tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHubby Leaves Wife Exposed

Hubby Leaves Wife Exposed


Introduction: After more than 20 years of marriage, hubby and I have looked for new ways to keep our sex life interesting and exciting. One of the things we have discovered about ourselves is that Nature (husband) finds that exposing Spread (wife) in public is quite stimulating. On the other hand, Spread finds it equally stimulating and exciting to be exposed to strangers, especially when it means agreeing to one of her hubby's lunatic ideas or challenges. Our stories are all true, and we have provided both of our personal observations, feelings, and thoughts for each adventure. The following is one of our stories.

Nature: Taking the dog for a hike along a well beaten, yet isolated trail near our home, I was struck with the idea of doing a photo-session with my wife, Spread. I imagined stranding her under a tree near this trail by tying her wrists with a rope, and looping the rope over an elevated branch. I visualized taking photos of her in various stages of undress until she was completely naked and helpless. Adding to the adventure was this particular location. While the trail was fairly well used, I could take half a dozen hikes on different days and never come across another hiker. So I felt that the chances of being surprised by a stranger were certainly present, but unlikely to happen. To me, these kinds of circumstances are my favorite – leaving open only a slim chance that our antics will be discovered.

Spread: It was over coffee on a Saturday morning that my husband, Nature, decided to talk me into one of his kinky ideas about a photo shoot near a hiking trail that we both frequented. Hubby loves to photograph me naked whenever he has the opportunity, so I was not surprised by his idea. What did surprise me was his desire to tie my arms up over my head, leaving me completely at his mercy. We had done some light bondage in the past, but always in the privacy of our home. Doing something like this in public was a bit scary to me; but on the other hand, I could feel a twinge of excitement over the prospect. That said, I agreed to hubby's idea, and we decided to make our adventure happen that same afternoon. Hubby wanted to time it so the sun would be just above the horizon.

Nature: As anticipated, Spread was totally up to my idea, although she seemed nervous about the whole bondage thing, and being so close to the trail. As we headed out of the house that afternoon, I reassured her that I would find a tree that was not immediately adjacent to the trail, and that I would be right there to cut the rope loose if necessary.

Spread: I had decided to put on a pair of tight-fitting cutoff shorts and a tube top for this adventure. I knew hubby really liked this particular top because I never wore a bra underneath, and the shadow of my areolas and nipples really stood out in the right light. He would break out in a grin every time some stranger passed us, knowing that the guy was checking out my titties.

Nature: The drive out to the trailhead only took about 15 minutes, and I was pleased to see that there were no other cars parked there. This was a good indication that we would have the trail to ourselves. Of course, I knew that this could change, but at least we could assume that no one else was already down the trail ahead of us. Heading off down the trail, an easy hike that took us through some wooded areas, dotted by small grassy meadows, I was excited to see that Spread's nipples were standing at attention, indicating she was already getting excited about our adventure.

Spread: We had hiked in to our destination in what seemed to me like only a few minutes, but hubby pointed out that we were at least a mile in from the trailhead. He pointed out the tree he wanted to use, which was on the far side of a small meadow, about 50 yards from the trail. As we left to cross the tall grassy field, I started to get a little scared about what we were about to do. I didn't mind posing naked, but to be tied to a tree....I was really having second thoughts.

Nature: Once we got to the tree I had selected, I could tell Spread was nervous. Trying to reassure her, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips. Reaching down, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into my hips. I could already feel an erection starting to build, and I'm sure she could tell I was getting aroused. I told her that I had an idea that might calm her down a bit. Reaching into my daypack, I pulled out a bottle of chardonnay and a couple of cups. Together, we sat in the tall grass and sipped our wine. I made a point of brushing her breasts with my hand or arm every time I leaned over to give her a kiss. In no time at all, I could tell Spread was ready to start the photo session.

