't say a word out of fear of irritating my huge black Principal, but looked on with a lust for me I had seen a million times. I could see his great big cock run up his tight chest rock hard and begging to fuck me. At that moment I wished it was him I was riding and fucking instead of my black Principal. Mr. Jeffers saw my fathers huge hard on and taunted him more. "You know Dick, I fuck all the time, but I have to tell you that your daughter has the best pussy I've ever fucked. Now I know why you want this incredible fuck-hole Dick. Look at the way she takes this big, black cock Dick," he bellowed in his deepest voice. "Go ahead jerk-off Dick. Jerk your Dick and imagine your daughters sexy pussy bouncin' up and down on your big cock," he commanded.

My father instantly started pumping his huge shaft, his fingers not able to touch, which showed how thick he was. Our eyes immediately locked as we both imagined fucking each other. Mr. Jeffers and I were now in a rage to out fuck one another and we went back to fucking like two sex starved animals. As I continued to fuck up and down on his huge cock I repeated over and over saying, "Oh baby your cock is so fucking big....So fucking big baby... I can feel it everywhere baby...Oh baby, you're stuffing every inch of my teenage pussy baby....Uhhhh....baby fuck every inch of it."

At one point Mr. Jeffers grabbed me and spun me around and had me sit on the bar stool. He He grabbed his huge cock and slammed it back into me. After a few strokes he pulled his huge cock out as he moaned saying, "Ahhhhh fuck that pussy is to fucking good baby."

He then began slapping his enormous towering shaft against my swollen extended clit and over onto my stomach. I then shrieked when I saw his giant turned on cock in the mirror as it almost touched the underside of my nice round 36DD tits. I shuddered in disbelief when I thought about my pussy actually taking such a freakishly huge cock. I then turned my head and groaned as we got into another wild kiss. Once he cooled down he grabbed that monster cock again and pushed it back into my stretched out pussy.

We picked up or fuck and he grabbed my thighs and pounded into me. My high heels were dangling from my feet as he slammed into me. I was thrashing my head back and snarling about how fucking huge he was and how good he fucked. My father just watched in horror, unable to say a word out of fear of being beaten.

He than pulled me off the bar stool and spun me around again.

"Get that cock back in her pussy Dick," he commanded my father, which snapped him out of his deer-in-headlights trance.

As my father put his huge cock back into the mouth of my pussy Mr. Jeffers and I kissed like crazy.

"Now go kiss her while I fuck this incredible pussy Dick," he commanded my father.

As soon as my father and I started kissing the lust I had to fuck him came right back. As Mr. Jeffers huge, black cock was slicing through my boiling pussy my fathers tongue twisting against mine caused me to groan hotly and explode in a wild cum.

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