tagIncest/TabooHubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son Ch. 03

Hubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son Ch. 03


Brad kept massaging my pussy and I knew I wasn't far from orgasm as he dipped two fingers deep inside my folds. My moans were strong and loud and I had given up on putting up a front for our son. I looked over and noticed he was blatantly stroking his cock now. It looked so beautiful the outline hard and the precum was starting to gather on his stomach.

I whispered into my husband's ear that I had to have a taste of our son and he told me to go for it. He pulled his fingers out of my dripping cunt and I sauntered over to where Jeremy was sitting, his eyes were wide with wonder and hope. I was going to make his greatest fantasies come true as I dropped to my knees and pulled down his damp underwear. I pulled them to my face and licked the tasty wet spot that had formed on account of me.

His young precum tasted brilliant and I couldn't wait to taste it from the source. I grabbed his eight hard thick inches and his body responded with a little jump. My son's hard cock felt so nice and warm in my hand and I started to stroke it. He let out a guttural moan as my hands worked magic over his shaft. Very slowly my grip traveled up and down his throbbing member. When I got to the top of his head I increased the pressure of my grip and started my journey back down. This movement caused the eye of his cock head to open up and let go another teardrop of his young fluid.

I stared for a minute at the glistening drop that had started leaking over the head of his youthful prick and then I dropped my head and stuck out my hungry tongue, taking my second taste of his salty goodness I continued to lick. I swirled my tongue all over his head and I reveled in the cute way his cock would twitch every time my tongue tapped his glands, like father like son I thought to myself.

Then I gripped the base of his pink shaft and opened my mouth wide. There was no turning back as I swallowed his hardness all the way down my throat. The heat from my cunt would allow me no other course of action. The taboo nature of the whole scene had my head spinning and my heart pounding as I increased the speed of my hot wet blow job on my son.

"Your Mom can sure suck a cock eh Son?" I heard Brad say as I felt him move in behind me.

"Jesus you ain't lying Dad! But if she doesn't stop soon I am gonna blow!" Jeremy replied. His words only encouraged me to go faster. I wanted to feel his hot spunk splash in the back of my throat. My husband noticed my increased vigor and urged our son to do just that.

"Ya Son that is what she wants, she loves to swallow cum! Shoot your hot cum right down your hot mother's throat boy! Cum right in her mouth!" Brad said.

His words must have done something to Jeremy because in no time he was raising his hips to thrust his cock deeper in my throat. Then I felt the wonderful blast of his hot cum hit my tonsils.


I didn't miss a drop and lavished in his taste. After I swallowed all his juice I got up off my knees and gave my son a hot French kiss. His tongue felt wonderful in my mouth. Then I felt my husband press his body against me from behind and his hand once again found my pussy and drove his fingers in deep. I looked down and saw my son staring at his father's fingers sliding in and out of my soaked cunt. His cock never lost and of its hardness and started twitching again from the site.

Brads fingers felt fantastic sliding in and out of my hot cunt and soon I was moving my hips back and forth to match the rhythm of his finger fucking. I then pulled the slinky silk nightdress over my head and made myself completely naked. Grabbing my sons head I pulled him to my breast to feed at the place he fed so many years earlier. He accepted my tit into his mouth and sucked hungrily.

The combination of my son's mouth sucking at my nipple and my husband's skilled fingers deep in my pussy was too much for me to take and soon my whole body began to shake. My foot started tapping like a dogs when you scratch the special spot on their body and my knees grew weak as I exploded my hot pussy juice all over my husband's hand. My cum was so intense when it finally subsided I noticed I had left a puddle on the kitchen floor.

It was a great feeling but I wanted and needed more and Brad could tell it was time for me to get properly fucked so he spoke up.

"Well why don't we all go up to our bedroom and finish this off right?" I heard Brad proclaim and I couldn't have agreed more!

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