Spread: The wine gave me the added courage I needed to move forward with our adventure. I could feel that lovely flushed feeling one gets as alcohol begins to absorb into the body. After tossing back the last half of my second glass of wine, I told hubby I was ready to get started. I love to watch Nature when he starts to execute one of his zany plans, and this afternoon was no exception. He gets this look in his eyes that I can't describe, but I can tell he is amping up. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a coil of cotton rope. First, he wound the rope around my right wrist about six times – I noticed it was not too tight, but virtually impossible for me to slip the rope off my wrist. I started to wonder how hubby had learned this particular trick.

Nature: After securing one end of the rope to Spread's wrist, I made a few loops over her other wrist, then tied both wrists together. Then I tossed the coil over a tree limb that hung about five feet above her head. As the rope cascaded down from the limb, I tugged on it, drawing Spread's arms up over her head. I didn't crank on the rope, but her hands and arms were definitely immobilized when I was through. I took the end of the rope and fastened it to another branch, then stepped back to examine my handiwork.

Spread: I could feel the blood slowly draining from my hands, as I watched hubby tie the rope off to the tree. Almost immediately, he grabbed his camera and began clicking off shots. I pretended to look scared and turned on at the same time, which hubby said was perfect. As he stepped close to me and pulled my tube top down to expose my c-cup titties, I glanced over towards the trail to make sure we were still alone. As he stepped back to take more pics, I could feel the warmth of the afternoon sun on my chest. My nipples had been hard ever since getting out of the car, but they were engorged now.

Nature: After capturing a few pics of Spread hanging there topless, I moved forward to pull her shorts off. Kissing her as I tugged at the button and zipper of her cutoff jeans, I could tell she was really getting into it as her tongue probed deep inside my mouth. With a little bit of wiggle help from Spread, I managed to pull her tight shorts over her hips, letting them fall to her ankles. Next, I slid her tube top over her hips and let them join her shorts on the ground. I left her little sports panties in place as I stepped back to snap off a few more photos. Spread kept making these cool faces as though she was being held captive by some stranger - which made the experience for me all the better. By now, I had a full erection going on, and I was tempted to untie her and bed her down at that very moment.

Spread: After Nature had taken a few pics with my shorts and shirt dangling at my ankles; I stepped out of both garments, and kicked them off to the side. I felt quite exposed standing there in just my white panties in this very public place. The thought that someone, anyone, could walk down that trail and see me standing there was incredibly exciting, albeit a bit unnerving. I could feel the juices from my pussy soaking through my panties.

Nature: Finally, it was time to lose the panties. I quickly moved to slip Spread's panties off and leave her completely exposed. Her neatly trimmed red-haired bush seemed to glisten in the contrasting light of the late afternoon sun. Spread has a body that I find as attractive today as I did the day I married her. She has had two kids, so maybe she is not as sculpted as she once was, but she is still fine. Standing about 5'8", she has a pretty hourglass figure still, with a little more weight on her hips than at age 20. Her titties are a perfect 36C, and still pretty damned perky. As I stepped back to snap off a few pictures, it donned on me that I needed one special prop to make this scene perfect.

Spread: Standing under that tree, arms suspended above my head leaving me completely exposed and helpless, I was exhilarated. The fear of getting caught was ever present, and I kept a vigilant watch for any movement on the trail. All the while though, I could feel my juices trickling down the inside of my bare thighs, as if begging to be taken. I watched hubby pull out a handkerchief from his backpack, and wondered what he was up to now. He stepped around behind me, asking if it would be ok if he used the kerchief as a gag. He said it would add more realism to the scene. At this point I figured it didn't matter, so I consented.

Nature: I drew the kerchief through Spread's open mouth, and tied it off behind her head. The scene was perfect, as I stepped back to take a few more pics. After a moment, I decided that I needed to move farther away from Spread so I could better capture the scene. I wanted to make my way back to the trail so I could photograph what it might look like to a stranger walking by. After reassuring her that it would be ok, and that I would only be a moment's dash away, I started moving back across the little meadow.

Spread: As I watched Nature getting farther and farther away, I could feel my anxiety and excitement grow. My arms were numb from being suspended for so long, and I could feel that my pussy juices were still pouring down my leg. With the gag in my mouth, I couldn't call out to him, especially when to my horror, I saw a lone bicyclist appear on the trail behind him.

