tagIncest/TabooHubby's Birthday Present

Hubby's Birthday Present


My name is T (an obvious abbreviation used in all our other stories) and I'm a mid-40's horny slut who loves to fuck. This story is about some recent events that hopefully you will find as hot as we did. Please don't waste your energy sending nasty remarks about character development or morality. If reading this makes your cock hard or your pussy wet please let us know, otherwise save your remarks for someone who cares.

My husband's 50th birthday is this year and I'd been racking my brain for a "special" gift to celebrate this milestone. Every time I'd ask him what he wanted, he'd just grin and say, "You know what I want!"

Well of course he was right, I knew exactly what he wanted but just wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off. From our other stories posted to Literotica, you can read about how he learned of my lesbian experiences in college. That certainly heated up our sex life!

I went on to write some stories specifically about those adventures and from your responses and votes, a lot of people consider them to be pretty hot and he obviously agrees. What I knew he wanted for his birthday present was to share me with another woman like we had last year while on a short trip out of town to a Jimmy Buffett concert.

That night is detailed in one of our stores and I get wet whenever I think about it...usually with at least 2 fingers in my pussy. Unfortunately, for various reasons we'd lost contact with our lady friend from that night and since I don't prance around letting people know I like pussy and cock, I didn't have a clue how I was going to be able to give him the present he wanted.

Fortunately fate intervened. My older sister Beth, who lives in another state, called to say she was going to stop by and spend the weekend with us before traveling on to visit our parents. Beth's a slightly older version of me, a 5'3" brunette with just a few more pounds than college, 36d tits and an ass that my husband loves to lick, finger and fuck!

My husband's always said that the day I'm riding his cock and I lean back to give him the full view and he doesn't have to close his eyes to keep from cumming, then I'll know I've lost it. Since Beth is so physically similar to me, I knew that as a potential participant for his birthday present, she would more than suffice.

Now that I'd been presented with a possible solution to my problem, I had to figure out how to make it happen. Growing up, Beth and I hadn't been particularly close for several reasons. Over the years and especially for the last few, we'd become much closer but still not exactly pussy eating close if you know what I mean!

The whole idea of pleasing my husband and knowing how excited he would be just made my pussy ach! Not to mention that if things worked out, at some point I'd probably have a cock pumping my ass while I spread her pussy juice all over my face, two of my favorite things!! I HAD to figure out a way to make this happen.

Beth and I talked by phone a lot but usually about family, kids and our life in general. We very rarely talked about sex other than in general terms. Bottom line, I had no clue how to make her part of his birthday present or how she would react if I asked.

I did know that as kids, all of my sisters would listen to Mom and Dad as they fucked and my parents never tried to hide what they were doing. Mom loved to fuck; I knew I LOVED to fuck so I could only assume that Beth being my sister just had to have a natural affinity for cock!! I also knew how much I loved another woman sucking my tits and eating me so again, I had to assume that she would have a natural craving for pussy.

I also knew that my dear husband would be more than willing to help in any way to make his birthday present one to remember. At first I was determined to surprise him with the two of us somehow but the more I thought about it, the less that made sense. I needed his help to get Beth involved.

We have a pre-teen son and with our work schedules and the way life can be, we occasionally fuck in the afternoon when our son is occupied with homework or other things. My husband has a job where he's at home working downstairs in his office during the afternoon. Since we also have a bedroom downstairs, when I have time and the need, I go get some cock.

About a week before Beth was to arrive, I needed some cock bad. With his "present" on my mind almost constantly, I was in an above normal state of horniness. I went downstairs and while he was talking to a co-worker on his cell, I started playing with his cock and he quickly ended the conversation.

On the way to the bedroom, between kisses and pulling our clothes off, I told him I wanted him to eat me. I crawled onto the bed and before I could roll over onto my back, he had his tongue swirling around my asshole. God I love it when he does that and all I could do was moan and wiggle.

He swung his body around above me so his cock was close enough for me to play with. As he continued to tongue my asshole, I playing with his cock and twisted my shoulders so I could slide my finger into his asshole. We both love that and he finally let me roll over so we were in a 69 with him hovering over me and our fingers quickly made their way into each others assholes.

