tagRomanceHubby's Surprise

Hubby's Surprise


She walks in from a long hard day at the office. Immediately she smells the aroma of food. She heads toward the kitchen, passing through the dining room on her way. She stops and stares. The table is set. There is a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the middle with candles on either side. As she stands there, he comes in carrying a pan of lasagna.

“Oh good, you’re home! Have a seat and I’ll get the drinks,” he says. He picks up the wineglasses and leaves the room. She sits and he returns with the drinks, Strawberry Daiquiris. While they are eating, she realizes the dogs are not begging for food.

“Where are the kids?” she asks.

“Your mom is watching them for us this weekend.” After they finish, he gets up and goes into the living room. She hears soft, romantic music start to play. He comes back and offers his hand. She takes it and he leads her into the living room. He pulls her into his arms and they start dancing.

After a few songs, he dances her over to the stereo where he turns the music off. He takes her hand and leads her upstairs. In their bedroom he has the bed turned down and candles everywhere. On the nightstand are a bottle of massage oil and a blindfold. Once in the room, he picks up the blindfold and puts it on her.

She starts to say something but he puts a finger to her lips and says “Shhh.”

He slowly starts to undress her. He pushes her jacket off of her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. He slowly unbuttons her blouse, revealing a black lace teddy. He pushes the blouse off and starts on her skirt. While unfastening the skirt, he starts to nibble on her ear and neck. As the skirt falls, he finds that the teddy has a thong panty. He also finds that she is wearing thigh high stockings. His cock starts to rise at the sight of this. He has her step out of the pile of clothes and leads her to the bed. As he lays her on her stomach, he finds that the teddy is backless, which is perfect for his plans. He takes her shoes off. He leaves her lying there while he strips to his underwear.

He picks up the oil and applies some to various parts of her back. He puts the bottle down and starts to massage her neck and upper back. She moans. He can feel the tension leave her body. He moves down her back to the inside of her thighs. She tenses up here. He continues down her legs and then back up to the inside of her thighs again. He stays a little longer here and lets his finger skim her clitoris. She moans again. He moves up again to her back and shoulders.

As he flips her over to work on her front, he pulls the teddy off. He starts at the neck and works his way down to her feet, lightly touching the sensitive areas. As he goes back up her body, he skims over her pussy. He moves to her breasts where he spends a lot of time. He first massages them. Then he plays with the nipples, rubbing them between his fingers until they are little pearls. He leans down and lightly kisses them before sucking on them. He moves back down to her pussy. He lightly kisses it and then starts to suck. He plays with her clitoris and sticks a finger in her pussy. He finger fucks her for a few minutes. She is getting close to cumming. He stops before she does. She is begging him to finish.

He moves up and straddles her chest. He pulls his cock out and pushes it to her lips. She licks the head. He pushes it in and she sucks. He lets her suck on him until he feels close to cumming. He then pulls out and moves down. He lies on top of her and teases her pussy with his cock. He puts the head in, moves it around, and pulls it out. He then quickly shoves it in to the hilt.

She gasps, “Ohhh Yes!” He fucks her for all he is worth. She starts to cum and he stops.

“Nooooo!” He flips her over and positions her in the doggy style. He knows that this is her favorite position. He again inserts his cock and pumps away. This time he lets her cum and he is minutes behind her. After shooting his load into her, he rolls off of her and pulls her to him. He takes off the blindfold and kisses her.

“Welcome home,” he says. She sighs and falls asleep in his arms.

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