Nature: At first, I didn't realize that we were no longer alone. I wasn't so far away that I couldn't help but notice Spread seemed to focus her attention to something behind me. When I turned around, I saw a bicyclist coasting down the trail, obviously eying what we were doing. At this point, I was more than half way to the trail, so I started to make my way over to the bicyclist, who by now, had stopped and was standing their straddling his bike.

Spread: I watched helplessly as Nature walked over to this stranger and seemed to engage him in conversation. He was too far away to recognize, but I could tell he was focused on watching me, as I dangled gagged and naked beneath the tree. I couldn't figure out why hubby kept talking with this guy, and why he wasn't letting him move on down the trail. Imagine how I felt when I saw the man set his bike down, and start walking with hubby across the meadow towards me.

Nature: The cyclist was clearly in his late 60's, and at first expressed concern that everything was ok. I assured him that Spread and I were married, and that we were just fulfilling a little role-play fantasy. He laughed, and told me how he and his now deceased wife used to do similar things years before. I was shocked when this older gentlemen suggested that I allow him to approach my wife and take a photo or two. But after a moment I figured, the guy seemed harmless, and I could see he was already sporting a bulge in his pants as he watched Spread standing naked across the meadow. I told him I didn't mind, especially if he didn't mind me photographing him photographing Spread. My concern that Spread would be angry with me was quickly over turned by the thought of watching this old guy photograph my naked and helpless wife.

Spread: As the two approached me, my emotions turned first to embarrassment, then to anger at Nature. How could he allow this stranger to approach me in such an exposed state? We had never gone this far in our exhibitionist adventures. The stranger, an older guy, came to within about 30 feet of me when he stopped and pulled out his cell phone. For a moment, I thought he was going to call a friend and tell them of his fortune, which caused me to chuckle a bit to myself. But when he started to aim the phone at me, I realized exactly what he was going to do. When I looked over at Nature, expecting him to step up and stop the guy from taking pictures, I was shocked to see him taking pictures of the guy photographing me. What I was really shocked about though, was that I was feeling more and more turned on with each new moment. The thought of being so exposed to a stranger was suddenly less scary, and more and more erotic to me.

Nature: I could tell Spread was pissed off at me as soon as I got close enough to see the reaction in her eyes. But, as I had anticipated, my kinky little wife quickly seemed to change from being angry, to really getting into what was happening. The old guy kept his distance, and never said a word to her until he was done. Before turning to leave, he simply said, "thanks hun, you made my day." After shaking my hand, he headed off back to his bike.

Spread: Nature waited until the old guy had pedaled out of view down the trail before untying me, and letting my arms fall to the side. I had absolutely no feelings left in my arm, other than the feel of blood rushing back to my hands and fingers. I was so horny at the moment, I didn't care about the throbbing in my arms, all I wanted to do was feel hubby inside me. He wasted no time in shedding his own clothes and bedding me down in the grass. I was SO ready for him that I must have cum within a minute of feeling his cock glide into my soaking wet pussy. We made passionate love in that meadow, leaving only after the sun was down, and the light of day turned gray. The excitement of today's experience kept me horny for days, as I wondered if I would be seeing myself posted on some public website when the stranger downloaded his cell phone pics. Although I was horrified at the thought of being posted on the net - that I may be identified by friends or family - the idea that some stranger had that capability was equally exciting.

Nature: For days after our little adventure, I could tell Spread remained amped up. She would grind on my cock every morning when I awoke, and almost knock me down as soon as I stepped into the house after work. Of course, this only caused me to begin considering how I could replicate, or improve upon the adventure. Always in the past, Spread's exposures in public were "accidental", and fleeting. This time though, some stranger had thoroughly examined my wife's naked body – photographed her, and left us both with the thoughts that she could be exposed on the internet some time in the future by this man. All of this merely caused me to start planning our next exhibitionist adventure.

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Would have liked the older man to be allowed to touch the wife and pleasure her in a variety of ways...

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