As he finger fucked my asshole, his tongue was fucking my pussy and running up my slit to my clit and I begged him to suck it. He gently sucked my clit between his lips and started fucking my ass to the same rhythm. I tried to finger his ass but my body froze as I started to cum.

Waves of orgasm ran from my clit and asshole up into my belly. It felt soooo good and I buried my finger as far as I could into his asshole. As the orgasm faded away, I pulled him toward me and told him I needed to ride his cock.

He was happy to comply and in seconds I was slowly sliding up and down on his rock hard cock. As I looked down watching him suck on one of my tits, my mind wandered to the vision of him fucking my sister while I sucked her tits. I LOVE to suck tit!

With that vision filling my head, I started to slide up and down faster on his cock. I love to sit up straight on his cock and lean back as he holds me. When I do that, it feels like his cock is shoving up into my belly.

I leaned back and he put his hands on my waist to hold me and as he did, I started squeezing hard on both of my tits. From long experience, I know he can't watch me do this without cumming and I only do it when I want to feel that cock explode deep in my pussy.

As he whispered (remember our son's upstairs doing homework), "cum with me baby", I reached back to play with his balls. One gentle squeeze and his cock erupted. The throb of his cock as he came and knowing his hot cum was filling my pussy, pushed me over the edge and I enjoyed another mind blowing orgasm.

As this orgasm faded, I leaned down to kiss him. I love to sit on him and feel his cock slowly shrink while we kiss and he slowly rubs his hands over my ass. I looked at him and whispered, "I've been working on your birthday present."

He chuckled and said, "Really, I thought I was going to have to make do with a birthday blowjob." I replied, "Oh you'll probably get one but I'm talking about your "big" birthday present." As I said that, I wiggled my pussy on his cock.

He stared at me for a second and I could feel his shrinking cock start to harden again. "Who?" was all he said. I smiled and said, "well if we put our heads together, maybe we can make Beth part of your present." He moaned and his cock throbbed in my pussy.

Since his cock was rock hard again, I slowly starting fucking him and he grinned and said, "Want more?" I wiggled my pussy on his cock and giggled as I replied, "I never waste a hard cock!" He moaned and said "Sounds great to me but how'd you get her to agree?" I slowly leaned back knowing I had his full attention and as his cock buried deep back into my pussy I said, "She doesn't know yet."

"Oh that sounds like a great plan, what makes you think this won't blow up into a big family mess?" he asked. "Well she's my sister and I would be stunned if she didn't crave cock just like I do, it run's in the family" I replied. "Besides", as I squeezed my tits together for him, "what normal woman could resist a chance to suck on these?"

"Now are you going to fuck me again with that hard cock or just stare at me?" I asked. He pulled me down to kiss me and gently rolled us both over. I pulled my legs up and he started fucking me long and hard. Obviously my idea of his present was a hit with him and now we just needed to make it happen.

I started to cum again as he pounded me, pulling his cock all the way out and pounding all the way in faster and faster. I love feeling his cock pound deep into my pussy and I wrapped my legs around his waist as my body froze from the orgasm. His cock seemed to explode deep in me as his cum erupted again.

As our orgasms slowly faded, I rolled off him so I could play with his soft cock while we talked. I love to rub his cum and my juice on his soft cock and balls. Gently squeezing those balls that have just produced the warm cum that's leaking from my pussy and down over my asshole is just sooo hot!!

He had to finish work and I had to get back upstairs to make sure our son's homework was progressing so we didn't have a lot of time to talk. We quickly came up with a general plan that we continued to tweak until Beth arrived.

I was really nervous, I knew this could be an awesome weekend or it could be a disaster that might even destroy the relationship between Beth and me. She would arrive on Thursday and was going to leave on Monday morning. Our son was going out to my husband's parents on Friday and we were going to implement our plan hoping that by Saturday evening, his birthday present would be ready to enjoy.

Liquor of course was a huge factor in our plan. It certainly works on me, the more I drink the hornier I get and again, we hoped this was another trait she shared with me. As I had thought more about a possible plan, I started to realize how similar my sister and I are in so many ways. The essence of our plan was to assume that just like her sister; she had to be a VERY horny girl. That with liquor lowering her inhibitions and hopefully increasing her inherent horniness, that it wouldn't take too much to have her included in his birthday present.

Beth arrived on Thursday evening and she played with our son while we prepared a cookout. It was a perfect family evening and seemed to fly by toward my son's bedtime. Aunt Beth put him to bed while my husband and I cleaned up everything from the cookout. Since she was upstairs we were able to talk about the evening and the plan.

I couldn't help noticing that she seemed to be in a very good mood when she arrived and had given me a big hug along with a sisterly kiss. She'd also given my husband a big hug which she normally didn't do. He said she'd also turned slightly in releasing the hug and rubbed her hip briefly into his crotch. He said he thought it was an accident and really didn't think anything about it at the time.

The whole evening she'd been very touchy feely which again, just wasn't normal for my sister. We had some wine coolers during dinner and I was starting to wonder if this was going to be easier than I'd expected. When she came back down to the kitchen, she'd already changed into a pair of flannel pajamas but I quickly noticed that she'd also removed her bra and panties.

She took another wine cooler out of the fridge and leaned back against the kitchen bar as she sipped it. The flannel top was stretched across her tits rubbing against her nipples and they looked like hard little bullets poking through the material. Hubby was obviously trying his best not to get caught staring at her tits.

I said, "Gee Beth, why'd you wear the top, your showing everything you have anyway." She looked down and giggled as she saw her nipples and said, "Sorry about that, I'll try to be a good girl." Hubby immediately said, "Don't on my account, I like bad girls, right Hon?" I smiled back at him and said, "Apparently bad girls with big tits." We all laughed and I asked her to come upstairs with me while I changed.

Our son wasn't quite asleep so I pulled our door almost closed while I changed. We'd shared a bedroom as girls at home so it seemed perfectly normal to pull off my blouse and jeans in front of her. She was sitting on our bed watching me and seeing my typical white V/S bra and hi-cut panties she said, "Just white Sis?" As I dropped my bra, I replied, "After years of testing, I've figured out that white underwear makes his cock harder than any other color."

She giggled and said, "Well you certainly look good in it so I can understand why." Temporarily, I forgot about our little plan and went back to sister talking to sister. Like most women, a little insecurity about my body is a fact of life. I turned sideways in front of my long mirror and lifted my tits and asked, "Do you really think so because sometimes I worry about getting older?"

As I looked at myself in the mirror I could also see her reflection sitting on the bed. She was staring at my tits and I don't think she realized that I was watching her while I waited for her answer. She finally broke her stare and wiggled her ass on the bed as she replied, "Well if I were a guy, I'd have to say you look like a great fuck."

I was emboldened by her stare and reaction and still watching her said, "Well if you were a horny woman, what would you think?" She looked up at my eyes in the mirror and hesitated before giggling and saying, "Well, probably that you look good enough to eat!"

I slowly turned to face her and still cupping my tits, I pinched hard on my nipples and we starred into each others eyes. I wasn't sure what was going on but there was certainly some sexual tension in the air. I involuntarily moaned softly and giggled to break the spell and said, "So are you a horny woman sweetie because I know I am about 98% of the time?"

I moved toward my dresser as she laughed and said, "I think that runs in our family sis, you know how often Mom and Dad fucked." We both laughed as we started making moaning sounds like those we'd heard as kids while our parents fucked. I pulled down my panties and intentionally bent over from the waist to rummage through my lowest dresser drawer.

I was pretty sure that her eyes would be glued to my ass and what she could see of my pussy from behind. In the drawer I found an oversize t-shirt that my husband had bought me that on the front showed bottles of beer and said, SQUEEZE THESE. I never wear panties to bed because I like to wiggle my bare ass into my husband's cock.

As I pulled the t-shirt over my head, I turned to face her so she'd get a full view of my tits and pussy. When I had finished pulling the shirt down she asked, "So you shave your pussy sis?" I'd been shaving my labia for some time now, leaving just a little V shaped patch above my clit.

"Oh yeah, it feels so good when you wear a thong and obviously hubby loves it bare" I replied. "Isn't it a pain to shave though?" she asked. I replied, "I guess sometimes when you're in a hurry but you get used to it and besides, sometimes he shaves it for me." I giggled and said, "Of course never when we're in a hurry because when he shaves it, I always get fucked!"

I noticed her squirm again and said, "How about you, do you shave your pussy?" "No, I trim it but I've never shaved it," she replied. As calmly as I could, I replied "Well if you want, before you leave maybe we can shave it for you and see how Mark likes it."

Mark was her husband and she frowned slightly and stared off into space before replying, "He's so busy with his business, I'm not sure he'd even notice." Mark was one of those guys who always seem to have a beer in their hand laughing about something at every party you've ever attended. He'd always flirted a little with me and since Beth and I didn't really talk about sex usually, I assumed everything was OK in that department.

I chuckled and replied, "Too busy to notice a shaved pussy?" She seemed to hesitate and then said, "Well he'd have to notice me before he could notice the shaved pussy." I sat down beside her on the bed and put my arm around her as I said, "I'm so sorry sweetie, I had no idea." She went on to tell me of the long hours he worked and how he had little time for her.

I hugged her and trying to lighten her sudden gloomy mood said, "Well you've got to admit that not many men can keep a woman from our family satisfied sis. Maybe we can shave that pussy for you this weekend and work on some other things to focus his attention back where it should be, his horny wife!"

She seemed to brighten a little and hugged me back as she said, "Well he certainly has a horny wife, without regular cock I have to play with myself almost everyday!" I couldn't help but laugh as I replied, "Sis I get cock regularly and I still play with myself almost everyday!!" We both laughed as we talked about what horny sluts the women in our family were.

We changed the subject and caught up on our lives as the rest of the evening flew by. I heard my husband coming up the stairs and realized it was close to bedtime. Beth was going to sleep in the spare bedroom which adjoins ours. Before she headed off, we made plans for the next day to go to a local salon for a full day treatment and then to come home and see about shaving that pussy of hers.

As she stood up to head for bed, she bent down to kiss my cheek. As she kissed me my eyes were glued to the wonderful view of hanging tits as her pajama top gapped open. I literally had to stop my hand from reaching up to caress them. I don't think she realized what had happened as she turned and headed for her bedroom.

My husband came in to get undressed for bed and I quickly had his cock in my mouth. Between the conversation earlier in the evening and the constant physical presence of my sister who one way or the other I was going to seduce before the weekend was over; my poor pussy was swollen and dripping wet.

As usual but for an unusual reason, I needed to be fucked!! I looked up at my husband and between long licks on his balls and up the shaft of his cock; I told him what had happened earlier. His cock seemed to get even harder as his pre-cum coated my mouth and tongue.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer and told him I wanted him to fuck my ass. For those who've read our earlier stories you already know how much I love to have my ass fucked. For new readers, please believe me that with a patient lover, anal sex is too wonderful to describe. In fact there's an excellent Literotica "How To" story by MayhamLass on the subject that I would highly recommend for anyone interested. For those ladies who haven't tried it, it's just like swallowing cum; forget all the bad things you've been told, with the right guy you can't imagine sex without it!

I positioned my knees on the edge of the bed with my ass up in the air so he could fuck me while standing up. I pulled a pillow over so I could muffle the moans and screams that I knew from past experience I wouldn't be able to control.

He grabbed some vaseline and slowly buried two greasy fingers into my asshole while he knelt to eat my pussy and prepare my asshole for fucking. With two fingers slowly fucking my asshole and his tongue sliding in and out of my pussy from behind, well in my advanced condition of horniness, it seemed to take seconds before an enormous orgasm exploded into my body.

I know my sister heard the loud moan that escaped my lips before I could muffle the sound. I think the sensations temporally overwhelmed my brains ability to process them because when I finally started to refocus on what was happening behind me, I realized that I had a hard cock slowly pumping in and out of my asshole.

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